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How To Get Mold Off Your Roof

Should I Remove Mold From My Roof

Roof cleaning products review on how to remove mold from asphalt shingles.

In the grand scheme of things, mold might seem like a minor roofing problem compared to others, but mold damage can become irreparable over time. If left untreated, it can gradually make your roof so unstable that it might require roof replacement. Therefore, the best way to avoid expensive roof repairs and protect your investment is to have regular maintenance against mold.

That said, removing fungus, mildew, and mold stains from roof shingles is no easy feat. For this reason, many homeowners rely on experienced roofing contractors to get the job done. If you are finding a moldy roof too overwhelming to deal with, schedule an inspection with RoofCrafters, and we’ll have one of our experts take a look at your roof and come up with the best plan of attack against these feisty fungi.

At RoofCrafters, our mission is to provide job opportunities for others to thrive and grow while making a meaningful impact within our communities.

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How To Clean Mold Off A Roof

This article was co-authored by Mike Kapur. Mike Kapur is a home inspector and the owner of Sonic Home Inspections, a home inspection company in Westchester, New York. With over 15 years of experience in pre-inspecting properties, Mike specializes in mold, radon, asbestos, lead, water, and air quality testing as well as hazardous materials, pest, infrared, and general home inspections. Prior to founding Sonic Home Inspections, Mike worked pre-inspecting apartments. Mike holds a BS in Accounting from Queens College and is a Certified Mold Assessor in the state of New York.There are 17 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 70,015 times.

Its easy to let a mold problem sneak up on you on in out-of-the-way places like the roof of your home. Just because you cant see it, however, doesnt make it any less dangerous. At best, slimy black mold deposits are an eyesore at worst they can pose serious health risks. Thats why if you find evidence of mold growing on the roof of your home, eliminating it right away should be a high priority. You can bust up stubborn mold, along with other types of growth like moss and algae, by spraying your roof down with a powerful chemical cleaner.

Getting Rid Of Mold And Algae

The old standard method for cleaning algae and mold stains from asphalt shingles is to spray on a solution of chlorine bleach and water. You let the solution sit for about 5 minutes, or so, then you rinse it off with a hose. However, bleach is not an ideal solution for a few reasons: it is toxic to plants , and it can damage shingles if it’s left on too long or isn’t completely rinsed off. You can protect your plants from bleach spray, but then you have the rinse water pouring down your gutters into your yard, etc.

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The Process For Removing The Mold

When Orlando roofers like Janney Roofing remove mold, we start by protecting the lawn and landscaping. We first splash the plants with water to protect them from the bleaching solution. Next, they cover the area closest to the roof with plastic sheeting or tarps to protect the soil.

The choice of roofers for removing mold, among roofing supplies, is a special bleaching agent formulated for roofs. The roofing contractors mix this bleaching agent with water and spray the roof down, paying close attention to areas that are stained. They will let the mixture stay on the roof for a bit to ensure it penetrates the stain. Finally, we will wash the roof down with water to remove the bleaching agent and the stains.

After rinsing the roof, we will inspect the roof again for mold and stains. If needed, we can reapply the bleaching to specific areas to get the last of the mold and staining off. After the last of the mold is gone, they will remove the tarps and then spray the ground down to dilute any run-off from the cleaning process.

How Tostop Mold And Algae From Coming Back

How To Get Mold Off Your Roof

Thesimple way to keep mold and algae from coming back is to keep out moisture. Youcan get waterproofing done on your roof from a roofing company.

Anotherimportant step to avoid mold and algae growth on the roof is regular cleaningof your roof. Make sure that you clean the debris and ensure that the guttersare working to allow water to drain. Prune the overgrown tree branches so thatthey arent hanging over your roof.

Get aregular roof inspection done at least once a year to ensure that bacteria growthis eliminated. Roof repair companies can also fix the shingles if damaged orcurled which will minimize the chance of having to deal with major mold andalgae issues in the future.

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Get Rid Of Musty Odors#

Deep clean carpets and upholstered furniture: Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, deep cleaning carpet and upholstered furniture can get rid of mildew spores and freshen a home. Clean on a dry, breezy day so that the fabrics will dry quickly. Clean and declutter every space: Stacks of papers and books can trap moisture and lead to a musty odor. Clean and dust every surface and dispose of as much clutter as possible in every room. Add odor absorbers: Commercial odor absorbers that use activated charcoal are available to hang in closets or spaces that lack good air circulation. Or, use a bowl of dry baking soda, coffee grounds, or kitty litter to help absorb odors, and be sure to change these products frequently. Add pleasing scents: Once the mildew is gone, you can add a more pleasing scent by simmering spices or citrus peels, lighting candles, using diffuser sticks, essential oil diffusers, or commercial air fresheners.

