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How Many Different Types Of Roofs Are There

Types Of Metal Roofing + Pros And Cons Of Each

Different Types of Roofs | 20 Most Common Types of Roofs | Architecture Theory | B.Arch. Aptitude

There are a number of different materials used for metal roofing, and three basic ways that its installed. These three different ways are referred to as the types of metal roofing.

  • Hidden fastener metal roofing
  • Exposed fastener metal roofing
  • Stamped metal roofing

Each of these types comes with its own benefits and disadvantages. But despite those different benefits, homeowners most often choose their roofing type based on the look that they want.

What Is A Bonnet Roof

You can think of a bonnet roof as a reverse mansard roof.

They are also referred to as kicked-eaved roofs and like mansard roofs, they feature a double slope but unlike mansard roofing, the upper slope has less of a pitch on a bonnet roof.

With a bonnet roof, the lower slope hangs over the front and back of the house, making it an excellent cover for a porch or outdoor patio.

These types of roofs are not particularly common in the U.S. outside of the southeast , but they do offer some advantages.

These include extra living or storage space under the roof, plenty of room for dormer windows, and the overhanging eaves help protect the siding and the rest of the structure from water damage.

Plus, the structure which is essentially a modified hip roof is more durable than a gable roof.

Keep in mind that if you have a bonnet roof, are considering purchasing a home that has one, or planning on building one, a bonnet or kicked-eave roof can be more expensive to install or maintain due to its complex structure and the possibility of water settling in the valleys between the slopes, so extra care will need to be taken when waterproofing those spots.

Bonnet roofs can be crafted from nearly any standard roofing material, including asphalt shingles, metal shingles, slate, or wooden shingles or shakes.

Roofing Materials To Consider For Your House

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Roofing your house rarely rates high on the list of fun and exciting home remodeling projects. But when your home develops a leak, your attitude might take a sharp turn. Suddenly, the prospect of a dry, tightly sealed house begins to look very attractive. A beautiful new roof can also improve the curb appeal of your house.

There are many types of roofing materials to choose from, and a little bit of investigation might lead you to consider a new type of roofing rather than simply replacing the same material you now have. Choosing the right roofing material requires that you weigh appearance, longevity, cost, and structural issues.

Here are 12 roofing materials to consider when it comes time to replace your roof.

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What Color Roof Is Most Energy Efficient

Light roof colors are the most energy efficient because they reflect the suns rays. Similar to how dark roofing materials absorb heat, light roofing materials deflect heat to help keep your home more comfortable in the summer. Asphalt roof shingles from CertainTeed come in a range of both light and dark colors, including white and gray.

Type #: Clay Tile Roofing Systems

How many types of roofing styles exist?

Slightly heavier than slate, clay tiles come in many colors, shapes, and sizes, including flat shapes to mimic slate and wood. The most traditional variation, the rounded tiles that are common in many European cities, are either a one-part system, in which each tile has a rounded portion and water-collecting pan portion situated side by side.

Alternatively, it can be part of a two-part roofing system with a rounded top tile and a separate, flatter pan tile installed as separate pieces. Due to the fact that clay tiles are quite fragile, they need to be installed differently depending on the style of the tile and according to local codes. It is therefore necessary that they are done by trained professional roofers.

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What Look Do I Want My New Roof To Have

You may not think about this until meeting with your local roofing contractor, but you need to think about the look you want your roof to have. All 5 types of the roofing materials offer something different to give your roof the exact look you want.

While 3-tab and dimensional asphalt shingle roofs are the most commonly seen around the country, they dont give you a look that stands out in your neighborhood. If your roofs look isnt important, I would recommend going with either of these asphalt shingle roofs.

However, if you really want your roof to stand out, you should consider a luxury asphalt shingle, standing seam metal roof, synthetic roof, cedar shake roof, or slate roof.

The 5 top types of roofing materials all look good. You just need to decide what look you want your new roof to have.

Type #: Composite & Rubber Roofing Systems

Among the most environmentally friendly types of roofing systems, composite and rubber roofing are made from recycled materials. Typically composed of used tires, this style can then be modelled to look like other roofing styles, including slate and asphalt shingles.

At first, the price of composite roofing can seem high, but it is important to keep in mind that it carries with it a lifespan of more than 50 years. Alongside relatively low installation costs, composite and rubber roofing is a good option for anyone looking to invest in an ecologically friendly roofing solution.

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Are Roof Shingles Nailed Down

Each type of shingle would be secured in its own way. Asphalt, composite, wood, tile, rubber, and metal shingles would be nailed down. But there is a certain way to drive the nails for each material. Concrete and solar shingles would use their own specific types of adhesives. And, slate uses nails for support, instead of being nailed down.

