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How Can I Get Rid Of Pigeons On My Roof

How To Stop The Pigeons

Trick to Get Rid of Pigeons on Roof – Dad’s Den

There are three main methods to get rid of pigeons on a roof: you can use pigeon repellents, put in place a deterrent that makes it impossible to land on the area or you can scare them away continuously.

You first need to identify the areas where pigeons roost and nest, and limit their access to those areas before the nesting season.

Also, remove all food sources available to make the area less appealing to them. If there is a huge pigeon nuisance on your property, they are very likely to have a nearby food and water source.

Now, lets dive into the three different methods to get rid of pigeons. Remember that sometimes you will need to utilize more than one simultaneously to have the maximum benefit.

S To Getting Rid Of Pigeons On Your Roof

Posted on Dec 28, 2015 12:30:00 PM byFran Oneto

Pigeons suck. There, I said it. After years of people making excuses for pigeons, Im ready to tell the truth about them. Theyre terrible, they stink, theyre gross, annoying and they poop everywhere. Theyre basically rats with wings, to borrow a phrase from Woody Allen.

OK, so maybe this mentality isnt all that uncommon, but its important that you consider it. You can be anti-pigeon, too it doesnt make you a bad person. For instance, if you have pigeons on your roof, you dont have to keep dealing with it. Maybe you like animals and you want to be humane thats fine, but that doesnt excuse the pigeons squatting on top of your home. Not only is it irritating and unattractive to have a line of pigeons atop your roof, it also leaves you and your vehicles susceptible to nasty air raids.

So stop dealing with these airborne rats on your property, and follow our four steps to getting rid of pigeons on your roof:

Step 1: Remove Any Attractive Food/Water Sources

Obviously, if you have a bird feeder or birdbath, now is the time to get rid of it. Although other, more pleasant birds can use them, pigeons do have a tendency to be bullies. If they decide they like the food or water source, theyll monopolize it. Best to just get rid of these little adornments.

Step 2: Consider Scare Tactics First

Step 3: Introduce the Heavy Hitters

Step 4: If All Else Fails, Call in Professional Backup

Remove The Source Of Food

The first thing you have to do is remove the food sources around you. If possible, clean your roof, sweep off all the food sources you can find there, and clean the yard afterward.

If you have a tree with fruits and it lands near the roof, remove the rotten and fallen fruits to prevent pigeons from coming in.

You also need to sweep off the entire yard because pigeons may peck on anything they can find that is beneficial for them.

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Will Vinegar Keep Pigeons Away

Yes, vinegar can help keep pigeons away. Its a safe way to repel them without having to harm them.

Youll have to make a DIY spray to do this. Applying vinegar by itself isnt as effective as combining it with other liquids. This is an easy and effective homemade pigeon repellent.

Heres how to make a vinegar spray for pigeons.

What youll need:

  • Keep your trees and shrubs tidy

Remove Bird Nesting Materials And Droppings

How can I get rid of pigeons?

It is important to remove all pigeon nesting and feces prior to excluding pigeons. Nesting materials and droppings left on the roof will continue to cause damage.

If the roof has a pitch, using a power washer is generally the best way to get rid of pigeon waste. Put a tarp on the ground next to the roof to catch the debris as it is rinsed off the roof. It will be much easier to clean up the pigeon feces on the ground if it is contained on a tarp. Wear a mask to prevent inhaling fumes from pigeon feces and wet the feces down before rinsing off. Histoplasmosis is zoonotic disease that can be found in pigeon feces. Zoonotic diseases are caused by harmful germs like viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungi that are spread between animals and people.

If the roof is flat, you will have to wet the roof down , then rake and sweep up the pigeon waste prior to rinsing. Again, wear a mask to prevent inhaling fumes from pigeon feces.

Please be careful or better yet, call a professional. Using a power washer on the roof can be slippery and dangerous. Inhaling noxious pigeon feces can cause disease it is a biohazard.

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Use Scarecrows To Scare Away Pigeons

Scarecrows have been used in short-term situations to scare away pigeons. The biggest limitation for using a scarecrow is that pigeons will adapt and realize that the scarecrow poses no threat to them.

In order to prevent or delay the flock ignoring the scarecrow, it should be moved frequently. If its kept in the same place for long, pigeons will get used to it quickly and return to their normal habits.

Some scarecrows include motion detected reactions. They will light up, make sound, or move when movement is detected.

This helps to scare pigeons away more effectively. Some scarecrows will even stray water in the area covered. This scares away pigeons but can be a hassle if you plan to install it on the roof or other high places.

Deter Them With Physical Objects

Physical deterrents like steel spikes will keep pigeons from finding comfortable places to roost on your roof.

If youre worried about aesthetics, clear plastic spikes are barely visible and polycarbonate varieties are durable and require minimal maintenance.

There are various other products on the market besides spikes that also make it physically uncomfortable for pigeons to roost and some that give them a mild shock.

