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How Do You Clean Your Roof

How To Remove Mould From Soffits And Fascias

DIY Clean Your Roof | Easy Step by Step Roof Cleaning Guide

Removing mould from your soffit and fascia requires a little more effort.

If mould is left, not only does it not look good, but it can cause your fascia or soffit to rot. Whats more, it can even contribute to your roofs timber rotting.

Here is how to remove mould from soffits and fascias:

Step 1

Start by mixing three parts bleach to one part warm water per gallon in a bucket.

One bucket is enough to cover 30 to 50 square feet.

Step 2

Position a ladder in a stable position where you are able to reach both the soffit and fascia.

Use a stiff brush and dip it into the bleach solution. Firmly scrub areas affected by mould.

Step 3

Move your ladder to the next position and repeat the scrubbing process until all areas affected by mould have been disinfected.

Step 4

Allow the soffit and fascia to dry.

Step 5

Within a week, inspect the disinfected area to check for mould. If it has not been removed successfully, repeat the disinfecting process until all the mould has been removed.

Timber soffits and fascias can be difficult to maintain and are vulnerable to rot.

Replacing your timber soffits and fascias with uPVC soffits and fascias can not only improve the appearance of your home but will make it much easier to clean and maintain.

When switching to uPVC soffit and fascia boards, its important to choose an installer you can trust.

At Progress Windows, we only install the finest products.

Our uPVC soffit and fascia boards will never rot, warp or flake and are designed to last.

Best Solution To Clean Metal Roof

Before you learn this step, definitely consider hiring a highly skilled professional as your roof is probably one of the most expensive investments you make on your home and would be worth its weight in gold to have it cleaned professionally, safely, and effectively. The active ingredient we use and recommend is Sodium Hypochlorite. Most hardware stores keep Sodium Hypochlorite in jugs at 6.5% as that is the highest concentration they can legally sell to the normal consumer base. We get the product for about half the price as consumers can get it for as we purchase in large quantities and we also get a contractor discount because we buy so much. Also the concentration we are able to get is around 12.5% and is labeled as Sodium Hypochlorite/Pool Shock anywhere it is stocked. So here are the ratios for cleaning your metal roof.

Most Common Types Of Organic Growth On Your Metal Roof

Roof bacteria can reveal itself in many different forms and appearances. You may think you have mold growing on your metal roof, but it really could be moss, mildew, algae, lichen, or Gloeocapsa Magma. Metal roofs typically turn black with a greenish tint to it when they are saturated with organic growth. Organic growth can also grow on wood, asphalt shingles, concrete, slate tiles, Spanish tiles, and many other substrates especially if the sunlight is not so good in that area.

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The Importance Of Gutters On Your Roof

  • Gene Caballero

Gutters are a critical part of your home’s infrastructure. They keep water from collecting where you don’t want it to. And make the rain more bearable by preventing it from pouring on your head when you walk in or out of your home. This infographic covers many more of the essential functions that gutters perform.

How To Tell If Your Plumbing Vent Is Clogged

How to Clean Your Metal Roof in 4 Easy Steps without ...

What happens if a vent pipe is clogged? Plumbing stack vent problems can be identified a few different ways. Here are the 4 ways that we go about determining if weve got a clogged vent pipe.

First, if youve worked your butt off and cant clear the clog by using augers, chances are the clog is deeper than your auger can reach going through your drain.

Second, if youre having venting problems with your toilet or drains they are probably draining very slowly.

Third, if your plumbing is making gurgling sounds in the pipes, thats trapped air trying to escape through the clog in the vent.

Fourth, if your vent pipes clogged, you might smell nasty sewer gas. Thats because the vent pipes work to remove and block those smells from coming into your home.

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Roof Cleaning By Using The Correct Chemicals

One of the most gentle yet effective ways to remove roof moss and clean the roof is by way of scraping. A normal 9 trowel is suitable, if your roofing contractor chooses a dry day any moss will flake off the roof much easier and there wont be any scratch marks on the tiles. This approach is recommended by Forticrete who are one of several roof tile producers in the United Kingdom.

If you are concerned about scuff marks to the tiles then a rubber scraper and stiff brush can be used. Remember with this method there is no damage to the tiles and no flood risk, unlike other roof cleaning methods such as high-powered pressure washing.

Look at the photo below, the moss was removed with nothing more than a trowel and a hand brush, the difference compared to the mossy section of roof is striking.

Roof cleaning doesnt need to involve power jet washing.

This photo was even taken before any chemicals were applied what a difference! As you can see, there is no damage to the tiles, no scratch marks and the tiles have not been dislodged by the process.

Maintains The Aesthetics Of A Metal Roof

Nobody wants a dirty or unsightly roof, especially since you paid a relatively large sum of money for a metal roof. In other words: You want it to look good for as long as possible.

Simple cleaning once a year will help keep the dirt and other visible elements from making your roof look dirty, moldy, or discolored to the naked eye.

