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How To Get A New Roof Through Homeowners Insurance

What Is Insurance Fraud

How to Get a New Roof Through Insurance

Insurance fraud is deceiving an insurance company to receive payment or compensation. It is a serious crime in most jurisdictions, punishable by fines, community service, probation, and even jail time.

When a contractor exaggerates or creates damage for the purpose of filing an insurance claim, it can be considered fraud. Unfortunately, the homeowner, not the contractor, may ultimately be held responsible.

Save on Home Insurance

  • Wind
  • Acts of God

The insurance company, however, expects the homeowner to maintain the roof in good condition. They will not pay to replace a roof that is simply worn out or fix problems that are a result of normal wear and tear.

Roofing scammers attempt to exaggerate or fabricate damage and entice the homeowner with no out-of-pocket cost because the insurance company will pay for it.

Four: Get A Professional Roofing Contractor’s Opinion On The Damage

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One of the best pieces of documentation you can present to your insurance adjuster is a full assessment from a professional roofer. This assessment will prove that your roof needs immediate repair and attention whether youre suffering from a few roof leaks, broken gutters, or multiple damaged areas. Depending on the type of roof material you have, it could last anywhere from 15 years if you have asphalt shingles, or up to 50 years if you have a metal roof, which makes routine inspections crucial.

Your insurance agent will want to set up a roof inspection to determine whether youll need a few minor repairs or a roof replacement. This professional statement will aid you in your roof insurance claim process and help your insurance understand exactly what needs to be done to your roof.

Get A Professional Inspection From A Roofing Company

Always start the process by getting a professional roof inspection from a reputable roofing company. Its important to know the full scope of your replacement before you start finding ways to pay for it.

RoofClaim offers high-quality, free roof inspections, so click here to get the process started if your roof hasnt been inspected yet.

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Review The Insurance Policy

Some homeowners will hurry to call the insurance company if they confirm missing or broken shingles. First, check the terms in your insurance policy and confirm if the cause of your roofs damage is covered in your claim. Also, the policy gives a deadline of when to report a claim, after which your roof replacement becomes null.

Apply For Home Equity Loan

How To Get Homeowners Insurance To Pay For Roof Replacement : 4 Steps ...

If youve owned your home for a while, youve likely built some equity. With a home equity loan, the lender looks at how much of your mortgage is left to pay. Then, they compare that to the market value of your home. If the ratio is favorable to the lender, you may be eligible for a home equity loan. This loan type is usually low-interest, but its not risk-free. Youll be using your assets to back your loan.

Another optionif you have equity in your homeis cash-out refinancing.

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How Do Roof Type And Materials Impact Cost

Insurers often factor the type of roof and type of material into their rebuild costs. Roofs made of slate, tile, concrete shingles, or metal offer the best protection, but they’re also the most expensive to replace.

Here’s how different roof material types rank for insurance costs in most states :

  • Metal

    Metal roofs are most often made from zinc, copper, or steel alloy pieces or tiles and can last anywhere from 40 to 70 years. Their fire-resistant qualities, longevity, and durability make metal roofs very appealing to insurance companies.

  • Slate/Tile

    Slate is resistant to fire, rot, and insects and requires little maintenance. Tile tends to crack more easily, but it provides quality insulation and won’t rot or burn.

  • Asphalt shingle

    While this is the most common roof type because of its affordability and relatively long life span, it decays more easily than metal or slate.

  • Wood

    Comprised of shingles or shakes, wood roofs aren’t fire-resistant. Some insurance companies won’t cover a wooden roof or may require you to apply a fire-retardant protectant in order to get coverage.

  • So Everyone Is Happy Right

    Homeowner gets a free roof, contractor gets the job, and the insurance company saves big money.

    No only the insurance company is happy! The misinformed/ignorant property owner thinks he got a free roof, and the pro knows that he made a couple of bucks profit, because he skipped on the important parts that make a good, long lasting repair job.

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    How Start Your Claim Look For Damage Right Away

    Immediately after a natural disaster, major storm or hail damage, you should be assessing the condition of your roof right away .

    If you notice visible damage, leaks, or other problems, be sure to call your contractor to inspect your roof or ask around for a reputable contractor if you dont already have one on speed dial.

    Even if your roof looks perfectly fine from the outside and there are seemingly no leaks, its important to get it inspected if youve experienced a major weather event or similar occurrence that could cause damage to your roof there are issues only an experienced roofing specialist could uncover.

