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Can You Put New Roof Over Old Roof

Fire Codes Of Your Area

Can You Install A New Roof Over Old Shingles?

What do your local areas codes say about the kind of materials you add on your roof? The codes may restrict the use of flammable materials on any part of your home. Some areas have codes that stipulate the procedures and conditions for adding materials on every part of the home, from the deck to the roof. Familiarize yourself with local code before embarking on your roof over the project.

Can You Lay New Roof Shingles Over Old

The answer is yes, you can lay new roof shingles over old ones. Now that we’ve taken care of the primary question at hand, we’ll consider a couple of reasons why you might want to do this. Then we’ll look a lot more reasons why you might not want to do this. But before we get started, one thing must be clear: adding new roofing over old is possible only with asphalt shingles . You can’t do it with wood or slate, for example, and you should never mix materials, such as laying asphalt shingles over cedar shakes. Also, the old roofing has to be in pretty good condition. Otherwise you’re just putting lipstick on a pig.

Difficulty With Bumpy Surfaces

Shingles are meant to fit flat, even surfaces. When shingles are forced onto bumpy or gap-filled foundations, the old flaps will telegraph through to the new layer, making the top layer much harder to secure. This will almost certainly lead to problems later on as the shingles become more difficult to mount properly and accurately.

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Types Of Manufactured Home Roofing

There are a number of different types of manufactured and mobile home roofing. The cost and process of your roof replacement will be determined by this. Once you understand the type of roofing you currently have and the potential costs involved, you can initiate the process with some idea of the time it will take and how much it will cost.

First Lets Define Each Method:

Can You Re

New Roof or Tear Off : This method is exactly what it sounds like: AmeriPro Roofing will tear off your existing roof and then install a completely new roof in its place.

Overlay: With an overlay, you keep your current shingle roof, and then shingle on top of it instead. It is important to know that this option can only be used if your roof has not been previously overlaid.

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Before And After: Installing A Tpo Roof Over A Pitched Shingle Double Wide Roof

Heres a double wide before the TPO is installed over the shingles:

Heres the same double wide after the TPO membrane mobile home roof over:

TPO membranes come in several different thicknesses ranging from 45 to 90 millimeters. It is a fast and relatively easy installation and often the least expensive option for a mobile home roof over.

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Factors To Consider When Installing A Metal Roof Over Shingles

  • What we said above about installing metal over shingles is true in the majority of cases. But its always best to check with your local building and zoning departments to make sure they approve metal-over-shingle installations.
  • If your shingle roof has leaks, youll need to inspect for rotting rafters or sheeting. These problems should be fixed before installing the new roof.
  • If the current roofs weight has caused structural problems like buckled trusses or decking that is sagging, these issues need to be addressed before new installation begins.
  • Its usually a good idea to consider adding some type of underlayment on top of the shingles to prevent their granules from contacting the metal and leading to corrosion. Your metal roofing contractor will tell you about options for this.

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Valley Details For Re

Any type of valley flashing will work and simply lays over the existing flashing .

Unless a metal valley flashing is used, the first step is to line the existing valley with a new underlayment consisting of either 90-pound roll roofing or a more durable modified bitumen membrane. Then install either a closed or woven valley as described above.

See roof valley details at ASPHALT SHINGLE VALLEY FLASHING.

– – Adapted with permission from Best Practices Guide to Residential Construction.

How Often Should You Replace Your Roof Shingles

How to Install New Sheathing Over Old Spaced Sheathing for Re-roof Projects

Any damage or signs of wear call for immediate action to keep water from seeping under the shingles and rotting the wood sheathing beneath. Ignoring a problemeven what appears to be a small onewill accelerate the need to reroof and can add hundreds of dollars to the cost of a new roof.

Pro2Pro Tip: Always make roof repairs on a warm, dry afternoon the shingles will be more supple and less likely to crack. And never climb onto a roof thats wet, icy or covered with morning dew.

If your roof is more than 20 years old and most of the shingles are damaged or badly worn, its time to replace it. But if your roof is basically sound and is at a relatively shallow pitch that youre comfortable working on, you can probably handle most repairs yourself.

Here, well take you through the three most-common ones: replacing asphalt shingles gluing down a badly curled shingle and repairing shingles that have cracked.

