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How To Repair A Roof Valley

The Three Methods To Shingle A Roof Valley

How to Repair a Lead Roof Valley

1. Woven Valley Shingle Installation

To achieve a woven valley installation, a roofing professional lays shingles in the valley and weaves them together. Some homeowners prefer the consistent look that a woven valley provides. But, if the shingles are not laid in the valley properly, a woven valley may not lay flat, creating bumps and detracting from the overall look of the roof.

The woven valley shingle installation method does not call for roofing cement, relying instead on the weave pattern to protect from water infiltration. So, if you are installing a woven valley, you must push the shingles snugly into the valley, while not nailing within six inches of the valley center. If this is not done properly, hollow space may develop under the shingles.

This bridging is a serious problem for the durability of a roof. The empty space makes the shingles vulnerable to penetration, either by footsteps, hail or other debris. For this reason, installing some manufacturers shingles in a woven valley may void their limited warranty.

2. Closed-Cut Shingle Valley Installation

Closed-cut valleys, also called closed valleys, are installed quickly and have a cleaner, sharper look than woven valleys. From the ground, it looks as though the shingles meet in a clean line in the center of the valley. One layer of shingles actually crosses the valley beneath the other.

A Variation of Closed-Cut Valley: the California Valley

3. Open Valley Shingle Installation

  • Copper .
  • Aluminum.

Do I Need My Roof Valley Replacing

There are tell-tale signs that your roof valley is close to needing a repair or replacement, usually centring around leaks, or the abnormal expelling of rainwater. The only way to confirm what aspect of your roofing requires repairing is for a trained professional to survey it themselves, most probably by getting atop the roof for closer inspections.

If you have any leaks inside your home, there will undoubtedly be something on that requires repairing, either the slates or the valley. If water is expelling from the roof in the wrong areas or in an unusual fashion, the valley is more likely to be at fault. Either way, surveys from roofing companies are often cheap or free when you use the company for repairs.

Roofing Tools Work Better Than Carpentry Tools

A few basic tools are necessary for a valley-flashing replacement project. First, you need a utility knife with a hook blade rather than one with a straight blade. The hook blade allows you to cut an underlying shingle from the top without damage to the membrane below. A standard utility-knife blade, on the other hand, forces you to cut from below the shingle with the blade tip protruding above the shingle being cut. This slow technique is a fit the flashing to the valley pain in the neck.

The second item is a roofing hatchet. I prefer an Estwing hatchet for its all-steel construction and its flat, blunt blade, which tapers to a wedge-shaped head. These features make the hatchet ideal for separating shingles from each other. With heavy weight and a short handle, this tool has enough punch even in tight spaces. Typical carpentry hammers are too light and have a long handle that interferes with the short strokes needed for remodel roofing. They also lack a tapered hatchet blade.

The third tool is a roofers pry bar. It must have just the right length and just the right angle in the shank to reach under a shingle and pop out roofing nails. I now use an Estwing Roofers bar, which is almost perfect . Ordinary carpenters flat bars dont have the right weight, angle, and length for the job.

From Fine Homebuilding #182

For more photos and details on durable roof-valley repair, click the View PDF button below.

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Reason 2 Blocked Valley

If the roof valley is blocked with organic material such as leaves and twigs, etc., then rainwater may back up and enter the loft.

Leaves arent the only thing that can block a valley. Bits of broken tile, concrete, old aerial cables or brackets etc., or any other part of the roof thats damaged or broken off can become lodged in the valley where it blocks the flow of water.

If your valley is leaking, any blockages should be removed, and the valley itself inspected for any signs of damage or wear and tear.

How Do I Stop My Roof Leaking In The Rain

Tile roof valley repair part 1

Here are seven key tips for how to stop a roof leak in the rain . Find the Source. In order to prevent a ceiling leaking from rain , you must understand what is allowing water to get into your home. Clear the Area. Apply Roofing Tar. Use PE Plastic. Install New Shingles. Use Tarpaulins. Seal Joints. Stop Your Roof Leak .

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A Local Reputable Roofing Contractor Can Help

Roof valleys and flashing are simple yet critical components of any roof. Make sure to hire a local, reputable roofing contractor to inspect and repair your valley, flashing, and any other part of your roof. Poorly installed flashing and/or valleys is one of the most common causes of roof leaks, so its important to hire a professional with the experience and expertise to do it right the first time. Contact S& S Roofing in Arlington, WA, for all your valley and flashing needs.

Good service

They did a great job at a fair price in a timely manner. I’d recommend them to anyone.

