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Can You Use Flex Seal On A Roof

Details On When To Use Flex Seal

How To Fix A Roof Leak With Flex Seal | THE HANDYMAN |

Jordan: Welcome to the Ace Hardware Project of the week brought to you by Meanley and Sons Hardware. Im here with Lou Manfredini, Aces Home Expert. And today its all about Flex Seal. Now, I think weve all seen the infomercial where the guy builds a boat out of this stuff.

Lou: Right and you and I were looking at the video before we started. Its an amazing product. I mean they have a whole line of products that are under this sort of Flex Seal name. Theyve got sprays, theyve got tapes, theyve a whole big grouping of it. Essentially what this is, the spray, its liquid rubber.

Jordan: Okay.

Lou: And, so, if you can imagine, like your rubber boots you would wear in the mud or in the water. Its the same type of thing. When you look at some of these videos that they show, that theyve created this product Ive used the product. Ive seen it work. You can spray it on areas and if it was on a Teflon pan or something, you could pull it up and youd have a solid piece of rubber. In one of their videos they show a boat, I think, that they built out of screening.

Jordan: Yes.

Lou: And then they coat it with this Flex Seal, then he goes out and has a good old time in the Everglades of Florida somewhere. I dont know that Id get on that boat, but, it certainly seems to work.

Jordan: So, thats why I want to trust your expertise. What is it that we really need to know about how the Flex Seal works. What kind of damage can it repair, how long?

Jordan: Oh no.

Flex Seal Can Be A Quick Fix Solution To Last A While

The range of Flex Seal products offers a way to buy it ahead of time and store it away literally for a rainy day.

Should a problem occur with the RV roof, then its possible to create an ad hoc fix thatll seal cracks or basic roof damage quickly without needed extra tools or equipment.

The intention is that this will tide you over until a more permanent fix can be found when reaching an RV supply store. Meanwhile, additional damage is not being done driving through the rain with a damaged roof to get there!

Also, take note that using Flex Seal to fix an entire RV roof, due to extensive damage, is not the preferred option. See our seal your RV roof article to learn more.

Can You Spray Kool Seal

Kool Seal is one of several reflective coatings on the market to finish or retrofit roofs increasing their thermal resistance and improving their resistance to water damage. Kool Seal comes in tow formulations, one a white elastomeric flexible finish that is painted on with a roller or compressor sprayer.

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Flex Seal On Rv Awning

This product is a good sealant to use when you have a water leak problem on your RVs awning. It does a great job sealing the problem and keeping the water out. Again, the secret to this success is to follow the instructions on the can.

Now, with that said there is a slight word of warning. Awning fabric is not as thick as other materials used on your RV. What this means is that when you spray or brush on Flex Seal, you may see some bleed through and have the awning stick to itself when you go to roll it up.

One solution to this additional problem is to cute a large enough piece of clear plastic sheet off a larger section. Once that is done, you can tape this smaller section underneath the torn spot.

Then you can apply the Flex Seal and let it dry. The clear plastic sheet should stop the bleed through and keep your awning from sticking together after you roll it up. Small little tricks like this should save you from giant headaches and more costly repairs or replacements.

What Have We Decided About Flex Seal Rv Roof Repairs

Can I Use Flex Seal on My RV Roof?

Many RVers have used Flex Seal for repairing leaks in their RVs. From reading RV forums, it is clear that some were very happy with the results while others had nothing good to say. Relying on Flex Seal as a permanent solution to a leaky RV roof may not be a good idea. It could be argued that Flex Seal is not designed for RV roof repairs. However, many of the negative reviews seem to stem from those expecting Flex Seal to be a permanent repair.

The ready availability of Flex Seal at major retailers, as-seen-onTV stores, and online, makes it very easy to keep a few cans of Flex Seal Liquid, Spray, or Shot on hand for emergencies. It might not hurt to have a roll of the tape as well. Flex Seal is also relatively inexpensive. You can apply it on almost any surface, in cold weather, hot weather, on dry surfaces, and wet surfaces. It does stop leaks and will certainly get you to a point where you have the time to shop for a more permanent roof repair for your RV.

Personally, I keep a roll of Eterna Bond Tape, Dicor Self Leveling Lap Sealant Caulk and another tube of Dicor Non Sag Lap Sealant Caulk on board my RV for any emergency repairs I have to make. Ive used flex seal and although I think it worked, it was really hard to work with. Have you used Flex Seal to make a repair on your RV Roof? Please share your comments about it below. You never know but your comment could help a fellow RVer! Check out some of our other articles about RV roofs and repairs below:

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How To Remove Flex Seal

It depends on where youve sprayed it. If you sprayed it on metal, acetone should remove it just fine you just need to put a bit more effort into scrubbing. For cars, apply toluene, which is, basically, an acetone too. Apply a small amount and rub. For other materials, like carpet, fabric, tiles go with a mineral spirit.

