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Will Elastomeric Roof Coating Stop Leaks

Benefits Of Silicone Roof Coating

Mobile Home how to stop metal roof leaks with STA-KOOL elastomeric coatings

There are several cost-saving benefits to a silicone roof coating. The coating creates a smooth, waterproof layer that reflects UV light and resists even the most forceful monsoon. Silicone roof systems also hold up in both high and cold temperatures. Another benefit to using a roof coating is that there is zero construction involved in the process. The coasting is placed over the existing roof.

Are There Different Types Of Elastomeric Coating

Yes, elastomeric coatings include butyl, acrylic, silicone, and polyurethane.

We suggest urethane modified acrylic because its the most suitable for roof areas that have ponding water issues. Acrylics are easy to clean, can be easily recoated, and carry a longer warranty than other roof coatings with beneficial heat reflexive properties.

Interested in learning more? We offer free commercial roof inspections and consultations. Get a free commercial roof inspection of your building and lets put a plan in place to stop roof leaks while saving your money.

Where Can Spray Foam Be Used

Spray foam is a great option for most commercial roofs, such as TPO, flat roofs, and the like. Anything the material is sprayed on will be coated, offering protection for the joints and seams in the standard roofing material. Spray foam is a seamless alternative that forms a fully sealed barrier, keeping moisture out across the entire surface.

Since it is highly resistant to inclement weather, spray foam resists damage that often accompanies weather changes, such as cracking from thermal expansion. That means it is a fantastic solution for properties in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, who see such volatile changes in weather across the seasons.

How Long Does Spray Foam Roofing Last?

Whats incredible about spray foam is it can stop leaks for the life of the building.

Spray foams weakness is UV rays, which is why a protective coating is applied as the final step of the job. Whats wonderful about that is this coating can be reapplied later on down the road.

We offer 10, 15, and 20-year warranties on our spray foam roof coatings. The longer the warranty, the thicker the coat of sealer that gets applied. Lets say you opted for the 15-year warranty, so around that point, you could have the roof re-sealed, extending the life of the spray foam for another 10+ years.

If you keep the spray foam protected from the UV rays, it can last a lifetime.

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Wash The Entire Roof Surface

Before you worry about how to apply elastomeric roof coating, youll need to clean the roof thoroughly. First, remove all debris from the surface. Use a sprayer or a pressure washer for the cleaning, taking care not to disturb the roof membrane and lap seams. After you clean the roof, remove any loose materials. Let the roof dry completely before you apply the coating. Keep in mind that the roof may take up to 24 hours to finish drying.

Size Of The Roof Leak

Will Elastomeric Roof Coating Stop Leaks? Help for Facility Owners

Closely related to the amount applied is the size of the existing roof leaks. Generally speaking, roof coatings take a lot of time to dry if the roof leak is wide, as you will have applied more caulk.

A warning, though, dont be tempted to apply less or think less roof coating stop leaks because you want faster dry times. The timespan difference in drying will not be worth the number of times you will need to re-do the caulking.

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Can You Paint Over Elastomeric Coating

A high-quality acrylic latex paint will stick to elastomeric coating, but the any pinholes will still show because the paint doesnt fill the holes. The pain will shrink, allowing the holes to come through, leaving ways for water to enter the surface. One solution is to apply a primer first that will bond to the elastomeric coating and fill the pinholes. If your elastomeric coating doesnt have any pinholes, then the primer is not necessary, but a high-quality acrylic latex should still be used.

What Is Silicone Roof Coating

Silicone roof coatings perform well in areas of the country where water is a natural part of the prevailing weather patterns. In addition, silicone roof coatings can be applied to practically any existing roof surface. Once applied, silicone roof coatings create a seamless membrane that will protect the roof from normal roof concerns such as severe weather an ultraviolet light.

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Does Spray Foam Stop Roof Leaks

The short answer is yes spray foam does stop roof leaks.

If you have more questions, like:

  • What is spray foam roofing?
  • How does spray foam roofing stop roof leaks?
  • How long does spray foam roofing last?
  • Is spray foam roofing a permanent fix?