These guys are great. Showed up on time hammered out the job and did a great job cleaning up. There employees were knowledgeable and friendly. Best thing was they came in on budget and on time. Even came back after the first hard rain to inspect the work and make sure I didn’t have any issue. I would recommend this company to any and all of my family and friends.

Our roof is about 12 years old and developed a leak in a valley… Came out and estimated and it… I was worried it could of been much worse once opened up but was not 🙂 He explained the original installer just missed it a little bit… They fixed it up and last few very heavy rains, it didn’t leak anymore. Great job everyone, from beginning to end.

They are prompt and professional. They have high integrity

Very thorough roofing people! They did a great job!

Great product. Great company. Great people.

Video Result For Leaking Valley On Roof

How To Find a Roof Valley Leak – Roofer911.com
Roof leaking on the valley? Here’s what to do to fix it


































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How To Repair A Roof Valley Diy

We just had a building inspection come back on the roof of our house stating that one of the valleys in our asphalt single roof needs repair. It has never leaked, and I didnt think it looked all that bad, but the building inspector seemed to deem that the roof valley needs to be repaired.

There is a little deterioration on the last few tiles that according to the building inspector means that the entire 20-feet of roof valley needs to be repaired.


I have been looking at how to do a DIY roof repair on the valley and came across this video of someone else doing a roof valley replacement on a house that needed its roof valley repaired:

While researching this problem I also stopped by Home Depot to try to get some advice. Do you ever feel like you know more about construction and house repair than the people who work at the those big box stores? That is kind of how I felt today as a kid tried to tell me I just needed some 4 by 4 metal flashing to fit in under some cut tiles.

Mate, that really doesnt cut it

After looking at what is involved I am feeling that the roof valley repair that I need doing may be a bit over my head for a DIY job unfortunately.

Cost Of Removing A Roof Valley


To remove a roof valley, it would cost around £300 depending on the size and type of roof you have. People will remove a roof valley to repair the cement underneath, to repair a roof valley leak or simply to prepare for a full roof valley construction.

A roof valley may also be removed will new fibreglass valley gutters are installed, which are becoming more common in recent years, although you don’t always have to remove the valley for this job.

People often question whether this can be done as a DIY job, as is becoming increasingly more common in the modern world. The problem with this is twofold, firstly, working at height is a lot more challenging than people realise, especially on certain types of roof, and it can get very windy up there even if it isn’t down below.

Secondly, you can damage a roof very easily simply walking on it, and you can damage it even easier by removing roof valleys if you don’t have any experience in this type of work.

We always encourage anyone to enlist the help of trained and licensed professionals for specialist work on roofs and homes. Of course, there are many tasks that can be done as a DIY project, but some are simply too advanced to be attempted.

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What Are Roof Valleys

Valleys are troughs constructed on junctures of two sloped sections ofthe roof, and their purpose is to lead the water away from the top of the houseinto the gutter. If you dont shy away from manual work and youre good withtools, you can do much of the work on roof maintenance yourself, savingyourself and your family a lot of money.

Temporary Roof Valley Leak Repair

If youd just like to perform a temporary fix, the best thing to do is locate the source of your leaking roof valley and apply an appropriate sealant to stop any more leaks for now. This should give you enough time to save up for a full repair or replacement, get quotes in from contractors, or just figure out the best course of action. Eventually however, you will need to perform a full repair by removing the surrounding roof tiles, and replacing whatever is causing the roof leak, such as the lead flashing or roofing underlay.

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Since 2004 Valley Roofing & Exteriors Has Been Repairing Virginia Roofs And Preserving Investments

Why replace a roof when a simple repair might extend its life by 5-10 years? Valley Roofing & Exteriors is a premier Roofing installation Company and repair contractor for roofing in Virginia. Our team provides accurate assessments on the condition of your roof and does not recommend a new roof unless its necessary. We are focused on the best interest of the customer at all times. Sometimes this means telling you that you need a new roof when you dont want to hear it. Other times it means telling you that a simple repair can extend the life of your roof for several years. Choose a local business founded in the Valley to handle your next roof repair.

Expert Installation And Solid Warranties

Roof valley repair

Valley Roofing & Exteriors offers an unbeatable warranty on designer shingles the Golden Pledge Limited Warranty offers lifetime material defect protection with 100% coverage for the first 50 years, and up to 25-year workmanship coverage backed by GAF, the nations largest roofing manufacturer. Ready for dependable roof repair?

Get a free roof repair or roof inspection estimate today!

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How Do You Repair A Leaking Roof Valley

To repair an open valley: Step 1: Inspect valley for holes all along joint. Step 2: Clean surface of valley with wire brush. Step 3: Cut sheet metal patch about 2 inches bigger all around than hole. Step 4: Spread thick coating of roof cement on damaged area and press patch into place, bending it to shape of valley.

