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How To Clean Roof Tiles

How A Soft Wash Benefits Your Roof

How To Clean Roof Tiles – DIY At Bunnings

You can get immediate results with a soft wash cleaning process by Kelly Roofing in South Florida. Our soft wash tile roof cleaning process effectively cleans your roof without excessive pressure, preserving your roofs warranty and ensuring longer roof life performance. Our Roof Rain Algae Prevention is 100 percent all-natural and works over the course of time when activated by the suns UV light and water. Roof Rain ensures a full algae growth build-up prevention for two years.

Through soft wash, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Your tile manufacturer warranty remains intact.
  • Your roof underlayment will not be damaged.
  • Waterproofing flashings remains in place, stopping water from getting inside.
  • Your tiles wont be etched, making it harder for algae to grow
  • Your roof color wont dull or change

Ultimately, roofs that are inspected and maintained regularly last up to twice as long. Kelly Roofing can help you achieve a worry-free tile roof in South Florida. Contact us today to learn more about maintaining your tile roof.

What Is The Best Moss Killer

  • Pro-Kleen Premium Iron Sulphate Moss Killer.
  • ULTIMA PLUS XP Moss Killer and Algae Remover.
  • Ferromel 20 Iron Sulphate Moss Killer.
  • Evergreen 4 in 1 Moss and Weed Killer from Scotts Miracle-Gro.
  • Elixir Garden Supplies Moss Killer.
  • IVISONS Liquid Moss Killer and Lawn Tonic.
  • Smartseal Fast Acting Moss Killer.

To Bleach Or Not To Bleach

One of the simplest DIY ways to clean your roof is with a bleach and water combination. You can either clean down the tiles by hand if youve really got the energy or stand about 4 feet away and use water pressure.

However you need to be careful with bleach. If you collect rain water for drinking then you cant really use it. Its toxic and could pollute your drinking water. In that case, you might just have to stick to water unless you can find a cleaning product thats safe enough to use.

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Guide To Cleaning Roof Tiles

Roofing is the most important element of a building. Indeed, a house without a roof or with a defective roof is not habitable. Thus, it is essential, even imperative, to maintain its roof, especially the tile one, so as not to take the risk of seeing it deteriorate over time. In addition, the tiles can, after a few years be covered with moss and lichens. This represents a very big disadvantage, not only with regard to the aesthetics of the house but also with regard to the permeability of your roof. This is why this guide has been designed to help you take care of your roof and clean it without putting yourself in danger.

How Do You Clean A Tile Roof Without A Pressure Washer

Tile roof soft wash cleaning

Most roofs are made of asphalt or concrete which can be pressure washed. Thats not the case with tiled roofs though. You cant use a pressure washer or any other type of power cleaner, because it could damage your roof.

Use a low-pressure water hose and a brush to clean the roof so that it wont cause any damage. The soft bristles of the brush working in tandem with what appears like plain old tap-water give surprisingly dramatic results!

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How To Clean Roof Tiles

Sheridan Okey

24 August 2021

Having to clean your roof tiles may seem like a daunting operation, but fear not, we have you covered. Our homes, garages and other structures are often subject to intense degradation by atmospheric agents and smog. Additionally, the presence of trees in the immediate vicinity of the roof frequently causes the development of moss and algae.

All these situations not only make your roof look unsightly, it can lead to dangerous levels of degradation from cracked tiles to water leaks. Furthermore, the presence of foreign plant materials may gradually clog gutters.

Therefore, it is important to carry out regular roof cleaning to avoid any unnecessary damage. The techniques used to clean roof tiles vary depending on the type of roof. To find out the best way to clean your roof tiles, with a little help from WD-40®, check out our tips below!

Can A Moss Killer Be Applied Before The Moss Is Removed

This is a common question, can/should a moss killing chemical be applied to the roof before the moss is removed?

The answer is no.

First, you would need much more of the chemical as the moss would soak it up.

Second, thick layers of moss will prevent the chemical from soaking into the tile/overlaps.

Third, if you were thinking of applying the chemical instead of manually removing the moss with a scraper, then you would have a big problem the dead moss would gradually wash down into the gutters and block them. It could take months if not years for all the moss to wash off the roof. Your gutters would need frequent cleaning and even then they are still likely to become blocked.

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Does Moss Destroy Concrete

Once established, mosses hold in moisture that deteriorates surfaces beneath. From concrete and brick to wooden decking, moss shortens the lifespan of walkways, driveways and outdoor areas meant for long-term enjoyment. Moss can damage wooden decking and create slick, hazardous surfaces.

  • Mix together 4 cups of vinegar, a 1/4 cup of salt and 2 tsp. dish soap.
  • Pour mixture into a plant sprayer or spray bottle.
  • Saturate the moss with the mixture. Let the mixture sit and then remove the moss.
  • Walking On A Tiled Roof

    How to CLEAN MOSS from roof tiles – Cleaning moss from leaking roof

    Roofs have a tendency to be slippery, particularly if there is algae, moss or lichen on there so exercise extreme caution while walking on the roof. If you will be using a pressure hose, the roof will become more slippery as you progress. Always try to walk on the driest parts and stick to the places where tiles overlap as these are the sturdiest places on your roof.