Improper Exhausting Of Bathroom Fans Or Dryer Vents

Dryer exhaust vents, kitchen exhaust fans and bathroom exhaust fans are designed to pump moisture OUT of your home. So make absolutely sure that they terminate outside your home and NEVER in the attic. Also plumbing stacks in the attic can be a source of condensation, which can lead to attic mold growth. Plumbing stacks can also emit hazardous gases, so make sure that they too do not terminate inside the attic.

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How Do I Stop Mold Growing On My Roof

How to Prevent Algae Growth on Your Roof

  • Trim The Trees.
  • Get Your Roof Washed Regularly.
  • Get A New Algae Resistant Roof.
  • Prevent Roof Algae Growth with New Shingles.
  • How do you remove mold from roof shingles?

    While wearing protective rubber gloves and a breathing mask, carefully pour ¼-part chlorine bleach into a clean bucket with ¾-part water. Next, put a tablespoon of trisodium phosphate to the bleach solution. Pour the bleach solution into a pump sprayer. Generous spray the moldy roof shingles with the solution.

    Will mold damage roof shingles?

    The black mold-like stains and streaks that appear on roofs, particularly light-colored asphalt shingles, is actually a blue-green algae . Commonly found in climates with warm, humid summers, it does no damage to the roofing, but it certainly does looks bad.

    How Can Homeowners Discourage Algae And Moss From Growing On The Roof

    How To Remove Roof Moss – And Keep It Away

    Trees overhanging the roof can encourage algae and moss growth. So trim back any overhanging branches. Twigs, leaves, and sticks that accumulate on the roof should be promptly removed with a leaf blower. Always direct the airflow down the slope of the roof, so debris doesnt get stuck under the shingles.

    Keep the gutters clean and clear. If a higher roof is draining onto a lower roof, thats a recipe for algae and moss growth. A simple fix is to direct the downspout of the upper roof into the lower roof gutter.

    If youre due for a roof replacement, then installing algae-resistant shingles is an excellent way to prevent unsightly algae growth. Algae hate copper, and you can also put strips of copper under the shingles nearest the roof peak. This will prevent future algae cells from making your roof their home. You can also replace your old asphalt shingles with new ones in a darker color to hide streaks and stains.

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    How To Remove Mold Mildew And Algae From Your Roof

    Mold, mildew, and algae are significant problems for any home, but can be even more persistent in warm and humid climates such as the South or the Midwest. As the snow starts to melt and the temperatures rise, you may start to notice dark streaks and stains on your asphalt shingles. While not dangerous, this common occurrence can lead to more serious consequences down the road if not handled properly. Fortunately, there is a wide range of ways to handle mold, mildew, and algae that can keep your home looking fresh. Learn all about how to remove contaminants and protect your home from moisture with the roofing experts at Shanco today!

    Guide For Algae & Moss Removal On Your Roof

    If you live in the South, Midwest, or another region of the country that has warm, humid summers, you may have noticed stains and streaks showing up on your asphalt shingles. These stains look a lot like moldbut in fact, much of this so-called mold is actually blue-green algae . In some cases, what looks like mold might be more properly classified as moss.

    In less frequent instances, the streaks on the roof actually are mold, which can be very dangerous for your family and more difficult to get rid of. The most serious mold cases can cause asthma, headaches, and other health problems, so its crucial to understand the difference. Thats where our roof algae and moss removal guide can assist you. Lets start by identifying whats exactly on your roof.

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    The Natural Way To Protecting Your Roof

    There’s also the longstanding preventative measure of installing zinc or copper strips near the ridge line of the affected roof planes. Both metals contain minerals that naturally inhibit algae and mold. When it rains, the runoff water carries minerals off of the metal and washes them down the roof.

    Replace Home Plumbing Leaks

    CNY Roof Cleaning

    One of the most common ways that mold enters a home is through plumbing leaks. Even a small leak can allow mold spores to enter your home and begin growing. If you have any leaks in your home, its important to repair them as soon as possible to prevent mold growth. It may be necessary to replace some of your pipes if they are old or rusty. Its also important to clean up any standing water or moisture on surfaces that come into contact with water.

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    How To Get Rid Of Mold On Bathroom Shower Ceiling References

    How To Get Rid Of Mold On Bathroom Shower Ceiling. A mouldy bathroom doesnt only look bad, though, as it can also be bad for your health. Apply a thick layer baking soda paste to the moldy area .

    As steam leaves the shower, it hits the cold ceiling and creates condensation. Before proceeding to clean, you will need to make a few preparations.

    How To Clean Algae Or Mold Off Your Roof Shingles

    Living in a humid area of the country like Florida, youve probably seen your asphalt shingle roofs with unsightly dark streaks on them. A blue-green algae known as Gloeocapsa Magma could be the reason you have the algae which is spread by airborne spores. Sometimes it can also be caused by an accumulation of mildew, mold, dirt, or defective shingles.

    This discoloring can hurt the beauty of your homes curb appeal and the resale value of your home if you have it up for sale.

