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How To Extend The Life Of Your Roof

The Importance Of Adequate Ventilation

Extend the Life of Your Roof for Another Fifteen Years!

If you want to know the key to a long-lasting roof, look in this surprising area your attic. Poor attic ventilation can lead to many problems, but one of them is the aging of your roof.

In the summertime, an attic without proper airflow can easily reach 160 degrees. This superheated air can penetrate your insulation, making the rest of your home hotter, even damaging your paint or wallpaper. On your roof, this hot air also fries your shingles, leading to decay. It can also warp the rafters in your attic or cause them to crack.

Poor attic ventilation can also lead to issues in the winter. Namely, your household appliances that create moisture can lead to water build-up. Improperly ventilated attics create moisture that clings to the top of your roof, which in turn falls onto your insulation and reduces its efficiency.

What Is The Protective Coating

The protective coating that increases the life of an existing roof is silicone.

Silicone is applied similar to paint, except that its designed for commercial roofing systems.

The best characteristic is that silicone is waterproof, which will not break down with water, and will not let water pass through into the insulation of your roofing system.

Silicone comes in a variety of colors, but the most used colors are white and gray. These lighter colors reflect sunlight to keep the roof cool.

On a 90-degree day, a roof with silicone coatings may only be 5 degrees warmer than the outside temperature.

If the same roof had a black roof, the temperature would likely exceed 150 degrees.

This makes your HVAC unit work harder to combat the hot air entering your building.

Typically, energy savings of installing a silicone roof versus a darker roof is 15-35%.

Heres a video from the Department of Energy explaining cool roofs and energy savings:

Handle Debris And Reduce Shade

Speaking of trees, they arent always your roofs best friend. In many areas, roofs that have too much shade from trees get covered in debris and may develop moss or algae, which thrive in the shade. You can have your roofer keep cleaning the debris, moss, and algae off, or you can trim back the trees to reduce the shade and eliminate the problem for the long run.

That said, if the trees above your roof dont drop many leaves or other debris, and your roof doesnt have a moss or algae problem, the shade may actually be doing your roof better than harm. Afterall, its sun exposure that eventually does in asphalt shingles.

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Crucial Maintenance Tasks Can Extend Roof Life

Its important to regularly keep up with inspecting your roof for damages, as well as complete routine projects such as gutter cleaning. In order to make your roof last, you have to be sure to take care of it to ensure your roof will last as long as it can.

If you want to schedule a roof inspection, or youre ready to have a new roof installed, contact Thompson Creek today for a free estimate.

Clean Gutters Extend The Life Of Your Roof

Extend The Life Of Your Roof By Following Some Tips From ...

You probably didnt want to be told this, but if you want to extend the life of your roof, youre going to have to get outside and clean your gutters. Its a chore that no one particularly wants to dedicate their Saturday morning to do, but think of this way: clearing out debris from the gutters will easily prevent damage to your roof.

Water takes the path of least resistance, and most commonly if gutters are clogged, water will seep through the lower deck board, the fascia, and the soffit boards that run the length of the gutter line.

So, when the fall season has wrapped up, try to get out there one last time, weather permitting, and scoop up the last of the leaves to prevent water damage to your roof. Youll thank yourself in the winterand springwhen your roof isnt leaking and you arent facing an expensive replacement.

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Checklist To Help You Protect Your Commercial Roof Investment

If you want to extend the life of your commercial roof, remember to do the following:

  • Clean and maintain the roof.
  • Schedule biannual inspections.
  • Be proactive about repairing damaged areas of the roof.
  • Keep an eye on the weather and inspect your roof after any major storms.
  • Create rules regarding who can go on the roof.
  • Sign up for a commercial roof maintenance plan.

Remember, you dont have to maintain your commercial roof on your own. Kautz Roofing has 45 years of experience and regularly installs, inspects, repairs, and replaces commercial roofs. Whether youre interested in having your current roof inspected, want to set up a maintenance plan or are considering replacing your existing commercial roof, contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

Poor Maintenance And Improper Installation Can Damage Commercial Roofs

Compared to other styles of roofing, flat commercial roofing is non-forgiving. That means that there is little room for error when the roof is installed. Incorrect installation of a flat roof or a roof with a low slope can be problematic. Proper installation of a commercial roof reduces the likelihood of there being poorly sealed seams or punctures in the material of the roof.

In some cases, how the roof is treated after installation can determine how long it lasts or how quickly it breaks down. If people, such as workers or contractors, are up on the roof regularly, they can inadvertently cause damage to it or speed up its deterioration. For example, a person might drop a tool on the roof, creating a puncture or cracking the seal of the seam, while working on a separate project.

