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How Much Should A Roof Replacement Cost

Roofing Cost Per Square

Roof Replacement Costs | How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Roof?

When you receive a roof replacement estimate from your roofing company, they measure your home in Squares:

100sqft = 1SQ.

For a standard roof replacement, it can cost between $360 $390 per square. The two largest variables youll deal with are the square footage of your roof and the complexity of the roof.

Save Money On The Cost Of A New Roof

If you are browsing the Internet trying to get an idea about the cost of a roof replacement, then we are here to help. Let’s face it, you can pick up the phone and call numerous roofing companies in your local area, but how do you know they have a good reputation? You have no idea how much a new roof cost, so you are relying on trust.

Wouldn’t your mind be more at ease if you knew you were hiring a roofing company that has plenty of positive reviews and completes work to the highest standards? What about having full public liability insurance in case of an accident?

The Roofing Association have the largest database of trusted, professional roofers in your area. Most of the roofing companies where you live are on the database.

If there’s a shortage of roofing work in your city, you could benefit by having the different roofing companies competing against one another on the price to get your job. It’s possible to save as much as 30% off roof replacement costs.

By entering your details into this form, you can get free, no obligation quotes for a new roof installation from trusted, reliable roofing companies in your area.

Average Cost To Replace A Roof Based On House Size:

  • 1,000 square feet: $4,000 to $5,500
  • 1,100 square feet: $4,200 to $6,000
  • 1,200 square feet: $4,500 to $6,500
  • 1,500 square feet: $5,500 to $8,000
  • 1,600 square feet: $6,000 to $8,500
  • 1,7oo square feet: $6,500 to $9,000
  • 1,800 square feet: $6,700 to $9,500
  • 1,900 square feet: $7,000 to $10,000
  • 2,000 square feet: $7,400 to $10,500
  • 2,500 square feet: $9,000 to $13,000
  • 3,000 square feet: $11,200 to $16,000

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Type Of Roofing Material

The average materials costs for roofing typically accounts for about 40% of your roof replacement cost. Material cost is one of the biggest and most important things to consider. There are different brands and differences in their materials being used.

  • Asphalt shingles are the most popular choice for most homeowners today. They are affordable yet durable, lasting up to 25 years in Houston. If you are looking at replacing your roof, asphalt shingles also offer a variety of different colors and styles.

    There are different material manufacturers but, we stand by Owens Corning and CertainTeed.

    3 TAb Shingles

    ARchitectural Shingles


    At HHH Roofing, we always install synthetic underlayment vs traditional felt. Its included in our Roof Systems.

    Synthetic Underlayment:

    • Lighter in weight making it easier and safer to install
    • More tear-resistant when exposed to high winds and foot traffic

    Asphalt Traditional Felt

    • More prone to tear


    The roofing material is going to be relatively the same for every roofing company. A cheap roofer that can only compete with other companies by offering a lower price is going to cut corners to keep a profit.

    Number Of Stories And Roof Accessibility

    How Much To Install A New Roof

    Generally, you’ll be paying less if your house is more unrestricted and has an uncomplicated design. Since one-story homes are easily accessible, they’ll cost less than two-story homes. They’re also typically less complex because they’ll have fewer valleys.

    To give you an example of cost differences, itll cost an average of $4 per square foot for a one-story house if you’re using asphalt shingles, but itll cost $5 to $7.50 per square foot for a two-story house.

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    Pricing Guide: How Much Does A Roof Replacement Cost

    How much you spend on a full roof replacement will depend on the size and pitch of your roof, your current roofing material, the material youre replacing it with, and any additional repairs or services your roof may need. The national average cost for a roof replacement is $8,446, though typical prices range from about $5,706 to $11,185.

    Most roof replacement projects will cost between $300 and $800 per square for materials and professional installation. That makes a national average rate of $550 per square.

    Composite Laminate And Architectural Shingles Repair

    Minor composite roofing repairs cost $200 to $300 per square for roof-over installations or replacing some shingles. Composite, laminated, or architectural shingle replacement costs $350 to $1,000 per square, depending on the material quality.

    Composite roofing repair cost
    • Shingles are easy to replace individually.
    • Requires replacement when the stone granules begin to come off.
    • Prone to damage from high winds and can lose entire sections.
    • Lightweight shingles can lift, allowing water underneath.
    • Composite or synthetic shingles are suitable patching materials when other roofing is unavailable.

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    Aluminum Roof Replacement Cost

    The average cost of an aluminum roof is $6.50 to $21 a sq.ft. The cost of a 2,000 sq.ft. roof replacement using aluminum averages $13,000 to $42,000. Aluminum is the most common metal for residential homes and buildings. It can be found in sheet metal roofing, standing seam, and insulated standing-seam panels. Aluminum roofing is lightweight and durable. It can also come painted in many colors, including some that make it look like a copper roof.

