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Can You Claim A Leaking Roof On Insurance

Locating And Assessing Your Roof Leak For Homeowners Insurance Purposes

5 Tips On How to Get Your Roof Insurance Claim Approved

Locating a roof leak is no easy task. But as soon as you see that dreaded brown spot on your ceiling, it is crucial to investigate the source as quickly as possible and schedule a roof inspection.

In the meantime, try to remember the events that happened before the leak. If heavy winds or snow are the culprit, for example, make sure you document the events and dates. This will make it easier to submit a claim to your insurance company.

You can examine the roof from the outside , checking for missing shingles or other obvious problems. You can also check the interior through your ceiling or attic, looking for black spots, mold, or water stains.

Of course, the best recourse is to have a professional roof inspection done to assess the leaks and properly document any damage for insurance purposes. If you schedule a free roof inspection today, we can likely be at your property the next business day to do the inspection.

In some areas, will deploy drones to safely and accurately capture images for the insurance company.

Just Because You Can File An Insurance Claim For Leaking Roof

Inexperienced homeowners might find it tempting to file a claim whenever their policy will cover the damage. It makes perfect sense and is well within your policy guidelines. The problem is your insurance company might decide youre too big of a risk and will terminate your coverage. You dont have to break any rules to be fired by your insurance company.

In addition, any time you file a claim, the cost of your policy will go up. These increases can be significant. Its not something you can avoid by simply switching companies either. Claims from multiple companies get reported to the Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange which insurers check before writing new policies.

Sometimes, whether you should file a claim is much more important than if youre able to collect on the damage.

Most insurance experts recommend foregoing filing a claim if the damage is worth less than $5,000. Instead, you can opt for a policy with a higher deductible. This lowers the price youll pay for coverage. Put the savings in the bank and use them to pay for small issues that come up.

In general, filing more than one weather and one non-weather insurance claim for leaking roof every ten years can put your insurance coverage at risk.

Talk to our experts at Hopewell Roofing & Restoration when deciding whether to file an insurance claim for leaking roof damage. Call us to receive a free quote for repairs today.

Take Photos For Insurance Documentation

Do you want to know what to do if your roof is leaking? Its this step! Documenting your damages will come in handy when you file your home insurance claim if the damage is eligible for a claim. We cannot overstate how important it is to take photos and document everything.

Not only does it show the severity of the roof damage, but also the other items that were compromised. If your television, computer, furniture, bedding, or kitchen were ruined by the roof leak, document it. Your insurance could potentially fix the roof and replace the items you lost.

If you are handy and think you can fix your roof yourself, check out these suggestions from Family Handyman. We highly recommend, however, to contact us or another professional roofer if your roof is leaking for professional roof repair. There are many things to know when working on roofs, and safety is always the number one concern!

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Tips To Save On New Roof Costs

The average price range for a roof replacement can run from $260 to $700 per square foot depending on the roofing material used. Someone might be able to help you out for as low as $150 to $350 per square foot for asphalt shingle repair. For metal roofs, expect between $350 and $1,000 for tile and metal roof repair. Here are some tips on how to minimize your repair and replacement costs:

  • Do your research: Know the size and complexity of your roof and the exact materials you want to have installed before talking to contractors.
  • Shop around: Get quotes from several roofers and always request and check local references before hiring someone. Be wary of extremely low bids, which could mean subpar work, and make sure roofers offer a warranty on materials and installation.
  • Time it right: Roofers are busiest in late summer and fall. Scheduling your roof replacement in late winter or spring may yield lower prices or off-season discounts.
  • Do it yourself: Consider doing part of the work yourself. If you have the time, the proper equipment, and a stomach for heights, removing old roofing before the installer arrives could help cut costs.
  • How Old Is Your Roofing System

    Roof Insurance Claims Help in Lexington, KY

    Insurance policies are more likely to cover a portion of costs if your roof is not that old. However, most insurance policies will not cover the damages for roofs more than 20 years old.

    What is your roofs lifespan? Has it outlived its time? You should call a professional roofing contractor to know whether a new roof is required. If the propertys roof is older than its lifespan, your insurance most likely will not cover the damages.

    If youre unsure, you can call RoofCrafters to inspect the damages and help you file your insurance claim.

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    Continue Regular Roof Maintenance

    After the roof is fixed and things are back to normal, theres more work to be done. Doing routine maintenance on your roof is the best way to control leaks. Your roof takes on a lot of wear and tear, and its exposed to harsh outside elements. Routine roof maintenance includes:

  • Inspecting for any trees that may have grown too close to your roof, and, if so, cutting back limbs and branches
  • Making sure gutters and downspouts have not become clogged with leaves or any other debris. Water must be able to run away from your house as designed.
  • Checking for any damage after severe weather such as loose or missing shingles
  • Looking for any cracks in the chimney
  • Locating and replacing any curled or split shingles
  • Weather conditions like rain, snow, and hail weaken the shingles over time. Ensure that your house stays in good condition by keeping major systems, such as your roof, properly maintained.

