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What Does Roof Damage From Hail Look Like

Example Of Shingle Damage From Hail Scouring Granule Loss

What Does Roof Hail Damage Look Like? | San Antonio Roofing Contractor.

Here’s my update. I had other roofers take a look. One of their photos of hail damage is below. They all said I had significant hail damage. It was noted there was pitting which could be caused by blisters but there was separately lots of hail damage.

I had an insurance adjuster come out and he said I needed a complete new roof, new gutters, replacement of various window screens and cladding, replacement of exterior post lights, re-staining fence, etc.!

So, it seems a bit fishy that the roofer sent out by the agent initially said I had no damage. Do you have any comments?I do have one question. I have 2 Velux skylights in the vaulted roof. They do not appear to have any damage. The adjuster and the roofer said they would just get new Velux flashing kits for them. Online, the consensus seems to be that the skylights should be replaced when the roof is replaced. What is your opinion? – Anon, 22 July 2015

Reply: conflicts of interest in building or roof inspections

Regrettably there are often conflicts of interest. A building inspector whose opinions are costing the insurance company more than the company feels is appropriate may find herself or himself out of a job.

Similarly, some real estate agents will not refer home buyers to home inspectors who inspect and report thoroughly because they’re afraid that their deal may be hampered – which is too bad since it’s rare to find conditions so costly that buying a home is unreasonable.


Hail Damage Roof Inspection

Minor roof damage, such as missing shingles or tree limbs, may go undetected by the untrained eye, but severe roof damage is visible. Get a trained professional to evaluate your roof for hail damage or follow our advice.

Your gutters are the first place to examine for hail damage. If your roof is damaged by high-impact hail, your gutters and downspouts are likely to be dented as well. Roofing damage can be easily spotted and evaluated in this area. If your gutters and downspouts have dings and dents, youre going to have issues with your roof.

Additionally, when hail hits shingles, granules can be shed, which can clog gutters and cause them to overflow. Hail damage to your roof is indicated by clogged or overflowing gutters.

Our second recommendation is to check your siding, and our third recommendation is to check your deck. Both of these regions are vulnerable to hail damage and can serve as early warning signs of shingle damage. You should obtain a roof check if you see hail damage on your siding or deck.

Cracks In Your Shingles

When large, dense hail strikes your roof, it can sometimes create cracks in your shingles. However, your roofing material plays a significant role in whether hail will damage your shingles. Composite roofing tiles, for example, can withstand heavy impacts better than traditional asphalt or wood shingles.

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Hail Damage Vs Thermal Blisters

In order to properly identify hail damage, its first important to know what is NOT hail damage. A lot of roofers new to the game often get thermal blisters confused for hail. Thermal blisters are small, often round, spots where the granules have popped off of the shingles. Thermal blisters are caused by improper ventilation of the roof. The underside of the shingles will get hot and the asphalt will essentially pop, much like a blister. This will cause the granules on those spots to fall off of the roof. While thermal blisters look similar to hail, theres one big difference, hail INDENTS granules in the asphalt where as thermal blisters make granules pop off. Hail will almost always have a few granules that were pushed down into the shingle directly in the middle of the impact. This is due to the force the hail exerts on the shingles when it hits. Thermal blisters will have no granules in the middle.

Questions About Hail Roof Damage

Hail Damage Roof

Should you replace a roof after hail damage? The answer is possibly. As we explained above, hail and weather damage can mean a lot of different things. Small hail may simply disturb your outdoor plants. Large hail can cause damage to gutters and downspouts, aluminum siding, an asphalt shingle roof, wood shingles, a metal roof, and more. The damage can be severe to property owners.In addition to the size of the hailstones, the age and condition of your roof is also a factor. A roof that is ten years old and has been subjected to years of UV rays and weather conditions will not hold up as well as a newer roof made from class 4 certified materials. Class 4 materials are designed to withstand the hail impact of a larger hailstone better.The best way to determine if you need a full roof replacement is to request a roof inspection from a professional roofing contractor. Most reputable roofing companies offer a free, no-obligation inspection for homeowners. That means you can get a quality assessment of your roof from a professional roofing contractor. Youll get an overview of your roofs condition, a list of any damage, and, if necessary, a quote for the repair or roof replacement.

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How To Tell If You Have Hail Damage From The Safety Of The Ground

I dont recommend for anyone who doesnt know how to walk on a roof safely to check for the damage mentioned above. Theres no reason to put yourself in danger when your insurance company sends someone out to check it.

But I understand wanting to do your due diligence before filing an insurance claim. Below is a list of things to check for visible hail damage from the safety of the ground:

  • Downspouts
  • Dings or strikes to your garage door
  • Holes in your window screens
  • Dings to any painted wood or shutters
  • Splatter marks or dings to your electric meter, AC unit, or grill
  • Dents to your mailbox and other soft metals on your property
  • Dents on the top of your car and the cars hood

This list doesnt mean your roof has extensive hail damage. It just gives you an idea if you should contact your insurance company and file a claim.

For an easier way to walk around your property and check for these signs, get your free Storm Damage Checklist.

