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How Do You Know When To Replace Your Roof

Discolored Ceilings And Walls

When is it time to replace your Asphalt Shingle Roof? – Financial Help Advice

Have you noticed mysterious water stains on your ceilings, walls, or the exterior of your home? Do you hear a mysterious dripping sound coming from your ceiling? You may have a leak in your roof.

Check the insulation in your attic if its soggy, that probably means you have a problem.

Walking on your roof is dangerous and not recommended! If you have ascended to the top of your home and found soft sections in your roofing, your roof likely has water damage and needs to be replaced.

Signs It Is Time To Replace Your Asphalt Shingles

Even if you do the math and figure out that your roof should still have some life in it, there are signs that tell you that might not be true. Again, routine maintenance will prolong the life of your asphalt shingles, but there are other factors that can prematurely age your roof, too. Exposure to sun, wind, rain, and freeze/thaw cycles can weaken shingles over time. Falling debris and other dangers can remove shingles or scratch off granules.

You may begin to notice that your roof no longer looks the way it did when it was brand new. Dont wait until your roof is leaking to replace asphalt shingles. Here are a few signs that tell you it is time for a new roof:

How What Is The Life Expectancy Of Stone Coated Roofing Tiles

Concrete tiles or clay tiles are another favorable roofing option, especially for higher end or luxury homes.

Clay tile roofs can last for 50 to 100 years and the more affordable concrete tile roofs can last for around 40 to 75 years, but keep in mind that they are heavier than other types of roofing systems so the underlying structure will need to be able to properly support them.

One thing to be aware of if you are considering installing clay or concrete roofing is that both clay tiles and concrete tiles can break off and become hazardous during a windstorm or tornado.

Clay tiles are particularly popular in the southwestern U.S. especially in that distinctive terra cotta shade due to their ability to keep things cool in hot desert weather.

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Select A Grade: Better/best

BETTER/BEST: Laminated shingles

Instead of one layer, laminated, or architectural, shingles have two or more layers with three-dimensional tabs of varying sizes. The shingles are usually the same size as the basic three tab, but a laminated shingle can weigh up to 50 percent more, which may increase durability and come with a longer warranty.

PROS: The thicker tabs vary in size and shape for more dimension and crisper shadow lines, suggestive of wood or slate. Laminated shingles offer the greatest range of colored granules.

CONS: More expensive than three-tab shingles.

PRICE: $60 to over $280 per roofing square for special shapes.*

* Shingles are priced per roofing square, which is equal to 100 square feet.

Sign #: Debris In Gutters

How do you know when your roof needs to be replaced?

Check your gutters for pieces of asphalt shingles or sand-like granules that are used as a top coat this material protects your tiles, and if granules are falling from your tiles and into your gutters, then it could be a sign that your shingles are deteriorating. Of course, a few loose granules are normal, but if you notice an increase in residue, this may be a warning sign.

The protective coating of a roof tends to slough off due to atmospheric changes, constant exposure to weather, long-term usage and moisture, which causes the asphalt to weaken. Therefore, you should aim to repair tiles and replace their protective coating on a regular basis.

You should also check for debris falling from trees nesting on your roof, as this can cause the coating of your roof to weaken. Therefore, regular garden maintenance is important.

Make sure that you inspect your roof regularly in broad daylight, and if you notice deformed, distorted, curled areas, or tiles bald from their protective coating, then you may need to make some roof repairs. And, if you live in North Yorkshire, give us a call. Wed be happy to have our Harrogate roofers take a look at your property and recommend repairs.

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How Long Does A Roof Last

by BarrettM | May 20, 2020 | Uncategorized |

Are you aware of the condition of the roof over your family or employees?

If you own a property, you should be.

Most of the time, property owners dont realize that their roof is beyond repair until it is too late.

Whats more, many property owners dont really know how long a roof lasts or when to replace a roof.

In this guide, youll get answers to this question how long should a roof last?

  • The Value of a Long Lasting Roof
  • Perform An Interior Roof Check

    The first and easiest way to evaluate your roofs condition is to grab a flashlight and head up to your attic. Make sure you grab a flashlight with a bright beam so you dont miss any damage and always be sure to be safe as you perform these kinds of inspections.

    Once you are in your attic, see if you can identify one of these 4 signs that you need a new roof:

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    What To Expect If You Replace Your Roof Before You Sell:

    If your home demands a full roofing overhaul to sell, then prepare to fork up a significant sum to cover the project. HomeAdvisor reports that homeowners spend on average between $5,346 $10,787 on roof replacement, though Jennifer and Andrew Oldham have witnessed clients spend as much as $60,000.

