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How To Repair Loose Roof Shingles

Will A Roof Leak If The Shingles Are Blown Off

REPAIR ROOF SHINGLES – Replace Missing Aspahlt Roofing Shingles Step by Step Guide

Holes on the roof will definitely result in leaks. But, how about shingles that have gotten loose and fell off?

This is a question that a lot of homeowners ask themselves, especially if there are only one or two missing roof shingles. So, is it something you need to worry about?

The answer to that is YES, especially if the shingles do not overlap.

But, how soon it will start leaking will vary.

Roof shingles are normally installed over roofing felt, and this can provide some temporary protection in case a shingle or two has been blown off. This is not strong enough to withstand water for long periods. Even with roof felting in place, water can also make its way between the felts seams, resulting in leaks.

A shingle that fell off can also start a series of chain reactions, starting with the shingles beside its original place. An empty spot makes the surrounding area vulnerable to strong bursts of wind, which may cause other shingles to become loose or get damaged.

And, if you decide to forego the installation of roofing felt, which is something you really dont want to do, roof leaks will happen sooner than you think.

How To Repair Roof Shingles After Wind Damage

Its the age-old question about damaged roof shingles. Should you repair wind damage or replace the roof? The answer isnt as easy to come by as it may seem. It can depend on many factors including the extent of the damage and age of the roof.

But one thing is for sure. Whether you choose a Toronto roofing company or try it yourself , its less costly to repair damaged shingles than it is to replace your roof.

How To Repair Roof Shingles That Have Blown Off

The easiest way to repair roof shingles that have blown off is to individually replace them or replace a series of them.

The damaged shingles can be removed and new ones can be put into their place. However, these patches may be noticeable, as weather conditions can cause the older shingles to fade in color.

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What Are Some Issues That May Arise Thanks To Damaged Roof Shingles

Damaged roof shingles look unsightly. However, the real problem with them goes much deeper than aesthetics. Keep reading to learn what you can expect if you have damaged roof shingles, and then discover how a qualified contractor can turn messy and dangerous shingles into an attractive, secure roof in little time.

Mctoolman To The Rescue

Top 6 Reasons Why Roofs Fail

When you notice roof damaged, its best to take care of it quickly before collateral damage occurs. If you arent the DIY type of person or simply feel better letting a professional do the work, then contact McToolman today! Our expert roof repair technicians are here to help inspect your roof for damage and replace roof shingles that are damaged. Give us a call at 704-918-6248 and well be happy to help!

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How Long Can A Roof Go Without Shingles

It is typical for the roof to be in this condition for 30-60 days while other phases of the construction are completed. Over a Long period of time the sun/heat will dry out the oil in the paper which gives it the water resistant property. Cold makes it brittle and wind can tear it.

Quick Fix For A Roof Leak

You can temporarily solve a roof leak quickly and easily, using a 12-by-12-inch piece of galvanized sheet metal roof repair flashing, available at most home improvement centers.

In dry weather, lift the damaged shingle with one hand while you slip the sheet metal flashing up underneath it to cover the hole.

Its usually necessary to pry up one or more roofing nails in the row above the missing or damaged shingle so you can push the flashing all the way up under the course above the leak.

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Remove Your Old Roof In Mercer County Nj

There are several tell-tale signs that your old roof needs to be replaced. If you notice any of the following signs, do not hesitate to call Allabaugh Construction for roof replacements in Mercer County:

  • Youve noticed water in your ceiling or water leaking into your residential or commercial property
  • The roof is sagging, cracked, or water-stained
  • Moss and mold are growing on the roofing material
  • Mold is growing on the interior of your home or building
  • Youve noticed a recent spike in your utility bills
  • Shingles are cracked, peeling, or falling off

Many of these signs will be more apparent after storm damage. If you notice anything concerning, call Allabaugh Construction for roof repair from storm damage in NJ.

What Causes Roof Shingles To Lose Granules

How to Repair Roof Shingles
  • Will homeowners insurance cover missing shingles?
  • If there is a defect in the shingle, the most common symptom will be blistering. Blistering occurs when pockets of moisture from inside the asphalt layer and as the moisture expands and contracts if forms the blisters. As your roof ages and endures a series of weather events, it will naturally begin to lose granules.

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    How To Repair A Torn Or Curled Asphalt Shingle

    Heres how to repair a torn asphalt shingle:

    1Carefully lift the torn piece or damaged corner, and, using a putty knife, carefully spread a layer of asphalt roofing cement under it. Be careful not to smear the cement on exposed portions of roofing.

    2Tack down a curled corner with one roofing nail. If your are repairing a tear, tack down the two torn halves with two roofing nails on each side of the tear.