    What Is Roof Replacement

    How much does it cost to replace your roof

    Many people are confused about what roof replacement is. Roof replacement is not the same as reroofing. When you reroof a house, you take the shingles off the roof and replace them with new shingles. A roof replacement means that we tear all of the materials of your roof off, down to the deck. From there we replace it with all new roofing materials.

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    What Are The Costs Of Replacing A Roof

    While $8,600 is the national average, roof replacement costs can soar has high as $45,000. A reroofing project as the pros call it typically involves removing the roofs existing shingles, making spot repairs to the underlying deck or structure , and installing new shingles.

    How often youll need to replace your roof and how much you spend depends on a variety of factors, ranging from the geographic location of your house to the type of shingles you select. Basically though, the price tag for replacing a roof breaks down into two parts: 40 percent materials and 60 percent labor.

    The National Average Cost To Replace A Roof

    Thankfully, unlike pricier home improvement expenses in Connecticut, the average cost of a new roof in CT is right on par with the national average. Across the U.S., homeowners can expect to pay around $8,962 for a new roof, and in Connecticut, the average is mere dollars over the national cost estimate, averaging around $8,698.

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    Patio Roof Replacement Cost

    The average cost of a patio roof replacement is between $3,000 and $15,000. Patios can have a much wider range of roofs than other buildings and areas. The roof is often stand-alone or different from the home, although in some cases, it may be an extension of the homes roof. Most patios have roofs made of materials like wood, glass, and insulated aluminum. The material and patio size and shape determine the cost. Most patio roofs are flat enough not to raise labor costs extremely high.

    Will A Plumber Replace Subfloor

    Estimate For Roof Replacement Cost

    Yes, a plumber can replace subfloor if necessary. Subflooring is an important and often overlooked part of a plumbing system. A plumber can replace subflooring to ensure that the plumbing system is properly supported and to eliminate potential water damage or pest infestations.

    Depending on the complexity of the job, a plumber may need to remove fixtures, drain lines, or wall sections to replace the subfloor. The plumber will then install new plywood or composite subflooring and reconnect the pipes, fixtures, and other components of the system.

    Replacement of subflooring is not always necessary, but having a plumber do the job will ensure that it is done correctly and to code.

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    Water Damage In Your Attic

    Water damage in your attic or other areas can wreak havoc and typically signals the need for a full roof replacement. Once you see moisture marks and brownish-yellow stains, things have likely been troublesome for a while.

    Dont let issues like this fester. Trapped water that is not remediated can attract pests, mosquitoes, and other insects to your attic while creating conditions where mold thrives.

    Roof Replacement Project: Real

    Feller shares this breakdown of the average cost per square foot of each roof type. Keep in mind that these are 2021 prices in her Central Texas market costs will vary based on your market and contractor.

    32 squares 10:12 $11,400

    Larger homes with roof areas around 40 squares and up will often be closer to the high teens and low $20K range, Murray says.

    Feller also provided the below example of a quote she sent to a client for a 2,756-square-foot roof. In this example, she took 42.67 squares, which was the total square footage of the roof plus 15% waste, rounded up to the nearest third of a square.

    The price was $415 per square, and then she added $600 for the chimney cricket . Other charges were added for steepness, skylights, carpentry work, etc. The main roof includes all the standard roof components: underlayment, drip edge, ice and water shield, field shingle, ridge cap shingles, starter shingle, nails, pipe jacks, other flashings, ventilation, sealant, and spray paint .

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    What Is The Cheapest Way To Replace A Roof

    Going for the cheapest roofing system and the cheapest roofing contractor isn’t something wed recommend. Poor-quality materials and inexperienced contractors can reduce your roof’s lifespan, result in constant roofing problems, and call for a full replacement sooner than expected.

    The benefits of investing in highly qualified roofing contractors will go a long way. When you choose RoofClaim, you can be confident that were using the proper equipment, materials, and tools to maximize your roof’s life expectancy and durability. Were also fully licensed and insured so theres never any unexpected financial risk to you.

    With that said, we know that sometimes finances are tight. Here are your options if you need a new roof and cant afford it.

    Looking For An Affordable Roof Replacement

    How Much Does A Roof Replacement Cost?

    If youre in the market for roofing services for repair or replacement, give us a call today! We work mainly with asphalt, metal, and rubber flat roofs and would be happy to work out an estimate for your roofing project for FREE. We look forward to giving you a durable new roof that you love, all at the cost you deserve.

