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How Long Is A Roof Good For In Florida

The Pros And Cons Of Metal Roofing In Florida

How long does a tile roof last?

The roofing industry is estimated to grow $5.3 billion over the next several years. One of the fastest growing sub-categories is metal roofing. Metal is becoming one of the most in-demand materials as a means of replacing traditional tile and asphalt. We have compiled a list of the pros and cons so you can make an informed decision when it comes to picking the building material for your new roof. And when youve made up your mind, give Elite Remodeling Services of St Augustine, FL a call at 657-8383.

The Life Expectancy Of Your Roof

Having a roof inspection conducted during the standard due diligence stage that occurs before you buy a property is fairly standard, and dont hesitate to ask for concessions if the roof isnt up to code or has problems that could prove to be costly in the future.

If youve purchased a home or built a home before then you probably know that the roof might be one of the complicated and potentially expensive aspects of the purchase.

Youll want to know the age and condition of the roof that youre putting over your and your family or employees, along with any concerns or special requirements for the type of material and style of roof on the property.

Youll also want to understand the average lifespan of the type of roof you are buying or installing in your specific geographic area and its unique weather patterns.

And perhaps most importantly, youll want to get the roof inspected before buying a new home as well as having regular roof inspections performed to assess the current state of your roof.

For instance, asphalt shingle roofs tend to last around 20 to 25 years, while other types of roofing, like metal standing seam roofing, can last for 50 years or even longer, depending on your climate, type of property, and various other environmental factors including things like overhanging trees and the humidity percentage, amount of rainfall, or if you are prone to roof hail damage.

So, at this point, you might be asking how long does a new roof lasts?

How Long Does A Cement Tile Roof Last In Florida

Cement roof tiles are typically used by those who desire the appearance of traditional tile roofs without having to bear the associated costs. Innovations in machinery and production have led to the cost of these tiles becoming very competitive.

Its hard to beat the durability of concrete tiles as they are Class A fire rated and high wind resistant. This means that there is resistance to both the stormy and the dry climate conditions associated with Florida. When built to building code standards, concrete tile roofing systems also exceed the current seismic load requirements for building materials, which means there is a layer of earthquake resistance.

Cement tiles tend to last for a buildings lifetime. Therefore, they usually carry a non-pro-rated, limited lifetime, transferrable warranty. In fact, roofs that were made of the initial cement roofing tiles in the early 1900s still have their roofs intact today.

Unlike other tiles, these are not degraded by power washing or by being walked on. However, leaf debris in the valleys can become an issue over time and, therefore, at least a yearly inspection should be completed.

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Cost Of Atlas Shingles Vs Gaf Certainteed Owens Corning And Malarkey Shingles

Compared to asphalt shingles produced by other top roofing manufacturers, such as GAF, CertainTeed, Owens Corning and Malarkey, Atlas Shingles are certainly a very economical choice.

Check out the table below for a detailed cost comparison between these top shingle brands.

$1.80 2.05 $1.58 1.70

CertainTeed shingles are by far the most expensive and highest quality shingles, where as Owens Corning is a more budget-friendly option, still more pricey than Atlas shingles.

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Do Atlas Shingles Offer Good Protection Against The Elements

How Long Does a Tile Roof Last in Florida?

The higher the quality of your Atlas shingles, the better the protection against wind, fire, algae, and impact. To give you the full picture, this is how much Atlas shingles can endure from each of these elements:

Wind Resistance

The least wind-resistant shingle in Atlas lineup is GlassMaster. The model can resist winds of only up to 60 mph. The next best shingle in terms of wind resistance is the Legend edition, with a threshold up to 110 mph.

Shingle types that can resist winds of up to 130 mph include CastleBrook, ProLam, BriarWood Pro, Pinnacle Pristine, and StormMaster Slate.

You can expect the greatest wind resistance form the StormMaster Shake model. Atlas promotes the shingles as capable of enduring winds of up to 150 mph.

Fire Resistance

When denoting a roofing materials fire resistance, classes A, B, and C are used. Class A denotes materials that can withstand the most extreme fires.

Fortunately, all shingles produced by Asphalt have Class A fire-resistance ratings, making them one of the best fire-resistant shingles available.

Did You Know? Asphalt shingles can last for about two hours before catching fire, making them much more durable than wood shingles.

Algae Resistance

In terms of Algae resistance, Atlas shingles vary. For instance, GlassMaster shingles have a five-year algae-resistance warranty. Some other models prevent algae growth for up to 10 years. These include the CastleBrook, ProLam, and BriarWood shingles.

