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What Should I Do If My Roof Is Leaking

Clear Away Leaves And Small Debris

What should I do if my roof is leaking?

If you notice any leaves or other small debris piling up on your roof or blocking gutters, gently sweep the debris off the roof, or reach into the gutter to dislodge the blockage.

Make sure to tend your roof and gutters carefully, as aggressive sweeping or shaking of gutters can cause even more extensive damage.

Fix Leaking Shower Or Tub

Showers or bathtubs can leak water that spills over the side or from the faucet, drain, or overflow.

  • Fix or replace shower doors that leak water over the side.
  • Caulk between the bathroom floor and the bathtub or shower pan. If the floor is not moisture-proof, consider replacing it with sheet vinyl, tile, or luxury vinyl plank.
  • Unscrew the showerhead and re-wrap the threads with Teflon tape. Replace the showerhead and tighten by hand.
  • Unscrew the bathtub drain with a drain remover tool. Scrape away plumberâs putty and replace with fresh putty. Replace the drain and screw tightly into place.
  • For bathtubs, use a screwdriver to unscrew the cover to the overflow drain. Make sure that the overflow drain meets the overflow hole on the tub and is properly sealed. Replace the cover.
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    Follow Through With Professional Cleanup

    Roof leaks arent like spills in the kitchen. They often result from long-term problems that continually keep materials damp.

    Wet spaces above your ceiling form unhealthy environments for all kinds of damage including:

    Heavy mold growth in porous materials click on the link for some tips on how to detect mold early Water pooling that breeds dangerous bacteria Rotted wood in beams and trusses Soaked insulation and eventual ceiling collapse Damage to your homes electrical wiring system Stained ceilings and walls, blistered and peeling paint

    You can mop a floor by yourself. It takes heavy equipment and special techniques to dry, dehumidify and sanitize ceiling tiles, sheetrock and insulation.

    A professional water damage restoration company quickly gets your property on the road to complete recovery.

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    Can A Roof Leak Be Fixed From The Inside

    You might have heard the myth that leaking roofs cant be fixed from inside the house. But, actually, as long as the leak is small, it is very much possible to patch it up yourself from the attic. Just try not to let it get out of hand. Too much time or a heavy downpour can easily make matters a lot worse.

    If your roof is prone to leaks, then constant quick fixes wont be enough to prevent structural damage. In such cases, it might be a better idea to think long-term and invest in a dry fixed roofing system, which will be watertight, more durable, and wont require any maintenance.

    What To Do If Your Roof Is Leaking

    What Should I Know about Roof leaks in Las Vegas?

    A leaking roof in your house can be stressful and disappointing, especially when its not taken care of. Therefore, you need to know how to fix it yourself or have a roofer fix it.

    Here well discuss signs of a leaking roof, what to do if there is a leak, when you can fix it on your own, and when you need a professional roofer. Read on to the end.

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    The Most Common Reasons Why Roofs Only Leak During Heavy Rain Are:

    • No sarking to catch leaks driven in by heavy rain
    • Leaking low pitched tile roofs with sarking
    • Heavy rain causing the valleys to overflow
    • Flat profile roof tiles not coping under heavy water load
    • Downpipe spreaders dumping too much water over leaking roof tiles
    • Dirty water courses overflowing during heavy rain
    • Flat corrugated metal roof leaking at laps
    • Top end of roof sheets leaking due to turn up problems
    • Box gutters not draining quickly enough in heavy storms
    • Eaves gutters overflowing into wall cavity
    • Debris blockage causing leakage at skylight

    Cover Your Roof Leak With Tarp

    Tarps can be a very handy material to temporarily keep the water out. Once you have found the leak, if its in your attic, you will need to secure a tarp over the area by either tying it down or installing nailer boards such as 1×2s to prevent it from flying off. Make sure that the ends of the tarp extend over the ridge of your roof to increase the tarps ability to retain water. If one layer isnt enough, you may need to consider installing a second tarp a few inches below the first one.

    If you dont, Be aware this is only a very temporary solution, and every caution should be taken when putting up the tarp.

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    So Why Do Some Roofs Only Leak In Heavy Rain

    Some roofs are strange. It takes heavy rain to produce a leak. Just the light shower does not do the trick

    I get a lot of enquiries through this website where homeowners make a mention that their roof leaks only during heavy rain

    In my experience, roof leaks can be separated into 3 categories:

  • The roof leaks every time it rains
  • The roof only leaks when it rains heavy
  • Only prolonged rain makes the roof leak.
  • On this post, I will examine the second category of roof leaks.

    Get The Tips You Need To Find A Great Roofing Contractor

    What should I do if my roof is leaking?