Looking after your commercial roof and inspecting it regularly is another way to extend the life of the roof and prevent deterioration and damage. If there is a problem on the roof, finding it sooner rather than later can keep your roof in peak shape and condition for years to come.

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Damaged Or Missing Shingles

Locating shingles that need to be replaced may be easily done by walking around your house, or carefully climbing a ladder, to search for shingles that are missing pieces, or missing completely. Tears that expose the underlayment are a huge threat to the integrity of your home and require immediate repairs.

Create A Preventive Maintenance Plan

Extend the life of your roof and save thousands of dollars with Roof Renew

A professional commercial roofing company will work with you to design and implement a customized preventive maintenance programs that can save thousands of dollars over the long-term. Properly planned and implemented, it can help stabilize maintenance costs, discover potential problems early, and extend the life of your roof .

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Average Roof Life: How To Extend The Life Of Your Roof

What is the average roof life? According to the most accurate estimates, homeowners with wood shake roofs can expect them to last for approximately 30 years. Cement shingles meanwhile have a slightly lower lifespan of approximately 25 years and asphalt shingles reach about 20 years.

Though the NAHB has established decent benchmarks for how long a new roof is designed to last it is not the golden rule. There are a number of elements that can shorten its lifespan dramatically.

Whenever you are dealing with something outside you must take into account the weather. Harsh elements such as wind, rain, snow, and hail cause repeated abuse. As does the sun and cold weather. Then there are major natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes.

Be Mindful Of Your Roof Warranty Coverage

Be aware of your roofs warranty expiry date, and work with a roofer on a plan to extend coverage of your valuable asset. And remember, a warranty is a reactive, rather than a proactive, solution to roof issues. A warranty repair is more of a headache not to mention costlier than preventive maintenance.

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How Does A Roofing Conversation Start

A building owner will experience a problem. Usually, a tenant will file a complaint that the roof is beginning to leak, or that there are brown spots on the ceiling.

If the building owner doesnt have a service contract with a roofing contractor or a warranty, then they will need to find another roofing contractor to take a look at the roof.

Once an experienced roofer gets on the roof, they will see where the problem areas are at, investigate water entry points, possibly pull core samples, and then perform an infrared inspection to see the amount of water thats saturated in the insulation.

Once all the data is collected, there will be a list of options that the building owner can choose from.

If the roof has less than 25% saturation, a silicone restoration system can be performed.

If the roof is more than 25% saturated, it may be more cost-effective to completely tear the roof off and install a new system.

Get A Roof Inspection


The best way to stay on top of your roofs health is to get a roof inspection by one of our roofing professionals at least once a year. This way, you can have knowledge of problems before they become costly repairs. Some problems can go unseen by the naked eye and spread to more than one part of your roof.

Having a professional roof inspection is crucial after a storm. While physical damage is easy to spot, underlying water damage can go unnoticed. Being in North Central Florida, roofs are more susceptible to damage from hurricanes, but also the routine thunderstorms we experience year round.

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Proper Care And Maintenance Of A Flat Roof

While they are flat and easy to walk on to inspect yourself, we caution against it. The risk of a fall may be less likely than on a more traditional DIY roof inspection or maintenance, but most homeowners will be less familiar with flat roofs. This increases the chance they miss something.

When we inspect flat roofs, we are looking for:

  • Flaking
  • Slits or cracks in the coating
  • Build up of dirt and debris
  • How the roof deck feels when walking on it
  • Areas of ponding or evidence there has been ponding
  • Working drains among other items.

We recommend flat roofs be inspected at least annually and having all repairs performed at that time, with the exception of repairs for ponding. .

Every five years your roof should be re-coated by a professional with a quality elastomeric coating like Henrys 100% Acrylic Enviro-White Extreme Elastomeric Roof Coating.

Winter Snow And Ice Storms

The average amount of annual snowfall across the U.S. is 26 inches. In Lancaster, Pa., the average snowfall is a little lower at 18 inches. Snowstorms throughout the winter can lead to something known as excessive snow load on your commercial roof.

As many commercial roofs are flat, snow can linger on the surface of the roof for longer than it would stay on a sloped roof. The snow can melt when the temperatures climb above freezing, then turn to ice when temperatures dip down again. Additional snowfalls add to the weight on the roof. If the snow and ice remain on the roof throughout the winter, damage can occur, including a possible collapse of the roof.

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Handle Problems As Soon As Possible

The best advice to extend your roofs life is to tackle problems as quickly as possible. The biggest roofing mistake is ignoring a small problem and then it becomes a much larger problem in the future. Making small repairs or taking the time to be proactive will save you time and money down the roof. Your roof will thank you!

