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How Long Does A Roof Estimate Take

How To Price A Roofing Job

Roofing Estimate How To Video

Now that you know approximately how much the job will cost you, you have to decide what to charge your customer. According to Roofing Contractor, more than nine out of 10 roofing professionals wont achieve their goal revenue because they simply do the math wrong. If you want to make a 10 percent margin on a $1,000 job, you charge $1,111, not $1,100. How do you get to that number?

The total cost to you for this job is $1,000. If you want a 10 percent margin, those costs represent 90 percent of the final selling price, while the margin is the other 10. So, the final selling price is equal to the costs to you divided by the percentage: 1,000 / 0.90 = 1,111. Therefore, you charge the customer $1,111.

Lets say you wanted to calculate a 5 percent margin on this same job instead. If so, your costs would be 95 percent of the total selling cost, while the margin is the other five. Again, you write out the percentage as a decimal place and use the same formula. 1,000 / 0.95 = 1,052. So, to achieve a 5 percent margin, youd charge the customer $1,052.

A Basic Example Of A Roof Replacement Timeframe

To bring you a bit closer to the process, lets use a real-life example of how long it would take to replace a roof. In this case, well take a roof surface of 100 sq. ft., with asphalt shingles and a roofing crew of five people. In ideal conditions, this process would last up to four or five days. Weather conditions and the availability of materials can impact the timeframe.

Of course, this is just a rough estimate you can keep as a frame of reference. No two roofing projects are identical. The best way to determine the specifics of your roof replacement is to hire a licensed roofing contractor. Experienced roofing contractors can provide you with a quick and accurate estimate of how long the project will take.

Question #: Who Will Be On The Job Site During My Roofing Installation

If youre hiring a reputable roofing contractor, theres a good chance they may have more than one roofing project going on in one day.

But if the company owner isnt going to be on your property during the install, then whos going to be around to ensure the project goes smoothly?

Dont panic!

Many larger roofing companies have a project manager whose sole focus is to make sure your roof is being installed in accordance to both local laws and manufacturer guidelines.

So if the manager or owner of the company wont be present during install day, its important that an experienced project manager will be.

This is an easy question to ask any roofer over the phone.

Answers you can accept:

  • Owner of the roofing company
  • Manager of the company
  • Project manager trained by the organization

Dont take this for an answer:Our roofers are very experienced, so they dont need supervision. While it IS important to have experienced roofers on your crew, an efficient installation will only happen if theres an industry expert in charge.

Roofing is complex, so if theres nobody running the show, a small problem can easily turn your roofing project into one you read about in the newspaper.

The three questions for establishing a roofers credibility dont seem too hard-hitting, do they? Thats because they dont need to be. Remember: these three questions are for pre-screening. The next four will help drill down to whether or not you should have the roofer out for the estimate

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How Long Will It Take Until I Get A New Roof In Massachusetts

The actual roof installation takes 1-3 days. Oftentimes, the longest part is carefully removing the old roof, especially if its a very large roof or has multiple layers of old roofing beneath it. Dont worry, we supply the dumpster and take special care to remove all previous roofing components.

Once we remove the existing roof, we inspect the roof decking below. If we uncover rot or mold that wasnt visible during the initial inspection, well make sure to take care of those supporting materials first so that your new roof investment is installed on a solid foundation.

Next well complete the new roof and install other new roofing components, such as skylights or new gutter systems. You dont need separate contractors Golden Group Roofing can do them all! Then well finish up with your new roof, with a thorough clean up of the ground below.

Make Sure To Consider The Surface Area

9 Best Roofing Estimate Templates Printable

Knowing the square footage of the roof and the number of squares it equates to is just the first step. To calculate the surface area and your material costs, you have to include the roofs pitch.

There are several ways to measure or calculate the pitch of a roof. One way is to:

  • Hold a framing square against the roofline so that the long end points toward the center of the roof and the short end points toward the ground.
  • Then position the framing square so that the long end meets the roofs edge at the 12 mark.
  • Make sure the long end of the square is level.
  • Read the measurement on the short end that is vertical to the roof.
  • That number is the rise of the roof.

    Roof pitch is expressed as rise over run, with the run being 12 inches. So if your vertical measurement was 6 inches, the roof pitch is 6:12.

    A roofs pitch adds surface area to your calculations. Below are basic roof pitch multipliers to calculate your surface area.

    Pro-tip: Add these ratios to your roofing estimate spreadsheet for quick and easy calculations.

    Roof pitch
    12:12 1.70

    So if a roof is 1,500 square feet and the pitch is 6:12, the surface area is:

    1,500 x 1.24 = 1860 sq. ft.

    You round up to account for wastage when buying materials, so your total number of squares is 19 in this roofing estimate example.

