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How Much Does A Metal Roof Cost To Install

Contractor’s Level Of Experience

How Much Does a Metal Roof Cost? 2022 Price Per Square Foot Installed

Installation costs will not only vary from region to region but also from roof contractor to roof contractor. Take into consideration that your contractor’s skill level and years of experience will most likely be reflected in their quotes. For either an installation or a metal roof repair, we highly recommend hiring a licensed and experienced roofing contractor that has experience with metal specifically. Simple installation errors, such as overtightening screws, can result in a costly roof repair that could’ve been easily avoidable. Since a metal roof is an investment, you do not want to cut corners to save a few dollars on the installation that will end up costing more to fix in the long run.

Corrugated Metal Roof Pricing

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Corrugated metal roofs typically come in thin sheets that have a wavy or rippled pattern.

Theyre one of the most affordable metal roofing options, comparable to asphalt shingles in price, averaging between $3.50 and $6.50 per square foot. That puts a full installation between $10,500 and $19,500.

While all metal roofs are strong, corrugated metal roofs are especially designed to hold up in harsh weather conditions and have an increased strength-to-weight ratio. These panels may be made of steel, aluminum or copper, with prices varying depending on which metal you choose.

The downside to corrugated metal panel roofs is that theyre more vulnerable to leaks and rust.

Weight Of Roofing Shingles

There are two reasons to look at the weight of your shingles. The first one is based on the roof deck of your home. If your new shingles will be much heavier than the previous shingles, you may need to replace or reinforce your decking. The second one is going to affect how much your contractor will charge for a roof teardown. Dumpsters are used to dispose of old roofing materials, and most companies charge by the pound. If the weight of the dumpster goes over the designated amount, an overweight fee is added to the charges.

Shingles have varying thicknesses and weights, depending on the material. Standard asphalt shingles are the thinnest and can be layered on top of an existing layer of shingles to allow for faster, easier installation. Architectural shingles have been laminated to make them thicker. They do not weigh substantially more than standard shingles, but they look heavier, which can give your roof more visual substance.

Metal, tile, and slate roofs can have a significant weight. While they have dimension and distinctive looks, you may need to have the roof deck reinforced to use them. Asphalt, architectural, and wood shingles do not require reinforcement.

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Did You Know Your Total Cost May Vary Greatly With Your Homes Geographic Location

The actual price of a new metal roof can vary quite a bit depending on your homes geographic location. The cost of labor can vary greatly in different cities and states across the US.

If you happen to live in an expensive coastal area such as Boston, New York City, Washington DC, Seattle, Miami, or San Francisco, the cost of labor for a roofing contractor will be a lot higher than in areas with a lower cost of living, such as Memphis, TN or Louisville, KY.

No matter where you live, it is critical to not cut any corners on quality by trying to save money on the cost of installation. Regardless of the price, you should only trust the job to an experienced and conscientious installer who takes pride in their work.

Durability and longevity of a new metal roof are largely a factor of its proper installation. So, it is best to hire the most-experienced installer to get the job done right the first time, rather than having to spend a lot of money on costly repairs down the road.

What Is The Material Cost For A Metal Roof

Metal roofing cost Columbus Ohio

The cost of metal roofing materials varies widely depending on which type of metal and finish you want. At the cheapest end of the scale, corrugated metal roofing sheets cost between $180 and $250 per square, according to Modernize. Premium copper sheets could set you back between $1,400 and $2,200 per square.

A mid-range roof material such as aluminum costs between roughly $325 and $575 per square. For an average-sized roof measuring 1,500 square feet, this adds up to a total average material cost of between $4,875 and $8,625.

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Stone Coated Metal Roofing

A metal slate roof gives you the look and feel of a natural stone roof without the high price tag

  • Lighter weight than natural stone

  • Lower installation cost

Average Cost per sq. ft:

$5 – $12

Stone coated metal roof types allow for aesthetic diversity by offering the benefits of metal roofing with the look of more traditional clay or slate shingles at a fraction of the cost. Stone coated metal roofing is lightweight, durable and will offer a long lasting roofing option.

Stone coated steel roofing costs can range from $5 to $12 per square foot of roofing material. The total cost for installation on a standard 3,000 square foot roof would average to be around $24,000.

Asphalt Shingle Roof Replacement

An asphalt shingle roof for your Carmel home can range anywhere from $3000 to $18,000, depending on the size of your roofing system, complexity of your roof, and the type of shingles you install.

Asphalt shingles are available in these varieties:

  • Dimensional Shingles

Asphalt shingle roofing per square foot costs about $3 to $5.20.