What Is The Difference Between Solvent

Solvent-based sealants are highly resistant to the elements, but theyre more expensive and take more effort to apply because of their thick consistency and requirement of wearing a respirator. Water-based sealants are less resistant to the elements, degrading faster and requiring more frequent touch-ups. However, theyre more cost-effective and easier to apply.

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How To Use Flex Seal To Fix A Damaged Roof

Whether its sprayed, poured, brushed, or rolled on depends on the Flex Seal product that you have to hand when the RV roof became damaged.

Its best to dry off and clean the area where youll be applying the product. This gives it the best chance of providing an effective RV roof seal until you can get to a place to implement a more permanent one.

How To Seal The Roof Of An Rv

Flex Seal- Does it work? 6 months on a roof – results surprised me

To seal the roof of an RV, follow these instructions: With the double-sided tape in place, the original roof edges are repositioned as stretched as possible, pressure must be applied to activate the Eternal Bond tape. Finally, the resulting crack is covered with one-sided tape, and pressure is reapplied with a roller.

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Can You Put A Flex Seal On A Roof

Of course, You can put flex seal on your roof without any hiccup. Its a good choice because its flexible enough to expand and contract without cracking during hot and cold months. Flex Seal cannot be used outside if you live in an environment of high temperatures. Wipe away any dust or dirt from your work surface. Get a wet rag and wipe down the surface with a cleaning solution to remove caked-on dirt difficult to remove. Before applying the Flex Seal liquid to rusted surfaces, sand them down. The rubber spray in this substance, unlike other sealants, penetrates deep into cracks like a fluid before it hardens to a flexible solid.

What Does The Iso Certification On My Roof Sealant Mean

The International Organization for Standardization created standards for testing how well a sealant protects a surface from corrosive elements. The scale ranges from C1 to C5, with C1 offering minimal protection and C5 offering maximal protection. Its up to you to determine how much protection you want your sealant to offer, but if you live in an area with harsh conditions, we recommend looking into a C5 sealant.

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How Long Does Flex Seal Last On A Roof

Flex Seal excels in another field as well: durability. The products coating will not only protect against leaks for several years, but it will also withstand all types of additional harm. The tough rubber coating can withstand cold temperatures, intense heat, water, bad weather, and even burning. Although applying excessive pressure to the seal is not recommended, it works very well under normal water pressure. When there is a large amount of roof area to protect, it is best to consider other solutions. Many have found that Flex Seal can last for years without breaking, peeling, or reducing its power or sealing properties depending on the environment, applied coats, and care.

As previously mentioned, Weather conditions are the sole determinant of the longetivity of flex seal on your roof. Extremely high and low temperatures can cause Flex Seal to fail. It will potentially last for years in mild climates. Nonetheless, we suggest using Leak Seal because it is the clear winner when sealing everything outside. Here is a list of factors that affect the lifespan of flex seal on a roof

  • Roof maintenance and care
  • The flex seal on a structures roof is more likely to last if you maintain it properly. An old or weakened roof puts a lot of pressure on the sealant, limiting its ability to function and, eventually, its lifetime. As a result, careful monitoring and prompt attention to any issues are essential.

    2. Temperature/weather

    3. Nature of roof material.

    What Other Advantages Are There To Using Flex Tape

    Can I Use Flex Seal on My RV Roof?  RVBlogger in 2020 ...

    Yep! Flex Tape is made out of rubber, so that means it is naturally resistant to UV rays and the weather. This means it will degrade more slowly than many other plastic-based tapes. It is also environmentally friendly and VOC-free, making it very safe to use. And it can tolerate wide ranges of temperatures, from freezing to a hot oven, making it perfectly safe for outdoor use in all sorts of climate.

    Also, if the standard 4 isnt wide enough for your needs, you can get an 8 or a 12 one to help you patch really big jobs. This may be excessive for an average household, but if you have chicken coops, a boat, or any other item that cant afford to be broken, it may be worth it. Hold onto whatever size you think youll need.

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    Hengs Rubber Roof Coating

    You can also take advantage of Hengs rubber roof coating if you need to coat your RVs rubber roof. It works well in sealing EPDM rubber roofs. It is also useful on seams and tears as well as in sealing vents and air conditioning units. This roof coating is a good choice if you are just in search of that with a 1-gallon capacity at the most reasonable price.

    It is suitable for those who are planning to do a single application or two coatings and decide whether another product will work for their needs next time. One advantage of this rubber roof coating is that it is UV-resistant. It is also effective in protecting your RVs roof from the natural elements.