Imitation Hail Damage On A Roof

Its important to correctly identify the type of roof damage so the best action plan can be put into place, which may involve warranty and insurance claims. An experienced roofing professional should be able to differentiate hail damage from other types of roof damage, such as

  • Blistering and cracking caused by UV degradation from the sun,
  • Scuffing damage from when shingles were installed
  • Wind and debris defacement, and
  • Worn-out shingles

Once the damage is identified, your roofing contractor canprovide an estimate and advise on the next steps to getting your roof repairedor replaced.

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Can Hail Damage Roof Tiles

As mentioned previously, roof tiles are very strong, and resistant to impact, even from large hailstones. While it is unlikely, studies conducted by the roofing industry have shown that some roof tiles can be damaged by hailstones. To be specific, roof tiles can be damaged by hailstones as small at one and a quarter-inch in diameter.

Size Of Hail That Causes Roof Damage

What does hail damage look like on a flat roof? Membrane roofing like EPDM, TPO, PVC, and Mod Bit?

The age of your roof plays a part in the size of hail that can cause harm to it. Older roofs are more prone to harm because they already have more wear and tear. Its generally accepted that 3/4 of an inch to one inch diameter hail or larger can cause significant damage to things regardless of age though.

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What About Hail Spatter

Hail spatter – sometimes called hail splatter – results when “slushy” type hail leaves discolored marks or stains on your roof or appliances like AC units.

Spatter is evidence of hail on the property and it can be used to determine the size and direction of the hail, but the spatter marks themselves usually do not result in claimable damage.

What Size Hail Does It Take To Damage A Roof

Different size hail can cause different types of roof problems. Lets break it down to a general guideline for hail storms and the potential damage to your shingles, roof, and other areas.

1 Inch hail this size is roughly the size of a quarter. And with no mitigating factors , its unlikely that this size of hail will cause much damage to your shingle roof. It will more than likely hurt things like plants in the front yard.

1.25 Inch hail this size is roughly the size of a half-dollar. And like one-inch hail, it wont typically cause major damage to shingles or other roofing types. But it can cause some minor problems, and depending on the storm and your roof, youll need to assess things like your asphalt shingles, your homes siding, etc.

1.5 Inch hail this size can start to do some real damage. At one and a half inches, this hail is about the size of a walnut, and it can impact shingle roofing materials, siding, wood, and more. At this point, the hail and accompanying wind speed of the storm will likely have caused damage to your roof shingles and building materials.

1.75 Inch hail this size will remind you of a golf ball. And if you think about what a professional golfer might do to your home if he or she hit high-speed balls at your house, youll know this type of hailstorm can cause significant damage. From metal roofing to roof shingles, its unlikely that any roofing materials will survive unscathed.

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What Does Hail Damage Do To A Roof

The severity of hail damage to a roof depends on several factors, including:

Type of roofing materials, age of roofing materials, roof slope, quality of construction…

…as well as hail size, hail density, and hail shape and the velocity and angle of its fall.

Hail damage can also be affected by the number of shingle layers on a roof. Second layer shingles are more susceptible to damage than first layer shingles, because the surface directly underlying the shingle is less supportive than dense wood.

Hail damage can either be ‘functional’ or ‘cosmetic’ in nature.

Functional hail damage refers to damage that affects the integrity and longevity of the roof. Cosmetic hail damage refers to damage that does not affect the viability of the roof to perform its function.

In 2013, the American Association of Insurance Services, introduced a “Cosmetic Damage Exclusion” to allow insurers to avoid coverage for cosmetic damage. However, sometimes, a roof that has been functionally damaged will be passed off as only cosmetically damaged by the insurance company.

A qualified, trained roof inspector will know the difference and can assist the homeowner to make sure the insurance designation is properly assigned.

INTERESTING FACT: Baseball size hail stones fall at nearly 100 miles per hour.

Wood shake, clay, concrete and other dense roofing material types can be instantly cracked or shattered by large hail stones.

Metal Roof Hail Damage

Does Your Roof Have Hail Damage?

Shingles can be tricky when it comes to spotting hail damage, but they’re not the only type of roof out there. You have others like wooden shake, clay, slate and metal roofing.

Wood shingles will split right down the middle after being struck by hail. Clay & slate roofing will have cracks and/or gouges, and metal roofing will have impact dents like we saw on the gutters at the beginning.

Metal roofing is one of the easiest to spot for hail damage.

Here are some examples of hail damage on a metal roof.

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What Is The Best Roofing Material To Protect Against Hail Damage

As is often the case, the best roofing material to protect against hail damage is also some of the most expensive.

Metal roofs are impact resistant, which means they have a higher rating that prevents punctures from occurring during hailstorms. But, its metal, so it can dent.

Slate roofs are a heavy and strong roofing choice, and it has a high impact resistance rating as well. Slate is a popular choice for those wanting to choose a roof that will stand up well to Oklahomas worst hailstorms.

How Hail Damages Your Roof

Hail causes about $1 billion in damage to buildings, cars, houses, and crops in the US every year. You may have noted damage to your car or siding, but have you had your roof checked?

