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Is Replacing Your Roof A Good Investment

Why Would I Choose To Spend Money On The Repairs

Tips From the Pros on Replacing Your Roof

There is one reason you might choose to spend money on your roof: to sell your home faster. Well-maintained homes have the potential to sell faster because they show better when people tour them in-person, and thats one less concern for the buyer to take into account. If the useful life of your roof might come into question when you sell, pay for a roofing specialist to do a maintenance service and then certify the roof for an additional three to five years. A certification will back you against any doubts about how many years the roof has left.

Things You Can Repair On Your Roof

Minor issues with a roof can usually be repaired fully by a roof repair professional. These kinds of issues include:

  • Missing shingles. If you see one or more shingles missing from your roof, you should replace them as soon as possible. Even a single missing shingle can allow water to penetrate to the underlayment and lead to deterioration. All components of the roof need to be in good repair to seal out the elements. Keep in mind that the shingles you replace will not match the appearance of the existing shingles, so the repair will be noticeable.
  • Small leaks along flashing. One or two small leaks along the flashing may be fairly easy to repair with the right sealant. The key is to only attempt this kind of repair if the leak is small and isolated. If there are many leaks, or the leak is major, you may find that trying to seal them only puts a very short term Band-Aid on a major problem

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Take Note Of Signs Of Wear

Climb back up that ladder and inspect these areas for deterioration:

  • Shingles: Curling or missing shingles equates to holes in your roofs armor, leaving your home more vulnerable to the elements. Uneven discoloration, black streaks, and moss signal that this layer is past its prime.
  • Storm gutters:Clogged storm gutters trap water along your roofs edges which may lead to mold and decay. Granules of your shingle material in the gutter are another telltale sign that its time for a swap out.
  • Chimney flashing:Chimney flashing is the lining at the bottom of your chimney where it meets the roof. If your flashing is slathered with cracked cement or tar, youll want to upgrade to quality, water-tight fitting to prevent leaks. Note a red flag for rusty flashing, as well rusted flashing invites leaks and further structural damage.
  • Wall and roof intersections: See decay where your roof meets the exterior walls? Damaged or missing step flashing allows water to settle into this meeting point, inducing corrosion.
  • Attic ceiling: Your roof is leaking if you see any stains, streaks, or light beams underneath it. A sagging ceiling in the attic or top floor also suggests leakage.

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Do I Need to Move Out During a Roof Replacement?

If you need a new roof, the Oakland County Roofing professionals at Grennan Construction can help. Our estimates are always free, and we offer financing through Synchrony for those who qualify.


1. Call Us To Schedule Your Free Estimate
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Are you still wondering how much it will cost to for a new roof? If so, contact us to set up your free roof estimate.


How To Match Roof Shingles To Your House Color? 6 Tips To Take Into Consideration

Some homeowners get stumped when it comes to choosing their shingle color. Follow along with us as we break down 6 things to consider when making the decision of what color shingle to choose for your new roof.

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How Much Does A New Roof Cost

There are several things to consider when determining how much a new roof will cost. First, think about what materials youll use, because if youre working on a tight budget, asphalt shingles will be the go-to material, as its the lowest cost. For luxury materials, such as slate and tile, your budget will have to be able to handle $1,500 for every 10 by 10 foot area.

Next, consider the size of your roof. The larger the roof, the more material will have to be used to cover it. You also have to take labor into account, as a larger roof will take longer to complete.

Finally, how steep is your roof and are there many obstructions, such as skylights, vents, etc.? A steep roof is more difficult to work on, so that will impact labor costs. Working around obstructions will also add to the cost.

Protection For Your Home

A faulty roof affects more than just your roof. If your roof is leaky, water can get into your walls and your electrical wiring. If roof rot starts to form on the decking, that rot can spread and potentially impact the structure of your home. If your roof gutters are cracked or clogged, water runoff can damage your foundation, siding, or flower beds along the wall. People talk about the protection of “a roof over your head” for a reason. If you have a good roof, it will protect your home from the elements outside…and the wear that can come from having a faulty roof.

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Reasons To Install A New Roof

If you look at your roof and everything seems fine, you might not even consider getting a new roof. But the deterioration of your roof isnt the only reason you should weigh your options. A new roof can improve your homes appearance, give you a chance to upgrade roofing technology, increase your warranty length, solve any annoying problems, and improve your homes property value.

Calculating Long Term Value

Is My Roof Good for Solar?

