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What Should You Do If Your Roof Is Leaking

Remove Fallen Tree Limbs

How To Fix A Roof Leak With Flex Seal | THE HANDYMAN |

Next, if you notice large fallen tree limbs, carefully remove the large debris while paying attention to the potential damage underneath. You will need to cover any holes or areas of damage caused by the fallen limb.

You may not always be able to remove large tree limbs or debris on your own, and that’s OK. Some roof debris will need to be broken down into smaller pieces, which is best left to the experts.

If a tree limb cannot be removed safely–for example, if you can’t lift the limb without becoming destabilized, or if moving the limb could cause more damage to the roof–simply cover the area as best you can to prevent further water from entering through the roof.

How To Prevent Roof Leaks

In order to prevent further damage from occurring due to leaks in the future, it is important that you take care of your roof and do not wait until there are obvious signs that something is wrong. It can be difficult at times for homeowners to see these indicators since they often happen high up on the roof, but it is important to be proactive in taking care of your home.

There are a few things that you can do to help prevent roof leaks from happening in the first place. One is to make sure that your gutters are clean and clear of any debris. You should also check for any areas where the roof may be damaged. This includes replacing broken shingles, repairing loose flashing around vents or chimneys, and making sure that gutters are securely attached to your homes walls.

Some things that you can do to maintain your roof and prevent leaks include:

  • Checking your roof for missing or broken tiles
  • Inspecting flashings around chimneys and vents
  • Cleaning gutters regularly
  • Making sure that there is no debris or leaves blocking the drainage of your roof
  • Getting a professional to inspect your roof at least once a year

What Causes New Roof Leaks

If your roof is only a few years old and its started to leak, it most likely means that the roof wasnt installed correctly to begin with. If you used a professional roofing contractor to replace your roof the first time, call them to see if they offer a warranty on the roof installation.

If your area experiences particularly rough weather, a new roof could be worn in no time. In this instance, providing before and after pictures of your roof affected by the storm to your insurance company will help you to get the insurance money you need to pay for a new roof.

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Use Roof Flashing To Temporarily Cover The Leaking Area Of The Roof

Roof flashing is a flimsy metal material that can be caulked under shingles over leaking areas. The flashing allows water to run over the area without being able to get into the house.

All you have to do is apply caulk around the location of the leak, tuck the flashing under the row of shingles, and press it against the caulk, which will seal it from leaking.

Flashing can be very effective at stopping leaks around the base of the chimney or in parts of the roof where the most water will drain to. Professional contractors will usually install flashing when the roof is originally built in order to ensure the longevity of the roof.

Create A Temporary Shingle From Sheet Metal Or Plastic

12 Roof Repair Tips: Find and Fix a Leaky Roof

If you need to replace shingles on your roof but dont have extra roof supplies laying around, you can fashion a temporary shingle from sheet metal.

Cut the sheet metal to match the size and shape of a shingle, then follow the steps as if you were replacing an ordinary shingle. Once you have the sheet metal shingle in place, you can nail it in, being sure to cover the nails with roofing cement so the holes dont start leaking.

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What Should You Do When Your Roof Starts Leaking

Water is a necessary part of life, but when its coming into your house through a leak in your roof, it can bring with it disastrous consequences resulting in costly repairs. Water damage can quickly ruin floors, walls and personal effects, so its important to address a leaking roof immediately. Furthermore, without the proper cleanup once the leak is fixed, it can lead to the formation of mold and mildew, which can cause health problems and leave behind unpleasant odors.

So if your roof is leaking, what should you do? Learning how to fix a leaking roof can take time, but in a moment of crisis, its best to call in professionals like Beantown Builders and let them fix the problem to avoid further damage.

Before you think about fixing your roof, though, your first thoughts should be about how to stop roof leaks from spreading and causing more issues. Here are the first things you should do when you notice a leak in your roof.

I Have A Leaking Roof What Should I Do

Okay, heres the thing. Even if your leak isnt pouring water into your bedroom yet, a roof leak will never get better on its own. It just wont fix itself and the longer you ignore it, the more chance there is that you will have water pouring into your bedroom.

So, heres what you do for a leaking roof repair if you just have the first signs of damp then you can skip to step 3 if the weather is bad, or there is a storm approaching and your roofer cant get to you straight away, then doing some first aid yourself will minimise the damage, the disruption, and ultimately the cost of repair.