    The good news is, a roof replacement returns a fair amount of investment: 61.2% to 65.9% by Remodeling Magazines estimate. Industry research leaders the National Association of the Remodeling Industry and the National Association of Realtors echo this calculation in their joint 2019 Remodeling Impact Report. New roofing ranks the number one project for appeal to buyers and likely added value to home at resale. The report estimates that a new roof brings an average $8,000 return, with 33% of agents stating that a new roof has helped them close a sale.

    Perform An Exterior Roof Check

    What are the 10 Most Important Things To Know About Replacing Your Roof?

    Once you have performed an interior roof check, it is also a good idea to take a look at your roof from the outside. Interior roof checks are essential because they will help you identify roof damage that has already reached the interior of your roofing structure.

    Exterior roof checks, however, are money-savers because they can help you to identify roof damage before it actually becomes real roof damage.

    Once you are in your attic, see if you can identify one of these 10 signs that you need a new roof:

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    Lack Of A Chimney Cricket

    If you currently own an older home with a large chimney, be sure to verify that your chimney has a chimney cricket installed. A chimney cricket is a solution that acts as an additional roof for a homes chimney. As the seasons pass and weather changes, chimneys collect debris, dirt, and water buildup. Without a chimney cricket in place, you run the risk of furthering issues in your home from leakage, water damage, and even from nature outdoors. Ensuring your homes chimney has a chimney cricket in place can significantly reduce the risk of encountering issues with your homes roof system and your chimney.

    What Is The Life Expectancy Of Stone Coated Roofing Tiles

    One popular option for tile roofing is stone coated steel tiles, which are lightweight but also strong enough to withstand wind uplifts of 110 MPH to 150 MPH, making them an excellent option for hurricane prone areas like Florida, the Carolinas, and the Gulf Coast.

    Note that these tiles can be prone to rust, so if there is any discoloration, chipping, or peeling paint or excessive leaks that dont respond to basic repairs you may need to replace your stone coated steel tile roof.

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    What Is The Life Expectancy Of 3 Tab Shingles

    3 tab shingles are the most popular sort of shingles for sloped roofs, since they are comparably inexpensive, readily available in most areas, and can last for approximately 10 to 20 years.

    One thing to keep in mind if youre considering a 3 tab shingle roof is that they tend to perform better in more temperate climates such as the east coast and midwest, so if you live in or are buying property somewhere with very cold winters or that is incredibly prone to major storms or blizzards, you might want to look at alternative options.

    Things You Should Know Before Replacing A Roof

    When Do I Repair/ Replace My Roof?

    Replacing your roof is a major undertaking. Its expensive, time consuming, and can make you struggle with several decisions from shingle style to how the color will impact your curb appeal. A roof is more than just the hat that makes your home appear finished, however its what helps protect your home from the elements. Before you make any decisions potential roof replacement, make sure you understand all the various components of this task.

    Typical Roof Replacement Cost


    Cost to have roofing replaced varies greatly by region, material type, tear off costs and many other factors.

    Get a FREE accurate estimate for your project:

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    Fix Walls And Dormers

    Water doesnt always come in at the shingled surface. Often, wind-driven rain comes in from above the roof, especially around windows, between corner boards and siding, and through cracks and knotholes in siding. Dormer walls provide lots of spots where water can dribble down and enter the roof. Caulk can be old, cracked or even missing between the corner boards and between window edges and siding. Water penetrates these cracks and works its way behind the flashing and into the house. Even caulk that looks intact may not be sealing against the adjoining surfaces. Dig around with a putty knife to see if the area is sealed. Dig out any suspect caulk and replace it with a siliconized latex caulk. Also check the siding above the step flashing. Replace any cracked, rotted or missing siding, making sure the new piece overlaps the step flashing by at least 2 in. If you still have a leak, pull the corner boards free and check the overlapping flashing at the corner. Often, theres old, hardened caulk where the two pieces overlap at the inside corner but this roof fix doesnt mean a complete roof replacement, maybe a spot fix at best.

    The Bottom Line: Deciding To Repair Or Replace Your Roof

    Now that you have the scoop on roof repair vs roof replacement, you probably realize how important an inspection is to assess your individual roof situation. We encourage you to schedule a free inspection with us so we can inspect your roof, identify its true condition, and suggest and offer the best approach to solve your individual roofing issues.

    Its easier to let a professional make this decision for you and theres no cost to you, so its a win-win. If you have questions prior to scheduling an inspection, feel free to contact us. Were happy to help!

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    Need A Roof Replacement

    Aside from the subtle to not-so-subtle signs of damage we talked about, theres one more reason you might consider getting a roof replacement. That reason? Youre selling your home.

    A compromised roof can complicate a housing sale very quickly. Even in a brisk sellers market, a damaged roof makes the home less desirable to buyers.

