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What Should Be Included In Roof Replacement

Are You Thinking You Need A New Roof Here Are Seven Important Things To Consider When Replacing A Roof

When Should I Replace My Roof? (From a Roofing Contractor)

With so many new homes and commercial properties being built every day, theres been a major increase in the need for roofing contractors in the U.S.

Many people are also relying on roofing contractors to help them repair damage to their roofs brought on by extreme weather and everyday wear and tear.

If youre thinking about a roof replacement, youll probably be calling a contractor soon, too. Before you do that, though, you should also know exactly what a roof replacement entails.

Read on to learn about seven of the most important things to consider when replacing a roof.

The Shingles On Your Roof Are Curling

Many reasons can cause your roof shingles to curl. Shingles can curl from the middle, sides, or bottom, and upwards or downwards. One of the reasons shingles can curl, besides a defective shingle, is high moisture conditions inside the house and poor roof venting. Your roof is the center of your homes performance, and this could be a clear cut sign that it isnt performing as efficiently as it should. Replacing your roof could be the cure for that. The professionals can inspect your roof and attic to find out for sure.

Does Your Property Have Easy Roof Access

Your roofer can often place a dump trailer right next to your home, which allows quicker access for roof tear-off and disposal. If the dump trailer or dumpster must be placed further away from your property, it will take significantly longer to hand-carry roof debris.

Properly trained roof installation teams will have the skill and knowledge to keep your property dry if your roof takes longer than one day to replace. The underlayment that is used beneath the roofing surface will keep water out of your home until the final roofing is installed.

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Move Grills And Patio Furniture Away From The Work Zone

A shed or garage is the best place to store outside items like grills, patio furniture, lawn ornaments, and potted plants while your new roof is installed.

If you dont have on-site storage, you may want to put these items together in an area of the yard that is a safe distance from the work zone.

Keep in mind that most contractors will not help you move any personal items inside or outside the home.

The Roof Replacement Process

Roof Replacement/ All You Need To Know  Cost, Whats Included, What To ...

Once your roof replacement estimate is accepted and the contract is signed, the next step is to schedule your project. Your roofing contractor will order the materials and ship them to your home. They will then give you a call to schedule the work on an appropriate day, barring any unexpected changes in the weather. The roof replacement process entails the following activities:

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Do Your Gutters Get Removed During Your Roof Replacement

Are you ready for a new roof? Are you replacing your gutters too? Or are they in good enough condition that they dont have to be?

Either way, youre probably wondering what your roofing contractor does with your gutters during your roof replacement. Luckily, were here to break it down for you.

The team at Bill Ragan Roofing Company has provided Nashville and surrounding areas with high-quality gutter and roofing services since 1990. Our attention to detail and high-quality workmanship ensures your roof investment is maximized. Thats why we offer a lifetime warranty.

So, what will your roofing contractor do with your gutters when they replace your roof? Always eager to educate on all things roofing, Im going to answer that question and more.

How To Decide Between Peeling Off Vs Layering On

You’ll also have to consider another important decision before installing a new roof whether to remove existing shingles or install the new layer right on top. Keep in mind that you’re allowed no more than two layers of shingles according to most building codes.

It’s usually a better idea to peel off the old layer of shingles first before installing a new layer. That second layer will add more weight to your roof and could cause issues in the future. If you’re seeking the most affordable option, then you can place them on the first layer. If your old shingles are buckling, your roof is uneven or you live in an area with fierce winds, taking off the original layer is highly recommended.

Another benefit of peeling an old roof off is that it lets you install water and ice shields. These shields are rubber membranes that prevent leaks due to ice buildups, usually placed on the eaves of your roof. Ice and water shields are significant advantages to have in a cold climate.

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Be Aware Of Your Surroundings During Construction

Construction at your home can create unexpected obstacles. Extension cords or other construction equipment that isnt normally there offer some fine opportunities to really hurt yourself. Stay extra alert during this time to prevent avoidable injuries.

Jeff Frantz, CertainTeed Territory Manager for the Washington D.C. Metro area, offers a smart tip:

You should secure exits from the inside to make sure no one exits under a ladder or scaffolding. Also, a large note taped to the inside of the door is a great way to remind your family that an exit is unsafe to use.

Finally, it is always best to communicate with your roofing company throughout the roof installation process. Ask if they have any other suggestions to make this work smoother for their crew and your family.

Most importantly, remember that this construction and any inconvenience it brings is temporary. Soon you will have the new roof that youve been waiting for.

How To Pick The Right Material

Roof Replacement Costs | How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Roof?

Picking your roofing material is a very significant decision. Examine how a material looks, how much it costs and how long it will last. Asphalt roofing shingles are one of the most affordable materials, but they also have a short life span. Metal and concrete shingles are better options for longevity.

Wooden shingles offer you an elegant, classic look, excellent insulation and the ability to customize to make your roof truly unique.