Hailstones are formed when raindrops are blown upward into an extremely cold atmosphere causing them to freeze. Hail that can damage a roof is usually made of ice particles larger than a nickel.

Hail speeds can reach up to 120 mph, causing severe damage to cars, siding, shingles, and more. Asphalt and composition shingle damage may look like black divots, areas showing loss of granules, or shiny areas in the mat or asphalt. Even metal roofs can sustain hail damage, leaving dents that can lead to cracks.

If you see damage to your mailbox, AC unit, gutters, siding, or aluminum trim, it is likely that you have roof damage as well. Its very difficult to identify subtle fractures and other hail damage from the ground. If you suspect roof damage, contact Tier-One Roofing to have an expert check your roof for you.

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Gutter Repair And Installation

Gutters are often an overlooked part of homes in Arkansas – until you need them most. Our business offers gutter repair services and the full installation of new gutters. If you need high-rating gutter repair or installation near Fayetteville or other locations in NWA, contact us today.

Interested in our services?

Untreated Hail Damage Compounds Over Time

KEE Roofing® & Solar Company – What Does Wind & Hail Damage Look Like In Greenville, SC?

Over time, more and more granules will get knocked away exposing more of the asphalt matting underneath, exposing it to the elements such as moisture and UV rays. A secondary way to monitor if your roof has hail damage, without getting up on the roof, is if you notice granules washing out of the gutters.

Hail damage to your shingles not only exposes the matting underneath to the elements, and risk of leaks, but it overall degrades the lifetime of your original shingles. The asphalt can bubble up, lose its viscosity and fail sooner than your roof would normally.

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Hail Damage Indicators On Your Roof

Gutter Leaf Guard Deformation

Look for tears or deformation in metal or plastic leaf guards and screens on gutters.

Granules in Gutters

Hail damage on your roof will cause granules to break loose at the site of each hail stone impact. If you notice shingle granules in your gutters, you may have hail damage on your roof.

Dented Roof Vents

Roof vents are often made of lightweight metal. Dents in the metal or cracks in plastic vents often means your roof was hit with heavy hail.

Dented Metal Flashing/Roof Fascia

Inspect metal flashing around chimney or vents & fascia for dents or dings. These are relatively easy to spot.

Paint Chipped Satellite Dish

Look for chipped paint, spatter marks or damaged satellite dish components.

Broken/Cracked Skylights

Check for cracked or broken glass if your roof has skylights.

Dented Chimney Covers

Look for dents and dings on metal chimney covers. Be careful, these are difficult to access.PRO TIP: Turn your chalk sideways and rub on metal surfaces to reveal any hard-to-see dents/dings.

Missing Shingles

Check the roof for any missing shingles or shingle tabs that may have blown off.

Wind Damaged/Loose Shingles

Look for any shingles that are easily pulled up or flapping from the wind from storm damage.

Hail Hits on Shingles

Hail hits on shingles may show subtle spots of granule displacement, bruises in shingle surface, or holes. If you see any dark spots on uniform shingle surfaces or dimpled areas, you most likely have hail damage.

Hail Damage Lowers Your Homes Value

A damaged roof may never get worse, or may never leak, but this doesnt mean it doesnt need to be repaired. The its fine attitude will only last you so long. This damage, the second it occurs, lowers the value of your home. Take advantage of insurance opportunities right away. Check out Travelers view of roof hail damage.

Your home is a big investment, one you want to last, and loss of value is a major factor of hail damage on your roof. This will hurt you in the long run, by depreciating due to the condition of your homes roof.

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What Do You Do If You Have Hail Damage On Your Roof

If you believe that you do have hail damage on your roof, it is important for you to first locate an insured, professional roofing company. These experts will be able to accurately diagnose whether or not the damage on your roof is due to hail or due to wear and tear. It is also important to note that a qualified and insured roofer will be able to discuss whether you have enough damage to merit an insurance claim. In all interactions, it is important to request evidence of storm damage and request a course of action moving forward.

Is My Roof Covered By Insurance

How to Look for Hail Damage on a Roof

Most often, the answer is yes. That is exactly the type of insurance claim your premiums should cover.

Wind and hail are typically considered an act of God that falls under most insurance claims from homeowners. Once you file a claim, an insurance adjuster will come to your property and assess the damage. They may also work with the roofing contractor youve asked to complete an inspection. The insurer will often be able to quickly let you know what is covered after you file a claim.

If youre worried about an increase in premiums if you file a hail claim, you may be protected. Typically, insurance claims related to an act of God cannot legally result in your premiums being increased.

An insurance claim will make sense if the damaged area is significant and will exceed the deductible. For example, if you discover that the wind direction only slightly impacted your home, it may not be worth filing a claim. Lets say the damage can be repaired for $1,000, but your deductible is $1,500. It could be wiser to pay for the repair out of pocket.

If youve survived hail damage and wind damage, we can help. Our team of professional contractors has a menu of services and can support damage and projects of all sizes. Well work alongside your insurance company and your insurance claims to complete repairs as soon as possible. We support projects for your home, from roofs to windows, doors, and more.

to schedule your free, no-cost, no-obligation inspection today.

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