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Choose The Right Day And Prepare The Area

Check the weather forecast and choose a cool or overcast day with little to no wind so the spray hits your shingles, not the neighbors. Those conditions allow the cleaning solution to soak deep into the algae colonies without evaporating too quickly.

Next, repair any loose shingles or flashings, and clean the gutters and downspouts so they can drain freely.

Then prepare the area by moving lawn furniture and covering vegetation, because youre going to have overspray. Even though the product we chose isnt toxic, the runoff can be pretty ugly. So a little prep work will save you cleanup time later.

With A Pressure Washer

How to wash your roofing shingles (Roof Cleaning Tips)

Your soffits and fascias can be a stubborn place to clean but a pressure washer can make the job of cleaning them much easier.

So how can you use a pressure washer to make your soffits and fascias looking brand new?

Step 1

Before you get started soaping up your soffits and fascias, first soak them with clean water, rinsing away all debris and dirt.

Use a low pressure nozzle to begin with to avoid spraying dirt and debris into your soffit vents.

Step 2

For a thorough clean, you will need to use detergent after your initial rinse.

When applying the detergent, fill your tank with detergent.

Dilute the detergent according to the instruction on the bottle if youre using concentrated detergent.

Turn your tank on and ensure that your pressure washer has the spray tip on.

Start spraying your soffits and fascias.

Step 3

Let the detergent do its thing while you change your nozzle to high pressure.

Make sure you turn your tank off and spray towards a safe place to get rid of any excess detergent still in the nozzle.

Starting at the point where you applied the detergent, spray in the same direction.

For an even finish, spray steadily along your soffits and fascias, removing all dirt and detergent from them.

When you have finished, switch the nozzle back to low pressure and rinse your soffits and fascias for a final clean.

What if you dont have a pressure washer?

Not to worry, your garden hose can do just the job.

Step 1

To help kill mildew, add two tablespoons of bleach and mix.

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Cleaning Your Homes Roof 5 Dos And Donts

Ever notice dark, discolored areas on the shady spots of your roof? Upon first glance, some homeowners might get the impression that mold has taken hold over the surface of their roofs shingles. In reality, the black areas or streaks on your roof are colonies of algae. Conversely, if you notice green patches scattered about your roof, youre dealing with moss.

Moss can present serious problems for asphalt shingles, which eventually curl up and blow away when burdened by too much of the pesky green stuff. And when your roofs shingles arent working correctly, its only a matter of time before youre dealing with leaks. While algae dont harm your roof, it does affect your homes curb appeal.

Whats the best way to deal with these nuisances, you ask? The obvious answer is to clean your roof, but even cleaning can present its own set of problems. So, how do you know what you should and shouldnt do when cleaning your roof? Keep reading to find out.

Dont: Use a high-powered pressure washer to clean your roof. In fact, its probably best to avoid pressure washers altogether. Why? Pressure washers have a horrible reputation for damaging roofs and loosening shingles. If you damage your roof, youre looking at costly repairs that could have been prevented.

Dont: Ignore safety precautions.

Dont: Clean your roof on a hot, sunny day in the summer. The bleach solution you made will evaporate too quickly and wont have as much potency.

How Do I Know If My Plumbing Vent Is Clogged: Clogged Vent Pipe Symptoms

So youve worked your butt off with a drain auger or a toilet auger to conquer your clog, but youve STILL got issues with how your pipes are draining. Most clogs are at or before the P Trap. But sometimes, youve got a clog thats much deeper.

Clogs can also form at the 90 degree or T joint in your pipes where the pipe from your sink, drain or toilet joins your main sewer line inside your walls. This long pipe is called a plumbing vent, sewer vent, plumbing stack vent, or roof vent.

A plumbing vent lets air into your pipes to help regulate air pressure and make sure that waste is moving through your pipes properly. They also work to vent any sewer gases and nasty odors. If your pipes are starving for air, they cant remove waste water and fumes.

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Should You Hire A Professional

The answer depends on you. Maybe you cant get up on your roof anymore to clean it. Or you dont have any time.

Well, if youre facing any problem, a professional roof cleaning service is your next best choice.

Luckily, theres a ton of roof cleaning services today. You wont have a difficult time looking for them. But, the only thing youll need to watch out for is their price. They dont come cheap!

Sure theyre using the standard bleach and water, but youre also paying them for their services! Well, thats the trade-off. You wont tire yourself, but youll need to spend some bucks to clean your roof.

Nevertheless, always pick someone reliable. Reputable cleaning roof services are everywhere. Ask your friends and family they might have someone to recommend.

Roof Cleaning With A Pressure Washer

How To Clean Your Roof

Some may believe that you can clean your roof simply with a pressure washer, and while that would probably work theoretically, using a pressure washer for roof cleaning is the kiss of death for the integrity of that roof. Especially if you are trying to clean an asphalt shingle roof. The granules will start to come off and will end up in the gutters, which can and does happen normally with age, but speeding up the aging process for the roof, is not the best idea and is something we avoid.