    If you need to walk directly on the tiles, try to keep on the lower part of the tile as this has more support than the upper part.

    If your roof is slippery or if you have any doubts about how safe your tiles are to walk on, you should erect guardrails before starting your job. You can rent roof guardrails from a number of suppliers around the UK.

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    Pressure Cleaning Is A Fast And Convenient Solution

    Roof pressure cleaning is also a quick process. It requires far less labor and time compared to alternative methods. It is an affordable solution that allows you to restore the condition of your roof in less than one day.

    Besides the advantages discussed, pressure cleaning also allows you to test your gutters and downspouts. As the roof is sprayed with pressurized water, the water runs off into the gutters. You can monitor this runoff to ensure that your gutters are not clogged.

    In the end, pressure washing is an effective and efficient way to keep your roof clean. Removing debris can help reduce the risk of algae and mold growth while also removing debris that may slowly clog your gutters.

    You should consider pressure cleaning your roof each year to help keep your roof in top shape.

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    How Long Does The Moss Killer Last

    Assuming that the roof isnt under tree cover, the moss shouldnt grow back for about 3 years, after 4 years there will be light growth.

    For this reason, the homeowner should instruct a roofing company to re-apply the chemical every 3 years, thus preventing any moss growth and keeping the roof looking clean.

    Moss killing chemicals are not expensive, expect to pay around £30 for enough to treat a semi-detached property. A backpack sprayer costs around £25 and the work takes around an hour.

    If you purchase a more expensive backpack sprayer then you will find they have a very long reach, about 6 metres! That is enough to reach the top of the roof from access towers erected to gutter height.

    So once the moss is initially removed nobody ever needs to get on the roof again. This reduces the amount of foot traffic on the roof tiles. Remove the moss once, re-apply the chemicals from gutter height with a sprayer every few years simple and cost-effective!

    This type of work is often carried out by traditional roofing contractors, although few roof cleaning/coating companies recommend this approach as it doesnt involve pressure washers and expensive roof coatings/sealants.

    It is possible to complete a roof cleaning project without pressure washing, but the chemicals do take a little time to work. Remember: the dirt you see on a roof is usually moss and lichen which can be treated and prevented with chemicals.

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    So Your Roof Isnt Looking Its Best There Are A Variety Of Ways You Can Clean Roof Tiles So Which Are The Right Methods And Which Ones Should You Avoid

    Dirt, moss and algae can build up on your roof tiles over time. It is necessary to keep your roof clean and to clean it reasonably frequently in order to preserve the structural integrity of the roof and to ensure that your home and belongings are safe from all weather conditions. There are a variety of ways you can clean roof tiles, so which are the right methods and which ones should you avoid?

    The benefits of cleaning your roof are aesthetic value, minimising real damage by discovering any damages early, and extension of the roofs longevity.

    How Often Should You Clean A Tile Roof

    What Is The Cost Of Cleaning A Roof?

    Most common concrete tiles are brushed, flat and barrel or s- tile with a rough finish that takes a long time to dry when wet. Because of this it requires more frequent cleanings, every two to three years depending on the type of cleaning. New tiles will usually required a first cleaning at about five years.

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    Cleaning Your Tile Roof

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    Cleaning a tile roof is an excellent way of ensuring that its true color and natural beauty shines through, while also offering protection against damage including cracking, chipping, and other breakage. Unfortunately many homeowners put off tile roof cleaning, either because they assume its somehow damaging to the tile or because theyre not sure how to manage this cleaning and how often it should be done.

    Clean a tile roof with a soft wash pressure washer every other year or as often as needed to remove dirt, dust, algae, lichen, and other debris. While this work ensures a tile roof looks its best, using a pressure washer safely and effectively is more complicated than many homeowners realize, and being on a wet roof is also downright dangerous for untrained individuals. To ensure your safety and a thorough clean, leave this work to pressure washing professionals.

    Before you go another month or, worse yet, a full year without proper tile roof cleaning, you might note some reasons why this work is so vital for every home. Its also beneficial to note some signs of needed roof washing as well as some tips on how to get his job done right.

    Remove Moss And Algae

    If your roof has a severe build-up of moss or algae, the first step is to gently scrape away the larger pieces. When doing this, its important to ensure you dont damage your roof tiles. You can buy purposely designed roof scrapers for this job and shouldnt be tempted to use those designed for lawns, as these may damage your roof.

    Once the thicker moss and algae is gone, you can use a simple garden sprayer to apply specially formulated moss remover and algae remover. These chemicals have been designed not only to kill the existing moss and algae but also to prevent future growth. Whats more, their acid-free formula means they wont damage any coating on your roof tiles.

    While applying the anti-moss and algae spray, make sure to work your back backwards from where its been applied. This means you wont step onto a wet, treated tile while cleaning your roof tiles. So, youre staying safe from slips and falls, but also not undoing your work! Once youve applied an initial coat, all you need to do is wait for it to dry.