Here is how much you can expect to pay for your roof line:

1,000 sf roof / 10 squares = $3000 to $5,200 to $1,500 sf roof / 15 squares = $4,500 to $7,8002,000 sf roof / 20 squares = $6000 to $10,4002,500 sf roof / 25 squares = $7,500 to $13,003,000 sf roof / 30 squares = $9000 to $15,6003,500 sf roof / 35 squares = $10,500 to $18,200

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Metal Shake Roofing Cost

Expect to pay between $8 and $15 a sq.ft. for materials for a metal shake roof. The cost of this roof installed is $13 to $25 a sq.ft. Metal shakes are another style of stone-coated roofing. These steel tiles are made to look more like larger, thicker shakes. They are lightweight, durable, and longer-lasting than other shake materials, such as cedar. This material does not have as many styles or colors as other types.

What Is A Roof Square

How Much Does a Metal Roof Cost? (Tear-off, Installation, and Product)

A roof square is a unit of measurement used by roofers and retailers of roofing materials to help price shingles and installation costs making it easier to compare different products. A roof square is equivalent to 100 square feet so just measure the area of your roof and divide. Using roof squares on estimates will help you compare contractor prices when looking at the cost to reshingle your roof.

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How Much Does Insulated Metal Panel Cost

Insulated metal panels are one of the most energy efficient and cost effective building envelope systems available. On average, IMPs cost about 10-15% less than traditional stick-built construction methods.

Kingspan insulated metal panels come in a variety of thicknesses ranging from 1 inch to 8 inches and have foam core values ranging from 7.2 to 72. Corrugated metal exposed panel installation will be less expensive than concealed panel installation. Building an SIP accounts has the potential to lower monthly utility bills by 25%. A sip of fluid equals approximately 15 mL, or about 0.5 oz. A structural insulated panel, on the other hand, has a projected lifespan of 60 years. During the first 90 years of SIPs, there have been numerous instances of builds. SIP walls can handle a significant amount of vertical and horizontal loads by reducing their internal studding.

A reasonable guideline for cup sipping is to use about 25 ml for males and 20 ml for females. If you fill it with no ice and have only one ounce of water, it will be 16 ounces to fill a full cup. How much weight does insulated wall and ceiling panels have? The weight per square foot for each panel is calculated in pounds.

Why Are Metal Roofs So Popular With Homeowners

If you can bear the initial costs of installation and materials then a metal roof is a really great investment. Most metals are radiators of heat so will keep your home cool in the summer months, they also last forever if properly installed metal is incredibly durable. Finally, metal roofs are virtually maintenance free too, saving the expense of an annual roof inspection.

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How Much Does It Cost To Install Metal Roofing

Installing metal roofing is an excellent way to save money and preserve the value of your home, but it can be expensive compared to other roofing options. So, many homeowners are curious to know how much it will cost to install a metal roof. The average cost of materials and installation ranges from $10$17 per square foot, depending on the type of roof you choose.

Heres a breakdown of metal roofing installation costs based on the material:

Roof Replacement Cost By Pitch

How Much Does Tin Roofing Cost?

Your roofs pitch also impacts the replacement cost. Pitch refers to how fast the surface rises from the edge to the top. This measures height gains for every 12 inches. Most people have a conventional pitch, which includes styles like gable, cross gable, hip, Dutch, dormer, shed, butterfly, and M. It also includes the top portions of gambrels and mansards. A pitch falling between 4/12 and 6/12 is considered conventional. Pitches falling between 0/12 and 2/12 are considered flat, while 2/12 to 4/12 is considered low. Most low-slope roofs are treated like flats in material and cost. High or are 7/12 and greater. These are seen on A-frame homes and the sides of a mansard and gambrel.

Below are the average cost ranges for the most common materials used on these roofs. Only conventional and steep roofs can use the most common materials, while flat and low-pitch areas need different materials. It is also important to remember there are other less-common materials available with higher costs.


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What Factors Affect The Cost Of A Re

The geographic region, eave height, and complexity of the roof are all variables that impact the cost of roof replacement. But beyond that, product selection, aesthetics, and installation costs are also dominant factors.

Product Type: The broad type of product selected and the family of products within that category significantly impact the cost of any roofing project. So while the first tier decision might be metal or shingles, the second tier decisions include the thickness of the product and style/type of product.

For example, there are two predominant types of metal roofing: concealed fastener and exposed fastener panels. The product and installation costs vary significantly between the two styles. So while exposed fastener panels on straight gable roofs with low eave heights might be priced comparative to asphalt shingles, a concealed fastener system on a two-story house with a complex roof plan might be much more costly.