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How Do I Clean And Maintain My Roof

Your roof is made up of various areas where debris can get stuck and algae can grow. These areas need to be inspected with particular care:

Ensure that debris is removed from around the chimney and gutters

Look for moss or algae buildup

Check all caulked areas to ensure that caulking is still in good condition and not peeling

Check your shingles to ensure that granules are still in place and that the shingles themselves are not warped, missing, or broken.

Heres how to perform some more hands-on maintenance when required.

Cleaning Products To Avoid

There are two roof cleaning solutions you need to steer clear from: bleach and pressure washing. Bleach is a very harsh cleaner and may etch the surface of your tiles, making them prone to increased algae growth in the future. As the bleach runs off your roof, it can also damage your landscaping and kill plants.

Pressure washing is a poor choice because it can cut through sealants and underlayment, make the tile more porous, and make algae growth more likely in the long-term. Plus, power washing your own roof can be dangerous. Its far too easy to slip and fall or to crack a tile. Only a certified roofer should be allowed to clean your roof.

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Check Every Seam And Seal

Pay attention to every seam and seal on your RV roof. Address any seam or seal that shows signs of aging or damage as soon as possible. Even the smallest of damaged seams and seals can cause massive damage.

Your RVs roof warranty may even be dependent on maintaining the seams and seals. You may discover that youre responsible for the entire repair bill because you failed to properly maintain the seams and seals.

Pro Tip: Need to touch up your seams and seals after washing your roof? This is Which RV Roof Sealant Should You Use?

Keep Rv Roof Sealant On Hand For Emergency Repairs

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning. How to wash your roof Shingles safely [Best Roof Wash Method]

Its always a good idea to keep roof sealant on hand. You never know when youll need to climb up on your roof to do an emergency repair. You dont want to be unprepared if you hit a low-hanging limb or something tears your roof material.

Dont wait days or weeks to get the proper materials to fix a roof issue.

Cover any rips or tears in your roof as soon as possible to avoid the issue getting worse.

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How Pacific Nw Roofs Should Be Cleaned

First things first: Any roof expert will recommend that you dont climb up on the roof yourself. Weve seen too many serious injuries to people who were being cautious but simply didnt have the expertise to navigate the roof safely.

Its especially dangerous in the Northwest too moss, fungi, and moisture make your roof extra slippery.

At Northwest Roof Maintenance we know how to get the job done right so that your roof will need to be cleaned much less often than if you tried to clean it yourself. Heres how:

  • Our roof cleaning treatments are meant to last. For example, when we get rid of moss on your roof, we also apply a follow-up treatment to your entire roof to prevent future moss growth.
  • We always offer a free full preliminary roof inspection. This allows us to identify even the smallest leaks, cracks, and other issues that may be damaging your roof. Well fix any problems we find so your roof will stay strong and clean for longer.
  • Now lets figure out how often you should have someone clean your roof.

    Gets Rid Of The Elements Stuck On The Roofs Surface

    Common elements that could get stuck on the surface of a metal roof are:

    • Airborne dirt
    • Rust stains
    • Mold and mildew

    Like we mentioned, there are chemicals present in certain atmospheres, such as acid rain and pollution particles, that can cause premature degradation of a metal roofing paint system. One of the easiest ways to determine if your roof is degrading is by inspecting if the paint is chalking. Chalking is the whitish residue that can become visible on a painted or coated metal surface over time.

    As a panel is exposed to sunlight and UV rays, the paint systems resin begins to break down and degrade. Once the resin starts to break down and continues to be exposed to the sun, oxygen, and pollutants, it loses its adhesion to the surface and those degraded particles begin to turn white. These particles will eventually become visible to the naked eye on the metals surface. Often times, the difference can be subtle however, if you swipe the panel with your finger, you can notice the chalky residue on your skin.

    Keep in mind, most metal roofing paint warranties dont cover excessive chalking in the presence of pollutants, which is why its important to regularly clean your roof.

    There are also elements that wont create a problem with the paint or the substrate but just makes the roof look dirty, even when its actually not.

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    How To Clean Your Spf Roof

    Based upon a discussion with Greg Barney Hass, a 30+ year employee of West Roofing Systems, Inc. in LaGrange, Ohio, Barney recommends cleaning your SPF roof with 3000 PSI of pressurized water.

    The pressurized water will get rid of most debris left on your roof.

    Pro Tip: 3000 PSI is the maximum strength to use on your foam roofing system. Anything more and you risk causing damage.

    Lets say you need to clean more than debris say you have a grease or oil spill?

    Barney recommends using a non-acid, non-corrosive cleaner. There is no preference of brand.

    Pro Tip: If you use any cleaner with acid or corrosive materials, you risk damaging your foam roof.

    After youve power washed the roof, you should also check for debris stuck in the:

    • Drains


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