    3Carefully apply roofing cement over the crack and on top of the nailheads to seal up any potential leaks. Keep the amount of cement at a minimumthis will be visible on the surface of your roof.

    Why To Hire Professional Roofers To Replace Missing Shingles

    Roofers dont just do large replacements. They also perform small repairs such as replacing missing shingles. One benefit of hiring professional roofers is they can find replacement shingles that match the color and texture of the originals. They can also install new shingles without disturbing the surrounding area of the roof. And if your roof has other leaks or issues, these will be found during the inspection and can be fixed to avoid future damage.

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    Before You Start The Roof Repair

    Before you begin repairing or replacing any shingles, there are a couple of things you need to know.

  • The Roof Damage May Not Be Limited to What You See Just because you can easily see some missing or damaged shingles, it doesnt mean thats the extent or even entire location of the damage. Water damage can occur if moisture gets blown underneath shingles anywhere on your roof even while the shingles show no damage.
  • You Need the Right Roofing Materials Depending on the damage, you may need one or more of the following
  • Replacement shingles
  • Putty knife
  • How Are Roof Shingles Blown Off In The First Place


    There are two methods by which shingles are attached to a roof: roofing nails or adhesive strips.

    Roofing nails:

    Generally roofing nails have short shanks, sharp points, and wide, flat heads that enable them to penetrate the shingle without tearing it.

    Adhesive strips:

    Some shingles are made with adhesive strips attached to the bottom which, when attached, creates a strong, waterproof seal to the shingle beneath it.

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    How To Repair Holes In Wood Siding

    For repairs that will match natural-wood siding, youll want to use stainable wood putty. If you intend to paint the patched area to match the siding, use pre-mixed bridging and patching compound, sold at paint stores and home improvement centers. Test your touch-up paint beforehand to make sure you have a good match.

    Follow the label directions. With most wood putty fillers, you:

    1Remove any loose material from the hole, and brush the hole clean, using a stiff bristle brush.

    2Apply the filler with a putty knife. Small holes require only one application. Large or deep holes call for building up the patch with several layers, allowing each to dry before applying the next.

    3Sand the surface. Begin with coarse sandpaper and work your way to a finer grit. Then the patch to match the rest of the siding.

    Metal Shingles Leak Overview

    Metal shingles provide a durable, lightweight option for homes not designed for a heavy roof, like tiles. In contrast to fiberglass/asphalt, these shingles can often be used on low slope roofs making locating leaks easier.Finding leaks caused by physical damage on a metal roof is also fairly simple. Generally speaking, metal shingles will not cause a leak unless obvious damage or decay is present. This is why many metal shingles carry up to a 50-year warranty.

    If the shingles have been obviously damaged by a falling tree limb or another heavy object, the leak can sometimes appear much smaller than it is. This is because leaks can be caused by the tiniest of perforations. For example, if violent physical damage occurs via a falling object, it can loosen, but not detach, the surrounding shingles which will lead to eventual failure.Therefore, it is a good idea to check any shingles within a 24 circumference of the leak. Metal shingles tend not to flex, so impacts tend to bounce off, rather than be absorbed. This can cause small leaks after an impact that is tough to locate and may simply be a loose tack.

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    Home Fix: Problems With Loose Shingles

    Q: I couldn’t believe the recent high winds blew several shingles off my 10 year old roof. Is there something I can do myself or should I call a roofer.

    A: If the roof is sloped low enough that you can safely walk on it, then you may be able to repair the loose shingles yourself. Do not attempt to work on a steep sloped roof without having proper safety ropes, scaffold or ladders. One slip on a steep roof and there’s no stopping your slide to a certain fall. If the roof is safe to walk on, add a tarp or other covering to the exposed or damaged area until you have the time and the resources to make the repairs.

    A common 3-in-1 shingle is 36 inches long with two cuts in the shingle called “water marks.” Architectural shingles are heavier and thicker with an extra strip of roofing on each shingle, but the repairs are the same. On the top side of each 36-inch shingle there is a self-sealing strip to seal the shingle to the backside of the shingle directly above it. The purpose of the strip is to seal the shingles against wind, rain and snow.

    Slide the new or loose shingle in place and add four or more roofing nails, one above each watermark, and at each end of each shingle. Re-nail the existing top shingle if necessary, apply roofing sealant where needed and the repairs should be complete.

    Four Remove The Adjacent Nails

    Loose Asphalt Roof Shingles Blowing Up In The Wind Kung Fu Maintenance Preventative Repair
    • Once all four nails have been pried up and removed from the target shingle, youll notice you still wont be able to remove it. Thats because the nails in the shingles above it will also be penetrating the upper edge of the target shingle. This fact, that each shingle on a roof is actually held in place with TWO rows of nails, is a key factor in the overall roof systems wind resistance.
    • So, youll need to perform the same sealant bond-breaking step on the shingles two courses above the target shingle as well, and then remove the nails from the shingles in the course immediately above the target shingle.