Investing in a new roof will help increase the value of your home when you go to sell. Depending on the material used, a new roof can last anywhere from 20 to 50 yearswith asphalt being on the lower end and slate, copper and tile roofs being on the higher end. The value of your home increases when you install a new roof to replace an old one nearing the end of its life expectancy.

To determine the approximate roof ROI when it comes to resale, Remodeling Magazine has compiled national statistics on remodeling projects and the value those renovations had at the time of resale. You can select your region and download a report to get data on resale amounts in your city.

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Roof Coating Vs Replacement

Which is the better option: investing in a roof coating or a complete roof replacement? That will come down to your needs and situation. A roof that is in relatively good condition, with maybe a few minor issues, will generally benefit more from a coating than a replacement. That being said, a roof that is in bad condition and suffering from many issues, will need a replacement. Roof coatings will not fix problems like leaks or damages caused by leaks. More likely they will exacerbate the problem resulting in costlier issues. Its like turning off the gas line when there is a leak, but not scheduling time for a gas line repair. Without the right repairs, a roof coating will not be effective.

An Inspection Can Help Determine If It’s The Right Time For A New Roof

The need for new roofing is more obvious in some cases than others, but the decision is always important. Roof installation or replacement is a significant investment that has a big impact on the appearance, value, and function of your home.

Bone Dry Roofing specializes in both roof replacement and new roof installation in Indiana. There are many reasons to install a new roof, which is why our expert roofers will inspect your homes roof and help you decide if roof replacement is necessary and worth the investment.

More than just shingles

When you have new roofing installed, the job can also include new flashing around the chimney or vent pipes.

If you rent out a home, are planning on selling your home, or if your roof is more than 20 years old, Bone Dry Roofing suggests having your roof inspected to assess any damage and determine if the roof can be repaired or if its time for a new roof.

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What To Expect If You Replace Your Roof Before You Sell:

If your home demands a full roofing overhaul to sell, then prepare to fork up a significant sum to cover the project. HomeAdvisor reports that homeowners spend on average between $5,346 $10,787 on roof replacement, though Jennifer and Andrew Oldham have witnessed clients spend as much as $60,000.

The good news is, a roof replacement returns a fair amount of investment: 61.2% to 65.9% by Remodeling Magazines estimate. Industry research leaders the National Association of the Remodeling Industry and the National Association of Realtors echo this calculation in their joint 2019 Remodeling Impact Report. New roofing ranks the number one project for appeal to buyers and likely added value to home at resale. The report estimates that a new roof brings an average $8,000 return, with 33% of agents stating that a new roof has helped them close a sale.

Is Replacing Your Roof A Good Investment

4 Huge Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Roof Replacement

Is replacing a leaky roof or one that doesnt look good a smart investment? Yes! It will increase your homes value and make it easier to sell. Consider an experienced company like Dickson Roofing. We can help determine if its the right time for a new roof and propose affordable solutions.

Dickson Roofing has served the Naples area for more than four decades. You can find our top-quality work throughout Collier and Lee counties in some of the most prestigious communities, including Port Royal, Grey Oaks, Bay Colony, Mediterra, Olde Naples, Aqualane Shores and Park Shore.

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Other Factors To Consider

But while some experts believe that roofs do command a higher value for properties, others may think otherwise. This is an ongoing debate that may not see its end very soon. Even so, every rational homeowner can see the logic behind improving the roof to take advantage of all the benefits listed above. A new roof means less maintenance for the new buyers, which is definitely a plus factor when selecting properties in the market. And can also save them money on roof replacement costin the future.

Possibly, the concern is in that minimal loss of investment. If youre looking to spend some $20,000 on a new roof, you will only get 69% or $13,800 back. So in essence, youre not really adding to the value, youre losing $6,200. But that $6,200 can be recovered elsewhere, like in the tax credits and the decreased energy costs youll enjoy. But then again, one is not likely to spend that much on re-roofing a typical home.

Additional Helpful Real Estate Articles

Use these additional valuable real estate articles to make sound buying and selling decisions!

Add Curb Appeal To Your Home

A roof replacement is an excellent way to add a striking appearance and added curb appeal to your home.

Since your roof is responsible for half of your homes exterior appearance, it is a critical component when investing in your homes curb appeal. Many buyers search for a home with a new roof, which allows you to sell your house with ease down the road.