    It is non-polluting and non-toxic, too. Another positive effect of this product is it provides a bubble-free coating to the roof material. It has an overall consistency, which is quite similar to house paint, which is why it tends to apply easily to the roof membranes surface.

    Many also love this rubber roof coating from Heng as it is capable of contracting and flexing based on the requirements of your RV roof. Such is the main reason behind its ability to withstand any temperature changes.

    Does Flex Seal Work On Concrete

    The flex seal adheres to everything. So, first, clean the area and remove all the stains, dirt, dust, and debris before applying a thin layer of flex seal and dry. Then, add another two layers by allowing the applied layer to dry before adding another layer. After the layers are dehydrated, you can coat.

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    Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant

    This five-gallon bucket of liquid rubber has enough product to provide several layers of sealant to a large roof. Once its applied, it protects your roof from both water and sunlight. It also has a water-based formula thats free of solvents, volatile organic compounds, and odors, making it safe for you and the environment.

    Check price on

    Functions Of Roof Tar

    How To Properly Use Flex Seal To Fix A Roof Leak
    • It can stop the leakage effectively and durably. It means that you just use one to get a maximal result.
    • Easy to use because it is portable in which you spray the part you want to cover.
    • The thin liquid will be hardening to be a layer of crack or hole to be covered perfectly.
    • It handles leakage on the pots, ships, or anything made of rubber, metal, plastic, or wood.
    • It is convenient where it can be used on both wet and dry surfaces. It can stop noise and turn on the sound.

    Those are some things that you should know about flex seal for the roof.

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    How Do I Use Flex Tape

    You just cut a piece the length you need and stick it on. Doesnt matter if the item is wet, dry, heated, or even icy cold. Flex Tape literally just sticks there. We tried cutting a hole in our garden hose and sticking it back together with the hose running. It worked. We tried sticking two heated oven trays together. It worked. This stuff is incredible in how easily and efficiently it goes on. Its basically fool proof.

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    Flex Seal Vs Roof Tar Which One Should You Choose

    Whenever water stains on your ceiling or water running down your interior walls, there must be damage on the roof causing water leak. The roof areas that mostly cause these leaks are where flashing is used, especially around chimneys or satellite dishes.

    Cracked or missing roofing tiles can also cause leaks. Homeowners with galvanized iron roofs need to check the roofing screws and ascertain that the rubber or plastic washers are still intact whenever there is any water leakage from the roof.

    After ascertaining a roof leak, the next task is to repair the damage by first finding the right sealant for your roof. There are various sealants in the market with different advantages to your roofs.

    The best sealant should reflect the UV rays, prevent corrosion and be durable, among other qualities. The most used roof sealant for roof leaks is the flex seal and the roofing tar.

    Flex seal is liquid that forms a rubber layer on the cracks or holes on the roof to prevent leakage while roofing tar is in cream form. When buying roof sealant, individuals are constantly faced with deciding on flex seal vs. roof tar.

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    Is There A Spray To Stop Water Leaks

    Product description

    This great value spray can of leak repair spray is a must to keep in the cupboard at home. It is ideal for repairing leaks in pipes, guttering, drains, windows and roofs. It seals by seeping into the cracks and holes. It remains flexible and pliable for years and protects the surface from corrosion.

    Is Flex Seal Tape As Good As Advertised

    Can I Use Flex Seal on My RV Roof? in 2021

    Is Flex Seal Tape as good as they say? If so, this tape would be perfect for sealing up cracks and gaps on an RV.

    This tape works well for making minor RV repairs and for waterproofing and sealing for some time. However, its not a perfect long-term fix and doesnt work as well as alternatives, like Eternabond tape.

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    Material Compatibility: Leak Seal Vs Flex Seal

    The first aspect of Rust-Oleum Leak Seal vs. Flex Seal comparison we should discuss are the materials. Both Leak Seal and Flex Seal can be used on a vast number of materials. You can use them on wood, metal, glass, masonry, cement, concrete, etc. You can also use them on some types of plastic, vinyl and rubber but not all. Therefore, it is highly important you do your due diligence and get the information from the seller or the producer on whether you should apply the sealant on your specific plastic, rubber or vinyl surfaces.

    Speaking of specific materials that sealants are compatible with, people often ask if leak seal and flex seal can be applied over caulk. The simple answer is yes, you can apply the sealants over the caulking job you did. However, if youve used silicone for caulking, then it is not recommended to use either leak seal or flex seal. The reason is that they wont adhere well to the silicone and what you get wont be what you expected.

    To sum up this section of our Rust-Oleum Leak Seal vs. Flex Seal comparison, lets take a look at frequently asked questions:


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