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    How To Replace A Loose Or Missing Shingle

    • Slide a new shingle into place and make sure the exposure is correct.
    • Lift the bottom of the new shingle and apply sealant, then press down so it lays flat.
    • Lift the bottom of the next shingle and nail into place how it was nailed before.
    • Apply sealant and press down so it lays flat.
    • Repeat for the shingle above to ensure both shingles are adequately nailed and secure.

    Where Was The Missing Shingle Located Thats The Key Question

    Losing part of a shingle vs. all of a shingle doesnt make it more or less likely that your roof will leak. It all comes down to that shingles location.

    When a shingle goes missing, the likelihood of a leak depends on whether the lost shingle or tab was covering a seam between two others. Shingles are arranged in a staggered pattern so that the ones above cover the seams between the ones below. If your roof ends up with one or more seams exposed to the elements, they may let in water.

    Other critical parts of the roof are the valleys, or points where two low parts of the structure meet. Losing a shingle at a low point can cause water and debris to collect, increasing the chances for a leak.

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    Gather Materials To Replace Roof Shingles

    Heres what you need to replace loose or missing shingles safely :

    • Hammer
    • Roofing Nails
    • Shingle Sealant
    • Replacement Shingles did the builder or the previous homeowner leave any leftover shingles behind? If not, head to a home center to find the same type of shingles that match up in color and size. You can grab the other materials you need as well if you dont have them already handy at home.

    Does It Matter If Its A Whole Shingle Or Part Of A Shingle Missing

    How To Fix Leak In Roof

    No. When your roof sustains damage, it doesnt really matter if it affects whole shingles or just parts of them. Some asphalt shingles are tabbed with three sections, and sometimes, one tab gets ripped off by intense weather. But its usually not possible to repair an individual shingle, so either way, that shingle needs to be replaced.

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    Our Free Roof Inspection

    How do you know when its time for a new roof? The only way to be sure of your residential roofs current condition is to have a licensed professional personally inspect it. Werner Roofing is proud to offer free roof inspections for every client, so you can be sure of your roofs condition. Every Werner Roofing inspection comes complete with our promise: We wont recommend or sell a roof replacement unless its necessary.

    How Long Will A Wood And Asphalt Roof Last

    If you decide to get a roof with shingles, your next dilemma would be which material to get. Do you go for asphalt or wood shingles?

    If you only have a vague idea of these two, you might think that wood shingles are a poor choice. After all, we mentioned that wood can rot when exposed to water. But, did you know that wood shingles can last for decades, even outlasting some types of asphalt shingles?

    Wood shingles, known to be difficult to install, are made of natural wood. They can last for as much as 50 years if properly cared for and installed in areas that dont get extreme weather conditions. On average, you can expect them to survive for around 25 to 30 years.

    Depending on the type used, asphalt shingles may or may not last longer than wooden shingles. The composite type, which is the most commonly used asphalt shingle, can last for a minimum of 10 years to 20 on average, with those of the best quality even having a 50-year lifespan.

    Another type of asphalt shingle is the architectural shingle. It is virtually the same as the typical asphalt shingle they only differ due to the fact that architectural shingles have an added layer or tab to it, making it thicker than the composite type. This thickness makes it a bit more durable, resulting in a lifespan of 30 years on average.

    Whether you use wooden or asphalt shingles, you can expect them to last decades, especially if you have them regularly maintained.

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    The Roof Repair Process

    When replacing damaged asphalt roofing shingles, you can replace an entire strip which typically spans 3-feet by 1-foot. You can also cut the shingle into sections and replace just a single tab. If any part of the damaged shingle remains on the roof, insert a putty knife under it to break the seal. A flat bar can then be used to pry up the damaged shingles and remove any remaining nails holding them in place.

    If you are removing just one damaged tab, use a utility knife to cut off the damaged tab. Once the damaged piece is removed, slide the new shingle strip or tab into its proper place. You want to secure the new shingle under the shingle that is above it with roofing nails. With the replacement shingle in place, carefully lift the tab and apply a small dab of roofing cement to help seal the shingle to the roof. Be sure to check the condition of your roof in the days following the roof repair job. If any of the shingles start to lift, apply more tar.

    Common Asphalt Roof Repair Cost Factors

    How to fix a shingle roof. Shingle tab replacement. Easy! Home Mender.

    Roof repairs are often at the top of a homeowners must do list when it comes to repairing a home. Heres the good news: most of the time, repairing asphalt shingles is relatively inexpensive.

    To give you a better cost estimate of how much to fix shingles on a roof, consider some of these common damages to asphalt shingles and their fixes.

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