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How To Sell Roofing Jobs

Feel Like There Are No Good Motivated Salespeople Anymore

How to Sell Insurance Roofing Jobs

If youre like most contractors, youre probably struggling to find motivated salespeople or find the right salespeople for this job, banging your head against the wall as you watch people come and go from your organization with a turnover rate that keeps you up at night. Maybe youre still pushing the old CraigsList ad, or maybe youre advertising on another recruiting website and are getting a bite here and there every couple of weeks, but people bail when you say the words door to door, sales, or commission, leaving you scratching your head and wondering if there are any good, motivated salespeople who are willing to work out there anymore.

Do you feel like youre taking crazy pills when someone working a miserable 9 to 5 corporate desk job they hate that offers only 7 days of paid vacation and a $36,000 a year salary declines to sign up for the amazing opportunity that storm restoration roof sales offers with its six-figures in six-months income potential, incredible flexibility and personal and financial freedom? Are you flabbergasted and confused at how ANYONE in their right mind would turn down leaving a dead end job that makes them feel dead inside every time they clock in Monday through Friday for an incredible opportunity like roof sales? If this is you, Ive got some important information for you.

.and it doesnt work.

It almost. Never. Works.


Trade Shows For Commercial Roofing Leads

Trade shows dont just provide the opportunity to check out your competition you can also create business partnerships, company awareness, and new leads. Make sure anybody who stops by your booth gets a freebie they will consider valuable. Perhaps you could provide educational content on residential roof repairs and home improvement. Finally, ensure you properly follow up with anyone you meet.

Maximize Your Roofing Sales Salary With Choice Roof Contractor Group

Choice Roof Contractor Group offers some great sales jobs opportunities for dedicated professionals. The details of these opportunities can be found on our commercial roofing sales page.

Are you interested in learning more? Then contact us today to learn more about our opportunities, become involved, or get roof sales tips for greater success if you are already involved in this unique opportunity.

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Start Your Blog For Roofing Seo

Blogging is one of the best ways of increasing your websites visitor count by taking advantage of search engine optimization. Regularly uploading blogs to your site that include keywords your customers are likely to search can, over time, boost your page views and increase the number of potential leads for your roofing business.

Create blogs that are both informative and engaging and aim for a word count of 1,300 to 1,500 words per piece. An article of this length works best for search engine optimization, as it helps to keep your keyword densities within acceptable limits. If youre unsure about how search engine optimization works, a roofing SEO specialist can be worth their weight in gold.

You can boost the performance of your blog posts by sharing them via your social media accounts as well. To save time, you can use a social media posting tool such as Hootsuite to share your blog to all your online profiles at once.

Roofing Leads Guide 17 Ways To Get More In 2021

How to Sell More Commercial Roofing Jobs By Thinking Like ...

This guide is getting a much needed update for 2021. The world has been shaken up, old tactics are getting less effective. The pounding doors people are still loud, but less confident.

Estimated Read Time: 29 minutes

This guide is getting a much needed update for 2021.

The world has been shaken up, old tactics are getting less effective.

The pounding doors people are still loud, but less confident.

Your instincts are right if you dont OWN DIGITAL, then youre possibly missing out on a huge treasure trove of leads that you just wont get through door-knocking.

  • Take action now and get more roofing leads in 2021
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    Leverage Digital Sales Tools

    With heightened capabilities and efficiencies, the IMGING app transforms the roofing process

    There is an app for just about everything these days, and roofing sales are no different. With apps such as IMGING, just a drone and your mobile device become an advanced inspection toolkit. They arm drone roofing salespeople with the ability to capture high-res images, acquire on-site measurements, build polished reports, adjust waste percentage, and create accurate estimates, all on-site. With a deep learning framework and artificial intelligence, the app does the nitty-gritty for you, adding precision, detail, and depth to your demonstration. Take advantage of digital sales tools that keep you off the roof and impressing potential customers with sleeker, more streamlined processes.

    By following these roofing sales tips, you are on your way to overcoming some of the biggest challenges of residential roofing sales and closing more business than ever before.

    Pounding The Pavement Knocking Doors Canvassing

    Opportunity 5/5 | Expensive 2/5 | Quickness 5/5 | How long to wear off 1/5

    Many roofing business owners got their start pounding the pavement they recognized that although uncomfortable sometimes, there is insane amounts of opportunity just getting out and having conversations with people that have been affected by storms. Once you get the rush of selling someone face to face, and realize that the money is literally falling from the sky you may get addicted to it. The only harsh reality here is that there isnt always a storm so that means the general need for roofing services is usually spread more far and wide then just canvassing a specific city.

    Door knocking is a massive an undeniable opportunity in the arsenal of roofing companies to get more leads , but it most definitely should not be the only one.

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    Use Drones As Canvassing Tools

    Roofers are enhancing efficiency and winning business using the latest drone technologies.