    Algae stains dont show up below the metal flashing around chimneys or roof vents because the copper and the zinc coating on galvanized sheet metal are toxic to algae. Whenever it rains, trace amounts of metals are washed down the roof, inhibiting algae growth.

    Algae Resistant Shingles

    In recent years, roofing manufacturers have begun mixing copper granules into roofing products to produce algae resistant shingles. If you live in an area susceptible to algae growth, be sure to specify this type of shingle when replacing your roof, reports Todays Homeowner.

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    Locate The Source Of The Musty Smell#

    Its time to take a look and a sniff around. Until you identify the source of the musty smell, youll never be able to get rid of itand it can get worse. Begin your search in areas that are often warm and moist, like a bathroom. Check for mildew growth in the shower, on the shower curtain, and leaks around sinks, tubs, and toilets.In the kitchen, look for leaks around the sink and dishwasher. Check under and in the refrigerator and small appliances that use water, like coffee makers and tea kettles. Be sure to also check the trashcan, as mildew could be growing under the disposable trash bag liner.In the bedroom and living areas, look around window seals for leaks and under potted plants that can leak. Check closets for mildew caused by storing damp shoes or clothes.Dont forget to take a trip to the attic, basement, and garage to check for damp areas around windows, water heaters, and vents.Check for leaks around the washer and around the doors of front-load washers that can harbor mildew in the laundry room. Be sure that your dryer vent is clean and that the outdoor vent is not blocked, so there is good airflow to eliminate moisture.

    Do A Thorough Air Duct Cleaning

    Removing Algae Stains From Roof Shingles

    One of the best ways to remove mold is to do a thorough air duct cleaning. This will remove all the mold spores from your home, and it will also help improve the quality of your indoor air. In addition, doing a thorough air duct cleaning will also help improve the efficiency of your HVAC system. Its important to note that its not enough just to get rid of the mold on your roof. Youll need to have this cleaned on an annual basis if you want to keep your house clear of dangerous bacteria.

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    Prevent Roof Mold In Future

    There are a few simple ways to keep mold and algae from returning to your newly washed roof. The simplest is to apply a cleaning or treatment product formulated for long-term protection against algae and mold growth. There’s also the longstanding preventative measure of installing zinc or copper strips near the ridge line of the affected roof planes. Both metals contain minerals that naturally inhibit algae and mold. You simply slip the strips under the shingles, leaving the metal partially exposed, and nail the strips in place. When it rains, the runoff water carries minerals off of the metal and washes them down the roof.

    Bleach Solution Will Remove Mold From Roof

    Q.What do you think of the products and people who clean roofs of various stains? I have quite a few stains, and wonder if I need to hire a roof cleaner, or buy products such as Roof Begone at Ace Hardware. I have one of those zinc strips installed parallel to the roof ridge, but it is exposed only 1 inch and I still have the stains. I treated some lichen with a lot of water, and when the spots finally came off, they pulled off a lot of the shingle. – DAN, Lynnfield

    A. Roofs seem to be collecting a lot of stains of late: mold algae moss get on your roof. That Roof Begone sounds intriguing, but at $30 a gallon its as expensive as some paints.

    Or make your own: one part bleach and three parts water, which will kill mold and algae, but algae needs scrubbing and an extra dose of the bleach/water solution. You can scrape off the moss, or treat with a strong stream from the garden hose.

    Unless the power is turned way down, it is not a good idea to power wash an asphalt shingle roof.

    Finally, those zinc strips will prevent new growth of all these pesky things, but will not remove whats already there. Other metals that will deter growth of the three peskies are copper and lead.

    Q.Warm water is running from the cold water taps in both my kitchen and bathroom. Replacing the fixtures did not solve the problem. How can I fix it? – NANCY, in Hottons chat room

    I would avoid candles, they produce a lot of soot and other contaminants.

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    Make Your Shingles Last Longer

    Roof stains are a common roof problem. Black streaks on the north- and west-facing and shaded areas of your asphalt-shingled roof can really wreck the appearance of your home. The roof streaks look like mold, but theyre actually algae colonies that form in your shingles and feed on moisture and the limestone filler agents in the shingles.

    Using shingles that have been treated with algicide keeps the growth at bay for about 10 years . But once the algicide wears off, your roof hosts an all-you-can-eat buffet for the neighborhood algae spores. So it pays to clean your shingles as soon as you spot algae growth.

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    Dont Throw The Baby Out With The Bathwater

    How To Get Mold Out Your House

    If you will be using a plant toxic solution to eliminate the unwanted growth on your roof, consider that roofs are designed to let liquids flow off of them. With this in mind, you will want to protect the rest of your garden from accidental overflow. Before you start, simply spray your garden plants down with water, as this will give them a protective layer. If you have particularly green thumbs and precious plant friends, cover them with a plastic sheet or something similar while you are cleaning the roof.

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