    The truth is, no one expects their new roof to start leaking. But if you hired a roofing contractor that does things the right way, they should honor their warranty and take care of the problem.

    Unfortunately, this isnt always the case. If your roofing contractor doesnt honor their warranty, youll be back at square one of finding another roofing contractor.

    This is not only frustrating, but now you’re also wary of other roofing companies. The last thing you want is to make another bad hire.

    Thats why we wrote another article to give you the 7 tips every homeowner needs to find a great roofing contractor.

    Since 1990, the team at Bill Ragan Roofing has provided high-quality roof repairs, roof replacements, insurance help, and more to homeowners in the Nashville area. We take pride in the work we do and offer a lifetime warranty to back it up.

    Whether youre local to us or not, check out 7 Tips to Find a Great Roofing Contractor to avoid making the wrong hiring decision.

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    Theres Condensation In Your Attic

    What Does It Look Like: A leak is most likely coming from your attic if the space shows signs of mold growth or mildew. A strong, musty odor emanating from the attic is also a key that water has gotten inside.

    Why It Happens: As the uppermost part of your home, the attic is trapped between indoor and outdoor temperatures. When those clash think hot summers and cold winters condensation will form and moisture will follow.

    How To Fix It: First, treat any mold growth. Then, take the time to isolate your attic to prevent large fluctuations in temperature. Make sure that all of the roof vents are clear from the interior end and install a large ventilation fan, if needed. Pay special attention to the venting from your attic to prevent condensation from causing a leak.

    Ziga Plahutar/ Getty Images

    Signs Of Potential Leaks

    Before your roof begins to leak, there are usually a few signs that will warn you that a leak is coming. If you notice dark spots on your ceiling, areas where your ceiling is sagging, or spots where light from the outside shines through, its likely that a leak is imminent.

    On the outside, you should carefully inspect for any roof damage. If shingles are missing, rotting or broken, or your gutters clogged, it could indicate a problem.

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    Why Do I Have A Roof Leak

    According to the experts at Concord Roofing, the first step in dealing with a roof leak is to know what could be causing the leak in the first place. There are many reasons why a roof leak would occur, one being weather conditions. Roof tiles are the outer covering of the roof that prevents water intrusion. Weather conditions like heavy winds and ice dams can cause the roof tiles to break, remove, or shift- especially when the shingles are old. The ice dams form when the icicles that gather around your roof during the winter begin to melt in warmer weather, creating a pool of melted ice on your roof. The water eventually seeps through the roof tiles and into your walls, causing a leak.

    Flashings are pieces of metal that are fixed to the joints of the roof and sealed so it can serve as a water-resistant barrier. These can be damaged when exposed to heavy winds and rain over a long period, causing it to crack or rust.

    Clogged gutters also cause a leak to occur. Rain gutters clogged with debris like pine cones, leaves, and so on, prevent water from freely flowing down it. In turn, the water creates a pool that eventually seeps through the roof as well.

    Inadequate installation of roofing tiles, flashings, and other instruments can create spaces or holes, allowing water to seep through.

    What To Do With Your Leaking Roof While Waiting For The Roofer

    How to tell if you have a roof leak

    If you find water dripping from a bulge or discolouration in your ceiling, its likely that water is pooling on the other side of that bulge or dark spot. Grab a bucket, trash can, or some other container and place it under the site of the drip or suspected leak. You may even want to consider propping up a board inside the container, so the drips hit the board and not the accumulated water. This will minimise the repetitive dripping sound.

    Next, take an old screwdriver, locate the centre of the bulge where water is accumulating and puncture it right in the middle. Though it might seem strange to punch a hole in your ceiling to stop a leak, the new hole will allow the water to drain smoothly and relieve pressure on the rest of your ceiling. If water accumulates and pools, the entire ceiling could collapse.

    If you are confident you know where the leak is coming from and can safely get to the source, cover the exterior surface with a large tarp. If you cant reach it or feel unsafe doing so, it would be best to contact a roofing professional immediately.

    Many credible roofing companies offer emergency tarping services. As you may already know, unfortunately, if your roof is actively leaking due to weather, a roofing professional can not repair the leak until that weather has stopped. The tarping service will act as a temporary fix to minimise the damage inside your home until your roofer can fix the problem.

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    Look For These Causes Of Your Roof Leak

    If you feel comfortable and confident doing so, the next step is going onto your roof to inspect the area and find the cause of the roof leak.

    If you have an especially high-up or steeply-sloped roof, its best to manage a leaking roof from ground level and wait until professional help arrives. However, if your roof is relatively low to the ground, and you have the necessary equipment to follow roof safety precautions , you may choose to investigate the situation yourself.