And others, keep reading!

As a spray foam roofing contractor whos been serving the DFW area for more than two decades, we have helped countless property owners extend the life of their roof through the use of spray foam roof coatings. We can help you understand its benefits and what it can and cant do, so you can make an informed decision about whats best for your roof.

How Long Does Roof Sealant Last

Industrial Metal Roof Repair Using SEBS Elastomeric Coatings

The most important part of any roof installation is the skill level. If you have a skilled and experienced roofing company that is utilizing the proper tools, methods and materials, you can expect your roof installation to last longer than most. Typically, roof coatings last approximately ten years. As previously mentioned, with an exceptional roof coating installation, your roof longevity can be extended.

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Are There Any Elastomeric Roof Coating Contractors Near Me

Although its common for most roofing contractors to offer coating/sealing services, not all do! We recommend starting by looking for a reliable roofing contractor in your area and then ask them about their expertise in applying elastomeric roof coating. Make sure they have experience doing this you dont want to be their first experiment!

If youre in the northwest Pennsylvania region, were youre local trusted roofing contractors! Were located in Crawford County, Pennsylvania. Please get in touch with us to see how we can help. We can apply all sorts of roof coatings including acrylic elastomeric coatings.

Hopefully this guide has answered your questions surrounding how long elastomeric roof coating can last. If you still have additional questions, please call our team of experts at to see how we can help.

How Often Should A Flat Roof Be Coated

Its important to seal flat roofs as a pre-emptive measure instead of waiting for leaks or ponding. Any signs of leakage, ponding, or structural damage indicate your roof needs coating. But even if you dont notice such signs, a flat roof should be sealed every five years to safeguard it from water damage.

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How Does Silicone Roof Coating Work

The silicone roof coatings form a waterproof, seamless, uniform membrane that repels ponding water. Once it hardens, it prevents the leaks without losing its adhesion to the roof.

Its reflective properties help maintain optimum temperature, save energy, deflect UV rays, and keep the commercial roof cooler despite the temperature.

What Is White Roof Coating

BLACK JACK 3.6 Quart Elastomeric Roof Sealant in the Roof Sealants ...

Also known as elastomeric coating, this liquid is a reflective, thermal barrier with elastic properties that allow it to contract and expand with changes in temperature without cracking or peeling.

Its main benefits include:

  • Adaptability to different roof types, including metal roofing

Notably, this is different from white roof paint, a substance whose only goal is to reflect light without any waterproofing. Some commercial roofers in Indianapolis only apply white roof paint, while others may do both.

Now that you know what it is, there are several factors to consider when deciding if its the best solution to fix your leaks on your commercial roofing in Indianapolis.

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Reason Why It Will Save You Money #1 Avoid A New Roof

The first and most expensive cost you wont have to pay for by using an elastomeric roof coating is the price of a new roof. Having your old roof completely removed and replaced is pricey and time-consuming, and unless you have proof of damage, your insurance might not pay for it. The hours of labor and massive volume of materials quickly raises the price of a brand-new roof into the tens of thousands of dollars. Comparatively, laying down an elastomeric roof coating costs near pennies. Youll be finished soon with more money left in your pocket, and your roof will be as good as new, nonetheless.

How Long Do Elastomeric Roof Coatings Last

Summary: roof coating systems last 10-20 years, but once they reach the end of their warranty, they can be recoated and a new warranty begins. The process can be repeated over and over again, making roof coating systems a renewable and sustainable roofing system.

Do you have a commercial roof that needs to be restored? Perhaps your warranty ran out but your roof is still in good condition?

Did you know you can add an elastomeric roof coating over your existing roof to extend its life?

But for how long?

Elastomeric roof coatings can last between 10 and 20 years.

This all depends on the millage of coating thats applied to your roof.

A 10-year warranty requires 20 mils of coating.

A 20-year warranty requires 30 mils of coating.