    Accompanied by a drone platform, drones not only have the power to get the work done faster and better than human labor could, but they carry far less risk and are intriguing to prospects. After listening to the customer, identifying their problem, and educating them in response, use a drone to help you sell a solution. Put the drone into action by offering a free inspection and get the results in less than an hour. The software will speak for itself, and the efficiency and productivity of drone roofing will be evident. A drone can cover a lot more ground in a lot less time, optimizing your day of knocking doors. Drones can also spark the interest of neighbors and open the door for more business. If your company is not yet using drones, it might be time to re-evaluate.

    Determine The Roof Pitch

    Highest Commission Roofs To Sell? How to Target The BIGGEST Roofing Sales Jobs

    The roof pitch, or how steep it is, is expressed as a ratio.

    A ratio of 4:13, for instance, means the roof rises 4 feet for every 13 feet of horizontal length. The roof pitch can either be low, medium, or high.

    A low roof pitch has a ratio of 5:12 or lower, a medium roof pitches 6:12 to 9:12, and a high roof pitches 10:12 to 12:12.

    For our example, lets assume the roof pitch is 5:12.

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    How To Price A Roofing Job

    Now that you know approximately how much the job will cost you, you have to decide what to charge your customer. According to Roofing Contractor, more than nine out of 10 roofing professionals wont achieve their goal revenue because they simply do the math wrong. If you want to make a 10 percent margin on a $1,000 job, you charge $1,111, not $1,100. How do you get to that number?

    The total cost to you for this job is $1,000. If you want a 10 percent margin, those costs represent 90 percent of the final selling price, while the margin is the other 10. So, the final selling price is equal to the costs to you divided by the percentage: 1,000 / 0.90 = 1,111. Therefore, you charge the customer $1,111.

    Lets say you wanted to calculate a 5 percent margin on this same job instead. If so, your costs would be 95 percent of the total selling cost, while the margin is the other five. Again, you write out the percentage as a decimal place and use the same formula. 1,000 / 0.95 = 1,052. So, to achieve a 5 percent margin, youd charge the customer $1,052.

    Don’t Ever Criticise The Competition

    Another thing poor salespeople do it criticise the competition, sometimes they dont mean too, but they do it anyway.

    A little story

    I was once with a trainee rep, and the client mentioned they had a quote from such and such firm, down the road.

    The trainee and I had been talking a few days before.

    The said company had been mentioned in a local newspaper article and were forced to give a refund by the local authorities for shoddy quality.

    When the client mentioned the company, the trainee leapt at the chance to discredit the rival firm. In his mind, it removes them from the picture and put him one step closer.

    He would be wrong. It makes both companies look unprofessionalthem for being in the paper under such circumstances and us for using such tactics.

    Focus on your company all of the time, if the client mentions another roofing contractor, be polite, acknowledge them and get back to selling the benefits of using your roofing business. Nobody likes a telltale.

    MAN stands for money, authority and need and is an old but useful sales acronym.

    Lets take a closer look,

    Money The people you are talking to have the money to pay for this roof replacement or repair.

    They have the authority to make the final decision on which roofing contractor will get this project.

    Need They need this work done, and its not a project that they are just looking at for the future, or maybe never.

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    What You Should Change

    A large component missing from roof sales has been technology and strategic marketing. Are you trying to market your company online but your customer targeting seems to be a bit off? Marketing on billboards is ineffective for a lot of roofing companies, but targeted online marketing and team management will help you get the kind of visibility that generates deals. Use some of these tactics to better reach the modern client:

    Clients have the ability to compare prices, read reviews, and check your credibility without even talking to you that was never considered before. So cater to their wants by providing them information and time to consider what youre offering.

    Start Considering What Your Modern Client Really Wants

    Roofing Sales Job? How to Choose The Right Roofing Company ...

    This is a huge shift in buying behavior. The expectations of modern buyers are higher than they have been with the previous generation of consumers. Modern buyers expect a more sophisticated sales process, and 70% of customers agree: knowledgable sales representatives are a major factor in how loyal they are to a company..

    They also prefer communicating through technology and want to be reached in more ways than one. Using instant messaging services and email nurturing campaigns is a simple and easy way to show your potential customers that you are personable and can be contacted for their needs and concerns.

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    Setup Google My Business To Start Your Roofing Seo

    Formerly known as Google Places, is Googles online directory of businesses that connects customers with local service providers.

    Google My Business is the platform you need to register with to have your business show up on Google Maps, Google Search, and Google Earth. Even if you dont have a website, you should have a Google My Business profile. Its a crucial requirement for local search engine optimization and an excellent place to kick off your roofing marketing campaign.

    Setting up Google My Business is free and easy. First, its worth checking your business isnt already listed. If you do find a listing, simply follow Googles process to claim it. Google also provides useful instructions on .