Reason 3 Fatigue Splits

Some roof valleys are made with lead as the main material and for good reason its long-lasting, waterproof and flexible enough to use almost anywhere on a roof.

Does your leaking valley roof look like this?

Lead is prone to splitting, which can result in water ingress. The most common reasons are:

  • The lead is too thin.
  • The original roofer cut the lengths far too long.

Lead has a high rate of thermal expansion, meaning that it expands a lot when it gets hot. It then shrinks by a lot when its cold. This thermal expansion and contraction can result in splits.

If the lead has splits in it, one should consider either a repair with a sleeve or replacing the whole valley.

If the lead is too thin, it should be fully replaced, either with thicker lead or with fibreglass.

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Why Does The Sarking On The Sides Of The Valleys Get Wet And Will It Cause Leaks

A lot of roofers do not know that the sarking alongside the sides of the valley should NOT be cut and left overlapping onto the sides of the valleys.The sarking has to be folded back onto the valley batten instead.

If there is sarking on the sides of the valley, it will draw water into the roof cavity and cause roof leaks.

When the tiles are lifted up. you should not see any sarking on the sides of the valleys at all.

Old Roofs Usually Arent Worth Fixing

How To Find a Roof Valley Leak – Roofer911.com

The quality and efficiency of a valley repair are determined largely by how well you can unzip the old valley. Thirty-year dimensional shingles in pretty good shape are a perfect candidate for valley repairs. Old wafer-thin 20-year shingles usually are not worth repairing because theyre too delicate. Its better to replace the entire roof than to fool around with patches. Ironically, 50-year shingles are nearly as unsuited to repairs, but for a different reason. The seal-down strip is too good, which makes it almost impossible to separate the shingles without causing extensive damage. Heres one tip: You may be able to cut the seal-down strips on 50-year shingles using a long, thin knife, such as an old bread knife. Warm the blade with a heat gun, and use the back of the blade to slice through the sticky tar.

During warmer months, I usually start a valley repair around 7 a.m., when the shingles are cool and easy to separate. I try to unzip the valley quickly because by 9 a.m., the shingles are often too hot to separate cleanly. During cooler months, I start later to give the shingles a chance to warm enough to be pliable.

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Which Is Better Open Valley Or Closed Valley

closed valley roofs, IKOs roofing experts believe that open metal valleys are the better performer. This roof upgrade to an open metal valley gives your roof better resistance to water penetration. Plus, open metal valleys shed debris, snow and ice faster than any roof valley type that uses shingles in the valley.

It Is Very Common For Water To Leak At A Valley

A roof valley is where two sloped roofs meet on a home. This is the point where stormwater will collect and flow into your custom gutter and downspout system. The way the valley is constructed in a shingle roof installation is critical. When improperly installed and flashed, valleys pose a major risk for serious leaking problems. Though valleys are not considered a roofing penetration, they are still required to be flashed and waterproofed.

As you read this article, you will understand that a valley must include properly installed flashing done by a roofing specialist along the entire area. Below we dive further into this issue so you can have a better visual of why valleys will leak and become such a problem.

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How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Leaking Roof Valley

Of course, the cost of repairing a roof valley leak depends entirely on how much work is needed. However, on average, including the price of labour should you hire a professional, replacing a single roof valley should cost around £450. Fixing or replacing a roof valley should take between 6 and 8 hours, as long as there are no issues with access and your roof valley is of a standard size .

How To Repair Your Roof Valleys And Flashing

A temporary repair on a roof valley, that never lasts long ...

Roof valleys are areas where two sections of a sloped roof meet. Traditionally, valleys were comprised of galvanized iron or steel to prevent rusting. However, small cracks inevitably appear on the protective layer over time, triggering rust to crop up as soon as rainwater gets in the valley.

In some designs, shingles are overlapped to form a valley, and water from heavy rains can find a way beneath the shingles. In modern roof systems, valleys are typically gutter-like metal troughs made of lead, fiberglass, or concrete. Aluminum is also growing in popularity and provides a lightweight and rust-resistant alternative to traditional iron/steel valleys.

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What Is The Cost To Repoint A Roof Valley

On most roofs, valley tiles are held in place with mortar a mix of sand and cement.

Its not uncommon for the mortar to fail and come loose.

Below is a price guide for a roofer to pull out the loose mortar to a 4-metre roof valley. This work doesnt involve the removal of any roof tiles, the loose mortar is simply pulled out and the gap repointed with new mortar.

The price includes the cost to erect an access platform as this isnt the type of work that should be done from ladders.


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