    Your first thought may be to sell the house as is and let the buyer worry about it. Most of the time, this strategy will cost you a lot of money.

    • Buyers want more than the price of the roof for a discount.
    • Lenders dont want to extend a mortgage on a house with roof damage.
    • Insurance companies inspect homes and deny coverage to houses with bad roofs.

    Bottom line: Unless youre willing to take significantly less than your home is worth and limit buyers to those who offer cash, a good roof is required to sell your home.

    When you need a new roof, contact Long Roofing at 844-602-LONG or visit us online today to request an estimate.

    How Long Does A Roof Membrane Last

    Before You Replace Your Roof Watch THIS! (2020) Signs and What to Look For…

    If your home or property has a flat or low-sloped roof, some of the other types of roofing systems that weve covered wont be suitable.

    For these sorts of properties, a roofing membrane like EPDM is a common choice due to its low cost and easier flat roof repair.

    However, it only lasts for 5 to 15 years and is prone to leakage due to its taped or glued seams.

    PVC and TPO roof membranes are more costly but also more durable roofing membrane options.

    These are single ply roofing membranes with hot welded air seams that allow them to last nearly twice as long as EPDM rubber but of course these types of membrane roofs are more expensive to install or purchase.

    Keep in mind that if your property is situated in an area where hurricanes are likely, then you will want to invest in a fully-adhered membrane roofing system as opposed to a mechanically attached single ply membrane roof since those will be more likely to withstand the winds and water from a hurricane.

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    Daylight Through The Roof Boards

    To check on this type of damage, you will need to get up into your attic. On a bright day, crawl up into your attic and simply look up. If you see any light coming through the roof, you are in immediate danger of leaks. There are probably serious problems with your shingles if the damage has gotten this far, but there could be other causes.

    If your attic feels hot and humid, there is likely inadequate ventilation. Poor ventilation doesnt allow air to move freely under the roof, leading to warped decking and rotting shingles or underlayment.

    Also, check the insulation in your attic. If the insulation is wet or has water spots, you already have a leak. Get a roof inspection as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

    Getting Started With This Guide

    Repairing or replacing your roof can be a costly proposition at best, so its a good idea that as a homeowner you know when you might need to replace your roof and how long the particular type of roof that you have lasts in general.

    Additionally, it is perhaps even more important to look at how long various types of roofing materials and how long do shingles last can matter if you are buying or building a new home, so you can understand how long your investment can last.

    Whats more, there is the resale value to consider.

    Establishing the current state of the roof, how long your roof is going to last and what can be expected from the type of roofing materials used, the climate in your region, and the other idiosyncrasies of your property and particular location is an important aspect to consider before you buy, even if you plan on staying in that home for a while.

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    How To Replace Roof Shingles Diy

    There are many DIY websites that can help you replace your own roof. A residential roof replacement usually takes two days the first day to remove the old roof and the second day to install the new one for a house. Depending on the size of the roof, a day or two more may be needed.

    Moisture And Water Stains/damage

    10 Signs Which Mean That Your Roof Needs to Be Replaced

    Other indications of leaks include excess moisture or water stains/damage on the roof decking in the attic or on the ceiling. Often, the moisture leaking in can soak into the insulation in the attic so you may want to check there, too. You might also notice puddles in your attic.

    If your ceiling has brown or yellowish, circular stains, you probably have a leak. Thats also true if you have brown or yellowish streaks on your walls. This discoloration is caused by rainwater carrying dirt or other debris that leaks all the way through to the surface of your ceiling or walls.

    A sagging ceiling is an even more advanced sign of a leak. In any case, get your roof fixed if you notice these signs.

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    Check Your Roof For Wind Damage

    It is always important to keep the temperature and climate of where your home is located in mind when conducting renovations and roof inspections.

    If you live in an area that is prone to high winds and major storms, your homes roof may require more attention or reinforcement depending on the type of roof you currently have installed.

    A solid roof that is currently in good condition will remain flat even during massive storms and heavy winds. When your roofs shingles begin to curl up, fly away, or even break apart after a big storm, it may be time to conduct further investigation into the overall health and condition of your current roof.

    Look For Shingle Issues

    Inspecting your roofs shingles is another way to determine whether or not your roof requires additional attention or a replacement entirely.

    When inspecting the exterior shingles of your homes roof, be sure to look for any cracks, mishappen shingles, or shingles that have curled or bent upwards.

    Shingles that are curled, cracked, or misshapen may require a further inspection to determine whether or not they can be replaced individually or if you are better off investing in an entirely new roof.

    Finding shingle granules on your roof or piling up in your gutter can also be a sign that it is time for a complete and thorough roof replacement. Excessive shingle granule loss is a surefire sign that the roofs condition is not where it needs to be to provide maximum protection and insulation for your home.

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