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How To Install Metal Roof Edging

Metal Roofing Installation Guide Step By Step

How To Install Drip Edge On A Roof

When installing a metal roof, there a many steps you will need to take to make sure the roof is installed properly. Following this metal roofing guide will help to ensure you do not run into any issues installing your metal roof or afterward the metal roofing shingles are in place. To install your metal roof, follow these steps:

What Are The Many Benefits Of Metal Roofing

Metal roofs are one of the strongest, most durable, and longest-lasting roofing materials you can use for both residential and commercial roofing. They have many benefits that put them leaps and bounds beyond any other roofing material. Aside from slate and clay, metal roofs can last for a long time without the hefty price tag, thus, are a growing choice for homeowners, today. Benefits of a metal roof include:

Metal Roof Edge Flashing

2-3/4 x 7/8 x 3/4 x 3/8 Mill Galvanized
2-3/4 x 7/8 x 3/4 x 3/8 White Galvanized
2-3/4 x 7/8 x 3/4 x 3/8 Brown Galvanized
2-3/4 x 7/8 x 3/4 x 3/8 Black Galvanized

Peak’s galvanized deck flashing protects your home from water damage by directing rainwater away from roof surface.

  • Heavy duty 29-gauge steel increases strength and durability
  • Corrosion resistant aluminum finish
  • Industry standard profiles

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How Do You Attach Gutters To A Metal Roof

Gutters for metal roofs should attach to the fascia board, not the roof deck. Because rain and snow will tend to sheet and slide off a metal roof , the gutter system needs to be stronger than a traditional one.

Metal roofs should not have a guttering system attached in the same way as a traditional roof. In a traditional roof, gutters are attached to the roof deck with metal straps or brackets. The gutters snap onto the brackets.

Do I Need Drip Edge For Metal Roof

How to Choose Garage Roof Materials + Garage Vents &  Insulation

Metal roofing can be affordable and reflect heat and sunlight away from your home. When it rains, though, you want to make sure that the metal roof does enough to prevent the water from accessing areas that can cause damage. Because of this, you may wonder, Do I need a drip edge for a metal roof?

You do not have to have a drip edge for metal roofing that overhangs an inch or more unless required by code. However, we highly recommend installing a drip edge because it redirects water away from the fascia and exterior of your home, looks better, and prevents water intrusion and damage.

In this article, you will learn about the benefits of using a drip edge on your metal roof and the best options available for this purpose. You will also learn how to install your own drip edge on your metal roof and how much it may cost to have it installed.

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Install Metal Roofing Panels

Start installing metal roofing by overlapping the edging by 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch and make sure its square to the roof line. Remember to lay the metal roofing so the small edge of the next panel will overlap the larger edge. Pay attention to the manufacturers guidelines for placing screws. If you live in an area that experiences hurricanes there might be additional building codes that you have to follow.

Begin at the eaves and work up. Secure screws as you work but avoid over tightening. Add silicone sealant on the underside of the short edge of the next panel to provide a watertight seal.Continue to add panels and cut panels where needed to fit. Tin snips or a circular saw will work to cut the metal roofing.

When To Install Metal Roofing

If youve suffered roof damage multiple times within the past handful of years, then it might be time to consider a switch to metal roofing. Metal roofing can withstand just about everything and requires very little maintenance. Its not the most aesthetically pleasing, and can be especially noisy during thunderstorms, but you wont have to replace it anytime soon. Plan ahead by finding a window of a few days where the forecast is clear of any rain possibilities before embarking on the project.

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By Step Install Drip Edge On A Metal Roof

  • Build the lower rim of the roof extended away from the fascia. The extension should be at least ¾ inch for it to work.
  • Install sheet metal drip cap over the lower rim.
  • Insert the wide flank of drip cap underneath the first course of shingle or tile all the way through. The outer edge must be extended beyond where the gutter is located.
  • Seal the flashing to the roof by using special roofing cement. Applying the seal would be better to put streaming drops of wet cement while pressing down on the shingle or tile.
  • An additional securing method is applying short nails specific for roofing job at the upper part but underneath shingle or tile.
  • You need to prepare several things before executing the method on how to install a drip edge on a metal roof above. First, the homeowner must purchase the drip edge made of metal that does not corrode easily. The size should be at least 36 gauges. All basic materials and tools must be prepared, safety gear included. Before the project starts, the roof must be cleaned from dust and debris first.

    In addition to knowing how to install a drip edge on a metal roof, it is important to know some types of drip edge. The first type is L-shaped, which is commonly used in roofs with low inclines. Its installation is on the deck board, over the fascia.

    Meanwhile, the hemmed type is perfect for metal roofing. It has an open hem that prevents water from streaming upward due to capillary motion.