Traditional roofing materials such as slate, asphalt and shakes offer durability and longevity. You can even opt for elegant metal roofs that can replicate the looks of those materials while providing even better durability and aesthetics. These materials may be more expensive than your typical asphalt shingles, but they can also last much longer, make your home more attractive and boost its value.

You may be tempted to go with the same roofing material you had on your previous roof, but it’s important to consider your other options to see how you can improve. It can help to hire a professional to examine your roof and help you determine which roofing materials would be the best choice for you.

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What A Free Roofing Estimate Should Include

After youve narrowed your roofing company search down to a few possibilities, its time to request some free estimates. Make sure you get at least two, although three to four is better so you have a better idea of the average recommendation for your job.

Dont just hire the first roofing company you meet with, even if they seem to check all of the boxes. Let them know youll be in touch, and meet with a second company to be sure of your initial first impressions.

While youre meeting with companies and getting free roofing estimates for the job, this is your chance to ask questions about the company. Take advantage of this time to be sure the roofer is competent, responsible, and trustworthy. The free estimate is both so they can understand the job and so you can get to know them.

Heres both what the free roofing estimate should cover and what questions you should ask the Silver Spring roofers before you sign a contract.

Asphalt Shingle For Your Home

Asphalt shingle is the most popular choice throughout Northern America, and for a good reason.

  • They are very lightweight, adding less strain to your roof.
  • They are a very affordable option and come in many different shades and colors.
  • They are also covered under any roofing insurance policy, and almost every roofer is experienced with them and offers it as an option.
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    What Is Roof Replacement

    Roof replacement is a multi-step process that will vary somewhat depending on the particular house and the particular roof being installed. A typical roof replacement in Indianapolis involving a shingled roof might go like this:

    The roofers begin roof replacement by removing the existing shingles, put them in a roll-off, and dispose of them.

    They then make repairs to the underlying structure. If its in good condition, the repairs can be minor. If its not in good condition, they replace bad wood with new boards or plywood, whichever is appropriate for the particular roof.

    Next, they install ice-dam protection. This is a barrier of synthetic material that prevents backed-up ice in the gutters. It makes sure ice-melt will drain away as it should and not get under the roof.

    They then lay down asphalt paper.

    With that accomplished, they apply the new shingles. They start at the eaves and work up.

    They then apply flashing against the stack vents, chimney, and anyplace else where water might otherwise leak into the house.

    Finally, they install the ridge vent at the peak of the houses sloped roof. A ridge vent lets warm, damp air escape from the attic and so increases the energy efficiency of the house while extending the life of the roof. With it in place, the roof replacement is complete.

    Installing The New Roof


    The next step is to install the new roof. The process may only take a single day, but some projects do take longer depending on the size of your roof and how much detail work is needed .

    A reputable roofing contractor will make minor repairs to your roofing structure if it is in good condition, or replace bad wood with new 1 x 6 sheathing boards or plywood sheathing, or whichever is applicable to your specific type of roof. Additionally, your roofer will install ice dam protection, underlayment, metal drip edging, valley flashings, tab flashings, ridge events, and other waterproofing systems to ensure your new roof will stand up against the elements for several years to come.

    A continuous ridge vent along the peak of the roof will enhance air circulation in the attic space to ensure hot air is exhausted to prevent winter ice dams. Even if your existing roof doesnt have ridge events, its a good idea to include them during a full roof replacement to improve energy efficiency. Where ridge vents are not practical to install, consider other types of roof or gable vents to enhance air circulation in the attic space.

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    Pros And Cons Of Roof Repair

    A roof repair project isnt always the ideal choice in some situations. To help you weigh your options properly, lets take a look at their advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the pros and cons of roof repair:


    • Roof repairs are more affordable.
    • It doesnt take long to finish repair projects.
    • They can help extend the lifespan of your roof.


    • When replacing a few shingles, it may be difficult to match their colors with the original pieces. These repairs may affect the aesthetic value of your roof and lead to a less desired curb appeal.
    • Poor patches and workmanship can lead to more problems.
    • It can mask underlying problems.

    Is Replacing A Roof Yourself An Option

    A do-it-yourself roof replacement may be for you if you have the necessary tools and knowledge. Just keep in mind that this work will demand a significant amount of labor, time, and attention to detail. Furthermore, you must use the appropriate tools and follow specific procedures to execute the job safely.

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    Receive Your Roof Replacement Estimate Today

    If youre seeking a roof replacement professional in Northern Virginia, Beyond Exteriors has the team you need to get the job done right. Our roofers have years of experience working on all types of roofs, including flat roofs and low-sloped roofs. Well provide you with a completely personalized roof replacement estimate based on your specifications.

    Allow our team to get started on your roof replacement project by requesting an estimate today!