At West Roofing Systems, weve been extending the life of well-conditioned roofs through elastomeric roof coatings since 2007 .

Therefore eliminating the need to completely tear off a roof , but to extend the life of the roof, add in reflectivity and create a seamless, watertight layer with a new 10-20 year warranty.

Lets begin

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Clean And Pressure Wash The Roof

Preparation is key to a successful coating application. Before applying the coating, the roof must be clean, dry, and structurally sound.

Remove all debris and dirt from the roof. For heavily soiled areas, loosen the dirt with a broom or brush. Clean the entire surface using a power washer capable of 2,500 to 3,500 p.s.i. with a 30-degree cleaning tip. Keep the tip about 18 inches from the roof surface and spray with a gentle sweeping motion. Use a push broom to push standing water toward the drains.

Allow the surface to dry completely before moving to the next step.

What Maintenance Is Done To Extend How Long Elastomeric Roof Coatings Last

How to Install Elastomeric Roof Coating – Flat Roofs

Most roofing maintenance programs begin with a visual inspection and reporting. They are looking for early signs of significant damage. Damage can be caused by numerous events such as wind, rain, debris, or foot traffic.

Maintenance also includes special attention to areas that impact water travel, such as gutters, drains, and scuppers. A roofing contractor wants to ensure that when it rains, that water is moving the way its designed to off the roof.

NOTE: A maintenance contract is a great way to keep your facility in good shape while holding your contractor accountable for their work performance.

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Is Acrypol A Fibreglass

Acrypol Plus this acrylic-based waterproof paint is used to repair or refurbish leaking roofs. This is most commonly used for fibreglass roofing so its the perfect choice.

Does Acrypol need a primer?

Generally ACRYPOL + requires no Primer/Sealers, however, on rare occasions i.e. highly porous/friable surfaces eg. concrete, asbestos or where stone chippings have been removed, better application results may be obtained by first applying the recommended Acrypol Sealer:- Concrete.

Is elastomeric roof coating worth it?

its more cost-effective than a complete tear-off. its considered maintenance it adds a seamless, monolithic waterproof layer. its white, therefore it saves on energy costs compared to a dark-colored roof.

Is elastomeric roof coating slippery?

Slippery When Wet Silicone coatings make surfaces very slippery!

Is Elastomeric Roof Coating Waterproof

An elastomeric roof coating is waterproof. Also, you can layer this coating type to seal tiny holes and cracks.

Moreover, elastomeric coatings prevent UV ray damage from the sun. Thus, youll save on roof repair or replacement later.

White elastomeric coatings can help cool your home. They do so by reflecting sunlight. Moreover, grey elastomeric coatings help heat your home during winter months. Finally, elastomeric coatings are a fantastic addition to the following:

  • Commercial/industrial buildings.
  • Residential buildings.

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Year Vs 18 Year Warranty

The biggest factor that impacts the lifespan of elastomeric coating is how thick or thin its applied. An experienced roofing contractor will be able to help you determine the appropriate thickness for your roof and your needs.

Most contractors will warranty the coating for 10 years when its applied at a 20mil thickness , or 18 years when its applied at a 30mil thickness . Its generally not recommended to apply it thicker than 30mil.

Be sure to ask your contractor what your warranty options are. Keeping the contractor accountable to a warranty is a great way to make sure theyre extra careful to properly apply the coating to avoid issues down the road.

Painted Shingles Mean Extra Maintenance

Ames Super Elasto

Unpainted shingles can look good for 20 years or more with only minimal maintenance. Painted shingles, on the other hand, start showing wear much faster and usually need re-painting once every five to seven years. Each time, the roof will need to be cleaned and repaired, then primed and painted.

Whats more, paint on the roof is hit harder by sunlight, rain, wind, and snow, so it will fade faster than the paint on your exterior walls. If you want to keep a certain amount of contrast between your walls and roof, you might need to repaint your roof more often than average.