    How To Get Your Insurance Company To Pay For A New Roof

    Roof Insurance Money & How It Works: The Perfect Way To Explain It To Homeowners

    A damaged roof is not only unsightly its a hazard. As we settle into hurricane season, the state of your roof may have you spiraling with worry over how youll ever find the means to get it fixed after a natural disaster, but have no fear. Your damaged roof can be restored to its former glory with help from your homeowners insurance. Your homeowners insurance is an excellent resource when it comes to roof repair, and with their help, youll have your roof repaired in no time.

    When it comes time to have your roof fixed, theres an easy way to get your insurance company to help chip in towards repairs. Dealing with your insurance company may seem like a difficult process, but not to worry. Well equip you with all the necessary tools on how to get your insurance company to pay for a new roof in a few simple steps and how to keep your roof damage-free in the future.

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    Contact Your Insurance Agent

    Reach out to your agent and ask if the carrier has specific requirements for filing roof replacement claims. Some carriers will only pay for a claim if it’s filed within a certain amount of time after the damage occurred. Your agent will also know if your policy coverage will reimburse for the replacement cost, regardless of the roof’s age or only cover the depreciated value of the roof â leaving you, the homeowner, to pick up the difference.

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    Prepping Your Roofing Insurance Claim

    Whether you need a few new shingles, a complete roof replacement, or one of the more common roof repairs, its important to know what steps to take when filing an insurance claim with your homeowners insurance. Lets familiarize ourselves with the process.

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    Reviewing your home insurance policy is the first step on the road to a new roof. Unfortunately, not all roofing problems are covered by any given insurance policy. When youre gearing up to go into battle for your roof, its essential to know exactly what youre up against.

    If your homeowners insurance policy clearly states that your roofing situation is not covered, you may be out of luck. If you find that theres room to read between the lines, youll have a better chance of getting your insurance company to pay for your roof repairs or replacement. Be sure to understand exactly what your insurance coverage will pay for and determine your deductible before you begin constructing your claim. If your roofing contractor offers to waive your deductible, consider that a red flag.

    Start A Gofundme Campaign

    How To Get Homeowners Insurance To Pay For Roof Replacement : 4 Steps ...

    There are times where a GoFundMe Campaign can be a solution for raising money for your new roof. This is especially true if you or a family member is recovering from an illness or accident.

    Unexpected emergencies such as a home fire or flood are other times where a GoFundMe Campaign may be well-received and successful for fundraising.

    If you just have an older roof that needs replacement and you cant afford it, we dont recommend using a GoFundMe campaign for these situations. Try the other avenues weve listed throughout this article.

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    Beyond The 10 Year Mark

    When a roof is beyond the 10-year mark, a homeowner will usually receive reimbursement on the diminishing or the depreciated value of the roof. Depreciated value simply means that the insurance company evaluates a roof by its age and the wear and tear it has experienced. The insurance carrier then places a decreased value on a roof before damage has taken place.

    Can An Insurance Company Deny You Coverage If You Dont Repair Or Replace A Bad Roof

    To get coverage for your roof, youll need to file a claim with your insurance company. Youll need to submit evidence to support it. Photos of your roof before and after the event can be particularly beneficial. If your roof is more than ten years old, you may also want to consider getting it inspected . You can submit the inspection to let your insurance company know that the roof was in good condition before the incident. The insurance company will also send out an inspector to survey the damage and determine if its covered.

    Lets say that a severe storm tears through your area and destroys your roof. If your roof was in good condition beforehand, youre likely to get coverage. If your roof was more than 15 to 20 years old, however, the inspector may determine that it was the damage was the result of deterioration over time. In such cases, your claim is likely to be denied.

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    Signs You Need To Repair Or Replace Your Roof

    No roof will last forever. Being vigilant and monitoring your roof, however, can help you spot signs of deterioration before they become a serious issue. Some signs to watch for include:

    • Worn, broken, buckled, or missing shingles

    • Finding granules from your shingles in your gutters

    • Water damage in your attic

    • Cracks in your flashing

    Ideally, you should inspect your roof every spring. If you notice any of these issues, you should have them addressed right away. In some cases, you may be able to get away with repairs, rather than needing a full replacement.

    How To Get Insurance To Pay For A New Roof

    Roof wind damage insurance claim denied – Should this qualify?

    The roof damages listed above are just a glimpse into what you can expect to be covered under insurance, but it can vary depending on where you live, what sort of plan you have, and other factors. In general, you can rest easy knowing damage from unforeseeable circumstances like weather and accidents will be covered.