    Choosing The Right Roofing Material

    How-To Repair Damaged Roofing Plywood|Roof Repair Step by Step

    Now that you have your roofing contractor, it is time to discuss what material you should use for your roof. If you would like to consider using a more abstract material, such as tile, cedar, or metal roofing , you will have to first discuss with your contractor and make sure of these three important questions:

    • Does this company provide those options?
    • Does your insurance cover them?
    • Is it the best option for your roof?

    It might be easier to go with classic asphalt shingle.

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    How Do You Know If You Need A Full Roof Replacement

    It can be tough to know when its time to get a new roof as opposed to a professional cleaning or repair. While roofs and shingles are made to last, the wear and tear of the elements will take their toll over time. So when you find yourself asking Do I Need A New Roof? it might be time to look for these eight signs:

    Weighing The Cost Of Frederick Md Roofing Professionals Vs Diy Roof Installation

    Wanting to repair or install your new roof yourself can be a very tempting idea. Hiring a professional roofing company for a new roof installation often requires financing, and many homeowners either arent prepared or arent willing to spend the money for a professional roofer.

    While plenty of DIY roofing tutorials are out there and are easy enough to understand, a DIY roof installation can have unintended consequences that could cost a lot more money and time down the line.

    The risks of a DIY Roof Installation can include

    • Shortened roof lifespan, sometimes by 50%
    • Unseen leaks or mold growth
    • Peeling shingles
    • Missing shingles, removed by wind, weather, or lack of proper sealant

    A professional roofing company in Silver Spring, MD or other surrounding Maryland counties will always begin the job with a free estimate, before a contract is even signed. This is because professional roofers want to ensure they wont be installing a new roof on top of faulty or damaged materials. The first step to the new roof replacement is understanding what components of the roof may have been compromised and need rebuilt entirely.

    When opting for a DIY roof installation, you are forgoing a professional roof inspection and the expert eyes that come with it. Although you can spot major damage and obvious weak points in the roof, professional roofers have years of experience noticing subtleties in roofing materials and helping to stop damage before it happens.

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    The Common Roof Leak Associated With Gutters

    A valley is when two roof slopes meet in a V shape that allows water to flow down a roof freely. When a valley stops in the middle of a roof, it will have a gutter that runs into it so the water can continue flowing down.

    When that gutter in the valley gets filled with leaves and other debris, one of the most common roof leaks happens. While the overflowing gutter is the water source of the leak, its more about the fascia .

    When theres improperly installed flashing or no flashing at all applied to the fascia board, a leak will happen. This leak wont happen under normal circumstances. It might be under extreme rain, but itll send water through the path of least resistance.

    Once that water gets underneath the soffit , behind the gutter, it can go anywhere it wants, causing all kinds of damage.

    This is just one roof leak we see and repair often. To learn more about the other roof leaks we see regularly, read this article on the 6 most common roof leaks.

    Check Your Roof For Obstacles Like Antennas Or Overhanging Tree Limbs

    Roof Repair on the Sunshine Coast

    Ensure that your roof is as hazard-free as possible for your Maryland roofing company by clearing away any overhanging tree limbs and removing any antennas if possible. By ensuring that your roofers dont need to dodge tree limbs or work around antennas, security cameras, or any other attachments, you can ensure a safer working environment.

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    Key Factors That Impact The Cost Of A New Roof

    Every roof is unique and requires a trusted, professional roofing contractor to thoroughly inspect and provide an estimate that is specific to your roofs needs.

    While you might want to multiply the size of your roof by an estimated number for the cost of roofing materials and labor, this is an oversimplified calculation that leaves out many critical factors that can impact the total cost of your roofing project.

    Understand The Roofing Process

    You’ll be able to make advised decisions when hiring a roofing crew if you understand the process, as well as the jargon used in the roofing trade.

    A moderately-sized, professionally-installed roofing job might take only 3 or 4 days. The overall process followed by the roofing crew goes like this:

  • Remove all existing shingles, deposit them in a roll-off dumpster: Damaged or old valley flashing and drip edging is also removed at this time. A good crew will use tarps to protect foundation plantings and shrubs during tear-off and will use magnetic tools to pick up nails and metal objects from the lawn.
  • Make minor repairs on the roof if it is in good condition: If not, replace bad wood with new plywood sheathing or 1 x 6 sheathing boards, whichever is applicable to your type of roof.
  • Install ice dam protection in regions that require it: The ice guard membrane is a synthetic waterproof barrier material designed to prevent melting ice from backing up under the shingles and penetrating through the sheathing, where the moisture can cause severe damage.
  • Lay down asphalt roofing paper over the roof sheathing: The layer of roofing paper creates an inner barrier against water penetrating into the house. Rows of roofing paper are overlapped as they progress upward toward the peak, and are normally tacked or stapled in place.
  • Complete the final cleanup and haul the debris away: Have the installation inspected and approved by a building inspector.
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