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Tips For Applying Elastomeric Roof Coating

Keeping the previous steps in mind, these are some helpful tips to make the application process go smoothly:

  • If possible, apply the elastomeric roof coating on a sunny day.
  • Pick a day that is nice but not too hot.
  • When using a roller, use a brush for finer details and around roof fixtures.
  • If the roof is severely damaged, hire a professional to patch it first.

Lastly, be sure to stay off the roof until the elastomeric roof coating is cured. It should dry within a day or so. However, it may take up to a week to be fully cured in perfect weather. If it rains a few days after the elastomeric paint for roof is applied, the moisture will not ruin it. Continuously wet weather could slow the curing process for up to a few weeks. To be safe, plan on staying off the roof for a month.

The SANI-TRED Solution

SANI-TRED is a permanent waterproof roof coating that can be applied as an elastomeric product because it bonds to plywood, concrete, metal, and more. SANI-TRED provides excellent performance with 590% permanent elongation. Learn more about using SANI-TRED for your Roof coating or repair project.

What Is An Elastomeric Roof Coating

Elastomeric roof coatings are liquid-applied coatings. Their typical makeup consists of either acrylic or silicone. Further, these coatings for metal roofs cure into extra elastic and durable membranes. They do so when they dry.

Elsewhere, their elastic quality makes them straightforward to apply to roofing material. Moreover, they adapt adequately to different weather types. You can use an elastomeric coating on an older roof. That helps with the following:

  • Roof restoration, preventing a complete roof replacement.
  • Sealing the roof system from leaks.
  • Reinforcing the metal roofs integrity and extending its lifecycle expectancy.

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When To Consider Using An Elastomeric Roof Coating

Roof coating should be applied at the first sign of roof aging to achieve the best value for roof coating. Making the needed repairs earlier and installing a fully protective boundary is essential. Waiting for too long will cost you more and may involve the replacement of the whole roofing system. Also, check for the possibilities of rust and leaks.

Does Silicone Roof Coating Stop Leaks

How to Apply Roof Coating

SILICONE CAN HELP YOU STOP ROOF LEAKS IN YOUR BUILDING One of the most important benefits of silicone roof coatings is that they can stop leaks in their tracks.

Can you spray silicone roof coating? If you can overcome these constraints, spraying silicone coatings provides a more uniform application, meaning your roof will be smoother, look better, and will have no small pond areas created from over or under-applying. Another benefit of spray-applying is that it is significantly faster than rolling the coating on.

How do you spray silicone coating?

Can I use a paint sprayer for roof coating? An airless sprayer is the most efficient way to apply roof coatings. Airless sprayers use a hydraulic pump to atomize the coating. Elastomeric coatings require higher pressures and flow rates than paints. A roof rig usually has a minimum pressure of 3000 psi with a flow rate of of 3 4 gallons per minute.

How do you apply silicone roof coating?

Can you spray silicone? As a rule, silicone resin paints can be sprayed well. Exceptions are materials with added algicides or fugicides, i.e. agents against plizbefall or algae formation on the façade.

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How To Apply Elastomeric Roof Coating

The straightforward application of this coating adds to its extended list of benefits. You can apply most roofing products using a roller or a sprayer.

So, the following are easy-to-follow steps on how to apply your elastic roof coating:

  • Clean your commercial roof well enough. Discard any huge debris pieces. Now, youll need a blower or bloom to move the debris and dirt off your roof. After that, clean the roof surface using a power washer. Afterward, let the roof surface dry.
  • Make necessary repairs where need be. In some cases, spots that need patching may be on your roof. Also, look for cracks, blisters, or areas that need repairing. So, for this step, an acrylic sealant will do wonders. Use a roof brush or trowel to apply a patching compound for better results.
  • Apply your elastomeric roof coating. In this step, first, read the coatings directions. Doing so lets you know if its ideal for your roofing slope and material. There are two ways of applying an elastomeric coating. Also, pick a coating that fits your individual needs. You can roll some products onto your roof, while others need a spraying device/bottle. You can rent a sprayer in some store outlets, something better than buying. Fortunately, rollers are a cheaper option.

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