How Does The Coating Gets Applied To Your Existing Roof

Extend the life of your aging roof and save thousands of dollars with Roof Renew

Heres a video of a silicone restoration membrane being applied to an existing roof:

The first step is to clean the existing roof, which is done with power washing.

Once all the contaminants are removed from the roof, the next step is to remove and replace any saturated areas.

An infrared inspection will identify these saturated areas.

A similar roofing material will replace the saturated areas. For example, if TPO and Polyiso insulation are removed, brand new, dry, TPO and Polyiso will be installed on the roof.

Now that the entire roof is dry and clean, the next step is to treat the seams .

Seams are treated in one of two ways:

  • Install a wet-out coat of silicone over the seams , then embed a polyester mesh into the wet-out coat, then let the area dry overnight.
  • Install a butyl-backed, self-adhering tape overtop of the seams
  • Once the seams are treated, the silicone coating will be installed over the entire roof in one or two coats, depending on the thickness of the coating needed to achieve the warranty the building owner wants.

    NOTE: If youd like more detail into the process of a silicone restoration system, we made a 9-minute video:

    What benefits do silicone roof coatings provide?

    There are plenty of benefits of a silicone roof coating system, including:

    • Reduced material cost

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    Ensure A Long Roof Life With Feldco

    It never hurts to consult a professional every two to three years. A roofing service can inspect the condition of the shingles, and even make small repairs that are not remarkably costly.

    It is also a fantastic opportunity to speak with a professional about any maintenance recommendations they suggest for extending the life of a roof.

    Speak to a product specialist and get a free quote online today.

    Protect Your Roof From Water Leaks

    Gutters play a vital role in protecting your roof against water damages, but some other factors need your attention. Missing or broken shingles can also provide an entryway to rainwater.

    If you are lucky, you will be able to spot the damages in their earlier stage. In worst cases, water seeps into the underlayment and silently ruins the roof integrity.

    Water leaks lead to interior paint damages and may reach the house foundation. Mold growth is one of the biggest concerns. Mold or mildew can grow because of high humidity levels, water leaks, or attic condensation.

    As soon as you see a sign of water leakage, hire a reliable roofing contractor for repairs. Keep your roof clean as the debris absorbs water and reduces the life of your roof.

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    Low Pitched Roofs Limit Water To Run Off

    The low pitch means any debris on the roof could create a dam effect. Without a higher pitch, there is less force behind the water to easily flow over debris or push it off the roof. This can create ponding or small pools of water, collecting on the roof. Without enough sun, those small ponds do not evaporate quickly. With more debris collecting on the roof and consistent days of rain, those ponds can grow. The increased water weight can lead to a weakening of the structure below and the roof started to sag. With more rain, the problem is compounded.

    How Often Should I Get A Roof Inspection

    How to Extend the Life of Your Roof

    Usually, its recommended that you have a commercial roof inspected at least twice a year by a licensed roofing company. Its a good idea to schedule an inspection in the early spring, to assess the roof for any signs of damage from snow and other winter weather conditions. You can schedule the second inspection in the autumn, to make sure that there arent lots of leaves on the roof and to assess any damage caused by summer sun and heat or by springs rains.

    During an inspection, your roofing professional should perform the following:

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    Carry Out Top Flashing

    Roof flashing is conducted using a thin material, like galvanized steel, that expert roofers use to keep water away from entering the critical areas of the roof. Roof flashing is installed around the roof features, like vents, skylights, or chimneys. This is done to make water run down the side of the flashing and be directed to the tiles, rather than entering into the roof.

    If you miss out on the top flashing against these walls, water will slowly drip into the crevice and then makes its way into the home.

    You should always hire a professional roofer to install roof flashing. A contractor will know the safety requirements, best practices, and building codes.

    Check For Loose Fasteners On The Metal Roof

    Metal roofs are energy efficient and work well with the sea salt air in Florida. They may not look like a top choice for a roof, but unlike other types, they will not corrode and they come in an array of colors to fit in the Florida lifestyle. Metal roofs also last over 50 years and are completely recyclable. However, to ensure the roof lasts for many years, checking it after major storms is essential. Check out the roof for loose fasteners by standing on the ground and look for any raised areas. If you do find you need to replace screws, make sure the metals are the same. The metal roof and screws need to be the same material as different metals that come in contact with each other can cause electrolysisand leave a green corrosion film on your roof.

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    Clear Debris From Your Roof

    Clearing debris is important for homeowners that have a lot of trees near their home. Loose branches should be removed near your home, especially during storm season, to avoid damage to your roof or your home. But, you should also be aware of the accumulation of leaves on the top of your roof. If leaves pile up, they can retain moisture from rainfall and trap the water on top of your roof. This can lead to damage to your shingles, making them less efficient, and can cause roof leaks.


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