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How Much Does A New Roof Cost In Maryland

Average Costs Of Different Roofing Materials

How Much Does a New Roof Cost? | Pro Exteriors & Construction

There are five standard types of roofing materials that you have to choose from:

  • Asphalt shingles
  • Slate
  • Clay tiles

Each of these materials varies in cost, durability, and lifespan, as well as other features like energy efficiency and aesthetics.

If you live in an HOA community youll likely be limited on the type of roof that you can have installed. Some neighborhoods also have restrictions on roofing materials, either due to appearance requirements or optimal roofing for your climate .

If you have your pick though, then its definitely worth looking at the different types of roof materials and figuring out which makes the most sense for your home and your budget.

Heres a quick rundown of the basic differences to be aware of:

Understanding The Cost Of Roof Replacement

Replacing your roof is a costly process, but there are ways that you can help reduce the cost of replacing your roof.

  • Study your estimate Your estimate should include all work necessary, and the price broke down in a way you can understand. If you see something that does not make sense, ask for more information before signing off.
  • Get multiple estimates It is your right to shop around and get multiple estimates for such a big project. You will find that each estimate will have a similar cost. If you see one that is significantly higher or lower than the rest, question why there is such a big difference and make sure there are no hidden fees or conditions.
  • Dont sign any contract without knowing all of the details If you have any questions about your roofing cost, ask. There should be nothing on the estimate that you do not understand.
  • Estimates are not final If there are no surprises in your roof repair or replacement, your final total and estimate should be the same. If unexpected damage is found or there are other complications, the installation company should notify you and get your approval of any changes to the scope of work.

New Roof Cost Calculator National Averages

Roof Size
*Price ranges by location, pitch, and materials used

If you are looking to replace your three-tab asphalt shingles, expect to pay between $7,000 and $12,500. Better yet, those of you who are looking for a 30-year shingle roof replacement can prepare to spend between $9,000 and $16,500. To take it up a notch, a 50-year shingle replacement costs between $11,000 and $18,500.

It costs between $8,000 and $15,500to replace your EPDM rubber roof. For homeowners with PVC or TPO membrane roofs, dont be surprised to shell out between $10,000 and $16,500 in for a full roof replacement.

The final few roof replacement types costs include:

  • Standing seam replacement $19,000-$30,530
  • Steel shingle replacement $11,000-$25,500
  • Wood shingle replacement $10,200-$25,500

Keep in mind that these costs are based on a national average. This means that your costs may vary depending on your homes location, region, and the number of stories. The number of old shingles to be removed will be a big factor too!

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  • The cost of renting a dumpster for the disposal of the old shingles will be around $250-$300, though this depends on the size of the dumpster and how much waste it holds. Also, local municipalities may charge extra to dump building materials. Most contractors will include the cost of a dumpster in their estimate, but make sure before work begins.
  • If there is more than one layer of shingles to remove labor costs can double.
  • Some people choose to have gutters and flashing replaced at the same time as new roof installation. This could cost an additional $2000-$3000 for a home with a 2,000 square foot roof.
  • It isn’t always necessary to strip the existing layer of shingles. Simply putting another layer on top could cut labor costs in half.
  • In lean times a contractor will bid less for a job.
  • Not All Roofs Are Created Equal

    Roofing Cost Per Square Foot Maryland

    When doing a major project on your home like replacing your roof, you really do get what you pay for. If a company offers you a price thats under $5 a square foot to remove your old roof and install a new one, they are 100% cutting costs somewhere and those cuts almost always come with massive consequences. For example, we could offer you a price of $5 a square foot to replace your roof and another company could offer you $3 a square foot. You look at both bids side to side and notice that our bid includes CertainTeed DiamondDeck underlayment, but the competitor is using standard 15# felt paper to cover the deck of your roof.

    So, you think that because we offer the same name of shingle that they must be the best choice since they are cheaper. What they dont tell you is that by using a cheaper product thats not a CertainTeed product so they could cut costs, that your extended warranties on the entire roof is now null and void since the extended warranties only cover products made by the manufacturer. With a project like a roof replacement that protects your entire home, most customers we meet with want that extended warranty for a little extra money, because it provides them comfort knowing if anything happens they can call us and never spend a dime on their roof again for up to 50 years.

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    Why Dont Any Companies Offer Pricing Online

    Just about every industry from clothing to electronics gives customers the price of that product or service online. However, when you reach out to a remodeling company and ask how much their product or service costs they respond by saying, Our products and services are completely custom, so theres no way we can give you a rough price unless we come out to your home.

    That, my friends, is a lie. In reality, the reason they wont give you a rough price over the phone or online is because they are banking on one of their sales reps pressuring you into a deal while they are in your home. Most roofing companies in Maryland and Northern Virginia use satellite imagery these days that can measure your entire roof with the click of a button without ever coming out to your home. In fact, most roofers use this software to calculate the price of your replacement roof before the sales rep even steps foot in your home.