Impact Resistance

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How Long Does A Roof Last: Age Of Roof And Insurance

Your home does a lot for you: it keeps you warm and dry, it keeps you safe, and it keeps all your things in one place. Aside from the odd repair or two, its holding up and doing its job well.

Thats why it comes as such as shock when your insurance company informs you that your roof age is too old and they are going to drop your homeowners insurance coverage if you dont get a new one.


You know you need to start calling roofers when you have a leak or severe hurricane damage. But the age of a roof and insurance company requirements arent typically thought of as reasons for getting your roof replaced.

Which might leave you wondering, How long does a roof last? Does the insurance company know something I dont?

Metal Roofs Offer Style Safety And Sustainability

Just like with traditional roofing material, you have options when you decide to go with a metal roof. Theyre made from zinc, tin, aluminum, copper, or steel with a nearly limitless color palate. Metal panels can be finished to match the style of your home. Want a more traditional look? Manufacturers can shape metal into shingles, tiles, or wood shakes to mimic your neighborhoods roofs.

Hurricanes pose one of the most significant weather threats to Florida homeowners. Metal roofs have the highest wind resistance rating in comparison to other roofing options. According to the Metal Roofing Alliance, metal roofs withstood 140 mph rating in wind uplift tests. In fact, one Florida homeowner said her metal roof was a lifesaver during Hurricane Michael in 2018. As the family hunkered down in the bathroom, a 60-foot pine tree landed just above them on the metal roof without even leaving a dent.

Properly grounded metal roofs provide better protection against fire if your home is hit by lightning. Research by the Metal Construction Association shows a metal roof will conduct a lighting strikes energy across the roof area, reducing heat and potential fire damage. During dryer months, wildfires can also pose a threat to homes in Northeast Florida. Metal roofs are practically fireproof, protecting against flying embers.

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What Factors Impact How Long Your Roof Lasts

  • Quality of the installation workmanship – A poor quality installation will shorten your roofs lifespan.
  • Environmental conditions – Exposure to high winds, extreme temperatures, and falling debris can decrease how long your roof lasts.
  • The quality of materials used – Cheaper materials wont cost as much upfront but will have to be replaced more often than other expensive roofing materials.
  • The type of roofing material used – Each roofing material has different durability, making them last longer or shorter in different conditions.

While there are several factors that impact how long your roof lasts, your roof’s lifespan most heavily depends on the materials used. Let’s take a closer look at the various roof types and how long each of them lasts.

I Am A Home Builder I Have To Be An Optimist

How Long Does A 30 Year Roof Really Last?

Florida homes need to be protected from the elements year-round and the first thing most homeowners consider when shopping for new roofs is how long will a metal roof last in Florida. This may be an important consideration but not one that everyone thinks about before buying any roofing material for their home. In Florida where the sun and heat come pounding down hard on many roofs, one of the main concerns of homeowners is how long will a metal roof last. Metal roofs in Florida come in all shapes and sizes and need to be properly installed if they are to offer good protection from the elements. Metal roofing in Florida can be expensive to install but the money you spend upfront can save you money in the long run because this type of roof will last much longer than other roofing materials.

There are different types of metal roofs available in Florida that will last for many years. Concrete block roofs, for example, may have a longer lifespan than a metal roof that was installed by attaching it to the home. Metal roofs do not rust and are very easy to maintain and keep clean. The key to determining how long does a metal roof lasts in Florida is to get the right roofing materials from the start.

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How Long Do Fiber Cement Shingles Last

Fiber cement shingles and other composition shingles can last for around 20 to 30 years.

The type of shingle roof that you have will affect how long your roof lasts as well as when you need to consider replacing shingles or get other repairs done or do them yourself, if you are fairly handy and comfortable climbing around on your roof.

There are a variety of guides online for performing roof repairs, so if you are comfortable with DIY you can often fix or apply new shingles to your roof yourself.

Any kind of roof will have its lifespan shortened by major weather events like hurricanes, tornadoes, or other storms, so even if your roof and home seem relatively or undamaged after such an occurrence, know that you should have the roof checked out right away to make sure there arent any small issues that could prove to be a major problem in the future.

What Is The Life Expectancy Of 3 Tab Shingles

3 tab shingles are the most popular sort of shingles for sloped roofs, since they are comparably inexpensive, readily available in most areas, and can last for approximately 10 to 20 years.

One thing to keep in mind if youre considering a 3 tab shingle roof is that they tend to perform better in more temperate climates such as the east coast and midwest, so if you live in or are buying property somewhere with very cold winters or that is incredibly prone to major storms or blizzards, you might want to look at alternative options.

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Advantages Of Using Tile Roofs Overall

Long life tile roofs have a longer life than other materials. They also do well in hot and cold climates.

