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What Color Roof Goes With Gray Siding

How Climate Affects Your Roofing Choices

What is the Best Roofing Color, Pairings & Most Popular

Theres a reason why certain materials and styles are popular in different areas.

After all, darker colors absorb heat and lighter colors reflect it, so the climate in your area matters when you are choosing what color shingles and type of roofing material that you plan to use.

Of course, lighter colors reflect the light keeping things cooler while darker colors absorb the light and keep warmth in.

And this is key in areas with colder winters like the Midwest.

You might love the look of a white roof, but a darker shade might be more energy efficient if you live in an area that gets seriously cold winters.

Its also useful to understand the natural sunlight in different areas and how that might affect the appearance of your roof.

The natural light in somewhere like Illinois or Wisconsin is very different than it is somewhere like Arizona or southern California, so keep your location in mind not only in regard to climate, but as to how the natural light will be cast and reflect on your roof and the overall colors of your home.

The local vegetation and what type of landscaping you have around your home also matter.

If you have a lot of deep green trees and bushes or other lush foliage, some colors will have a very different effect than if you are in the desert or in a tropical environment with palm trees and similar shrubbery.

This will affect your shingle color choice of course, as well as the type of roofing material that you choose.

Light Gray House With White Door

Using a neutral color palette on the homes exterior is by far the most popular choice these days. However if you do it wrong your home can begin to look a bit bland. Thats what makes gray siding with a white door such a nice color combination for your home on. Pairing the gray with bright white trim adds personality, while still keeping a classic and overall neutral appearance.

Throw is splashes of color with landscaping and porch plants.

This house color combo is great if you like a clean, classic look. As an added benefit homes styled like this are easy to sell in just about any real estate market. Even though the color combo may appear simple it really isnt. You need just the right color gray to pull off the natural look.


Modern Masters White Front Door Paint

Modern Masters is a durable, high quality paint that comes in a variety of really nice colors including white.

  • Water-based formula provides long last durability
  • Never-Fade technology ensures surface will stay as beautiful as the first day it was painted

What Color Siding Goes With A Grey Roof

Gray siding is a common choice for any style of home exterior, including commercial buildings. It has the ability to change the environment in a way that few other colors can equal. Gray blends well with the majority of traditional roof colors, as well as brick, stone, and wood. Consider incorporating a splash of color into your home with items such as shutters and the front door.

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Medium Gray Siding With A Purple Door

Luxurious, happy, regal, and power are just a few words commonly associated with the color purple. So are you surprised that its a favorite of top designers.

Purple shades have been associated with royalty since the beginning of time. On a home, it has positive effects on the mind and body, creating a positive energy that immediately puts guests in the right frame of mind. Best of all, purple is incredibly versatile, which means you can tailor the shade to work with almost any shade of gray youve got.

However wed stay away from using purple if your gray house has a colored undertone. A gray green house may look a little weird with a bright purple front door.

When it comes to the shade of purple you select wed recommend something thats still in the grayish, neutral family like the example shown above. Its purple but with a good amount of gray in it which tamps down the boldness a bit.

Metals are easy to match with purple but we really like gold or silver hardware.

Consider The Energy Efficiency Of Your Roof Color

Exterior Colors that Go with a Gray Roof

The roof is one of the largest surfaces on the exteriors of most houses, so ensuring that it is as energy efficient as possible can be well worth the effort and can save you a lot of money over the long term.When it comes to the most energy-efficient roof color, itâs pretty simple. Dark-colored roofs tend to absorb heat, while lighter-colored roofs are much better at repelling heat.However, the color of your roof is only a small part of the energy efficiency of your roof and home. The amount and quality of insulation that you have in your roof, attic, and walls significantly impacts your homeâs energy efficiency. The material, thickness, and finish of your roof are also important factors.Many coatings are available for dark-colored roofs that can help reflect sunlight and heat to make your home more energy-efficient. In locations with lots of tree cover or prevalent cloudy weather, the color of your roof for energy efficiency reasons is less of a concern.

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Gray House Color Ideas

When it comes to picking a great siding color, you cant go wrong with a classic neutral like gray. Its a safe pick that goes with just about everything and just so happens to be super popular at the moment so if you want to maximize your homes resale value then grays a smart choice.

However gray isnt a one size fits all siding color. Depending on how dark you go and if there are any undertones, gray can have varying effects. Gray looks fantastic on a number of architectural styles and home sizes which makes it a very versatile siding color choice.

