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How Much To Charge For Pressure Washing A Roof

Why You Should Not Pressure Wash Your Roof

Pressure wash pricing (How much to charge for driveways, house wash & roof cleaning) my simple price

Pressure washers produce highly-pressurized jets of water that can be used to blast sediment off surfaces. This cleaning method works really well when the surface being washed can stand up to that level of water pressure.

But while asphalt shingles are made to handle heavy rainfall, raindrops are not quite the same as a concentrated beam of water from a pressure washer. Simply put, unless you have it on a low setting, cleaning your roof with a pressure washer would likely do much more harm than good.

The water pressure wont damage just the shingles, either. Theres a good chance the jet of your pressure washer could work through the adhesive bond holding your shingles together, or seep into and damage your roofs fabric underlayment. Plus, pressure washers tend to blast sediment into the air, so its likely any dirt you do scrape off your shingles is bound to fall back down onto another section of your roof.

On top of all that, most pressure washers are simply not made for roof work. You could seriously injure yourself trying to lug your pressure washer up a ladder. And once its up there, theres no guarantee the weight of the machine wont damage your shingles.

Pressure Wash Deck Cost

The average cost to pressure wash a deck is about $100 to $200, depending on the size of the deck and its material. Softer woods require a low-pressure wash. Any materials near plants or areas where pets or children play might not be a good idea to clean with chemicals. It will be important to consider the cleaning method and the materials or cleaning ingredients used to ensure that they are safe for use on your deck surface and will not cause damage. Treated lumber may have special considerations, as well, so check with your pressure washing service for the best results.

How Much Does A Roof Cleaning Cost

According to Angies List, it costs about $550 for roof cleaning. A roof cleaning takes two to five hours. This depends on the size of your roof and the condition it is in. The method can impact the length of the cleaning as well.

Having your roof cleaned professionally is cheaper than replacing your roof. By keeping up with roof cleanings, you can save a lot of money. Plus, you wont go through the trouble of a roof replacement.

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Cost To Pressure Wash A Roof

Youll spend $0.50 to $1 per square foot to pressure or power wash a roof. It takes more setup time, its harder to reach and its often a tough job. Do not power wash asphalt, only nonporous stone, concrete and tile roofs. Even then, there are certain types that get easily damaged. Dont try this as a DIY project, always consult a professional.

Roof Moss Removal Cost

Roof Cleaning Denver, Extend The Life Of Your Roof!

Removing moss and algae buildup may be part of the total cost to clean a roof, or it can be an added expense. These accumulations can:

  • Block the gutters
  • Absorb heat, which increases cooling costs
  • Keep shingles wet, which may cause them to wear out sooner

Most of the time, a roof contractor can remove it by hand or with water. Many cleaning products can also help loosen or dissolve moss, algae or lichen.

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Rubber Roof Cleaning Cost

Rubber roofs are not very prone to developing moss and lichens, but they can get dirty and stained. So, a simple chemical wash with diluted bleach is usually the best option. This will clear away the marks and leave the rubber membrane looking as good as new, at an average cost of $0.20 to $0.30 a square foot.

Factors Impacting The Cost Of Roof Cleaning

Not all roofs require the same type of cleaning care. Here are the four main differences in figuring a roof cleaning cost average.

Roof material type

Metal and concrete are the most common roof material types in Australia. They are also the most economical to clean. There are also gravel roofs that require cleaning. The roof vacuum cost of this material can average $10 m2 and higher if the job is small. Terracotta is the most expensive material to clean and is found in high-end communities. Expect to pay more than the average.

Roof size and shape

The size and shape of your roof can make a difference in the price due to labour requirements. For example, roofs with a steep pitch require more equipment and time than a flat roof.

An average estimate of roof cleaning cost based on size

Small roofs $90 to $150

Medium roofs $150 to $300

Large roofs $300 to $550

Roof condition

If you have ignored your roofs condition for several years, do not expect a roof cleaning company to be cheap. How much to pressure clean a roof can depend on the overall condition. The more time and cleaning it takes, the higher the price.

Whether you need extra services completed

When receiving a quote from a roof cleaning company, you may be made away of other areas that need repairing. The roof cleaning service can include a leaky roof, gutter cleaning and other types of repair.

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Tips To Understanding Power Washing Prices

If youve ever done any research on power washing prices, you know that they can vary substantially by company and area. For instance, in some areas of the country it may cost just $200 for a homeowner with an average-sized house to have their home power washed while in other areas of the country it could cost upwards of $5,000 or more! And all that money usually doesnt include additional fees like water usage charges or dumpster rental fees if needed. So how do you get your arms around all this information, so you dont overpay?