Aesthetics: Another critical factor in pricing considerations is aesthetics. Metal roofs come in a wide range of finishes and styles. You can even choose a metal roof that looks like slate, shake, or tile and, as Todd Miller points out in this article, those styles can be a great way to enhance a home immediately through increased beauty as well as the high end value implication of an upscale home.

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The Various Benefits Of Insulated Metal Panels

A metal panel insulated with foam is a great way to improve insulation in your home. This will make your metal buildings interior appear more appealing to the eye, while also giving it a clean, finished appearance. The majority of buyers pay between $7 and $14 per square foot for foam insulated panel materials alone. A structural insulated panel price is affected by three factors: thickness, R-value, and square footage per square foot. An R-value of 16 on a panel of 4.975 inches thick would cost $10.696 per square foot, for example. The average R-value for a 32-inch thick panel with the same thickness is $12.163. A panel with more rows will cost more per square foot, but a panel with fewer rows will cost less. Depending on the conditions of their local environment, they could live for 50 to 60 years. A light maintenance regime is typically required because IMPs have a long lifespan and are inherently strong, durable, and long-lasting.

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Metal Roofing Costs By Size

The size of your home will also impact the overall cost of your metal roof installation. A 1,000-square-foot home can get a new metal roof for as little as $4,000, but the owner of a 3,000-square-foot home might spend $90,000 for a copper roof installation.

Expect a roof material waste percentage between 5% and 20%.

Square Footage of Home

Mounting Solar Panels On A Metal Roof

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Metal Roof?

Solar panels are an increasingly popular addition to many homes. They can be added to any metal roofing. However, the mounting hardware or rack should be made of materials that do not interact with the metal. For example, copper roofs require galvanized racks. If you are unsure, speak to your solar panel installer. Installing solar panels on most homes costs $15,000 to $21,000.

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The 2 Types Of Metal Roofs

There are two types of metal roofs: a standing seam metal roof and a screw-down metal panel roof.

A standing seam metal roof system is a series of panels locked together at the seams or seamed mechanically. This allows for panels to expand and contract freely when the metal heats up.

A screw-down panel metal roof system is just what it’s called it’s screwed down. The screws are screwed through the panel, which leaves no room for expansion and contraction. I would not recommend putting a screw-down panel over a heated space such as your home or office due to its lack of expansion capability.

To learn more about how the two metal roof systems compare, read this article on metal roofs: standing seam vs. screw-down panel.

Metal Roof Installation Cost

Professional metal roof installers charge about $350-400 per square for labor. Standing seam installation can start out as high as $500 per square, because its more difficult and time consuming to install this roofing system.

Typically, roofers charge 2/3 of the total roof installation cost for labor and overhead. Cost of roofing materials is 1/3 of the total price.

When estimating the total materials cost, roofers will include a waste factor of about 5-20% depending on the architectural design of your roof and the metal roof style you choose.

For example, on a complex roof, there will be more waste if you want to install standing seam panels, than if you install metal shingles or tiles.

Keep in mind that price quotes that you get online are for a basic install on a one storie ranch of cape style home. If your roof has a lot of penetrations , valleys, curves, your installation cost can significantly go up.

Roof pitch is another factor that can increase your labor costs. Installing a metal roof over a low pitch is much easier and quicker compared to a high pitch roof architecture. If your roof is curved, expect to pay at least 50% more for labor compared to a standard roof install.

Some roofing contractors can initially quote you a very low installation price, around $260-280 per square. However, they will then charge you extra money for every item of labor that they perform, such as:

ridge hip ventilation

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Average Metal Roof Cost

The cost to install a metal roof will differ from homeowner to homeowner, but we can provide you information about the average prices to give you an idea of what you might be paying for your project. From the average cost of materials per square to the average cost of labor, continue reading to see what you can expect. As of right now, the average cost to install a metal roof onto a residential home in American ranges between $9,000 and $45,000. It may cost more than a basic asphalt shingle roof, but it comes with plenty of advantages that well discuss in more detail in a later section.

Metal Roof Repair Costs

How Much Does a Corrugated Metal Roof Cost?

The national average cost for roofing repair whether it be metal shingles or corrugated paneling is between $500 and $2,500. For most roofing repairs, you should budget around $1,500. That said, getting a quote from a local roofing contractor will be necessary to gauge the exact cost.

Here are a few common issues with metal roofing and their associated repair costs:

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Reroofing Vs Roof Replacement

Installation costs are impacted on how you are handling your old roof. You can either remove your old roof first or put the metal roof over the old roof. For example, if you have an asphalt shingle roof that will be removed prior to the installation of the metal roof, there will be an extra expense to remove the existing roof.

Editor’s note: Due to the fluctuations in installation cost, we suggest that you get more than one bid to compare.


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