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What’s A Mansard Roof

Disadvantages Of Mansard Roof

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The disadvantages of mansard roofs are:

  • Mansard roofs add to the total square footage of the building. They come with different tax values, building permits, and restrictions based on the area. Before planning to have a mansard roof for the building, it is necessary to enquire about the permit requirements.
  • Mansard roof construction is time and labor-intensive compared to other roof construction.
  • Construction of mansard roof is very complex, hence requires experienced professionals to work.
  • Mansard roof is not ideal for extreme weather conditions like heavy snow and rainfall as its slope arrangement is not ideal for drainage.
  • These roof types demand high maintenance and repair costs, as they possess less resistance to extreme weather conditions.
  • Gorgeous Mansard Roofs With Pros And Cons

    A mansard roof, also known as a French roof, is a four-sided roof with a double slope on each side that meet forming a low-pitched roof. The first slope is very much steep, almost vertical the other slope is quite flat and it is in such location that it cannot be seen from the ground level. If you are thinking of installing such a roof in your home but are hesitating, here are some pros and cons that may be helpful to decide.

    Types Of Shingles On A Mansard Roof

    The roofing material on mansard roofs is very particular. Not every shingle will work because of the slope, its exposure to extreme weather conditions, and the fact that the steep slope does not allow the shingles to seal together like on a less steep gabled roof.

    Throughout history, mansard roofs were finished with slate tiles as a roofer could position these for correct water drainage and because they were attractive. In more recent years, some advocates recommend synthetic shingles or wooden shingles, like cedar shakes, for a mansard roof as these are lighter and will not slide down the roof over time. You can save on costs by using asphalt shingles ormetal tiles. However, there are many who feel that asphalt shingles are too heavy for the slope of a mansard roof.

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    Why Choose A Mansard Style

    Now you know what it means to have a mansard roof as far as the definition goes. But whats it really likes having a mansard roof on your home and whats the advantage of this style?

    Because the mansard roof is made with four lower sloping sections that have steep angles, this roof design naturally creates a large loft or attic area in the roof of the house. Youll end up with more space at the top of your home than you have with a gambrel or gable roof. And who doesnt need more storage space, right?

    Because of the addition of dormer windows, the mansard roof allows you to bring more light into your home, too. Light is always an important feature of any home and its a selling point in real estate.

    The mansard roof also has a very distinct, almost stylized look. This roof is made to be a true architectural feature of any building so that its a point of interest all by itself. In order words, this type of roof looks great. Its eye-catching and its something that people notice. This is the main reason that people choose the mansard roof over other styles.

    Is Mansard Roof Great For Small Houses

    Home Priority: Breathtaking House Designs with Mansard Roof

    Mansard roofs are not just for large houses. If you have a small house, you can still benefit from the extra living space that a mansard roof provides. In fact, because of their unique shape, mansard roofs can actually make small houses look larger than they are. So if youre looking to add some extra space to your small house, a mansard roof could be the perfect choice for you.

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    The Types Of Roofs In The Mansard Format

    The two main types of Mansard roofs can include the double pitch and the steep sides style roofs. The upper slope of the roof is rarely something that can be seen from the ground.

    Mansard roof formations often produce an original pitch that can only be seen from a neighbouring building.

    The main difference between these two roof styles mainly can be seen in the water and snow drainage that are available for each.

    The longer and sharp style sloped roof will produce better drainage whereas the traditional double pitch can produce reasonable drainage from the low pitch area of the roof.

    The steep pitch routes often have a sharp point at the top of the roof that ensures even drainage from all sides, whereas the sloped roof often as a channel or path for water and snow to run off of the roof.

    Gaf Mansard Roof Installation

    Follow steps for GF mansard roof installation.

  • GAF shingles must be installed on slopes of 2:12 or greater.Use minimum 3/8 plywood or OSB decking as recommended by APA-The Engineered Wood Assn.
  • Wood decks must be well-seasoned and supported, having a maximum 1/8 spacing using a minimum nominal 1 thick lumber and a maximum 6 width, having the adequate nail-holding capacity and a smooth surface.
  • Do NOT fasten shingles directly to insulation or insulated deck unless authorized in writing by GAF. Roof decks and existing surfacing material must be dry prior to the installation of shingles.
  • Underlayment is required by many code bodies and is required to maintain the shingles UL Class A fire rating. When using FeltBuster High-Traction Synthetic Roofing Felt as underlayment, it MUST be installed over one layer of VersaShield Fire-Resistant Roof Deck Protection in order to maintain a Class A fire rating for GAF asphalt shingles.
  • Use only zinc-coated steel or aluminum, 10 12 gauge, barbed, deformed, or smooth shank roofing nails with heads 3/8 to 7/16 in diameter.
  • Fasteners should be long enough to penetrate at least 3/4 into wood decks or just through the plywood decks. Fasteners must be driven flush with the surface of the shingle.
  • Overdriving will damage the shingle. Raised fasteners will interfere with the sealing of the shingles and can back out. Plastic film strips are present either on the back or face of each shingle.
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    How Are Mansard Roofs Built

    As with any project, the first step involves planning and buying all the supplies. The area under consideration needs to be prepared for the machinery and building work. The next step involves fixing the common rafters to one ridge board and then fixing the other rafters in place once the ridge has been elevated. The outside rafters are placed at the highest plate of the wall and then nailed into place. The same process is repeated for all the sides.