  • Stop the damage! Your very first job is to minimise any damage caused by water being where water shouldnt be. So if its dripping, or theres a bulge in your ceiling, then you need to catch the water. Grab a bucket, placing it directly underneath to catch the water. Top tips place an old tea towel in the bottom to stop the annoying dripping sound, and use a long plank leaning into the bucket to direct the water to the right place.
  • Puncture it! Once your bucket is in place, then you need to release the built-up water before it does any further damage. Use a screwdriver and carefully pierce a hole yes, it may not feel okay to pop a hole in your ceiling but creating a channel for water to escape from will actually minimise the longer-term damage.
  • Protect what you can! Move furniture away and lay plastic sheeting over fitted carpets if you cant roll them up.
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    Call A Local Roofing Company

    The most crucial step of getting your roof leak taken care of is calling a reputable local roofing contractor. The local roofing contractor you call must have a physical office location in your area and a local phone number. This ensures you know where to find them if you ever have a problem with your roof.

    Another reason to call a quality local roofing company is that they know what needs to be done thats specific to the area where you live. Theyll know what installation codes to follow, the paperwork required, and everything else theyll need to ensure your roof is correctly installed and in compliance with your states requirements.

    This is especially true if your roof is leaking after a big storm. Some out of state companies come in after a big storm, undercut local roofing company prices, get the money, and move on to the next storm-hit town. These companies dont care about local codes or if they properly install your roof.

    To learn more about why you need to call someone local to your area, read this article on why its important to hire a local roofing contractor.

    Your Gutters Are Clogged

    Roof Repairs – Stop and Prevent Leaky Shingles and Vents – Do It Yourself

    What Does It Look Like: You may be able to see the leaves sticking out of the gutter when you look up onto your roof. But, if not, you should notice the lack of water trickling out of a downspout during a rainstorm.

    Why It Happens: Your gutters are meant to help water travel away from the roof. When a blockage forms and they get clogged, that travel stops. Rainwater will then pool in one area of the roof and have more of an opportunity to seep through cracks.

    How To Fix It: Sorry, theres no easy answer to this one. Get up on a ladder, and get in there with your hands. Many recommend placing a large tarp underneath the area where you are working. That way, you can drop any debris as you go and wrap it up for easy disposal later. Clean your gutters in the spring and fall for peak water flow.

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    Call A Professional To Perform Your Roof Leak Repair

    Of course, the above solutions are only short term fixes! If your roof leaks in heavy rain once, chances are it is bound to happen again. If left unchecked, roof leaks can wreak massive damage on your property. Thats why its important to seek professional help as soon as possible.

    We recommend calling a professional roofing company, who can prevent the roof leak from occurring again by:

    • Making sure all roof materials are installed properly
    • Applying a roof sealant for leaks
    • Using only high-quality roof waterproofing products

    We recommend making sure your contractor is licensed, insured and has a wealth of experience and happy customer testimonials. Once they perform the roof leak repair, ask them to provide specific maintenance instructions to keep your new roof in good condition.

    Call Your Insurance Company

    Once you know what youre up against, find out how much your insurance will cover. Your roofs age and the cause of the damage will come into play. If your roof is more than 10 years old, you may wind up picking up a lot of the cost. PACE financing can help you with the difference. The process is quick and easy, and because its based on home equity, you can qualify without good credit.

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    Look For Water Stains On The Ceiling

    The easiest way to pinpoint a roof leak is by looking for water stains.

    A water stain is a discoloration on your ceiling that occurs after heavy rain or when snow melts and soaks through the surface of your roof. This can be caused by many factors such as improper installation, bad design, or age.

    If the leak is not too severe, you can remove the water with a wet-dry vacuum and then cover the area with plastic to keep it dry until it can be repaired. However, if the leak is serious, you may need to repair your roof before you can dry out the area.

    Should I Finance My Roof Leak Repair

    What You Should Do About Roof Leak Mold

    Financing is always a great option for paying off your roof leak repair. Before you decide which financing option would work for you, find out how soon you need the money. It will also help to know how quickly you can secure the financing you need.

    A good roofing contractor can tell you how soon you need to arrange your roof repair to avoid further damage to your home. This information will give you a better idea of what you are risking if you wait longer for your preferred type of financing.

    RoofCrafters offers financing options, and we’re eager to help you get started on your next roofing project. If youre inquiring about financing your roof leak repair, curious as to what the best option is for you, or simply have a few questions, drop us a line on our contact page, and one of our friendly experts will be in touch.

    At RoofCrafters, our mission is to provide job opportunities for others to thrive and grow while making a meaningful impact within our communities.