You can also deter pigeons from nesting by using decoy birds of prey, such as raptors.

There are many different versions of decoy birds of prey available on the market, including those that move their heads.

Ones that move are more effective than a decoy bird that just sits still.

Pigeons quickly lose their fear of an object that stays still all the time.

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Using Scare Pigeon Items

Even when pigeons are large birds, some animals scare them away.

Pigeons have predators they want to get rid of, and if you have these fake animals around you, you can use them to scare away the pigeons.

Pigeons do not have natural defense mechanisms to defend themselves from predators. The only thing that saves them is their ability to fly, and most of their predators are usually on land.

Mostly, pigeons are being captured by owls, ferrets, foxes, snakes, dogs, cats, and many more. Even human is a predator for pigeons.

So, if you have a fake statue of an owl or a snake, maybe other more fake animals which are predators for pigeons, put those counterfeit items on the roof and some on the tree nearest to the roof.

This way, the pigeons will notice something is watching to get them, which will keep them away from the roof.

Pigeons On The Balcony

How to Keep Pigeons Off the Roof

You can use a slinky or insulation wire on the railing to help keep pigeons from perching there. Simply spread the wire so each loop is about 1.5 inches apart. You can then use duct tape to attach it to the railing at 2/3 inch intervals.

While a simple tactic, pigeons find it quite uncomfortable to land on. Ensure theres no attractive food source present, and youll easily be able to keep pigeons off the balcony.

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How Do Professionals Keep Birds Off Your Roof

  • Bird netting to prevent pigeons from colonising, bird netting is an effective method. Netting comes in a whole range of sizes so this preventative can be made suitable to any dimensions of a building. To exclude pigeons, starlings or sparrows we will ensure the grids on the netting are the optimal size to enforce the exclusion of your pest problems. This method can be used to protect building fascias, flat roofs, balconies, statues and decorative embellishments where birds can potentially nest.
  • Bird spikesare in fact a humane bird control solution and highly effective too. This piece of equipment can be installed on any linear surface, where pigeons and other birds may nest.
  • Bird wire also known as anti-pigeon wire is ideal for large establishments such as cathedrals, churches and banks offering a discrete solution that will eliminate any pigeon or bird infestation. This method has a low visual impact and will subtly tackle the problem at hand.
  • Electric bird deterrent system this is used around heavily colonised buildings and measures a discreet 8mm. Birds experience a small shock when a bird of any species lands on the building. This does not hurt the bird, it simply encourages the bird to move elsewhere.

Test Out A Bird Shock Tape

An efficient pigeon removal method is to deliver a shock to make the birds fly off. An easy and relatively inexpensive way to do this is to use bird shock tape.

Make Em Move Shock Tape is a 50-foot roll of clear tape that has the ability to conduct electricity. It is able to do so because it has three metal leads running through its length.

Like your typical school supply tape, all you need is to peel it off the roll, stick to the surface of your choice, and smoothen it out.

Charge it with a standard 110-volt charger or a solar charger. Once charged, this becomes a formidable pigeon control device. The birds do not realize that there is tape on the ledge on account of its transparent color.

As they land and perch, their feet touch the deterrent strips. Immediately they will receive a small and short electric shot. The pigeons are literally jolted out of the position by the electric current. A couple more instances of this and they will learn to avoid your home.

The Bird Barrier Bird Shock Charger is a way to charge your bird shock track. It powers around 200 feet of track. Place 2 D-cell batteries in, attach it to your track, and thatll be enough to power it for up to two months.

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Why Are Pigeons Attracted To Your Roof

Pigeons are drawn naturally to humans, so most of their 3-5 years of existence are made of searching for food and hanging around human settlements.

They are known to feed on grains, fruits, & plants as their primary food source, but pigeons will occasionally feed on insects such as grasshoppers, snails, and earthworms as a source of protein supplement.

As they love humans, humans also adore them and have been domesticated since immemorial. Religious entities like Hindus and Muslims are also known to feed pigeons for religious reasons.

As social bird, pigeons thrive in rural settings because it is spacious, but with time, they have adapted to urban settlements and seem not to be bothered by the congestion of humans.

As much as pigeons are generally harmless, pigeon dropping, otherwise known as pigeon guano, is a big brother to homeowners, especially if left on the rooftop for extended periods, as they are highly corrosive to the roof structure.

When they are first attracted to your home, pigeons will start settling on nearby trees and poles while they shyly feed on the bird feeders, but as they gain confidence, they will move closer and closer until they eventually settle on your roof.

Like squirrels and any other animal hanging around human settlements, the availability of food supplied by humans placed on bird feeders and hung on trees draws pigeons.