    Sometimes, finding the source of a leak is more complicated than simply spotting a hole in your attics ceiling. From failing flashing to clogged gutters to crumbling shingles, the list of potential causes is very long.Bob Vila, From Solved, What To Do About A Leaky Roof

    How Your Home Insurance Company Can Help

    Several home insurance companies offer policyholders access to a network of approved and qualified contractors, and working with them could save you money. The contractors typically don’t charge for an estimate, and insurers usually provide a warranty for work completed by an approved contractor.

    Below, we list some home insurance companies that offer policyholders special access to contractors.


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    Problems With Home Insurance Roof Claims

    Disputes can arise when an insurer decides that an insured event has caused the damage, but that your roof would have survived the event if it had been in better condition.

    For example, high winds cause tiles to blow away, but that happened because the roof hadnt had regular maintenance to check them.

    So if your house has suffered weather damage you should contact your insurers as soon as you can and its a good idea to keep proof of any repairs or maintenance work youve had done, to show youve been keeping your roof in good condition.

    If youre unhappy with your insurers decision to make a claim, you should complain to your insurer. If youre still unhappy with its response after eight weeks you can ask the Financial Ombudsman to look at the facts and make a decision over whether your claim should have been paid or refused.

    Does Your Home Insurance Or Home Cover Cover You Against Roof Damage

    Roof leaks insurance claims Broward County | Weston FL

    Whether your home insurance covers your home against roof damage is all dependent on how the damage is caused. If the damage is caused by an event you couldnât have foreseen, then any resultant damage may be covered. If the damage is because you have a hole in your roof, or broken roof tiles you neglected to repair, then you probably are not covered by your home insurance or home cover.

    You need to be clear about this because if your roof leaks in heavy rain, this may be due to normal wear and tear or poor household maintenance. If itâs not accidental damage, it is unlikely to be covered by your home insurance.

    The accidental damage versus wear and tear query applies to most major household repairs and home insurance policies. For example with central heating boilers. Most standard home insurance policies will not cover boiler repairs or replacement. The reason being that repairs are usually necessary because of wear and tear, not accidental damage. However, these are usually covered by bespoke home cover packages.

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    Are You To Blame For The Damage

    Some homeowners dont take good care of their property. They leave gutters to fill with rotting leaves, pay no mind to missing or cracked shingles and generally ignore their homes exterior until something goes wrong. If your roof shingles are curling, cracked or covered in mildew and water gets in as a result, its possible you will have your roof insurance claim denied and youll most likely wind up eating the costs.

    On the other hand, if a hail storm leaves your shingles riddled with cracks, insurance will likely cover the cost to replace them.

    What Caused The Leak

    Whether your homeowners insurance covers a roof leak will depend a lot on what caused the leak.

    Most standard homeowners insurance policies will cover a leaking roof due to a covered event such as damage caused by wind and hail. Unless your policy specifically excludes coverage for roof leaks, its typically covered.

    Note: Standard homeowners insurance policies will not cover flood damage. If you want to have flood damage insurance, there are flood-specific insurance policies available on the market.

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    How Do I Spot A Leak

    If youre concerned about a leaking roof, the first thing youll want to know is how to spot a roof leak. Many circumstances, like weather, age, neglect, and decay can affect your roof, but there are three common signs that may indicate your roof is damaged and could leak in the next rain storm.

    Buckling, curling, or missing shinglesOver time, shingles wear out. Water can seep through the roof and into your home when shingles crack or are broken. Wind, rain, hail storms, freezing temperatures, or even someone walking on the roof can all damage shingles. Every season, take a visual inventory of your shingles to see if they are still in good shape and still in place.

    Ceiling or roof spotsIf water has come through the roof, you may notice stains on your ceiling. Leaks can travel and show up away from the original source of the leak. Look for spots that may indicate a leak around vents or a chimney. If you have ceiling tiles, youll notice dark-colored spots if your roof is leaking

    Debris in the gutters or on the roofThe debris and leaves that gather in the gutters will slow the water flow coming from the roof. When water doesnt flow properly off the roof, it flows sideways, keeping the moisture on the roof. Moisture retention on the roof causes mildew, mold, and moss that will shorten the life of your roof. Be sure to remove debris from gutter and the roof every season.

    Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Roof Replacements

    Roof Insurance Claim Help in Weatherford, TX

    Whether homeowners insurance covers roof replacements will differ from insurer to insurer and depend on the type and condition of your roof.

    Some insurers might not cover old roofs, while others may offer a cash value replacement only.

    The type of roof you have also plays a role. For example, insurance companies might be more willing to insure hip roofs than wooden roofs. Hip roof structures provide better protection from rain, snow, and high winds. And they are typically cheaper to insure than a gable or flat roof.