    The next step involves securing the ceiling beams in place and then the area is covered with sheathing. The upper extension is then built using vertical rafters that are placed within the ridge boards boundaries. The last step of building the mansard roof consists of attaching the sheathing material to the common rafters using nails. Areas having vents and valleys need to be covered using flashing.

    Once complete, an undercoating material can be placed over the entire surface before it is covered with shingles. Wooden shingles and slate tiles are generally used to make mansard roofs.

    Use The Right Kind Of Roofing Material For A Mansard Roof

    DIY Flat Roof Repair – Easy Paint on Fix

    You probably already know why its not a good idea to use asphalt shingles for installation on your mansard roof, but if you want the scoop for which materials will work best in this situation then keep reading!

    I recommend these types of materials for mansard roofing, synthetic shingle and cedar shake.

    Synthetic slates imitate the look or natural slate while Cedar Shake Shingles provide an organic texture to your homes exterior with their crushed-up wood fibers.

    In order to avoid sliding off your mansard roof, synthetic shingles are the best that will offer greater durability.

    However they arent as cost effective as standard asphalt roofs but these types of materials make up for it by not having this problem in the first place!

    As you may know, there are many types of shingles. One type thats gaining traction in recent years is cedar shake it has a premium feel and natural wood materials!

    While the panels look like they were installed individually, each is actually made up of six cedar shakes and not just one. This brings a more naturalistic feel to your homes appearance.

    One of the great things about synthetic shingles is that theyll be a lot more costly than asphalt ones.

    Ultimately, it will come down to how much your budget is and what kind of roof you want for yourself- whether its a mansard or not!

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    Benefits Of A Mansard Roof

    Aesthetics played a significant role in this roof spreading out of France. Mansard roofs offer an elegant look that can be difficult to match with styles like flat or gable roofs. They also typically feature dormer windows on their lower slope, allowing in plenty of natural sunlight. Dormer windows are a vital part of the roof architecture, so they’re very common. Windows brighten up dim attics, promote airflow, and give a stylish appearance from the outside.

    Due to their design, these roof types also provide more living space for attics. Without a steep roof pitch that cuts off areas, as with a gable or hip roof, you can make an additional room out of your attic. Plus, the natural light that enters makes any area feel bigger. Another favorable feature they provide is ease of expandability. If you’re looking to add more space to your home one day, it’s a much easier process with this roof due to its almost vertical bottom slope.

    Some Frequently Asked Questions

    Lets read out some frequently asked questions upon Mansard roofs and its other angles.

    On average, an efficiently built Mansard roof can last up to 30 years. Well, different sorts of factors play here, such as structure, materials used, and the design implemented. Just like any other project, their creation also involves planning and buying all the raw materials, and so on.

    So, provided they have been correctly installed and can handle drain and snow water effectively, that roof can last even a century. On the other hand, if you implement metal roofing with copper shingle, then it would be a great option as life is extended and can withstand all the destructions effectively.

    The primary purpose of Mansard roofs is to have more space. Basically, you can add a floor and create a small yet beautiful apartment out there, such as loft, etc. It would also save you cost and sometimes taxes, as we have already discussed. So, if you want more space in architecture, the Mansard roof would be ideal to go with.

    Yes, Mansard roofs can cost you expensively installed. But, the cost would wholly worth their function and practicality. For the price you are paying, considerable advantages are also coming in terms of drainage facilities and other things.

    Their steep and lower pitch is approximately 70-degrees. On the other hand, its upper pitch ranges from almost 30-36 degrees. However, in case traditional Mansard roofs already exist, their details and pitches can be replicated.

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    What Is A Mansard Roof

    A four-sided or French roof with double slopes on each side is called a Mansard roof. It forms a low pitch and mostly known as a curb roof. The concept of this roof is said to be originated in the 16th century. However, they gained popularity in the 17th century by Francois Mansart.

    The Mansard roof is a combination of Gambrel and Hip roof. Well, the roof particularly defines the form of art rather than just making an architectural design for functionality. You may not see such roofing style in most traditional homes, but they can be easily found in barn houses and similar modern places.