    1472 WI-35

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    Choose The Best Locally Operated And Family

    TK Roofing and Gutters has been serving Akron and the surrounding communities of Northeast Ohio for over 15 years.Whether you need to repair roof damage, a full replacement, or help handling an insurance claim due to storm damage, our roofing professionals can give you peace of mind and ensure your job is done the right way the first time.Contact TK Roofing and Gutters today if you’d like to speak to a roofing company that will deliver quality roof installation and even better customer service.At TK Roofing and Gutters, we strive to make every roof replacement as stress-free as possible for homeowners.We do this by maintaining high standards of cleanliness and organization.Click the button below to speak with TK Roofing and Gutters to Get Your Free Roof Replacement Estimate.

    Check out our other roof replacement articles:

    Average Cost Of A New Roof In The Us

    The national average cost of a new roof in the U.S. is about $8,000. However, averages can be misleading, so a better metric is a range of prices that covers a significant fraction of roof replacements, factoring in different materials and regional price differences.

    For an average U.S. home with a 2,000-square-foot roof, most new roofs will run you between $5,000 and $12,000. Homeowners on a limited budget may be able to reduce the cost to under $3,000 if they opt for the cheapest materials and live in a low-cost-of-living area. Conversely, people with some extra money to spend on their roofs often choose premium materials that last longer but also cost more. The most expensive roofs can cost more than $50,000.

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    Can You Repair Subfloor From Underneath

    Yes, it is possible to repair subfloor from underneath. Depending on what kind of repairs you need to do, the process may involve removing and replacing sections of the existing subfloor, adding additional support to reinforce sagging areas, or replacing certain sections with stable and supportive replacements.

    If the existing subfloor has become rotten or compromised due to water damage, then it may need to be replaced completely. In this case, youll need to jack up the flooring above it to allow you access to the rotting subfloor.

    Once the old subfloor is removed, you can then replace it with a new, framing layer and then a new plywood layer.

    Additionally, if the subfloor is simply unstable due to being too thin or weak, then you may be able to strengthen it from underneath by adding additional supports. This could include using joist hangers to attach additional joists to the existing joists, as well as installing cross-bracing in areas of weakness.

    Finally, if your subfloor simply needs some extra stability, you can consider using a self-leveling compound, which is a quick and easy fix. This type of compound, when mixed with water and spread over the subfloor, will create a level, stable job suitable for any type of flooring.

    In any case, if you are uncertain about the best approach, it is important to consult an experienced repair expert or handyman. They can help you evaluate what repairs are needed and provide the best guidance for how to approach the job.

    Need A Rooferget 4 Free Quotes From Local Pros:

    How Much Does a New Roof Cost: 2021 Labor &  Material Costs

    Enter Your Zip Code:

    Note: For homeowners who live in large and expensive coastal cities like Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, New York City, Boston, Miami, and Washington DC, the average quoted residential roofing prices can range from $6.00 to $8.50 per square foot or $600 to $850 per square of asphalt shingles installed or replaced, depending on the scope of the project.

    The higher roofing costs in coastal areas are due to the higher local cost of living, and hence higher cost of doing business.

    Booming local real estate values also drive up the demand and prices for professional home remodeling services, which have experienced a 15% to 20% price inflation since the start of the pandemic. This has been especially true in the high cost of living areas where demand for exterior home remodeling services has been especially strong.

    Did you know? The average residential roof size in the US is about 1,700 square feet or 17 squares, although there are many larger homes with roofs that can be well over 2,000 sq. ft. or 20 squares. In fact, larger residential properties with garages can easily exceed 3,000 sq. ft. or 30 squares in size.

    All professional roofers use squares to measure and estimate roofs. A square is equal to 100 square feet of the 3-dimensional roof surface.

    What About Prices for Other, Less-Common Roofing Systems?

    Average price

    See costs in your areaEnter Your Zip Code

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    Cost Of A New 1000 Sqft Roof

    The average cost of a 1,000 sq.ft. roof averages $4,750 to $10,000. Costs include the most common materials, including asphalt, architectural shingles, and aluminum roofs. These costs assume the home does not need roof reinforcement. It also assumes the home has a normal pitch range of between 4/12 and 8/12. Roofs with higher or lower pitches may have different costs. 1,000 sq.ft. roofs are usually found on smaller homes or homes with simple roofs like a gable or shed-style. It is rare for roofs of this size to get very complex, so you are unlikely to get any hidden up-charges.

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    How Do I Make Sure I Get A Good Price For My Roof

    If you want to make sure that you get a good price for your roof replacement, you need to get some estimates from several different companies. Ask them to estimate the cost with different materials so you can compare. Ask your friends and neighbors who they have used in the past for roofing jobs. Once you know that you have gotten a good price for your roof replacement, sit back, relax, drink a cup of coffee, ignore the noise, and get ready to love your new roof!


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