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How Big Of Dumpster For Roof Tear Off

Low Cost Roofing Dumpsters

How to Tear Off 2 Layers at once

Replacing an old roof? A roofing dumpster rental is the best way to haul away the old shingles as you remove them. We make roofing and shingle tear offs a breeze regardless if you are a roofing contractor or a do it yourself type person. We make it affordable and easy to complete a roof project with our roofing dumpster rentals.

  • We offer a wide selection of Dumpster Rental Sizes to complete any residential or commercial roofing project.
  • Our Roofing Dumpsters are used for Asphalt Shingles, Tiles, Wood, Gravel, Underlayment, Trim, and other types of roofing materials.
  • Our drivers are experienced in placing roofing dumpsters in the perfect location making your roof tear off easy and seamless. Generally we place them close to the home or building allowing roofers to scrape roofing material straight into the roofing dumpster.

We typically do not dispose of anything hazardous or chemical related. However, certain waste facilities allow roofing tar and foam. Please check with us prior to loading this type material to make sure it is allowed, many waste facility restrictions differ from city to city.

How Much Does A Square Of Asphalt Shingles Weigh

The weight can depend on the type of shingle and the manufacturer. The safe weight to use is 250 lbs. per square. This overestimate can account for sheets of plywood, gutters, and pallets that may be disposed of during the roof tear-off process. In some areas, you can dump your shingles for free.

You will have to find a dump nearby to determine if there is a cost in dumping the shingles yourself.

Some road builders recycle asphalt shingles and may accept clean asphalt shingles for free. Clean shingles are free from any other trash other than asphalt shingles, tar paper, and nails. We have made it so easy that you can order your dumpster while you are waiting for your roofing materials at your local Home Depot!

Madison Dumpster Rental is your waste management source.

Assemble A Team And Get To It

Three hardy people can tear off and felt a roof in one day, but be careful. Only tear off what you can safely protect from the weather the same day, especially if youre working shorthanded. It always takes longer to weatherize than you think! Tear off the areas farthest from the trash container first. That way you wont tear up the new felt paper when you haul the rest of the debris to the container.

Go over the wood surface with a fine-tooth comb after tear-off. Pound in protruding sheathing nails and remove any leftover shingle nails, then sweep and install ice and water barrier and felt.

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Roofing Square Is The Equivalent Of 100 Square Feet Of Shingles 3 Bundles Of Shingles = 1 Roofing Square

If you know how many bundles you need to buy, you are almost there.

If you need to purchase 30 bundles of asphalt shingles you have a 10 square roof. If you have 2 layers of asphalt shingles on your roof you have a total of 20 square. Be aware that if you have cedar shakes to remove you will need a bigger dumpster. For example – If you have 10 roofing squares of cedar shakes to remove you will need a 10yrd container. 1 roofing square of Cedar Shake equal aprox 1 cubic yard. Find out what dumpster size you will need for your roof tear off.

If you do not know your total roofing squares use the link below or just ask your roofing company.

Get Efficient Roofing Dumpster Services To Streamline Your Project

Construction Dumpsters, Dumpster Companies, Yonkers, NY

Our professional roofing dumpster services make cleanups easy and efficient for any-sized job. When you call, youll speak directly to one of our team members who will help you find the right container and services for your project in a matter of minutes. Your shingle dumpster will arrive fast and in a spot that works for your crew. For larger or long-term jobs, you can rent multiple dumpsters or even request a swap-out at any time during your project. Once the job is done, give us another quick call and well haul everything away.

  • Save Time: Once you call, well schedule and deliver your roofing dumpster rental ASAP.
  • Plan Ahead: If your project is a little way off, you can schedule a delivery in advance.
  • Cut Costs: We bundle your costs into one flat rate so you can budget better and save more.
  • Get Support: Have a full slate of roofing projects? You can call, email or text your representative directly to schedule additional services.

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Why Your Dumpsters Weight Limit Matters

While your debris may fit within the volume of the container you rent, it is possible for the weight of your debris to exceed the dumpsters weight limit. For example, a 20 yard dumpster may only be filled halfway with a heavy material, such as concrete or dirt. Exceeding the maximum weight limit may result in additional charges. Therefore, always consider both the type and weight of your materials when choosing a dumpster size.

Calculate The Weight Of Your Shingles

Shingles are deceptively heavy. As a result, it can be tricky to decide how much roofing material you can throw in a dumpster before you hit your weight limit. Before you start, use our calculator to get an accurate weight for the roofing material youâre tossing.

⢠Three-Tab Asphalt: Come in one size that consists of three separate 12-inch tabs.⢠Architectural Asphalt: Available in various sizes and shapes, often with a stacked appearance.⢠Slate: Offered in a few colors and sizes, but always has a stone-like appearance.

Our calculator will recommend the most common size dumpster for your debris. Sizes and availability may vary by location.

Call our team at to see what sizes are available near you and to place an order.