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    Does Your Roof Have Wind Damage

    Strong winds can cause shingles to break and fold, or crease. The shingle will stay on the roof, but wind-blown rain can penetrate from underneath it.

    Moreover, creased shingles won’t let rain water cascade. The water will get absorbed along the crease instead. This condition will dismount the shingle’s layers and cause significant damage.

    You may not be able to see this type of damage from the ground, but an inspection will reveal it. With wind damage being a common occurrence that is generally covered by roof insurance policies, its a good chance for you to win a replacement claim, even if your roof is older.

    Claiming On House Insurance For A Water Leak

    Claiming on your Home Insurance for a roof leak doesnt need to be complicated. Check your insurance documents to ensure youre following the correct procedure, but the typical steps for a claim are as follows:

    • Contact your insurance broker or insurer to notify them of the claim as soon as possible. Theyll advise you on the next steps.
    • Document as much as possible. Take photos of internal and external damage, both to the roof and your possessions and send them to your claims contact.
    • Seek quotations for repairs and replacements.
    • Submit your quotations to your broker or insurer.
    • Arrange for the work to commence.
    • Once complete, send the invoices to your broker or insurer and payment for repairs and replacement items will be arranged.

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    How Else Can I Protect Myself From Home Water Damage Due To Storms

    Beyond homeowners insurance, you can work with a water damage restoration company and invest in a protection plan for your home. Such plans give you an on-call restoration company that already knows your needs, has established a plan for recovery with you ahead of time, and can be on your property as soon as you need them to begin the process of stopping water damage in its tracks and getting your property and your life back to normal as quickly as possible.

    At TRILINK, we offer both family and commercial emergency restoration management plans for homeowners, commercial property owners, and property managers to ease the process of recovering from storm damage. And with the Oklahoma City area frequently at risk for storms, such a plan may be just what you need to give you peace of mind that your valuable, beloved home and property will be taken care of the instant you need us.

    Visit us online to learn more about TRILINKs emergency management plans for family/home properties as well as commercial properties. Call us anytime at 525-5465 or contact us online to learn more about our services and find out how we can help protect your property, restore it, and give you peace of mind.

    So What Exactly Is Roof Maintenance According To The Insurance Company

    Does My Homeowners Insurance Cover Roof Leaks?

    It is easier to describe what is NOT roof maintenance and under these circumstances, the insurance companies will classify these as storm events:

    • Hail related events where roof damage is caused by hail stone damage
    • winds blowing debris onto roofs and breaking roof tiles
    • High winds blowing roof off

    Anything else can be classified as roof maintenance issues and give the insurance companies grounds for rejection of the claim.

    Some examples of roof maintenance issues are:

    • blocked gutters or roof valleys
    • rusty roof or rusty gutters
    • blocked, cracked or faulty flashings
    • leaves and debris on roofs

    Other roofing problems that are due to faulty installation or design are also lumped into the roof maintenance category:

    • Pitch of roof too low
    • flashings not installed correctly
    • box gutters not big enough

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    When Doesn’t Homeowners Insurance Cover Roof Damage

    If your roof suffers from neglect or wear and tear, your homeowners insurance probably won’t cover the cost of a roof replacement. The average lifespan of a roof is twenty years. If your roof is older than that, your insurance may provide limited coverage or none at all, depending on your provider and policy.

    How To Spot A Potential Leak

    There are three typical signs that your roof may be leaking:

    • Missing shingles or tiles. You should regularly inspect your roof for missing or broken shingles and tiles, which can allow water to enter.
    • Stains on the ceiling. If there is a damp spot on your ceiling, this can be an indication that water is already leaking into your home.
    • Choked gutters and downpipes. You should clear these regularly and install gutter guards to prevent debris build-up.

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    Find A Reputable Roofing Contractor

    If you didnt do this as part of the step above, now is the time.

    Your best ally in a fight over roof repair will be a licensed roofing contractor, not an attorney. Make sure they have:

    • A stellar reputation
    • Experience dealing with insurance claims

    A good roofer will help with the next few steps before repairing the roof.

    Prevent Further Damage!

    Most homeowners policies require you to cover the damaged roof immediately.

    Did you know?Claims for secondary damage are usually denied when the necessary steps have not been taken to protect the roof.

    Heres a common and unfortunate scenario:

    Storm 1 blows a bunch of shingles off a roof.

    Storm 2, a week later, brings wind-driven rain that gets into the unprotected home and destroys everything it touches ceilings, walls, flooring, electronics and more. This is why many homes must be gutted or demolished after hurricanes.

    Bad storms damage hundreds or thousands of homes in their path. This makes it impossible for roofers to make quick repairs.

    Instead, your roofing company will get the damaged areas tarped and secured to protect your home and your wallet. Once this is done, the roof should be OK until repairs can be made.


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