More durable than shingles tile roofs can withstand the winds and weather and will give you more years of life than shingles.

Expensive to put on the roof but worth the amount of money in the end as they keep their aesthetic appeal for a long time.

Regulate the temperature in the home- tiles are good for keeping the house at a balanced temperature and help you save on and heating bills.

Factors That Affect The Lifespan Of Shingle Roofs In Florida

How Long Does a Tile Roof Last in Florida? (Clay, Slate ...

Maintenance You need to think about how well the roof is ventilated, what type of gutters were installed on it and when they will be cleaned.

You also have a responsibility in maintaining them so they work properly for you!

  • Local Weather Floridas weather is hard on roofs because it can be so hot, humid and rainy.
  • If you have a shingle roof, then you can extend its lifespan by keeping vents open.
  • If the roof is vented properly then the heat will be allowed to flow through it and not be trapped under the shingles which can cause serious damage.
  • Weather Resistance A high-quality material will usually be more resistant to extreme elements, so you may want to consider a synthetic roof if youre worried about the lifespan of your shingles.
  • Other Roof Damages You can also extend the life of your shingles by avoiding items which protrude from the top of the roof such as antennas, satellite dishes and vents.
  • These can damage them when strong winds come around!

Expert roofing companies can give you good advice on how to extend the lifespan of your roof, but if it seems like its time for a new one then seek out some quotes from reliable sources and compare them.

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Factors That Can Significantly Shorten Your Roofs Lifespan

We previously discussed the expected lifespan as a general rule to go by when . That said, several factors can affect this calculation and noticeably shorten your roofs lifespan. Here are the most notable ones:

  • Weather Florida is known for its unforgiving weather, especially during hurricane season. For over half a year, your roof must be able to endure high humidity, heat, high winds, and heavy rainfall. All of these will take a toll and chip away at your roofs structural integrity.
  • Sun Exposure Even during bright and beautiful Florida days, the sun itself can be very detrimental to your roof. Prolonged exposure to strong UV rays can create thermal shocks within the shingles. This can lead to cracking or curling shingles and a compromised roof.
  • Poor Insulation If you have an attic with poor insulation or inadequate ventilation, the attic space will suffer from moisture buildup. The moisture from your attic will eventually lead to your roofing structure completely rotting.
  • Improper Maintenance No matter how reliable or expensive your roof is, neglecting to maintain it will always accelerate its decay. Ignoring specific maintenance duties and failing to fix issues quickly will significantly shorten your roofs lifespan.

How To Make Your Roof Last Longer

  • Get a free estimate after harsh weather or a hail storm to see if you need a repair
  • Refrain from having trees or other foliage nearby your roof
  • Pick a lighter color shingle or tile
  • Purchase high-quality material from the start

Read more about the best shingles for Florida or contact us to learn how you can get a roof that lasts a lifetime.

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How Old Can A Roof Be For Insurance In Florida

10 yearsRegarding roofing, the bill allows property insurers to only offer homeowners policies that adjust roof claims to actual cash value if the roof is older than 10 years. The bill also allows property insurers to offer homeowners the option of purchasing a stated value limit for roof coverage.

How What Is The Life Expectancy Of Stone Coated Roofing Tiles

Why Having a Good Foundation and Roof Is So Important For A Cob House

Concrete tiles or clay tiles are another favorable roofing option, especially for higher end or luxury homes.

Clay tile roofs can last for 50 to 100 years and the more affordable concrete tile roofs can last for around 40 to 75 years, but keep in mind that they are heavier than other types of roofing systems so the underlying structure will need to be able to properly support them.

One thing to be aware of if you are considering installing clay or concrete roofing is that both clay tiles and concrete tiles can break off and become hazardous during a windstorm or tornado.

Clay tiles are particularly popular in the southwestern U.S. especially in that distinctive terra cotta shade due to their ability to keep things cool in hot desert weather.

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How To Extend Your Shingle Roofs Lifespan

Proper care and maintenance can go a long way in extending your roofs expected lifespan. Here are a few practical steps you should implement in your roof maintenance routine to extend its life:

  • Promptly remove any debris as soon as you notice. Avoid using pressure washers, as they will only damage your roof. Instead, use a regular garden hose or leaf blower.
  • Regularly clean all of your gutters to prevent blockage and water damage.
  • Trim nearby branches to minimize the number of leaves and sticks falling onto your roof.

Benefits Of Getting A Permit

Having a permit gives you peace of mind. Permits:

  • Protect you from fines
  • Protect you from being told to remove or stop your construction
  • Ensure the work being done is up to code

Are you replacing or drastically modifying your roof with the hopes of selling your home in the future? A buyer may ask to see your permit to make sure the work was lawfully done.

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