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The Ideal Dumpster Size For Roofing Jobs

Common container sizes for roofing jobs include 10, 15 and 20 yard dumpsters. We often recommend renting a 20 yard dumpster to handle debris from roof tear-offs and repairs. This dumpster provides enough space to load shingles and other roofing debris without exceeding weight restrictions for road safety.

Our Covered Weight Limit: 2-3 tons or 4,000-6,000 pounds.*

Need Help Picking a Size for Your Roof Tear-Off?

Use our shingle weight calculator to estimate how much your shingles will weigh. Weâll also suggest a dumpster size for your materials.

*Please note that covered weight limits and accepted items may vary by location.

What Size Roofing Dumpster Do I Need

Roof inspection for steel roof estimate – Tear off or go over?

Better Bins Disposal has roll-off dumpsters for any commercial or residential roof tear-off job up to 45 squares . For typical residential re-roofing projects, we use either a 5-yard or 10-yard dumpster. Both fit in tight spaces out of the way and are placed exactly where you want it. The bin is delivered by our residential friendly truck and does not harm driveways.

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How Much Does Carpet Weigh

Carpet can weigh anywhere from 5 to 20 pounds per square yard, or .5 to 2.2 pounds per square foot. Use the carpet weight calculator below to get a rough estimate of the weight of your carpet. Note: The weight of your carpet will vary based on the material and thickness.

How many square feet of carpet need to be disposed of? sq ft

Dumpsters To Suit Any Size Roofing Project

To decide which roofing dumpster rental is right for your job, it is best to know the square footage of the roof. Most residential roofs have either 3-tab or architectural asphalt shingles. 3-tab shingles weigh about 250 pounds per 100 square feet, while architectural shingles weigh significantly more at about 400 pounds per 100 square feet.

Knowing the style of your old shingles will make it easier to decide the size of the dumpster required for your roofing materials. A 10 yard dumpster rental should be sufficient for a roofing job of up to 40 squares . A 20 yard dumpster rental should be sufficient for up to 80 squares . For any job larger than 80 squares, we recommend contacting us for a 30 yard dumpster rental. Large commercial roof projects may need our biggest dumpster size available, the 40 yard dumpster rental.

PRO TIP #1: When selecting a dumpster size, also keep in mind that you will likely need to dispose of additional roofing-related materials, such as felt paper, wood, underlayment, flashing, trim, and fascia board. All of these materials will require additional space in the dumpster. If you are unsure of the dumpster size required for your project, always go with the larger dumpster to minimize the potential downtime and additional expense associated with a second dumpster.

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Weight Of Shingles Per Square Foot

How much do shingles weigh per square foot? Youll need to have an approximate estimate of the weight to estimate your ideal dumpster size, but there is no simple answer. Each shingle brand and type will have a slightly different weight. Even if you know exactly which brand of shingle is on the roof, the manufacturer may have changed the weight of the shingle over the years. Usually, youll have to estimate using the size of the roof and a general idea of how much shingles weigh.

To do so, youll first want to determine which kind of shingle is on the roof: 3tab shingles, architectural shingles or premium shingles. The lightest shingles are the 3tab design, usually weighing a maximum of 190 pounds per square. When estimating weight, you should also account for underlayment, nails and other debris you may need to remove from the roof so, you should add 10 pounds to that. The total is an estimated 200 pounds per square for 3tab shingles.

Laminate shingles are much heavier and thicker than 3tab shingles. Most brands of laminate shingles are under 230 pounds per square. Add that same 10 pounds for extra materials and you have a total of 240 pounds per square for laminate shingles.

Also, remember to perform a separate weight calculation if there is a second layer of shingles. Dont assume that the bottom layer is composed of the same type of shingles as the top layer.

Different Material Different Weight

40 Cubic Yard Dumpster

There are types of shingles that are heavier than the others. For asphalt shingles, there are two most common types. They can be 3-tab shingles or architectural shingles. Between the two, architectural shingles are heavier due to their dimensional design. Three-tab shingles are more traditional and lighter in weight. On the other hand, clay slates and concrete tiles weigh heavier than asphalt shingles.

When we compare them per bundle, the weight difference becomes much clearer. Typically, a bundle contains 21 pieces. A bundle of 3-tab shingles weighs 45-60 pounds, whereas an architectural shingle bundle weighs 60-80 pounds.

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Determine Which Roofing Dumpster Size Is Best

Determine the type of shingles you are tearing off and square footage. More common type asphalt shingles roofs are generally three-tab and architectural. Architectural shingles weigh slightly more than three-tab shingles because they are usually extra thick.

Specifications for Architectural Roofing Shingles:

  • 10-20 Squares of Shingles = 10-15 Yard Dumpster
  • 20-40 Squares of Shingles = 15-20 Yard Dumpster
  • 40-60 Squares of Shingles = 2 x 20 Yard Dumpsters
  • 60-80 Squares of Shingles = 3 x 20 Yard Dumpsters

Specifications for Three-Tab Roofing Shingles:

  • 10-20 Squares of Shingles = 10 Yard Dumpster
  • 20-40 Squares of Shingles = 15 Yard Dumpster
  • 40-60 Squares of Shingles = 20 Yard Dumpster
  • 60-80 Squares of Shingles = 2 x 20 Yard Dumpsters

Figure A: Complete Roof Tear

Step 1 Position the trash container for easy loading. If youre able to position it directly under one of the lower eaves, youll save extra work by dropping debris directly into it. Put old sheets of plywood under the wheels to protect your driveway.