To find the best gray house color scheme for your home, dont forget to consider the surrounding landscape and other siding elements like brick, stucco or stone veneer. Small details like the amount of sun your house gets will also effect how the color looks. Dont just pick colors based on swatches in a showroom but actually take them home and see how they look on the house.

If you live in a community you may need to make sure your color choices meet any association requirements. Luckily there are so many shades and color tints with gray theres sure to be some color combination that will please everyone involved.

Gray is also an excellent accent color most people dont consider. Just because you have gray siding doesnt mean you cant use other shades of gray elsewhere on the home. Not sure what accent colors to choose for your gray house color scheme? We hope some of the pics below will help you decide.

Which Exterior Paint Color Goes With A Light Grey Roof

Softer colors coordinate better with light gray roofs. Yellows, olive greens, light grays and light blues brighten up a house with a light gray roof.

Plus you can add other light tones to the trim and entry doors to accentuate your light gray roof. The best front door colors for a house with light gray roof include yellows, blues and reds.

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What Color Trim Goes With Gray Siding

A siding will look better when paired with the right color for the trims. Slate gray siding with white trim is a popular pairing. A light gray siding black windows combination is a great way to create contrast.

If you dont know what trim color to pair with your grey, consult the gray siding and trim color combinations sheet below.

Gray Siding Color

Best Roof Colors For A Red Brick House

How Do I Choose My Siding Color?

Recommended roof colors for brick houses: black, dark gray, gray, dark brown and dark green.

Brick exteriors are less common than other types of siding, but they can be found across the country. Homes with a brick exterior need a darker colored roof to look their best. Ideally, you do want to pay attention to the exact shade of your brick to get the best results. Homes with traditional red brown look best with shades of brown and green for their roofs. Homes with more gray in the bricks work well with dark gray roofs, while bricks that lean more toward brown than red look well with a black roof for contrast.

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In The Same Vein What Colour Siding Looks Best With A Black Roof Is Debatable

If you desire a red brick siding, black or dark blue roofs, as well as white trim, will look great with it. Roofs in shades of grey, brown, or black look great with green siding, such as a light olive. Roofs in colours such as red, green, blue, grey, brown, or black complement siding in colours such as yellow or gold.

Real Wood Front Door With Gray Siding

Natural color tones and other real wood elements look great on a home with gray siding. Wood and gray look good together pretty much any time. You really cant go wrong if you stick with a theme using natural materials with gray. This is some time referred to as leaving the wood nude. Because you dont put anything on it except a seal.

Its the most basic of all the front door colors to pick because you just buy a wood door and seal it. No need to even pick any colors. But if your going with a nude front door make sure to buy a wood that looks good when sealed and has the color wood you want. Some bare wood is more yellow like pine and some can be more reddish like cherry. Oak is a nice in between.

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Picking Our Roof Shingle Colors

Our home is all white white brick, siding and trim. We chose Sherwin Williams Extra White for everything, giving our home cooler tones. Our shutters are Uncertain Gray.

When it came time to pick shingles, I saw a lot of crisp white homes with dark black roofs. But with our coastal looking shutters, I wanted cooler, lighter tones. After speaking with our roofing contractor and doing a little research on our own, we did the opposite and chose very light gray almost silver roof shingles.

Our shingles are made by Certainteed and the color is called Silver Birch. We did a silver metal roof to match.

This home also has Certainteed Silver Birch shingles, a silver metal roof, and a blue and white color scheme.

How To Choose A Roof Color For Optimal Home Resale Value

Metal roof colors for gray house and different colors metal roofing. in ...

Whether you want to make the right choice now to future-proof your homeâs value and looks, or youâre getting ready to sell your house right now, choosing the right roof color can be a tricky and important decision.Choosing the right roof color can significantly influence your homeâs resale value because it can account for up to 40% of your homeâs exterior appearance. Itâs crucial to pick a roof color that goes well with the rest of your homeâs exterior and does not clash with your neighbors or surroundings. You need to pay attention to and consider many things when choosing a new roof color to optimize for resale, so letâs take a more in-depth look at what you should keep in mind and how you can go about picking the right color for your home.

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Mistake #5 When Choosing A Roof Shingle Color

You dont look at the shingle samples outdoors during different times of the day.

Make sure you look at the shingle colors in full sunlight and at dusk. The colors will look different in brighter light and low light.

Just like when picking paint colors, you have to look at how colors look in your home in low and high natural light.