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    How Long Does The Roof Estimate Process Take In Massachusetts

    First, you will need a consultation to get an estimate on the work that needs to be done and the materials that should be used.

    Gone are the days of ballpark estimates we use cutting-edge technology and satellite images to get exact measurements of your roof so we can prepare a detailed project plan for you to evaluate.

    Once youve decided to start the project, it usually takes 1-2 weeks for us to prepare everything for your scheduled installation date. Well arrange for your materials and equipment to make sure we have everything we need once we come onsite.

    How Roofing Contractors Can Provide No

    The process varies among roofing contractors, but in general, providing a no-contact roof estimate starts with capturing pictures or video of a roof, or roof damage, as well as information about the square footage or dimensions of the roof via:

    • Satellite images, and/or

    The homeowner may also be asked to include a detailed description of the overall problem or reasons for a roof repair.

    Remember, safety first. If youre asked to provide photos or videos of your roof or roof damage, please keep safety in mind. If you cannot safely get good photos of your roof from the ground or a window, then ask the roofing contractor to come out to your home for a roof inspection.

    Once an estimate has been provided and approved, and the project start day set, the homeowner and roofing contractor should discuss accessibility needs.

    *The roofing team will remain outside as much as possible. However, there may be times when team members need to enter your home to inspect attic ventilation or other interior issues. A frank discussion of these needs can help prevent any interaction between the homes residents and the roofers by setting entry times or creating a direct pathway to the affected area.

    Invoices can be paid online or over the phone as well, which further eliminates the need for person-to-person contact.

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    How Long Does It Take To Replace A Roof On Average

    One of the biggest questions we hear from roof replacement customers is, How long is it going to take? We hate to say it but, it depends.

    It depends on the size of your roof, the pitch of the roof, and of course, the roofing material. The more premium material you choose, the more time, expertise, and diligence is required to ensure it gets done right.

    Luckily, based on many factors, we can give a pretty accurate timeline of when the new roof will be done and ready to protect your home! So today, that ever-popular question will be answered. Plus, you might learn a thing or two about roof replacement so you can make the best possible decision for your home when the time comes.

    Prepare For Lots Of Noise

    How Long Does It Take To Install A Rubber Roof?

    Any home repair project comes with a bit of noise. However, the combination of many adults walking on your roof paired with nail guns and other electric tools create quite a ruckus. If you have small children that need to nap or family members that are especially sensitive to loud noises, it may be best to take a day trip while your roofers are working on the home.

    It is also wise to consider relocating for a few days if you work from your home. In most cases, roofers will be on your roof during working hours. This may create a distraction or disturbance while you are trying to concentrate.

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    Should Roofers Come Inside During A Roof Inspection

    Roof inspections are one of the many home maintenance services that homeowners tend to forget about. Routine roofing inspections done by professional roofing contractors are the best way to spot the earliest signs of roof damage.

    When contacting a roofing company regarding an upcoming inspection, you should always ask if they include an interior inspection with their services. Many subpar roofing companies today will advertise contact-free roofing inspections. While this type of inspection certainly has its place, it is not always the best option!

    To make sure you are getting the most benefit from your roof inspection, only hire a roofing company that provides a thorough inspection of your roof. This will always include the inside of your home.

    During the interior portion of a roof inspection, a professional roofer will look for signs of water leaks, water damage, or other signs of concern. Their focus will be primarily focused on your attic as this is where many early signs of roofing damage become apparent. If your home does not have an attic, the roofer will often inspect the ceilings of the upper floor of your home instead.

    Unless you are facing extenuating circumstances that do not accommodate for an interior inspection, it is crucial to only begin work on your roof once a thorough inspection is completed.

    What Kind Of Roofing Materials Are You Using

    Different roofing materials will take different lengths of time to install. For instance, asphalt shingles can be installed in as little as 1-2 days. Heavier materials, however, such as tile or slate, can take a week or longer to install because they need to be treated with more care. Metal roofs fall somewhere in between. There are also some roofing materials that can be installed more easily in winter and others that might take longer depending on the time of year.

    At Houston Roofing, we use GAF Roofing products, which use easy-to-install fiberglass shingles. They have a proven roofing system. Their roofing crews have a trusted process that works, so these roofing materials can be installed without too much trouble and certainly without taking a week or more due to the materials.

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    Quality Is Better Than Speed

    While you want your roof to be completed within the shortest timelines, you also want quality work.

    Whether you are repairing a roof or installing a new one, you should get the best value for your money. This is exactly what we will deliver, no matter how big or small the project may be. Reach out to us today for the best residential & commercial roofing company in Denver.