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    Contact Roof Repair Contractors

    Roofs can leak for a wide range of reasons, such as natural wear and tear, storm damage, or an animal infestation. While you cannot always prevent damage from occurring to your roof, you can ensure that the problem is fixed before it has the chance to get worse. Whether you decide to file a claim or not file a claim with your insurance company, it is important to hire professional roof repair contractors to inspect the roof and determine the extent of the damage. For more information about roof leaks or to schedule a roof repair estimate, contact the Northern Virginia roof repair contractors at Beyond Exteriors.

    You Smell A Musty Odor In Certain Rooms

    The root cause of this odor is probably mold especially if you have a leaky roof. Mold grows when moisture is present and it thrives in environments where there are high levels of humidity.

    You should be especially wary of black mold, which can cause serious health problems for people who are exposed to it. Black mold produces mycotoxins that can lead to asthma-like symptoms, allergic reactions, and more severe illnesses like cancer or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease .

    In order to stop mold from growing it is important to use bleach or other disinfectants on the affected area. You should also try to contain the source of the drip thats causing it and call a roof repair expert right away.

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    Relieve Water Pressure On Your Roof

    Have you noticed an odd bulge in the ceiling of your home after a rainstorm? This is caused by water collecting in one spot, building up water pressure that could flood your home. This bulge puts extra weight on joists in your house and can cause other issues beside water damage. While it may not seem like a good idea, your best course of action is to relieve this pressure as soon as possible. That means you’ll have to pop the bulge and let the water out.

    Get a bucket or other container and set it below the bulge after that, take a screwdriver and carefully poke through the lowest point on the bulge. You may need to puncture the bulge in several spots to fully relieve the pressure.

    Youre Using It Too Much

    How to Find and Fix Leaks on a Metal Roof

    What Does It Look Like: Unfortunately, there is no way to differentiate if this is the cause of the leak. However, all homeowners should be careful with how often they venture out on to their roofs.

    Why It Happens: As you can see from the other causes in this post, a lot of roofing material is very fragile. You may accidentally step on a crucial element or crack an already precarious seal.

    How To Fix It: Avoid walking on your roof whenever possible. Let that Frisbee go and buy a new one. Hire a professional roofer to do your fixes, since they are trained on how to avoid the most easily-damaged areas. Save yourself from walking on the roof by growing a green oasis.

    Whether you have an old roof, new roof, or even a fancy green rooftop, wear and tear is unavoidable. There will be rainstorms, long winters, and heavy winds. But, roof leaks? They are a different story. With the right care regimen, every roof should have the ability to keep your family warm and dry for decades. As you work on home maintenance, refer to this list of the 10 most common causes of roof leaks. Youll be glad you did when catching a leak early saves you time and money.

    Have you ever had a leak in your roof? If so, what did you do to fix it? If not, do you have any home maintenance tips that you use to keep the roof in good shape? Share your stories with us in the comments.

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    Moisture On The Walls

    You may notice drips and moisture on the walls one day, and not notice it the next. Just because the problem appears to have gone away, doesnt mean that it wont return. It is highly likely that it will return as your leak could be caused by an ice dam in your roof which freezes and melts water repeatedly causing intermittent leak signs on the outside facing walls of your home. Wind-driven-rain is also a likely culprit for the condensation on your walls. This occurs when the wind is high enough to push the water back up the roof line, and into your home. Either way, if you see condensation or staining on your walls, you need to move quickly to stop, or prevent, mold growth.

    What Should You Do If You Discover A Roof Leak

    Knowing what causes a leak is important, but that can only take you so far if you already have one. What you really need to know is how to minimize the damage to your home until you can fix it. Unless its a small leak, youll have to hire a roofer to ensure that its fixed properly. Otherwise, you might be looking at another leak.

    Your first step is to find out if you have a leak or not. Some signs in your home include:

    • Damp spots or water stains on your ceiling.
    • Interior paint peeling or bubbling during heavy downpours.
    • Missing shingles.
    • Musty or damp smell in your house, usually in the attic.
    • Hearing the sound of dripping water in your home.
    • Moist or moldy drywall.
    • Wet or rotten decking, which is the wood floor underneath the shingles and underlayment.

    Next, you have to find the source of the leak. Remember that it might not be in the area where you find water stains. The reason is that water can travel from the entry point several feet along the inside of your room line. This means that your leak could be several feet away from the water stain on your ceiling.

    Once you find the source of the water leak, its time to minimize as much damage as possible until a professional can fix it. One way is to use a bucket of some kind to collect the water during downpours.

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