Looking at my shingle colors at the end of our driveway in full sunlight

Now you should have your shingle colors narrowed down to one color!

Congratulations! You have just chosen the roof shingle color for your home!

What a BEAUTIFUL impact it will have on your homes curb appeal!

The picture below shows our new shingle color: Onyx Black. Its a soft black almost dark charcoal color. We love it!

It gives our home the welcoming elegant look that we love and goes beautifully with our trim, siding color and brickwork.

It creates such beautiful curb appeal!

We plan on repainting our front door and garage color to a soft black to tie it all in.

Our new shingle color: Onyx Black!

Heres one more tip when getting your roof reshingled. Make sure you keep the extra leftover shingles that youve purchased. You never know if you may have to fix a few down the road.

Fresh Color Palettes For A Gray Or Black Roof

Gray or black roofs present lots of exciting design ideas that can give your home a clean, updated look. Weve covered how to match some of the most popular siding colors with a brown roof in a few modern design examples. Now, lets take a look at some color sets designed specifically to go with gray or black roofs.

Three distinct colors come together for a cohesive look, from this homes trim and columns to its shake siding, windows and doorall working with unique gray roof.

If you have chosen a black or gray roof for your home, the gray may be dark, medium or light gray. Gray can have undertones of blue, green or violet. Youll also find that some grays are slightly browned, like weathered wood.

Which colors, beyond gray, can you determine in the roof samples above? The black and dark gray roof samples in the top row are the most neutral, and therefore will work with the widest array of color palettes. The other samples have one or more of the following colors: blue, green and purple. The color you see emerging will play into the overall color palette of the house, so dont ignore it. Repeat that undertone color elsewhere on the house for a cohesive look. For example, if your gray roof has green undertones, you could do a shutter color in a similar or darker version of that green.

Gray roofs work well with:

Check out some recommended colors sets for gray and black roofs below.

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Here Are A Few More Helpful Tips When Choosing Your Roof Shingle Color:

1. Create a and pin roof colors that you love.

2. Go to Houzz and start an idea book, saving pictures of roof colors you love.

3. Once youve chosen the roofing company that youll be working with, visit their shingle suppliers website. Take a look at their colors online. You may be able to see gallery pictures of homes with the various colors.

4. Visit model homes in your area and homes in new subdivisions. You will be able to get inspiration from the new trend roof colors they use.

I hope you enjoyed my post and tips on The BIG Mistakes Youre Making Choosing A Roof Shingle Color! Whats your favorite tip?

House And Roof Color Combinations: How To Coordinate Not Match Your Roof Shingles Colors To Your House

Slate Grey Staggered Profile Lap Siding Build Your Curb Appeal (in 2019!)

It is as simple as combining a warm shingle color with a warm siding color, or a cool shingle color with a cool siding color. Your color palette for your roof and siding should fall under the same tone , and a similar but never the same color.

Here are some popular house and roof color combinations. My roofing contractor told us the most popular colors of roof shingles are all made up of variations of:

  • blacks

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Stone Siding With Gray Roof

The cousin to brick houses is stone houses. Both exteriors radiate an expensive vibe. Stone siding accomplishes an impressive combination of modern and classic design. Typically, stone siding has grey undertones paired with beige and tan stones throughout.

A dark or light gray roof would pair excellently with a stone house. A darker roof will give off a more dramatic feel. Either black or white are excellent choices for accent colors.

What Do You Need To Consider When Choosing A New Roof

The literal roof over your head is an incredibly important aspect of your home or any other property.

Heres what to do if you are considering replacing your roof and where to get started with everything from picking the color and material to determining what you actually want your roof and therefore your home to look like based on your own preferences and style.

First, consider the style of your home you will of course want to choose a different style and color roofing material if you have a Georgian style home versus a ranch versus something super contemporary.

Your climate also matters for instance, in warmer or hot areas a metal roof might be more desirable because it will reflect heat, while an asphalt roof can absorb heat, so that could be a good option if you live in a cold climate that has real winters.

Another key consideration is the actual shape of your house.

Things like gables, dormers, and other masonry or structural details will affect how your roof looks.

You also want to consider your backyard, porch, or any other outdoor living areas.

After all, if you have a deck, a pool or hot tub, a spot to dine outside, a BBQ area, or even a complete outdoor kitchen, youll want to consider the color and material of your roof, especially if much of it is visible from your outdoor hangout spots.

After all, your roof is a key design element of your new home.

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