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    How Often Should You Clean Your Roof

    Generally, it is a good idea to get your roof cleaned by professionals once a year. This is often enough to where if problems develop, they can be caught early on. If you have a roof that is in good shape or was just recently installed, then you may only need a roof cleaning once every two years or so.

    Why You Should Never Pressure Wash Your Tile Roof

    How To Properly Clean Your Concrete Tile Roof

    While power washing may work to remove algae and mold from your tile roof in the short-term, it can breed long-term headaches such as:

    • etching the surface of the tile
    • cutting through sealants and underlayments
    • making the tiles more porous

    High-pressure and harsh chemical systems can also drastically reduce the useful life of your tile roof. Overall, pressure washing your tile roof can cause irreparable damage to your roof, especially when done by untrained persons. Pressure cleaning companies are not trained, licensed, or certified to work on or repair any type of roof. Avoid having to pay someone to clean your roof and another to repair the damages caused by the cleaner.

    Here are five reasons we DO NOT recommend pressure washing your tile roof:

  • Voids tile manufacturer warranty. Any pressure over 1,200psi can cause irreparable damage to your roof.
  • Damages roof underlayment. This creates more opportunity for leaks to happen.
  • Loosens waterproofing flashings. Loose flashings will allow water to leak in.
  • Etches tile surface. Etched tile means there are deeper crevices in the tile, making it easier for algae to grow.
  • Changes the color of the roof. Your roof will start to look duller even after cleaning.
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    Your Terracotta Should Be Dried:

    The final stage in your weekly terracotta tile cleaning maintenance is to adequately dry the flooring. Remove any remaining water with a dry mop. Using a towel or rag is another option, and one made of a softer substance is recommended. Any remaining water in the grout joints should be thoroughly removed, as they can deteriorate if left there.

    How To Maintain A Tile Roof

    wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 9 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 93,902 times.Learn more…

    Tile roofs provide several significant advantages over other types. Tile constructions are resistant to pests and can withstand harsh weather conditions. They also have superior thermal properties that reduce ambient temperatures on the roof deck. Tile roofs come in a broad array of colors that can complement the appearance of your home. But perhaps most significantly, a properly installed tile roof can last more than 100 years with only modest care. If you need to know how to maintain a tile roof, follow these guidelines.

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    Maintain An Attractive Property With Annual Roof Cleaning

    Keeping your roof free of debris also helps you maintain the exterior appeal of your home. You can keep your home looking great throughout the year with this simple maintenance task.

    You may also decide to use pressure cleaning for the rest of the exterior. Along with cleaning roofs, pressure washers are also commonly used for cleaning siding. You can ensure that the entire exterior of your property is free of algae growth.

    Benefits Of Hiring A Professional

    Clay Tile Roof Cleaning

    We always recommend hiring a professional for roof cleaning in Tampa. Roofing experts are knowledgeable and experienced in cleaning all types of tile roofing. Our team uses professional-grade tools and cleaning chemicals to ensure we get the cleanest roof possible while maintaining its integrity. Working with a professional is safer as well. Walking around on a roof and using professional equipment is dangerous for someone who has not been properly trained, and could even lead to injury.

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    What Are Terracotta Tiles

    The oldest design of clay ceramic tiles is terracotta material. Terracotta means baked earth, which translates into Italian. Terracotta tiles are made of red clay. Which is heated in a kiln to a temperature of up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

    With this cheap and easy option, your design will look more rustic. Tiles made from natural materials require regular cleaning and maintenance. Different textures, shades, and textures are possible with terracotta.

    The strength and durability of terracotta are known for their use in construction. It has internal resistance to mold and insects. These tiles can last a long time if laid properly. Terracotta tiles should be fitted with a suitable sealant to prevent itching and staining.

    The terracotta tile floor needs special attention, which is why we are here to help. How to Clean Terracotta Tiles? This is one of the most important parts of your flooring.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Clean Moss Off A Roof

    would typically cost around £700-£1000, depending on the location and the size of the roofing company. Roof cleaners tend to charge around £200 per day and depending on how badly the moss has built up it can take anywhere from 2-8 hours to remove the moss and treat the roof with chemicals to prevent further build-up.

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    The Essential Points To Know Before Cleaning

    First, when to clean your roof? So, it is advisable to do it once or twice a year. For this, spring and autumn are the most popular seasons. On the one hand, you need a spring cleaning to assess the damage caused by winter and know how to remedy it effectively. In addition, this will allow your roof to be prepared to cope with bad weather during the summer. On the other hand, late fall is a great time to rid your roof of fallen leaves and the clumps of fungus and moss that have settled there all summer.

    Then, it is very important to check the weather before taking action because it is very risky and dangerous to venture on a roof in bad weather conditions. Therefore, make sure that the weather is favorable for you that is to say, clean your roof outside the times of rains including a small downpour, and a windy climate. Doing this will help you clean your roof without putting yourself into any sort of risk.

    Need to cleaning or servicing your roof ASAP? Read our article about roof servicing.


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