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What To Know About Getting A New Roof

Top 5 Things To Know About Getting Your New Roof


Believe it or not, theres more to a new roof than how it looks. Your rooftop has a critical job to do and has to be in immaculate condition.

As the first line of defense against the elements, your rooftop has to be ready to withstand wind, rain, snow, ice, and harsh UV rays. So, while looks matter, theyre secondary to the material and structural integrity.

As the homeowner, you have to make good choices about everything from the type of roof you want to the roofing company youll be working with. Before the project begins, you should feel confident about every last detail.

Seeing Daylight Through The Ceiling Boards

If you can walk around your house and see the sunlight through some roof boards, it is definitely time to think about getting a roofing replacement. Something as drastic as a hole in the entire ceiling is an important sign as the outdoors, brings in moisture, animals, insects, and a lot of dust. Unfortunately, most of the time when you see the suns rays go through your ceiling, it means you will need more than a quick and easy fix.

Your Roofs 25th Birthday Is Approaching

Shingles manufactured 25 years ago dont have the same longevity of shingles made today. If your roof is getting up in age, it may be time to start planning on replacing the entire roof. It does depend on the type of roof you have, of course. For example, an asphalt roof is recommended to last about 20 years, so it would fall within this time frame. Metal roofing, however, can last closer to 30-50 years. Things like climate and proper maintenance can affect your roofs lifespan as well. Read more about the longevity of varying types of roofing materials here.

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Roof Replacement: The Ultimate Guide For Homeowners

Getting your roof replaced is a big decision, and there are a lot of things to consider before taking the plunge. How much does it cost to replace a roof? Can I get financing? Can I get by with a simple repair, or do I need a full replacement? These are the questions that homeowners need answered, and we want to help! We are going to walk you through the signs that you need a new roof and how to find the right roofer for the job.

Things To Consider When Replacing A Roof

What To Know About Getting a New Roof

Do any of those signs sound familiar to you? If so, then theres a good chance youre in need of a roof replacement.

Most people have no idea where to begin when it comes to replacing a commercial or residential roof. If youre in this same boat, start by taking the following factors into consideration:

1. Roofing Material Options

There are several different types of roofing materials that can be used when replacing your roof.

Roofing technology has come a long way over the last several years, and you have choices that probably didnt even exist when your house was first built.

Traditional shingles made of asphalt and slate are popular options, but many people are also turning to metal roofs. There are lots of new metal roofing materials that resemble other materials but are longer lasting and more energy efficient.

Be sure to consider all your options before you make a decision for your home.

2. Things Will be Loud

You need to accept right up front that things will be loud when youre having your roof replaced. Theres no way around it.

You should warn your employees about the noise before the project begins so they can plan accordingly and work from home if necessary.

If youre having your homes roof repaired, you might want to try and stay out of the house during work hours.

You dont want to have to put your baby down for a nap while a workers pounding away on the roof , right?

3. You Should Shop Around

4. Focus on Quality

5. Ask About Roof Removal

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Think About Kids And Pets

Loud noises coming from the home may increase anxiety or disturb sleep habits. While it may be exciting to watch from a safe distance, work zones are extremely unsafe for children and pets.

Talk with your kids to explain that certain areas of the home or yard will be off-limits until the project is complete. Since young children and pets may not understand these dangers, you may be more comfortable visiting family or friends while your roof is replaced. But you can stay home during a roof replacement.

How To Hire A Roofing Installer

The roof over your head might be one of the most important aspects of your home if not the most important aspect.

Therefore, finding the best possible roofing installer or roofing contractor might be one of the most vital decisions you will make as a property owner.

Generally, if it is time to replace your roof, that means you are likely prepared to make a major upgrade to your home, or you are just recovering from a major weather event or disaster or both.

And either or both of these options require placing a lot of trust in your roofing contractor since they are most likely upgrading one of your most valuable assets.

And while your first inclination might be to go with the top results on some of the popular review sites, Angies list roof installers might not always be the best choice.

In fact, your best bet is to ask your neighbors for referrals and to actually call up the roofers at the top of the search results and ask them some questions.

And of course, there are some key questions that you should ask your roofing contractor before you sign on the dotted line, and some of them might be almost as crucial as finalizing or agreeing on the cost of your roof replacement.