    How To Install Eave Trim At A Corner

    Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation: How To Install Eave Trim With Bullnose Drip Edge.
  • Starting on the left side of the roof, remove the protective plastic film from the eave trim.
  • Run the eave trim one inch past the edge of the roof.
  • Take your carpenters pencil and mark the underside of the eave trim by tracing the fascia and gable board. The line you created is the bend line.
  • Use your snips and cut the center of the eave trim until you get to the bend line.
  • Cut away the top one inch part of the eave trim.
  • Remove the hem by making a 45 degree angled cut to the bend line. This will allow the eave trim to meet up with the gable trim and have a clean mitered corner.
  • Using your hand seamer to bend the remaining edge upwards.
  • Install the drip edge on the roof so that the piece that you bent with the seamer tool folds around the corner.
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    Can You Paint Metal Drip Edge

    A drip edge for a metal roof can be attractive, but only if the color matches the color scheme of your home. If you cannot find a color that works for you, or if you have some installed and it does not look as good as you had hoped, then you can paint aluminum or galvanized steel drip edges.

    In addition to making it look better, priming and painting the drip edge will seal the drip edge against moisture damage and lay down a sealant foundation that can create a waterproof barrier when using exterior paint.

    To paint the drip edge, you will have to make sure it is clean and free of dust and other debris. Then, use an exterior acrylic primer using one layer or two if the coat is thin. Then, the best pain is exterior, waterproof acrylic semi-gloss house paint.

    Tools And Materials Needed To Install A Metal Roof

    There are a few tools and materials needed to install metal roofing properly. They may vary slightly depending on the type of panel or shingle youre installing, but heres a general list:

    • 24 and 12-inch squares
    • Measuring tape
    • Safety equipment
    • Turbo shear

    And of course, youll need your metal roofing materials which you can purchase at your local big-box home improvement store or online through the manufacturer.

    When In Doubt, Get Help From The Professionals

    As we said, the key to getting a truly proper metal roof installed is to call the pros. And when you decide to go the route of a new metal roof, make sure to call the experienced team at Gouge Quality Roofing. Well make sure you get the roof of your dreams and install it with the care and expertise you need. Contact us today for a FREE Quote

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    Benefits Of A Drip Edge On Metal Roofing

    Even though a drip edge is not needed on a metal roof, you may choose to have one installed. Some people think that it looks neater than having the roof overhang more. It also creates a barrier to deter little critters from nesting inside the nooks and crannies and getting into the homes attic.

    Reasons for installing a drip edge to a metal roof:

    • Prevents rotting fascia by redirecting water
    • Seals openings to the attic
    • Protects the exterior of the home
    • Neater appearance

    Should You Have Gutters With A Metal Roof

    A person installing edging on a metal roof.

    Yes, you should have gutters or an alternative gutter system. Gutters prevent erosion around your house, they protect your garden beds, they prevent foundation damage, they protect the siding on your house, and they protect your roof. Metal roofs dont need so much protection not like traditional roofs but everything else still does.

    Metal roofs are having a moment, and no wonder. Metal roofs are surprisingly cost-effective. Sure, the cost up front is higher than traditional roofing but metal roofs last much longer. Warranties are typically 30 to 50 years. Traditional roofs last up to 15 years but a metal roof lasts up to 3 times longer but metal roofs dont cost 3 times as much.

    In fire-prone areas, metal roofing can save on the cost of home insurance. They can also lower your cooling bill metal roofs are reflective. Experts say that a metal roof can lower your cooling bills by 20%.

    Gutter systems on a metal roof have special challenges. A traditional gutter installation company may have installed a system in the traditional way on a metal roof, resulting in big problems.

    Problems occur during severe weather heavy snowfall, rainfall, or excessive ice. Improperly installed, the excessively heavy gutters will rip off the metal roof, causing damage to the roof.

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    How To Overlap Eave Trim On A Metal Roof

    Eave trim is typically ten feet to twelve feet in length and most roofs will be larger than twelve feet. When this happens the eave flashing will have to be overlapped.

  • Notch eave trim by removing three inches of the drip edge hem. This allows it to slide into the next piece of eave trim with a three inch overlap
  • The purpose is to create a secure fit on the fascia that will not blow around in the wind.
  • Apply caulking where the eave flashing will overlap.
  • Use a screwdriver to slightly open the hem of the adjacent piece of drip edge.
  • Then slide the second piece of eave trim into the first piece. Be careful not to smear the caulking.
  • Drip Edge Material Types

    Drip edges are made of various plastics and metals, which are both acceptable under most building codes so long as the metals are corrosion-resistant or galvanized.

    • Aluminum: A common material for drip edges, aluminum isnt as strong as steel. It doesnt corrode and is often sold in colors that match the rest of the home exactly.
    • Galvanized steel: Drip edges are designed to be in contact with water so, if they are made of steel, they need to be galvanized to prevent rust. Minimum 24-gauge steel is preferable so that the drip edge can withstand strong winds.
    • Copper: Copper is a sturdy metal that gives a roof a unique look. When used as a drip edge, it should be a minimum of 0.69 mm or 20 ounces.