Eliminate Any Food Or Garbage Piles

How Can I Keep Pigeons Off My Roof

Places with discarded food are the favorite areas for pigeons to frequent. It could be at a park, open garbage cans, or outdoor picnic areas or anywhere there could be discarded food. One of the easiest ways of getting rid of pigeons from your roof is eliminating any food items that attract these birds. Ensure you clean your surroundings, leaving no food remnants behind.

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Keep Pigeons Off Your Roof With Avian Enterprises

Dont let pigeons drop by uninvited. Take back your roof with an effective, non-lethal solution that really works. Avian Control is a strong liquid bird repellent that will eradicate birds without harming them or the surrounding environment. To find out more or to try Avian Control, contact us at 888.868.1982, today.

Block Those Crazy Birds

As youve probably figured out, pigeons like to nest and sit in particular kinds of places on your house, such as on your roof or under eaves.

Youve probably noticed these guys sitting around your balcony, deck, patio or yard.

You may also find them on your window ledges or roof lines, hanging out around dormers and chimneys.

The most effective way for proofing most of these areas from pigeons is to block them so they cant make a landing and start roosting.

A collection of long, pointy things can do the trick beautifully. Just check the A/B test in the photo above. One side with spikes, the other withoutWhich side is clean?

How to Block Pigeons with Bird SpikesIf you have any kind of ledge on or near your roof, whether angled or curved the bird spikes linked above are a perfect solution.

Bird spikes are a humane method that is 100% effective: No bird, from crows to pigeons can physically sit or nest on top of the spiny, steel spikes.

The spikes are flexible and pretty versatile. In addition to roofs, they can be installed under eaves and overhangs, beams, windowsills, ledges, fences, gates, barns, you name it.

Installation is done via heavy duty adhesive, screws or nails.

Its a pretty quick and easy enough job to do for a permanent solution. With a plastic base, you can simply cut to size as needed.

Other Pigeon Blocking IdeasHere are some ideas for how to make your environment pigeon proof.

Whatever you do, you need something solid.



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Why You Need To Deal With Pigeons On Your Homes Roof

Pigeons are bad news. While most homeowners dont think twice about a few birds sitting on top of their homes roof, they should when it comes to these flying rats. Pigeons can be a destructive pest, and their nests and droppings can damage your roof.

When you have pigeons on your roof, call KY-KO Pest Prevention to schedule your free pest inspection here in the Valley. Were experts in humane pigeon control and removal, and well get rid of the birds without any mess or fuss.

Cover Your Balcony With Netting

The easiest way to get rid of pigeons on your roof.

This is the most recommended way to deter pigeons. As Zachary Smith, President of the San Jose-based pest control company Smith’s Pest Management , told us, it’s also easily ‘the most effective way to get rid of pigeons on small spaces like balconies.’

Netting is both highly effective and inconspicuous: ‘When hung down from the roof to the sides of the balcony, netting forms a physical barrier that prevents pigeons from entering. It’s pretty low-profile, and it won’t block any views on your balcony — it will just keep the pigeons out!’

and won’t disrupt your balcony ideas.

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Install The Ultrasonic Bird Repeller

The ultrasonic bird repeller emits a high-frequency sound that humans cant hear. Birds can hear it and the sound is meant to bother them and drive them away.

This is lower on the list because it has mixed reviews. The success of the ultrasonic bird repeller depends on the frequency it is set at. It also depends on the specific varieties and flocks of pigeons in your area.

Some flocks are much more used to noise and other frequencies than other flocks. So the level of success will depend on your specific location and the individual bids you are trying to repel.

It is also supposed to help with other pest animals, but the frequency would be different, based on the animal targeted

Add Spikes To Roof Eaves To Stop Pigeons From Roosting

Bird spikes have become more popular in recent years. They prevent birds from landing on a roosting spot because they dont allow room for the birds to perch.

But, they are also slightly and unbecoming to many people. Some people prefer to use bird spikes in harder to see areas so that they arent as visible from the street.

Bird spikes come in various sizes and you can choose larger ones that will prevent pigeons from roosting but wont prevent smaller birds from landing on your home.

Spikes are relatively low in cost but must be securely attached to your home, barn, or garage. They are most often used commercially. They are also used on the eaves, roof and window ledges. They can be found on chimneys, overhangs, and beams.

Other places you can consider installing them include fences, gates, and barns. Bird spikes are generally more permanent than other options and dont have to be replaced or repaired often.

  • Unsightly to many people
  • Does Not Harm Birds

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Problems Pigeons Cause On A Roof

You need to get rid of pigeons on your roof because of the problems they cause and there are several methods you can use to do so.

A combination of solutions often works best and using OvoControls pigeon control program is the only way to effectively reduce the pigeon population over time.

One of the problems pigeons can cause is that they build their nests in gutters preventing water from flowing off the roof as it should.

Water can accumulate and eventually cause leaks due to water damage.

The droppings can also act like a sponge and draw in water, causing excess weight on the roof.

The droppings are corrosive and over time, they will destroy building materials. Pigeons can also carry diseases.


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