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Taking Care Of Your New Roof

Once the crew is done putting new shingles over old ones, it is best to have your roof professionally inspected once or twice a year. Season after season, you want to ensure that there is no storm damage you cant see from the ground. You also want to find out right away if a warranty claim is ever necessary.Your roofer can also perform seasonal maintenance to extend the life of your new roof. Occasional cleaning removes debris, moss growth and algae buildup. Replacing missing or broken shingles prevents minor issues from becoming major ones.

Your Local Austin Roofing Professionals

We strive to bring you the best in roofing for the Austin, Texas area. We deliver decades of roofing experience, training, and knowledge in this areas needs. We are a prominent roofing company in residential roof repair and roof replacement. We will not ask for a deposit on labor or materials as a dependable way to stand out from the competition while bringing you the best product and service in Austin.

When we inspect, install, or repair your roof, we want to provide you with the best options for your roof design, components, and ventilation. We are Master Elite Contractors bringing you the latest in roofing technology, and a member of our local area Better Business Bureau, so you know we take pride in our work and our community.

Contact us by phone or email to schedule your FREE roofing inspection and quote today.

About DBR Team

Driftwood Builders Roofing is a top Austin, TX roofing company that specializes in residential reroofing and roof repair. By putting our energy and focus into one thing: roofing, and we are able to provide a superior product to our customers. We do our best to provide a quality product at a reasonable price. We strive to be the best at our trade in the Austin area and always put the customer’s needs first. We provide a customer experience based upon integrity, character and trust.

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When Can You Put A New Roof Over An Existing One

If your roof begins to fail, but it is generally in good condition, a reroofing may be the best option for you. What does this mean? It means that your roof might be at the end of its lifespan, but its underlying sheathing and structures are in a good condition. Your shingles may be losing granules or be worn out due to age or weather, but they are still not causing leaks, and they are not missing or curling. These are all good predispositions for installing a new shingle layer.

When Tearing Off The Old Roof Is A Better Option

Metal Roofing Installation

Even with all the benefits of installing new shingles over old ones, there are times when its better to tear off the old roof and start fresh. Here are some reasons to do that.

  • There are already two layers of shingles on your roof – Most building codes only allow two layers of any type of roofing on your home. So if there are already two layers, the choice is made for you. You need to tear off the roof and install a new one.
  • Current shingles are curling or in bad shape – The new shingle roof should lay flat on your old one. But if the current roof is curling, this isnt possible. Youre better off removing the old roof.
  • Your roof leaks when it rains – If your roof is leaking, its usually better to get rid of the old roof so you can find the source of the problems and fix them. Putting a new roof over a leaking roof wont remove the leaks.
  • Your roof is soft and spongy feeling – If, when walking on your roof, the majority of it feels soft and spongy, you may have some problems with the underlying sheathing of the roof. To fix it, youll need to remove the existing roof.
  • Your roof cant support the weight – Shingles might not seem like they weigh much, but the shingles needed to cover a typical 2000 square foot roof can weigh in around 5000 pounds. Thats more weight than a typical SUV. So make sure the underlying structure of your roof can support another layer before installing over your existing roof.

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Helps Mold And Algae Grow

A layover will create an environment that improves conditions for algae and mold growth. Thats because the first layer of shingles, if it isnt already covered in algae and mold, will sponge up water, while the second layer of shingles will seal the water in and provide the darkness that algae and mold needs to grow. Dark streaks running down your roof are signs of algae and mold, but installing a layover will conceal that.

Its possible, though, that if you put in a second layer of shingles that the mold will get so bad that itll pop-through and be able to spot broccoli heads poking out from underneath. If your roof is already covered in mold and algae, however, and youre insisting on a layover, Proven Roofing will simply turn the job down. Its not worth it for you or us! The potential harm the layover may cause would reflect too poorly on Proven Roofing for us to accept the work.

Remarkable Stability And Fortitude

The materials we use for our roof overs are better and stronger than traditional roofing, which allows defenses against perforation, rips, and tearing that can happen as a result of Floridas famous weather such as gusty wind, hail, lightning and strong thunderstorms. Unlike metal roof overs, our membrane roof overs are not a magnet to lightning which can cause damage to your home and put you and your appliances at a constant risk.

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Can You Felt Over Old Felt On A Flat Roof

Perhaps, you are working on your existing flat roof, and you think if you can feel over the old felt on the roof, then this is for you.