Services can costs about $0.75 $1.50 per square foot, which works out to anywhere from $875 for a 1,500 sqft home up to about $2,800 for a 6,000 sqft single-family home or duplex. However, prices can vary widely by location. For example, some services near the beach might charge more to cover the cost of equipment corrosion. Here is a neat video of how some companies might estimate your home.

Pressure Washing Truck

Power washing costs tend to skyrocket when companies use high-pressure water injection. In these instances, youre looking at a price of about $0.25 $0.50 per square foot. This method can be effective for removing stubborn dirt and mold on horizontal surfaces like patios, decks, roofs and more but its not necessarily the safest way to go about it! of how much power washing costs in your area, read on as we demystify this process step by step.

For example, you can get pressure washing prices at .

The Bottom Line On Pressure Washing A Roof

How Much To Charge To Do Roof Cleaning? Roof Cleaning Pricing

Many homeowners choose to pressure wash their roofs on average once per year to remove a build-up of dirt and debris. Texas homeowners have to deal with a dry, hot climate that produces many dust build-up on roofs. In this case, a high-pressure or low-pressure wash is the most effectively remove the build-up of dust. The average cost is around $490 per roof.

Shine Window Cleaning is your top choice for exterior cleaning needs. We service both residential and commercial buildings in the Austin, Texas, area. For professional help with your windows, walkways, gutters, roofs, and more, we can help. Contact us for a free quote today.

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National Cost Averages For Roof Cleaning

The variety of business lists, like Angies List, Home Advisor, and Thumbtack, ranges from $550 to $2,000 for a 1,500 square-foot-roof to be low pressure, soft washed. The minimum reported cost for the same sized roof was $90 for a simple blowing of a roof, while the highest cost came in at $10,350 for a professional soft-wash of a roof horribly overrun with mold. For roofers who charge hourly rates, those come out to an average of $125 per hour however, it will again depend on the level of expertise necessary to perform the cleaning. Some companies provide quotes based on the type of cleaning and cost-per-square-foot, with an average of $.90 per-square-foot.

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Cost

The soft wash technique is becoming more popular with homeowners around the world due to its in-depth approach. It is quite similar to a low-pressure clean, using both chemicals and low-pressure rinsing to get results. For a typical soft wash, a diluted bleach solution is first applied to the roof, killing any moss, lichens, or algae, as well as cleaning the roof of bacteria and killing most everything in sight. Then, the roof is rinsed off with water. The average cost for a soft wash roof cleaning ranges from $0.30 to $0.75 per square foot.

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Should I Seal My Driveway After Pressure Washing

Driveway sealer not only helps protect it from natural elements, machine leaks, and other spills, but it can also extend the life of your driveway and enhance the curb appeal of your home. Driveway sealing costs$80 to $115 up to 480 square foot. For driveways 1,000 square feet and up, professionals charge between $170 and $240 for sealcoating.

Faq About Roof Cleaning

How Much Does Pressure Washing A Roof Cost?

1. Can you power wash a roof?

Most professional roofers dont recommend power washing roofs because the intense pressure can damage or loosen shingles and tiles. However, metal roofs are solid and durable enough to power wash.

2. Can you clean your own roof?

No. Most importantly, it isnt safe for you to get up on the roof. Another reason you should always hire professional roof cleaners is that they have access to better equipment and cleaning products than the DIY kits you can buy at the hardware store.

3. How often should you clean your roof?

Roof cleaning at least once every year can make your roof last longer. Your roof might need more frequent cleaning if you live somewhere with a lot of wet weather or another climate that exposes your roof to dirt, moss, or salt.

4. Do you need to clean solar panels on your roof?

Its true that dirty solar panels are less efficient than clean ones, but you usually wont have to worry about cleaning them because rain will wash off dirt and debris for you. If you live in a very dry climate where it doesnt rain often, you may need to clean your solar panels occasionally.

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How Often Should Youinvest In Roof Cleaning Costs

A pressure washing company near you will offer some specificsuggestions on how often you should schedule power washing services for yourhome, and most homeowners should typically plan on soft wash roof cleaningevery year. However, note some other vital information about when you mightneed added power washing services for your property, and why these services areimportant for keeping your home in good condition:

Concrete Pressure Washing Prices

The average price to pressure wash a concrete pad that measures 50 square feet is $50 to $75. The total cost depends on the type of equipment and cleaning solutions used, such as choosing pressure washing or power washing with heated water, which may cost a little more. Concrete is one of the most common surfaces to have pressure washed, so you should not have trouble finding a company that can perform a reliable service at an affordable rate. However, be sure that if your concrete is a specialty material or has delicate details, you use a soft wash or low-pressure wash to avoid causing damage.

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How Often Should You Clean Your Roof

Roofs get leaves, dirt, and more on them. These things can cause damage to your roof. You can clean your roof as you want to. Keep in mind that it will get dirty again. It may not be worth it to clean your roof too often. You should clean your roof every 18 to 36 months.