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When To Replace Your Roof: How To Tell If Its Time

At HomeLight, our vision is a world where every real estate transaction is simple, certain, and satisfying. Therefore, we promote strict editorial integrity in each of our posts.

Last time you climbed up a ladder and cleaned out your gutters, you got a magnified view of your roof. A few turned up shingles, moss, some rust action are these blemishes normal, or are they signs that you need a new roof?

When you start noticing your roofs age, bring in the experts to determine if its time for a replacement. Roof damage can lead to leaks and cause significant structural damage. Plus, beyond protecting your home, your roof plays a key role in curb appeal when its time to sell.

We want our houses to look as good as possible from the curb and from the photographs. And now that we use a lot of aerial shots and drone shots, the roof is much more visible. So its just that much more important that the roof looks good, shares top real estate agent Andrew Oldham, who, along with his partner Jennifer Oldham, sells 70% more single-family homes in San Jose than the average agent.

Dont let a roof in disrepair bring down your homes value. Follow these six steps to determine if you need to replace your roof.

The Cost Of A New Roof

How Roof Maxx Protects Your Solar Investment

The first thing you need to do is consider how much a new roof will cost. To do this, you have to research materials, get more information on the true size of your roof, and consider any roofing obstructions that you have . If youre working on a budget, asphalt shingles will be the lowest cost. If you want something more luxurious, you can expect to pay substantially moreusually thousands of dollars more. The larger your homes roof is, the more money a new roof will cost. Materials are usually sold per square foot and a larger roof also requires more labor. If your roof has no obstructions, it will be cheaper as the labor is easier. If you have a lot of skylights, a steep roof, or a number of other obstructions, youll end up paying more.

If youre interested in getting a new roof installed to help increase your homes value, contact the professionals at First Star Exteriors today. At First Star Exteriors, we believe theres a perfect balance between hands-on, personable treatment, quality of work, and speed of delivery. We take the time to understand your needs and communicate effectively from the first quote to the last nail being placed. To learn more about our roofing repair options or to get a quote from us today within 48 hours, contact us at 267-4800 or fill out our contact form here.

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Why Are Roofs Excellent Home Improvements

If youre thinking of renovating your home with the intention of adding more to its market value, then upgrading the roof might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Some people may prefer to improve their homes curb appeal, which is usually done by adding beautiful landscaping, to achieve that goal. But do you know that a roof can also do just that and a whole lot more?

The two major reasons why roof renovation is a good investment may surprise you, as you may not have thought about them in the same way before. According to an arlington roofing company, improving the roof can actually generate results that are comparable to remodeling bathrooms, finishing basements, installing new decks, replacing windows, and adding garages. The two main reasons why you should renovate your roof are to increase its resale value and to improve your homes energy efficiency.

Of course one of the first things you need to do is identify if you need a new roof. There are ways to know you need a new roof besides waiting for leaks to appear. The article at Maximum Real Estate Exposure does an excellent job of summarizing them.

Heavily Market Your New Roof In Resale

If youve spent time and money on a new roof, why not feature your efforts when you resell? Certain roof models have benefits that will appeal to buyers, like energy-efficient roofs that can save buyers money on their monthly energy bill. Feature your recent roofing improvements to increase your likelihood of a quick sale and maximum return.

Here are some ways your can feature your roofing improvements upon resale:

  • Include brand new roof or energy-efficient roof in the title of any online listings
  • Ask your real estate agent to mention the new roof before prospective buyers enter your home
  • Feature the lifespan of your new roof to entice buyers and emphasize added value
  • Showcase the roof in listed photos of your home

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Type And Quality Of Your Current Roof

The biggest factor to consider when calculating the ROI of a new roof for your home is its current condition. If your roof is in need of extensive repairs or a total replacement, then a roof replacement will have a significant and positive impact on the value of your home.

However, if your roof is fairly new or recently repaired, and has no known issues, a roof replacement isnt as necessary since it wont boost the value of your home enough to make a significant impact on your homes value.

The type of roofing materials you choose to install, and their projected lifespan, can also make a difference in the long-term value of replacing your roof.

  • Asphalt shingles last between 25-50 years with proper care and maintenance.
  • Well-maintained unpainted metal roofs can last 70+ years, and painted metal roofs last 40-50 years.
  • Synthetic slate roofs can last 100+ years if cared for properly.

Working with a real estate agent or local home appraiser can help you determine which roofing material will deliver the best ROI when you sell your home.


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