This is a two-way thing. If the old felt is in good shape even after removing the existing shingles from your flat roof, you can leave it and install a new felt over the existing shingles.

Just make sure that you install it properly by applying an adhesive such as a bitten primer on the surface of the existing one.

However, if the old felt is no longer in good shape after removing the roof shingles, then the best thing to do is to remove it from the flat roof and install a new one.

This is advised to avoid any mishaps after the whole roofing.

Why Installing New Shingles Over Old Shingles Can Be Good

Installing Torch Down Rubber Roof over an existing Rubber Roof?

Lets start with the good. Many Arizona homeowners with shingle roofs do decide to roof over their existing shingles because:

  • Less expensive. You can save money because theres no dump fee for removing your old roofing, and theres no need for additional felt paper over the old roof.
  • Less hassle. Installing a new roof over shingles takes less time than tearing off the old roof.
  • Looks just as good and lasts as long. As long as its done right and under the right conditions, installing new shingles over old ones can last as long and look just as good as a complete re-roof.
  • Has the same manufacturers warranty. Manufacturers will still warranty the roof for the same amount of time as a re-roof, as long as its done by a qualified installer.
  • Can serve as added protection from storms. Assuming your old roof is in good shape, the additional layer can serve as added protection in case a top shingle gets blown off in a storm.

As you can see, there are many benefits to installing a new roof over your existing one, and we do many of these for Arizona homeowners. But there are also times when its not the right thing to do.

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New Metal Roof Over Old Metal Roof

The use of metal roofing has been growing in popularity over the use of other types of roofing due to the lower cost and longer life span. The durable metal materials that make up most roofs have proven to cost less in terms of installation and maintenance.

However, these materials also reach a limit to their longevity and eventually need to be replaced. Because of the structure of these types of roofs, home and business owners are met with 3 options. First is to replace the entirety of the roof by tearing off the old roof and putting in place a new one. The second is to restore the old roof by coating it with new paint or waterproofing material. The last option involves retrofitting a new metal roof over the old roof.

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When To Remove The Old Roof

Though it is sometimes difficult to tell when removing the old roof for a new one is the better decision, there are some warning signs that clue you in. If you already have two layers of shingles, then it is time to get a new roof. If you werent the one to do the overlay, who knows how long the bottom layer has been there? Plus, most building codes only allow for two layers of roofing.

Does your roof leak when it rains? Its time for a new one. While you can still do an overlay in this situation, the leaks do not get fixed and it becomes harder to identify where they come from. You should also replace the roof entirely if your shingles are curling. An overlay should lay flat, which cant happen with curled shingles, so it is best to replace.

Get A Free Professional Opinion

How To Install Metal Roofing Over Existing Shingles : Inspecting Metal ...

You dont need to guess whether you should tear off your old roof or lay new shingles over it. Lyons Roofing offers free inspections where well carefully check your roofs condition and walk you through your options. We have convenient locations in both Tucson& Phoenix, AZ.

If you need a trusted Phoenix & Tucson roofer, give us a call or contact us online today.


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Should Old Shingles Be Removed

The importance of having a proper roof over your head is to provide shelter, but an adequate roof goes ahead to also protect the overall building from damage. Roofs get old, and when they do, a replacement should be on the offing.

Because reroofing is not a foreign idea, many may choose to take that route, but if you are still undecided, here are reasons why tearing off the existing roof before installing a brand new one is good:

  • Proper Installment
  • The advantage of tearing off a damaged roof is that your new roof will benefit from a proper installment.

    When the old roof is out of the way, the new top starts from scratch and has the potential of being laid on a flat surface with no obstructions therefore, it will be firmly attached, and the entire roof will have an even surface.

    The biggest reason behind reroofing is that homeowners have this fancy idea that they aresaving money in labor, shortening the time needed to complete the project, and finding it easy to manage the roof replacement process.

    The truth is that reroofing is a bad idea because the layers of roofing materials stalked on top of each other will need to be dismantled at the end of the day. The homeowner will pay more money to have it torn apart as it will involve more than tearing off one layer after another.

    Overall, reroofing in the name of cost management is just a delay tactic.

  • Obstruction Of Roof Inspection
  • General Outlook
  • Product Warranty

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