    As the roof is combined with two slopes on each side, its lower slope makes the steeper angle than the upper one and also comes with multiple dormer windows. So, you will experience a comfortable and spacious area with few restrictions and a fantastic attic.

    In Europe, especially the design of the Mansard roof plays a significant role in properly utilizing the attics interior space. It not only allows its maximum use but also enhances the overall décor. The interiors of this roof can be transformed into a buildings extra storey while allowing your home to look more inhabitable and fully functional.

    Why Install A Mansard Roof

    Mastering Roof Inspections:

    Mansard roofs allow the space directly under the roof to be used as an attic or garret. It has been suggested that the roofing styles popularity in France is at least partly related to height restrictions which were imposed on buildings in the late 1700s. The parts of a building beneath the interior cornices were subject to the height limitation, while any space above the cornices was exempt. This resulted in the construction of progressively more expansive mansard roofs, which could sometimes accommodate several storeys.

    The mansard roof is an unusual style of roof, and will make a distinctive, attractive addition to your home. The frame construction isn’t particularly complicated, although occasionally, the upper slope of the mansard roof is flattened in order to accommodate a terrace.

    It’s important to consider the load-bearing capabilities of your home if you’re considering a mansard roof though, as the flatter upper portion of the roof is prone to collecting debris – or snow, if you live in an alpine area – which can add weight and lead to structural failure.

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    The Secret Behind The Origins Of The Mansard Roof: A French Story

    A mansard is a type of roof, easily identifiable by its two slopes at different angles that allows for better use of the interior space. It is said that was named by François Mansart butwas this French architect the true inventor of the design?

    In 1546, almost half a century before Mansarts birth, Pierre Lescot designed the Southwest wing of the Louvres main square. And what he did propose as a roof? Yes, a doble pitch with the same characteristics that later became popular with another name.

    Nevertheless, it is true that this roof is strongly tied to Mansarts family name. It was Jules Hardouin-Mansart, the great-nephew of François, took the step to bring this design to the mainstream, as he included it in the Palace of Versailles.

    The key to the mansards success is the perfect combination of the visual element with high functionality. It is externally beautiful and is simultaneously the ideal solution to gain space on the top floor. Thats why we can see it on different buildings types, from palaces to residential.

    The main element of the design is characterised by the two slopes on each of its sides with the more prominent lower slope, usually at 70 or 80 degrees often includes dormer windows whilst the upper slope is at a greater angle, around 35 degrees pitch and is often not visible from the street. These are the main features, but then there is a wide range of possibilities, as you can see in the picture:

    What Are The Advantages Of A Mansard Roof

    Theres one main advantage to a building with a mansard roof: it maximizes the space of a buildings attic, allowing for an easy way to add another level of living space without requiring more siding or masonry.

    The upper boxy roof line was considered particularly functional because it permitted a full upper story of usable living area or attic space. For this reason, the style became popular for the remodeling of earlier buildings as well as for new construction, writes Virgina Savage McAleester in A Field Guide to American Houses.

    Some experts argue that mansard roofs were created in part to circumvent zoning restrictions. A Parisian law enacted in the late 1700s, for example, restricted the height of buildings to 65 feet. At the time, building heights were only measured up to the cornice line , meaning that the living space within a mansard roof didnt count toward the total measurement.

    Could you pick a mansard roof out of a lineup armed with this knowledge? Try it out on your next walk.

    Madeline Bilis is a writer and editor with a soft spot for brutalist buildings. Her work has appeared in Travel + Leisure, Boston magazine, the Boston Globe, and other outlets. She has a degree in journalism from Emerson College and published her first book, 50 Hikes in Eastern Massachusetts, in August 2019.

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    What Is A Mansard Roof What You Need To Know

    • Ingrid Yeh

    The Mansard roof is a unique style of roofing that carries an old-worldly aesthetic and charm. Chances are you have seen some of them around without actually realizing that they are, in fact, Mansard roofs. Also known as French or curbed roofs, Mansard roofs were once very popular, though they are less commonly seen on homes and buildings today.

    In this article, we will give you a detailed breakdown of what makes the Mansard roof what it isincluding a brief history, the different types of Mansard roofs, advantages and disadvantages of having them, and some frequently asked questions. We hope to make you somewhat of an expert on this distinct roofing style by the time you finish reading.

    High Maintenance And Repair Cost

    How to Clean and Prevent a Mossy Roof | Ask This Old House

    The disadvantage of the mansard roof is, in weather extreme, the mansard roof has low resistance, for this reason, its keeps to daily check that increases the construct cost of the mansard roof.

    Another disadvantage of the mansard roof is, for rung in highly stormy areas in the storm on the flatter portion of the mansard roof a lot of debris is collected that can damage the roof permanently.

    Like installation cost, the maintenance cost of mansard roof is also high. So, these are some disadvantages of the mansard roof.

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