    Offer Roofing Sales Pricing Options

    Property owners want options. Its not always easy to tell if a homeowner is willing to invest in the finest products available or if they might be in a tight financial position. In almost every case, you can offer a customer choices between good, better, and best. Of course you want to upsell them, but at the same time, assure them that even the lower-end products you represent will give them years of protection and still look fantastic on their home. Reinforce that no matter what system they buy, your company will stand behind it and apply the same high standards to the installation process. When a homeowner feels that they dont have to be ashamed about choosing the least expensive path, theyre likely to move up to something better, anyway!

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    How To Get 15 Commercial Roofing Leads In The Next 30 Days

    Here at RoofEngine, we do our best to educate roofing owners on what’s working these days when it comes to making your phone ring with quality roof replacement leads.You guys have been giving us awesome feedback on the RoofEngine Facebook page, and I want to thank you for that. Back in August I wrote an article on commercial roofing that went viral on Facebook and was read over 1,300 times in the first week and shared 67 times.

    The response was overwhelming. We were flooded with messages from commercial roofers asking how to actually get more commercial roofing leads.As the saying goes… Ask and you shall receive.

    How Do I Sell A Job To Another Roofing Company

    Roofing Sales Job? How to Choose The Right Roofing Company to Sell and Work For

    My question is this:

    I work part-time as a roofing sales consultant for a company that works strictly residential. However, I picked-up a claim for a large commercial property from one of my residential clients. I did the inspection, called and met with the insurance company and the roof was bought. The owner also wants work done to a structure not part of this claim. Now Im looking for a company to do the work. My question is what is a reasonable request for commission on this job from a company that I dont work for? What is the best way to approach another company with this job and my fee?

    I dont want to offend anyone by asking for commission. I hope someone is available to help.

    If it were me I would research the company that you wish to have do the work.Not doing so can result in the loss of a client.

    Commercial clients have commercial friends.No shock but commercial is where the big coins are.

    I would approach the company with confidence.I would speak with a manager or someone in a very high position in the company.

    My request would be around 30%,To some that seems high.But it is a great place to start the negotiations.IMO that is.

    This is the first I have heard of a part time roofing sales personNo disrespect intended.,just have never heard of it in roofing.

    Back to the 30% fee.,if it were me and you were offering my company the project.,.,I would have zero problems paying the 30%.,

    Yes your post asks the question how to approach other companies but

    Good luck

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    Create A Referral Program

    Opportunity 2/5 | Expensive 1/5 | Quickness 1/5 | How long to wear off 3/5

    A referral program for your employees and customers can also help generate roofing leads for your business. Your employees want to remain in business as much as you do, so offering incentives for them to refer friends and family to your company for their roofing needs may encourage them to share with others about your businesss services consistently.

    And your clients can be one of the best resources for giving you free roofing leads. Happy customers are often willing to share their experiences with others on social media or review sites. Offer a special discount for future service to any client who brings you a qualified lead.

    # 2 Understand Your Ideal Roofing Client

    Spend time thinking about this question: what problems does your ideal roofing client face?

    Your typical roofing client is possibly in a state of anxiety regarding their roof.

    What frustrations and anxieties do your roofing clients have?

    • Maybe theyre frustrated because their roof looks awful.
    • Maybe their roof is leaking, and their entire family is stressing.
    • Maybe theres snow piled on their roof, and they need removal fast!

    Understanding the stress of your roofing client puts you in a superior position. Now you can write better sales copy on any of your platforms, and you can communicate with your customers in a way thats super focused and relevant.

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    Why One Or Two Pager Proposals Are Losing You Money

    A one page bid that just spells out the specs and price says one thing.ââHere is what Iâll do and how much money I need you to give meââWhich is all you need if youâre a plumber fixing a hot water heater or a mechanic doing a break job, but if youâre still here reading this guide, youâre not in that boat. Those solutions are not for you.âYou sell complex and expensive roofing systems. Your business is built on asking intelligent commercial property owners for large sums of money. Youâre really in the objection handling/trust building business.âDo you really want to skimp on the support evidence and framing when so much money is at stake?

    Tips To Crush Residential Roofing Sales

    How to Sell Insurance Roofing Jobs

    Residential roofing sales are not what they used to be. Tape measures have been replaced by apps, the analog by the digital, and drones have become fully implemented in the process. A compelling sales presentation must encompass more than just product and price. It must also include tried and true sales techniques that rely on human interaction, effective communication, and trusting relationships. The road to roofing sales mastery accommodates both.

    Granted, there is not one single way to do this. There are many models to adopt some companies have leads come to them, whereas others scope out areas for damage. Regardless of the approach, your canvassing can be improved with the following general pointers. Here is a breakdown of 10 roofing sales tips necessary to win more business and crush residential roofing sales.

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