    There are some key things to know, however, that can help ensure your insurance will pay for a new roof, should you ever need one. Follow these tips, and you should have no issue getting insurance coverage for a surprise roof replacement.

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    Five: Find The Right Roofer

    Most times, material defects and consistent repairs trace back to poor installation or workmanship. Finding the right roofer for your roof replacement or repair is one of the most important steps you can take. Compare different quotes, check references, and beware of low offers, which can be a red flag.

    Things To Know Before Asking For Roof Compensation

    If you took out an insurance policy for your roof and paid the premiums, you likely believe that your insurance company will replace it. However, some homeowners get frustrated because of unrealistic expectations for their insurance company. This is why its important for homeowners to be informed.

    Some essential things you should know about claiming compensation for your roof are:

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    Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Roof Replacement

    Your homeowners insurance is there to protect you when you face the unexpected, and since your roof is a key piece of your home, your home insurance is designed to help cover the replacement of your roof if its damaged by a covered loss. But the amount you will receive for your damaged roof depends on if you have actual cash value or replacement cost value, which youll learn more about below. Its important to note that general roof maintenance is your responsibility, and if your roof needs to be replaced simply because its old, your insurance wont help replace it.

    So on average, how long should your roof last? From the roofs design to the climate you live in, there are a number of factors that affect the lifespan of your roof. The roofing life expectancies shown in this table are estimates based upon average use and weather conditions. Roofing life expectancy will vary based upon the quality of the installation and materials, geographic area/climate, weather events, sun exposure and trees or other cover affecting the home.

    Generally, you can determine a roofs average lifespan by the type of material used to cover it. Take a look at the table below for an estimated roof lifespan based on roofing material:

    Know Your Roofing Insurance Coverage

    How To Get Homeowners Insurance To Pay For Roof Replacement : 4 Steps ...

    When you first notice damage to your roof, look at your homeowners policy and the roof coverage it offers. This may take a bit of research if youve never paid much attention to your policy, but the information will also help guide your financial decisions about roof repairs. You can also request a copy of your policy from your insurance agent.

    The majority of insurance agencies offer two types of roof insurance: repair coverage and replacement coverage. Repair coverage usually reimburses the homeowner for a certain percentage of repair costs. Replacement coverage, on the other hand, provides for the replacement of a roof thats beyond repair. These policies are more expensive and make it harder to get a claim accepted. Thats why its so important to document the damage and submit a claim as quickly as possible.

    Unfortunately, not all roof damage will be covered by homeowners insurance. Your coverage depends on your specific policy, your location, and the cause of the damage. For example, a hail storm that damages a roof may qualify for coverage because its an unusual and unpreventable event. However, a hurricane that damages a roof in Florida may not be covered because of the frequency of such events, or because the homeowner lacks hurricane-related coverage or didnt take adequate precautions. If the roof damage was caused by you or an inexperienced roofer, your roof replacement will likely not be covered either.

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    Materials Construction Age Of Roof And Insurance

    Your roof materials are an essential part of determining the overall quality of your roof. Renovating or reinforcing your roof with stronger materials means your home could be less likely to experience costly damage during harsh weather conditions.

    Roof materials are rated on a scale of one to four by insurance companies, so looking for modern, Class 4 materials will help result in the biggest shift in your homeowners insurance rates. This can include stronger shingles made from copper, aluminum, resin or plastic. But lets take a look at the most common types of roofing materials for homes

    1. Asphalt Shingles

    • Average Lifespan: 25 to 30 years
    • Roof Material: Combination out of fiberglass, asphalt and paper fibers
    • Durability: Among the least durable roof materials available
    • Cost: Among the most expensive to choose from due to maintenance to retain effectiveness
    • Look: Available in either a standard, single-thickness or a thicker, laminated shingles
    • Compatibility: Can be installed on every roof up to relatively steeper finishes
    • Natural Disasters: More effective at withstanding fire damage than wind damage

    2. Wood Shingles and Shakes

    3. Concrete & Clay Tile

    4. Metal

    Will Homeowners Insurance Pay For a New Roof?

    We partner with the nation’s top homeowners insurance companies so you can get a custom policy at an affordable price.

    Procedures For An Insurance Claim For Roof Repair

    It’s likely when your roof is damaged to the point that it needs replacement, you’ll want to get a new one as quickly as possible — but that doesnt mean you should cut corners to speed things along. Your insurer could delay or even refuse a payout if you fail to follow proper procedure. As long as you file your claim correctly, your insurer should compensate you for any out-of-pocket expenses youre entitled to receive.

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