Consider these factors when deciding how often to clean your roof:

  • Shade. Certain things grow best without sunlight, making your roof dirtier.
  • Rainfall. Mold and algae are more likely to grow with more rain.
  • Foliage. Leaves and other foliage can cause damage. If you have a tree near your roof, your roof will be dirtier.

These factors can affect how often your roof needs to be cleaned. Be aware of these factors. Then, you can decide how often you need to clean your roof.

Cost Of Roof Cleaning By Location

How to Estimate & Price pressure washing and roof cleaning jobs

While the chemicals and equipment needed to clean a roof will cost about the same no matter where you live, labor costs of different roof cleaning companies can vary by a lot.

What this means: The total amount you pay for roof cleaning could be different from our cost estimates, which are based on national averages.

In general, you can expect lower labor costs if you live in a small town with a low cost of living. On the other hand, homeowners in metropolitan areas shouldnt be surprised if they end up paying more than we estimated.

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Can You Power Wash Adeck

As with roofing shingles, too much pressure can etch wooddecks and strip and damage wood fibers. Harsh detergents also dry out wood andmight leave behind streaks and water marks or other unsightly stains. At thesame time, its vital that wood deck pressure washing services include thetools, detergents, and techniques needed to kill mold and mildew growing on andaround wood posts and slats.

To ensure your homes exterior surfaces are clean and ingood repair, always rely on professional power washing services rather thantrying to manage this work on your own. Renting pressure washing equipment froma hardware store and watching online videos on how to pressure wash yourhouse are not a good substitute for the expertise offered by trained andexperienced pressure washing contractors.

How To Clean Your Roof

The best choice is to call a professional. A professional knows how to clean your roof properly. They can look at your roof and select the best technique. They have experience and know what works. They can choose the solution for your needs.

Choose a trustworthy contractor. They should use the techniques of these two organizations:

the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association

the Roof Cleaning Institute of America .

These groups are both against pressure washing. This is important in keeping your roof intact. If a contractor wants to pressure wash your roof, find another method or contractor. Not all contractors use best practices.

If you want to clean your roof on your own, you should be cautious. Climbing on a ladder can be dangerous. Plus, washing your roof incorrectly can cause damage. Be sure to follow guidelines for washing your roof.

According to This Old House, you can use a 50/50 mix of water and bleach. Be sure to use low-pressure water. After washing the roof, rinse it with clean water. Before you start, you should wet your plants with clean water. Bleach can kill them. Then, once you are done, rinse the plants with clean water again.

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Ready To Get A Price For Your Job

What the job entails

Roof tiles can suffer from moss or lichen growth, or just a general build up of dirt and pollution over the years. Generally this growth or dirt is just cosmetic and rarely causes any damage to the roof itself. But if a pristine roof is desired, then it is possible to remove moss and grime with a high-pressure hose or you can remove moss manually by using a scraper or brush. Roof cleaning has become popular recently with moss growth on the rise in the UK .

Once the moss and dirt has been removed, chemicals to inhibit future moss growth can be sprayed onto the tiles which can keep moss at bay for several years. Typically the job will entail the erection of access equipment to allow safe access onto the roof, covering the ground with a tarpaulin, carry out any minor roof repairs, cleaning the roof with a power washer, treat roof tiles with chemicals, then a final clean up the area and the removal of all waste.

Prior to any pressure washing the roof should be inspected carefully for any damaged or missing tiles or flashing. In fact the entire roof needs to be in pretty good condition otherwise high pressure water will find it’s way under the tiles and into the structure of the roof itself. So replace any broken or missing tiles and ensure roof is sound before any pressure washing.

Cost To Power Wash A Deck

Soft wash Roof Cleaning

The average cost to power wash a deck ranges from $119 to $244 with most homeowners paying around $0.35 per square foot. To power wash, stain, and seal your deck, expect to spend between $0.50 and $1.50 per sq. ft. or $0.95 per sq. ft. on average. Pressure washing the stairs costs extra at $65 per staircase while a lattice will cost $0.85$0.95 per sq. ft. Pressure washing the handrails will cost $2.50$3.50 per linear foot and the underside of your deck will cost $1.50 per sq. ft.

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How Much Does It Cost To Clean A Roof

To many, roof cleaning may seem like a task that can be completed every now and then by a homeowner or property owner. But did you know that regular professional roof cleaning can actually extend the longevity of a roof and keep it performing better, for longer?

Professional roof cleaning is an essential service that significantly improves the quality and the appeal of a roofing structure. The roof over your property is continuously exposed to the elements, dirt, leaves and debris every single day. If you dont invest the time and money into caring for your roof, its structural integrity, and life span will steadily decline. So, how much does it cost to clean a roof? Are professional roof cleaning services worth it?


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