Step 2 Cover foliage near the house with reinforced plastic tarps to catch debris for easy cleanup. Lean sheets of plywood against walls to protect windows and doors, siding and electrical fixtures.

Step 3 Remove the old shingles with tear-off shovels. It doesnt matter where you start or stop. Work from the top, bottom and sides to save back muscles. Clean the roof with a push broom and remove or pound in any remaining fasteners. Besides being tripping hazards, they can work through and damage the new shingles.

Step 4 Cut ice and water barrier to about 8-ft. lengths, remove the backing and adhere the sticky side to the roof sheathing along eave edges. Overlap ends at least 6 in. Code usually calls for it to project at least 2 ft. up the roof past the exterior walls, so you may need two rows on homes with wide soffits. Staple down the felt with 5/16-in. staples every few inches along lapped joints and every 6 in. or so in the open areas between rows.

Step 5 Felt right over ventilation holes. Prevent accidentally stepping through the camouflaged holes by covering them with tacked-down scraps of plywood. Snap shingle layout lines and nail down lath for wind protection.

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Save Money On Gas Driving To And From The Dump

Driving your truck to the landfill costs a lot of fuel depending on how far the dump is from the re-roof or roof repair project. If you have a diesel vehicle, fuel costs can be even higher. By having Grogans remove shingle and roofing waste, you can put that fuel money right back into your pocket where it belongs.

Understanding Dumpster Rental Costs And Fees

Trash Rocket TR3900 onsite for a BUR Tear-off

Before you head and rent a dumpster, its important to understand the extra fees that may be involved. Some of these are good enough reason to rent from a different dumpster rental company.

Dumpster Roll off rental companies all have their unique fees they may charge. It may be because the landfills charge them more, or they might charge by weight, and they might charge for fuel costs and days the dumpster rental is kept over the limited time period. Whatever the fees are, the businesses have good reason to charge them and it wont make or break the bank, but its always nice to be aware of the potential fees when purchasing anything!

Base Rate.The base is the flat rate cost of the dumpster rental size. The price of the base rate will be most of the cost you pay for a dumpster rental. These rates dont change very much, and you may find these prices from dumpster rental websites or by giving them a call directly if they dont provide pricing online.

Tonnage Fee.A tonnage fee is referred to as the amount over the weight limit designated for a particular dumpster rental. For instance, the load limit of a 20 yard dumpster is 4 tons. If you throw more than 4 tons of junk into the roll off dumpster, then you will be charged a flat rate of $50 or so .

Hazardous Waste Fee.This fee could possibly get pretty expensive so assume responsibilty and dont throw hazardous waste into dumpsters. Hazardous waste can be any of the following:

  • Paints and solvents
  • Cleaning agents
  • Batteries

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How Big Of A Dumpster Do I Need For A Roof Tear Off In Aquebogue Ny 8 To 30 Yard Container Rental

Whether you are doing it yourself or have contracted an expert, roof cleaning is a daunting task that can be messy. All the previous roofing material is removed, leaving your home safe and appealing since the reality is that the actual clean-up starts when the new roof is installed. You can end up with debris around your compound, posing a safety risk to your loved ones and pets if roof clean-up is not done properly. To ensure your roof clean-up goes on smoothly, we at Mickeys Carting would like to share some tips on roof clean-up.

How Much Do Shingles Weigh

To calculate shingle weight, youâll need to understand bundles and squares. A square of shingles is a roofing term for 100 square feet of material. It typically takes 3 bundles of shingles to cover a square of roof. While youâll hear both terms, bundle is more commonly used when purchasing shingles, while square is associated with a completed roof or shingle removal.

Keep in Mind: The exact weight per bundle or square of shingles depends on the manufacturer. Also, remember that older shingles will weigh less as they are worn down by the elements over time.


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For Roofing Debris Use A Tarp Landing Zone

To make it easy to transfer the debris to the dumpster rental, place a tarp on the ground near your working area can help collect the debris falling from the roof. Making a tarp the right tool to keep these small pieces out of your lawn, most of the debris found on a roof is small. The experts at Mickeys Carting can help you pick out the most suitable dumpster rental for your needs when you rent a dumpster for roof clean-up.

Currently We Are Not Recycling Shingles Due To Increased Recycling Cost

15 Yard Dumpster Rental

What Does CLEAN SHINGLES mean?

Keeping the dumpster clean with these three materials will allow us to recycle your roofing shingles at a Shingle Recycling Facility.




All other Roofing Materials must be bagged and placed on top of the shingles. See Below Instructions.

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