For instance, you should ask:

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Be Aware Of Your Surroundings During Construction

Construction at your home can create unexpected obstacles. Extension cords or other construction equipment that isnt normally there offer some fine opportunities to really hurt yourself. Stay extra alert during this time to prevent avoidable injuries.

Jeff Frantz, CertainTeed Territory Manager for the Washington D.C. Metro area, offers a smart tip:

You should secure exits from the inside to make sure no one exits under a ladder or scaffolding. Also, a large note taped to the inside of the door is a great way to remind your family that an exit is unsafe to use.

Finally, it is always best to communicate with your roofing company throughout the roof installation process. Ask if they have any other suggestions to make this work smoother for their crew and your family.

Most importantly, remember that this construction and any inconvenience it brings is temporary. Soon you will have the new roof that youve been waiting for.

Focus On Value Not Price

Things you NEED to KNOW before getting a NEW ROOF

Everyone wants to save money, and while price is a consideration, the most important part of the decision should be value and return on investment. Youre looking for a fair price that covers the cost of quality products and installation.

As you get estimates, ask whats included in the price. Does it include all materials for your roof replacement, right down to the nails? All labor, including getting the permit and arranging for any required inspections? Removing and disposing of the old roof and delivering the new materials? Does the deal include a project manager?

Also find out what happens if there are unforeseen costs, such as replacing the wood sheathing under the shingles.

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Your Roof Fails A Visual Inspection

Does your roof look just plain worn out? Do you see moss or dark streaks throughout ? Does your entire roof appear to be sagging? Do you see inconsistent coloring across your shingles? This could mean granules have sloughed off for one reason or another. Granules are your shingles first line of defense against bad weather, once the granules are gone, your roof is susceptible to further damage and leaks.

While this may seem like a simplistic approach, youd be surprised how much information you can gain by simply hopping on the roof and taking a gander. Checking your roof after any significant storm for damage is a good rule of thumb. Damage that goes unchecked will inevitably cause more extensive problems down the road.

Installing Skylights In A New Roof

If you had skylights before and want to replicate or alter that look, or if you want to add them to your replacement roof, it is paramount to work with a roof installation contractor or even an architect when you are determining what you want from your new roof, including installing, adjusting, or replacing a skylight.

Keep in mind that skylights might not work in every scenario, but your roof installation team can work with you to help build in the skylights and every other detail that youve always wanted.

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Signs It’s Time For A New Roof

Before we get into what you should know before replacing a roof, we’ll look at a few tell-tale signs that it needs to be replaced.

The most obvious sign you need a roof replacement is if it’s old. Any roof between 20 and 25 years old should be replaced as soon as possible.

Even if you think your roof is fine and without any damage, and you’ve done all the necessary maintenance to it, a roof’s lifespan is about 20 years, so it should be replaced before problems start occurring.

Your roof valleys are one of your roof’s most critical parts because they direct rainwater to the gutters. If your roof valleys are damaged, they become vulnerable to leaks, and they need to be replaced.

Another sign your roof should be replaced is curling or buckled shingles. If you look at your roof and notice that your shingles are curling and losing granules, they’ll need to be replaced.

When you replace your roof, if your flashing is made of tar or cement, you should replace them with a metal flashing system.

A metal flashing system is watertight and will last longer than tar or cement flashing.

Next time it rains, go out and check your gutters. If you notice they are full of granules, that’s usually a sign that your roof is nearing the end of its life.

Another fairly obvious sign that your roof needs to be replaced is if you can see daylight through the boards.

And finally, a severe problem that should not be ignored is a sagging roof.

Select The Right Material

5 Things You Should Do Before Getting a New Roof

One of the most important decisions is your roofing material. When deciding on a material, consider the appearance, price and lifespan of each available product. For instance, although asphalt roofing shingles are among the most economical options, their lifespan is one of the shortest for residential roofs. Concrete or metal shingles, on the other hand, tend to last longer and are usually a better choice if you’re interested in making a long-term investment.

Apart from more traditional shingles like asphalt, shakes and slate, you can also buy beautiful metal roofs that mimic the look of other roofing materials and architectural shingles that are superior to traditional asphalt in both performance and looks. While some of these newer materials can be three times the price of standard 3-tab asphalt shingles, they will also last longer and enhance the curb appeal and therefore, the resale value of your home.