    While plastic, vinyl and fiberglass drip edges may also be available in your area, these materials are best suited for use in nonroofing applications, such as above doors and windows.

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    Environmentally Friendlymade Of Recyclable Materials

    Metal is both made of recycled materials and also built to be 100% recyclable. Many other roofing materials like asphalt or rubber end up in landfills after theyve been removed. Metal, however, not only lasts much longer, which means fewer tear-offs but the material can be melted down and reused for something else.

    The Value Of A Metal Roof

    How to install metal roof rake trim for Union’s MasterRib panel.

    Regardless of what type of metal roof you chose to install, metal roofing installation is an excellent choice for home owners and consumers who seek a simple to install, ecologically efficient roofing system thats reliable, long lasting, and lightweight. Its both installation and homeowner friendly, creating savings and longevity.

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    Lightweight Design Relieves Pressure On Homes Structure

    If your home is older or isnt built to withstand such heavy weight on the roof, it can be detrimental to your homes integrity and foundation. Luckily, metal roofs are incredibly lightweight compared to other roofing materials. For example, some roofing materials such as slate, clay, or even premium asphalt shingles can weigh 2 to 6 pounds per square foot, while metal roofing might weigh around 1.5 lbs.

    How To Fasten Eave Trim On A Metal Roof

  • Use a 1 metal to wood pancake head screw to fasten the top of the eave trim to the metal roof. Its a low profile screw that will not dimple the metal roofing panel that will sit on top of it.
  • Locate the screw in the center of the eave trim.
  • The screw spacing is one screw located at 8 inches from each end of the eave flashing. In between both ends of the eave flashing the screws should be spaced at twelve inch on center.
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    Save Money On Your Metal Roofing Panels

    Since you are learning about installing metal roofing panels you have either purchased metal roofing or will be ordering soon. If you have not ordered the metal roofing panels, you can save 15% to 50% by buying from a manufacturer directly.

    When you purchase metal roofing from Western States Metal Roofing you are buying manufacturer direct. There are no middle men involved. We offer inexpensive delivery throughout the entire United States and will provide excellent customer service. But dont take our word for it, you can see what customer ratings and reviews online here.

    Can You Put Gutters On A Metal Roof

    How Do Drip Edges Protect My Roof?

    Weve got a metal roof on one of our outbuildings, but have never considered it for the main house. Apparently, it lasts forever but does present some unique challenges when it comes to fitting effective guttering.

    Gutters on a metal roof should attach to the fascia board, not the roof deck. As rain and snow slide off a metal roof faster, the gutters need to be stronger than traditional systems. Depending on the climate, experts say metal roofing panels should overhang the gutters at between 1 to 1.5 inches.

    Join me as we discover whether putting gutters on your metal roof is a good idea, how to fix them on and what gutter alternatives there are for homes with metal roofing

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    Resistance To Moss And Algae Growth

    Asphalt and wood shingles often have a lesser life expectancy, and one of the reasons for this is their susceptibility to moss, mildew, and algae growth. Metal not only is resistant to this fungal growth but is also impervious to rodents and other pests that might be able to chew through other roofing types.

    Does Drip Edge Go Over Or Under The Synthetic Roofing Underlayment

    Roofing underlayment should be installed prior to installation of eave flashing. The drip edge or eave trim will sit on top of the roofing underlayment. This keeps wind driven rain from getting underneath the underlayment.

    In addition, cut an eight inch strip of Sharkskin Ultra SA underlayment and install it over the eave flashing as shown in the picture and video. Once this is done you will have underlayment both underneath and over the eave trim.

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    How Edge Metal Is Installed

    Wood blocking, typically a combination of 2×4s, 2×6s, or 2×8s, is installed directly on the roof deck at the edge of the roof .

    The wood blocking as installed will match the exact height of the roof system at the perimeter and will be wide enough to carry the horizontal flange of the edge metal. The wood blocking is fastened or anchored to the roof deck or top of the parapet wall.

    Pressure-treated lumber was used for years as wood blocking on roofs, but this is no longer recommended by roofing industry authorities. The chemicals in treated wood tend to corrode many types of fasteners. Untreated lumber is now recommended for wood blocking.

    The edge of the roof membrane runs over the wood blocking and extends down the exterior of the wall for a few inches.

    Typically a hidden metal cleat is then installed on top of the roof membrane. The fasteners for the cleat go through the roof membrane and into the wood blocking. This allows the cleat to clamp the edge of the roof membrane in place.

    The visible part of the edge metal is a separate piece that is clipped onto the cleat. The cleat is what actually secures the perimeter edge of the roof.


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