How Do You Find A Trusted Roof Tile Contractor

Traditional Architecture Basics : Types Of Roofs

Whether you are in need of a roof repair or replacement for your tiles, we know the one thing that matters is having an expert you can trust. You also need a contractor that is familiar with your local area and the installation process of all different types of tiles and different types of roof systems.

A contractor from Bonita Springs can understand how our Florida weather will impact your roof tiles, roofing cement, and more and make the right recommendations for new installation and tile repair. The same isnt true for a company that is new or from another region. Our team has worked with all types of roofing including concrete roof tiles, slate tiles, clay tiles, asphalt shingles, solar roofing tiles, and more. We have been a trusted roofing contractor in Florida since 1991.

You also want to choose from tile roof repair and installation specialists who have a solid history of installing roof tiles and knowing how to make a proper repair. There is nothing worse than needing help and trusting a professional, only to find they dont take your call after youve made a payment. Or to go through the process of a new tile roof or tile roofing repair, only to discover the job was done poorly. Take the time to review what customers have to say about a business and its service before you trust them with your largest asset.

A great place to start your tile roof research is online with the Better Business Bureau.

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Type #: Slate Roofing Systems

In parts of the world with an abundance of slate, this has been a popular type of roofing system for hundreds of years. Lasting up to 10 decades, slate is also an aesthetically pleasing option due to its natural colour variation and the fact that no two shingles are exactly the same.

Slate is a very heavy material and can therefore only be installed on a structure that is engineered to support the extra weight. For this, and the fact that it takes added skill and time to install, it is definitely more expensive than some of the other options on this list.

What Type Of Roof Will Last The Longest

The lifespan of your roof is determined by its materials, maintenance, and climate. For example, asphalt roofing shingles may last longer in a region with mild winters. In general, slate roof tiles have the longest lifespan of about 100 years when given proper care. See our table below to learn what roofing materials last the longest.

Roof Types
20 years

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What Are Dimensional Shingles

Also known as architectural shingles or laminate shingles, this is the most common asphalt shingle. During manufacturing, they are given two or more layers to create a thicker, multi-dimensional appearance to the final roof. They can be designed to replicate natural slate or wood shake aesthetics so could potentially boost the curb appeal to your home. One disadvantage of dimensional shingles is that they are heavier than 3-tab shingles, so they add more weight to your roof. However, they tend to be more durable due to their double layers.

The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association reports that dimensional asphalt shingles are the most popular asphalt shingle used today. Fine Home Building Magazine Issue 214reports that dimensional asphalt shingles accounted for nearly three-quarters of all asphalt roofing sales in 2010. Everything points to that trend continuing through 2017.

You can expect most dimensional shingle roofs to come with a 30-year manufacturer warranty. When installed properly, you can expect your dimensional shingle roof to last 25-28 years. They tend to cost about 20 percent more than 3-tab shingles at about $3-$5 per square foot installed.

Can Roof Shingles Be Cleaned

Forhomes roof types

Not only can they be cleaned, but they should be cleaned on a regular basis. Most people have their gutters cleaned at least twice a year. And thats the perfect time to take care of the roof as well.

Leaving wet leaves, twigs, and other debris on your roof shingles can cause a lot of problems, creating wet spots that can make the shingles begin to prematurely decompose. And those wet areas are ideal breeding grounds for insects and mold.

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What Is The Most Common Type Of Roof

Asphalt shingles are popular among homeowners because theyre often more affordable than other types of roofing materials. Asphalt shingles also come in a range of styles and colors to complement the exterior of your home. There are many types of asphalt roof shingles to choose from, including those that resist hail damage, algae growth, and UV rays. For example, choosing light roof colors can help reflect the suns rays in the summer, improving the energy efficiency of your home.

Types Of Sloping Roofs

Believe it or not there are many different types of sloping roofs, each having their own pros and cons. We will go over the most popular types here.

Gable Roofs

The most popular slopping roof is the gable roof, which has two rectangles of the same size that join at the edge creating the slope. The result is a pleasing and balanced roof that can be found in many different kinds of materials. The biggest pro of the gable roof is it is a simple design making it easy to construct and less expensive. The steepness of their slope allows for water and snow to be easily shed and the space created for an attic or vaulted ceilings within the home. The alternative of the steep pitch is it is more liable to wind and not ideal to ares of the country that experience tornadoes.

Salt Box Roof

Gambrel Roof

The Dutch origin of the gambrel roof allows for two different slope pitches on the same house. While it has two twin roof panels like the gable roof, they are not straight creating an upper slope angle that is wide and a lower, steeper slope angle. The effect is that the second levels of the home are spacier while still having the appearance of a sloped roof. The gambrel roof is most often seen larger homes, are easy to frame, and boast excellent drainage. The biggest con to the gambrel roof is its frequent demand for maintenance.