    What Is The Average Cost To Replace A Roof

    Are you planning to have your roof replaced next month?

    Roofs act as shelter to our homes. Having a good roof over your head matters the most when you are moving into a new home. If the roof of your recently bought house is not in perfect shape or condition, you need to replace it as before moving in.

    Replacing a roof is indeed one of the costliest upgrades you can make as a homeowner. Just like flooring, there are several variables roofing contractors look at to determine the price of the new roof. The cost depends on the type of material used, its size, pitch, as well as, accessibility.

    If you are based in Frederick County or surrounding area, the average cost of a new roof is around $7,500 for a basic asphalt shingle roof. Asphalt shingle roof is the most commonly used roofing material in America. At Frederick Roofers, a basic asphalt shingle roof will cost you $7,000 to $10,000. The majority of the households in Frederick County turn to roofing contractors at Frederick Roofers as the cost is affordable and lower than the average cost.

    Prices of roofing materials are always changing, so the total cost depends on the size of your roof, materials used, the pitch since steep roofs take way more time, as well as, materials to cover as compared to a flat roof. It also depends on the type of application, the method used to install on the roof deck and the number of layers.

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    Do You Use An Asphalt Shingle Roof Cost Calculator

    To calculate the number of asphalt shingles, we will need to replace your roof we will first calculate the square footage of your roof. We then use that measurement to calculate how many squares of shingles we will need. We believe in offering you exceptional work at a competitive price. That being said, we also believe in transparency in our estimation process. We will give you the square footage of your roof, the cost per square foot in the shingle you choose, and the estimated time it will take to complete the job in addition to labor costs. We will even clean up after ourselves, leaving your yard in the same condition we found it.

    Average Cost Of Installing A New Roof

    How Much Does A New Roof Cost?

    A roof protects your family and items from external factors. If your roof gets damaged, consider replacing it as soon as possible. When building a new house, the installation cost tends to be relatively cheaper.

    When installing a new roof, expect to spend around $4,707 to $10,460, depending on the materials used and roof size. For example, installing asphalt shingles on a 2,000 square feet roof will cost approximately $3,600 to $10,800, while metal shingles cost anywhere from $8,000 to $24,000.

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    Wood Or Cedar Shake Roof Cost

    The national average for wood or cedar shake roofing is between $12,000 and $16,000, or $800 per square. The anticipated life span for most wood shake roof installations is between 30 and 40 years.

    Wood shake is available in a range of thicknesses, which will affect the price as well as the protection they offer. Additional treatments are available for a class C fire rating at $0.85 per square foot, and a wood shake roof will require maintenance to clean off debris before the rainy season starts to prevent mold and moss accumulating. While they are most commonly made from cedar, followed by spruce and treated pine, you can also get synthetic cedar shake like Brava Cedar Shake from Brava which have a 50-year lifespan and requires no maintenance.

    Mobile Home Roof Replacement Cost

    The cost to replace the roof on a mobile home averages $2,000 to $5,000. In most cases, mobile homes can be roofed over if there is a single layer of roofing. This is the most common method of dealing with a mobile homes roof. If you do this, your costs are lower than a full roof replacement. But this can only be done once. If you have two layers of roofing, you must remove them both to install another layer. The total size of your mobile home plays the biggest role in the total cost of this project.

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    A Warranty You Can Trust

    At Crown Remodeling, we do not repair roofs, we provide you with entire roofing systems. That is because we do not do any work that we cannot guarantee. That is why every new Crown Roof is backed by a Lifetime Labor warranty in addition to the warranty offered by the materials manufacturers. Our roofs also come with a 10 year streak warranty to protect your building from unsightly black streaks of algae that are so common in Maryland. If there is a problem with a roof that we replaced, even if your roof is 10 years old, we will fix it at no cost to you. Contact us today for a free no-obligation quote on your roof replacement.

    Cost Of A New Roof And Gutters

    How Much Does a New Roof Cost in Baltimore, MD?

    Replacing your roof is also a good time to replace your gutters. Your gutters help protect your home and foundation by directing rainwater. Gutters are also a good indicator of the health of your roof. Large amounts of granules in your gutters can indicate the need for a roof replacement.

    The cost of a new roof averages $7,000 to $12,000, while the cost of new gutters averages $900 to $5,000. This makes the total average range for a new roof and gutters between $7,900 and $17,000.

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    Architectural Shingles Roof Cost

    Architectural shingles range from $6 to $8 a square foot on average. Architectural shingles are a newer type of asphalt shingle. They are sometimes referred to as laminated shingles. These are thicker shingles that are much longer-lasting than asphalt. They resist things like hail damage better than asphalt but are light enough not to need roof reinforcement. They are easy to install and come in a wide range of colors. This has made architectural shingles one of the more popular roofing materials for homes in recent years.