    Once youre on top of the roof, look for these potential causes of a leak:

    Contain The Roof Leak

    The first step to take care of your roof leak is to contain the water to prevent widespread damage. This is usually done with putting a bucket or a pot in your attic to catch the water as it comes down through your roof.

    If you dont contain the water, the cost to repair the water damage inside your home will greatly outweigh the cost of your roof repair. Be aware, the cause of your leak isnt always going to be where you see the water come through your roof.

    To track the source and cause of your roof leak, youll need to call a roofing contractor for a roof inspection.

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    Crumbling Or Cracked Tiling

    If you see any signs of cracked or broken tiles, they need to be replaced immediately. Tile roofing is very durable and rarely needs to be completed replaced, but if you overlook individual damaged tiles, water can seep in, and the timber holding up your roof will rot, creating a much more expensive replacement or restoration.

    Covering Your Roof Repair Expenses

    How To Fix A Roof Leak | THE HANDYMAN |

    Being faced with a costly emergency home repair can be nerve-wracking, but the news isnt all bad. If you need to replace the roof, this may be a good time to get a more durable, low-maintenance hurricane-proof roof.

    And you shouldnt let concern about payment delay much-needed work. Many homeowners are turning to PACE financing as an attractive option. This type of financing lets you use your home equity to finance a new roof as well as other expensive home repairs. Home Run Financing makes it quick and easy to get home improvement financing, and you dont even need good credit to get a loan. Contact Home Run Financing today to find out how it works!

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    Enlist The Help Of A Professional

    While we all love our friends, sometimes a little teamwork just isnt enough to get the job done. If you dont feel safe inspecting your roof or if youre still having trouble finding the cause of your leak, reach out to a roofing professional.

    Do your research. Ask trusted neighbors for recommendations and go to the Better Business Bureaus website to make sure their suggestions are qualified. When youve narrowed down your selection, ask the company for proof of license and insurance. Its also important to have a detailed contract, in writing, before any repair is started. This way, youll know what is expected of both parties and what will happen if something goes wrong. For a more complete list of tips, check out or blog with the questions to ask your contractor before you hire them.

    Mold And Mildew Growth

    When you start to see mold and mildew, then this automatically points to water somehow getting into the home. In many cases, you may not notice the mold and mildew until this has taken up a portion of the corners of a room. However, also remember that you can smell mildew in many rooms, so use both sight and smell to diagnose this.

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    What Happens If You Ignore A Roof Leak

    Knowing how to temporarily repair roof leaks and manage water damage until help arrives is important. But even more crucial is getting the damaged roof fixed by a Bowie roofing professional as soon as possible. Here is what can happen if you choose to ignore a roof leakeven a relatively minor oneinstead.

    Factors That Contribute To Damage

    What Should I Do If My Roof is Leaking? Don

    The specific causes of roof leaks have a deeper root problem. Often, the damage that leads to leaks is caused by high winds and heavy rains. Another common factor leading to leaks is poor installation.

    While you cant prevent serious storms from passing over your home, you can hire only qualified and reliable roofing professionals for all installation and repair work. This will help avoid installation-related problems that lead to roof leaks.

    Working with a reliable roofing company for yearly maintenance check-ups will also ensure your roof is still in good working order.

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    Do Not Attempt To Repair A Leak Yourself

    When it comes to solar panels, there are a few things that you need to know. First of all, solar panels are interconnected with a system of wires and electrical components. If your home has experienced roof leaks, the problem may be with the installation of the solar panels. Solar panels are not the only cause of roof leaks other factors such as insufficient and composite shingles or improper roof ventilation can also lead to roof leaks. If you have experienced roof leaks, contact a roofing contractor to inspect your roof and determine the cause of the leak. Do not attempt to repair a leak yourself this can be extremely dangerous and costly.

    However, even if your home does not have solar panels installed, you may still experience leaks due to weather damage or other causes. In these cases, it is still important to contact a professional Roofing contractor who can inspect your home and recommend any repairs and any roofing materials that may be necessary. Like any other investment, installing solar panels can save you money on your energy bill in the long run. So go ahead and give them a try they might just be the best decision that you ever make!

    Solar Panel Installation Risks

    When it comes to installing a solar panel, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. First, solar panels are heavy and can damage your roof if installed incorrectly. Second, solar panels can be installed incorrectly by not lining them up properly on your roof or by using the wrong type of sealant. This can cause leaks and water damage to your home. Third, make sure that you have an idea of the costs and benefits of installing a solar panel before taking any action. Finally, get help from a professional solar installer to avoid any leaks and potential damage to your roof.

    Solar panels are an exciting way to reduce your energy bill, but they come with some risks. Make sure you understand those risks before installing a panel so that you dont end up regretting it down the road. Get help from a professional solar installer who will be able to install the panel properly and avoid any leaks in the process!

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