Mansard Roof

Pyramid Roof

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What Is A Jerkinhead Roof

If you see a roof that combines design elements from both gable and hip roofs, chances are that it is a jerkinhead roof.

Also referred to as a clipped gable or an English hip roof, jerkinhead roofs essentially resemble a gable roof but with clipped or shortened ends, or alternatively a hip roof that has two shorter sides.

Youll usually see this sort of roof designed in such a way that the clipped sides or hips dont disrupt the view from the top floor dormer windows.

The somewhat eccentric name jerkinhead is of unknown origin, but is said to possibly come from the old Scottish kirkin-head, or the rooftop of a church.

No matter how you define the style, jerkinhead roofs tend to be more stable than gable roofs or hip roofs due to the way that the points or edges of the roof turn down, lending them greater wind resistance or protection against wind uplift.

Higher pitched jerkinhead roofs also allow for more living space or storage space under the roof, thus adding to their appeal.

This sort of roof can be crafted from nearly any standard roofing material, including asphalt or wood shingles, metal shingles, slate, or even composites.

Jerkinhead roofing tends to be costlier than its gable or hip roof alternatives, but it can be worth the investment due to its durability and allowance for extra usable square footage under the rooftop.

What Is A Skillion Roof

Types of Metal Roofing – Metal Roofing 101 with Todd Miller

Also called a shed roof or a lean-to roof, skillion roofs are single-angled sloped roofs that can be attached to a taller wall or be an alternative to a flat roof for a stand-alone structure.

Skillion roofs are common for additions to existing homes along with being a good choice for sheds and porches, but more contemporary style buildings may feature a skillion roof as a design statement.

Skillion roofs have some significant advantages if your property is located in the mountains or northern midwest or New England, since their slope allows for quick snow and water runoff, which makes them ideal for regions that get heavy snow or rainfall.

Skillion roofs tend to be a less expensive choice given their lack of complexity to build.

Standing seam metal roofing is perhaps the best choice for a skillion roof, particularly since it allows for the installation of PV solar panels, which naturally increase the energy efficiency of the home.

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Type #: Rubber Membrane Roofing Systems

A petroleum product, rubber membrane roofing is made from ethylene propylene diene terpolymer . Unlike shingles, this type of roofing system comes in rolls or sheets of various widths. An ideal option for flat or low-pitched roofs, the membrane is usually glued directly onto a wood roof deck and the seams are waterproofed.

Can Roof Shingles Be Recycled

Just about all of the materials used in roof shingles can be recycled. Asphalt can always be ground up and used again. Metal roofs can be melted and reused. Tile, slate, concrete, composite, and rubber roof shingles are all non-toxic and can be recycled. Even the glass and wires used in solar roofing is recyclable.

Wood roof shingles are where you will need to be careful. If theyve been treated with chemicals, they cannot be recycled or even burned. If the wood cant be reused, it will often end up in a landfill.

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Most Popular Types Of Metal Roofing Compared

Metal roofing offers an affordable way to have a forever roof. Thats right, you dont need to modify your home, and in most cases, you wont even need to modify the existing roof trusses. Many homeowners have decided to switch to metal roofing because of the beautiful and unique options that are available, separating their homes from the asphalt roofs that all of their neighbors have.

Beautiful, long-lasting, and a good return on investment? Lets break it all down along with the best types of metal roofs so that you can decide if metal roofing is right for you!

Shingles Vs Metal Roof Whats Better

Can You Put A Metal Roof Over Wood Shingles?


When it comes to building a house cost, curb appeal and quality are the three main factors everyone cares about. For many people the answer to this puzzle lies with a single word in the residential roofing industry: shingles.

Good quality shingles can be great insulators keeping your home properly insulated against extreme thermal changes. That means the right quality of shingles can help you save on the cost of air conditioning as the temperatures in your home are often well regulated requiring little or no extra regulation.

Roofing shingles also provide a rich selection of roofing design options to choose from. You can also pick a suitable color from the rich variety of roof shingles colors that will effectively add aesthetic appeal to your home.

Most importantly, shingles tend to cost less than other roofing materials such as metals. This means you can save quite a bit if you go with shingles for your roofing design. All you need is to know a bit about the shingle options available for your specific roofing needs and you can be sure to find an effective and affordable way to cover your house.


Some shingles such as asphalt may not measure up to metal roofing when it comes to durability and strength. This is the main disadvantage of using shingles as a roofing material.

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