    Roof Replacement At A Reasonable Price At Ec Roofing

    At EC Roofing, we will go over your estimate and any work needed to repair or replace your roof. We understand that there is a lot involved in the cost of roofing and want you to understand all of the costs that go into a roof replacement. In addition to roofing services, we also offer the following services:

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    Cost Of A 1350 Sqft Roof

    The cost for a new 1,350 sq.ft. roof ranges from $4,725 to $8,100. A roof of this size, twould be on a home of approximately 900 sq.ft. These costs include the complete tear out of the old material and the installation of the new material. They do not include any reinforcement of the roof or replacement of the roof deck. They also assume that the pitch of the roof falls in the normal range of 4/12 to 8/12, meaning the roof rises between 4 and 8 inches for every 12 inches of roofing.

    Flat Roof Replacement Cost

    How Much Does Roofing Insurance Cost in New York?

    Flat roof replacement costs $50 to $400 per square depending on your choice of roofing materials. Instead of sheets of metal, shingles, or tiles, layers of plastic or rubber are laid down on a flat roof and sealed by melting with the flame from a blowtorch or a compound is sprayed over the entire surface of the roof to create a weatherproof finish. Flat roofing solutions also have an impact on reducing heat loss through the roof.

    • Modified Bitumen Roof Cost Modified bitumen is an asphalt product fortified with either a polyester or fiberglass matting to add strength and increase its useable lifespan. Using Bitumen on a flat or low slope roof and costs between $150 and $400 per square.
    • PVC Roof Cost PVC as a membrane roof solution is installed in widths of 6 to 18 wide and usually laid on top of an insulation board, and sometimes requires additional edge fastening which causes a minor spike in the labor costsmaking the range of roll roofing cost go from $70 to $110 per square installed.
    • Built-Up Roof In a built-up roof, after a few layers of sheet ply are laid down, they are fused together with melted asphalt, leaving the top layer the option to be a brighter color to reflect heat instead of absorbing it. Costs range between $50 to $80 per square
    • Spray-On Roof With a spray-on roof, polyurethane solution is evenly applied for as little as $30 per square, acrylic for $60 per square, or the premium option of silicon spray averages $85 per square or more.

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    Signs You Need A New Roof

    Before we start breaking down the answer to how much does a new roof cost?, lets go over some of the signs that its time for a new roof in the first place.

    Every roof has a built-in lifespan. On average, a roof lasts about 30 years, which means you could face this expense sooner rather than later based on how old your home is and how long its been since the roof was put on. And depending on your climate and the quality of the materials and workmanship, you could have more or less time before you start to face some of the common issues of a degrading roof.

    Some signs that a roof replacement is in the cards include:

    • Leaks
    • Mold, moss, or mildew growth
    • Poor or degrading insulation
    • Roof rot

    With some roof problems, replacing just the affected area is sufficientand a lot cheaper. Youll need to bring in a professional to let you know exactly what youre dealing with, plus the extent of the issue and the recommended fix.

    Cost To Replace Asphalt Shingle Roof

    Replacing an asphalt roof with new shingles will cost between $5,400 and $9,000, or an average of $7,211 for a 2,000 square foot home not including old roof removal. The actual cost will vary depending on whether it is a composite asphalt shingle roof or a fiber cement composite shingle installation.

    Asphalt is the least expensive solution, with a cost to remove the previous asphalt roof and install a new one coming to $7,850 for a 1,500 square foot home, while the same project undertaken and installing concrete shingles instead of asphalt will cost $24,950.

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    Roof Tile Replacement Cost

    Roof tile replacement costs between $1,400 and $1,600 per square on average for concrete tile, Spanish tile, and clay tile. Tile roofing tends to weight a lot and will cost $1,000 more if your entire roof framing needs an upgrade to support the extra weight.

    Clay Tile Roof Cost

    Clay roof tiles are right up there with entry-level copper in regards to price, which averages around $1,500 per square. The average cost to install a new clay tile roof costs between $15,000 and $45,000 depending on your roof size.

    Concrete Roof Tile Prices

    Like clay tiles, concrete tiles also carry a $1,500 per square price, with the average installation costing $22,500 to $30,000. Depending on the current structural integrity of the roof framing, it is possible some repair or strengthening work will need to be done on the rafters to support the extra weight of these heavier products.

    Spanish Tile Roof Cost

    Spanish roof tiles generally have a little more design to them than entry-level clay or concrete, and you can expect to pay in the region of $1,500 to $1,600 per square for the install, and around $1,000 first if your entire roof framing needs work to support the added weight.


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