If your last roofing installation was 20 years ago, don’t just go with the same material as before take a look at new roof types, too.

Consider each option carefully and think about the advantages and disadvantages of each. If you’re unsure about which material would best suit your home, hire an expert to take a look at your roof and figure out which materials would be the best investment for your house.

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Spotting The Signs You Need A New Roof

A good rule of thumb for roof replacement is that you should start your plans for getting a new roof if it is approaching 20 years old or if it is showing signs of damage. If you dont know when your roof was last replaced, then you should also keep an eye out for wear. To an untrained eye, however, these signs can be difficult to catch. The following are some of the most common signs you need a new roof:

Relying on these signs is a great method to determine if you should be getting a new roof. Other key indications that you need a new roof include a sagging roof, seeing daylight through the boards of the roof in your attic, and your chimney flashing is made of tar or cement and needs replacement. If you can look at your roof and spot some of these signs, then it is time to get a new one.

Signs You Need A Roof Replacement

Before you start thinking about replacing your roof, you first ought to make sure thats really what you need. Listed below are some common signs that you might need a new roof:

  • Its been 20-25 years since the roof was replaced
  • Water is leaking into your home or business
  • Shingles are visibly cracked or damaged
  • The roof sags
  • Theres mold in your home or business
  • Moss is growing on the roofing material

You might also need a new roof if youve seen a recent spike in your energy bills. This could be a sign that your home is not using energy efficiently and is leaking hot or cool air out through the roof.

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On The Side Of Caution

After replacing a roof, especially if many parts of your old roof had to be removed, there are likely thousands of metal nails in your yard. These metal spikes could end up on your car wheels or hurt the feet of your loved ones. So be careful to clean them out thoroughly or have the contractor do a good cleaning. A good contractor should tidy up the entire area of the property where he has worked, and run a rolling magnet clearing the entire area of nails and potentially dangerous objects upon completion of the job. If the roofer comes by for the final payment and has forgotten this little detail, remind him before you hand over the cash. Do not let him leave without doing the cleaning and do not pay either if he refuses.

Now that you are ready to replace a roof, consider all of these things before choosing a contractor to install your new roof. This will avoid headaches and unwanted situations during or after your roof installation. Be mindful that when you have a quality roof, it will remain in optimum condition for several years, giving you peace of mind and full coverage. Now that you have become aware of what to know about getting a new roof, it is time to hire the right roofing contractor?

How Much Does It Cost To Get A New Roof Installed

What You Need to Know About Getting a New Roof in Vancouver

Lastly, if your insurance does not cover it, youll need to consider how much it will cost for a new roof. This will help you be better prepared financially for this expense and know what your budget should look like in advance. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question because it depends on the size of your house and how complicated the job will be. According to Forbes, the national average for roof replacement is $8,000, with most people spending anywhere between $5000 $11,000.

The price of getting a new roof installed also depends on where you live and whether or not you want them to remove the old roof first. Removing the old shingles and other materials typically lead to a higher price. If you need a roofing company in the Los Angeles area, feel free to contact Smile Roofing, and we will be happy to walk you through the process. Our company has years of experience in the roofing industry, and we know how to get a new roof installed quickly with minimal interruption.

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Before Getting A New Roof Consider These Options

Our homes are our most cherished properties, and you would never like yours tarnishing away, would you? The roof is the exposed exterior of a house, and it must always be protected. It might require timely services, and sometimes, you might even have to change it entirely for good.

If you intend on getting a new roof, here is a list of Pride Roofings four musts that you should check off your list before getting one.

The Most Important Thing To Remember: Dont Be There During A Roof Replacement

As you can see, lots of weird and unexpected things can happen when you get a new roof. If you only take away one thing, just remember to flee your house when you get a new roof. Even if you dont put up trash bags to catch the dirt, if you dont care about losing water, or even if a guy falls through your roof, do leave your house.

I like to find a silver lining in everything, so even though this post was basically weird things that happened to me during a roof replacement, in the end, we are getting a new roof. We ended up getting it sooner than anticipated, too, thanks to a terrible monsoon storm that tore shingles off our roof . We are lucky to have extra money to pay for the roof now, instead of letting the roof get worse.

But I have made a note to myself: only homes with new roofs in the future!

Have you ever experienced a roof replacement, or have you recently gone through getting a new roof? What were your experiences like?

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