    Comparing Roofing Quotes: Things To Keep In Mind


    Its easy to compare roofing estimates on the sole basis of cost after all, youre just comparing numerical values. But the numbers may not always tell the whole story.

    Here are some things to keep in mind as you compare your roofing estimates:

    • Make a fair, apples-to-apples comparison between multiple roofing estimates. A more expensive quote might include work that is a bit more comprehensive or that involves a complete roof replacement, while another cheaper quote might be based on a roof repair.
    • Your roofing quote may include transportation costs, depending on how far the roofing contractor is from you. If theyre a local business, this may not be a factor.
    • If you have a steep roof, there may be extra costs due to the roofing work being more complex and proposing higher safety risks for the roofers.
    • The roofing material you choose is going to impact the overall cost, as well. Different types of roofing shingles and components or accessories, such as underlayment, vents, etc., vary in price due to differences in material make-up, performance, and aesthetic attributes.
    • If you decide to make improvements to your existing roof along with the repairs, this can also affect the cost. Whether its increased ventilation through additional roof vents, or an attic fan or skylight to improve energy efficiency, these upgrades should also be factored into your estimate.

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    Factors That Determine How Long A Roof Replacement Will Take

    The Roofing Design And Materials

    Some roofing materials have simple application processes, while others are more involved.

    The most common roofing material is shingles, and these are fairly easy to install. Still, different shingle types have their unique qualities and installation processes.

    This aside, different shingles are designed for different types of roof pitches.

    This means that the installation period will be dependent on the individual shingle typeâs installation process.

    Here are some average installation timelines of different shingles:

    • Wooden shakes: three to four days
    • Concrete tiles and shingles: four to five days
    • Asphalt shingles: one to two days
    • Slate: three to four days
    • Metal: two to three days

    The material type is not the only determining factor, however. The design you want your shingles laid in will also affect the timelines. For example, very intricate or complex designs will take more time to create than simpler designs. The former will therefore take longer than the estimates provided.

    The methods used matter as well. Asphalt roofing shingles can be re-done in two ways: full tear off or layering. The layering method means placing new shingles on top of old ones. This is easy to do and takes little time.

    Tear-off means removing the existing shingles before placing new ones. The latter undoubtedly takes a longer time.

    The Weather

    Time Of Year

    You get more natural light outside once the dreary winter months pass.

    House Or Building Size

    What Time Of Year Are You Replacing Your Roof

    Weather delays can slow down the progress of your roof replacement although Houston typically has warmer, humid weather, were not exempt from rain, snow, and storms. If its a rainy season, such as spring or fall, the time frame for the project will likely be longer. In winter, there are winter storms to consider. However, spring and summer are the busiest times of year for the average roofing contractor, so in these times of year, you may find that its some time before theres an opening to schedule your roof replacement. Winter tends to be low season for roofers, so youll have much more freedom when it comes to scheduling.

    At any rate, a roofing expert will know the area well and take weather into account when plotting out their estimated time frame for the roof replacement project.

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    How Long Does A Roof Maxx Treatment Take

    The application of a Roof Maxx treatment takes between 30 minutes at the least and a few hours at the most. The time it takes to apply the treatment will depend on the size of your roof and the state and condition of your roof and asphalt shingles.

    Our local technicians will be able to give you a precise, customized estimate. Before beginning the process of applying the Roof Maxx treatment, our technicians will conduct an initial assessment to determine the condition of your roof. They will examine your roof and give you an estimate for how long the application of the Roof Maxx treatment will take.

    Smaller roofs that are clean and in good repair, other than brittle and inflexible shingles, can usually be finished in as little as a half hour. The Roof Maxx treatment will take longer, up to several hours, if the technician notes any issues that require additional steps to prepare the asphalt roof for treatment. This pretreatment tune-up may include removing debris such as sticks or leaves, sealing exposed nails, and securing loose flashing. All of these need to be done before Roof Maxx can be applied.

    There may be some additional problems or repairs needed before Roof Maxx can be applied. We will examine your roof for problems and leaks, let you know if there are any problems, and make recommendations for fixing them. Weather, sunshine, and age can have a damaging effect on your roof, with problems ranging from debris damage to leaking.

    So How Long Does It Take To Replace A Roof By Material

    How To Compare Re-Roof Estimates

    While the process of replacing a roof is extensive and there is much to be done, most quality, professional roofs can complete a typical replacement in 1-4 days. Depending on the roofing company and roofing materials used, the time estimate will vary.

    Here are some common types of roofing materials and how long they typically take to be installed:

    • Wood shakes: Depending on roof size, you should expect your roof replacement to take 3 4 days weather permitting.
    • Synthetic Slate: Mosty synthetic slate roofs can be installed within 3 5 days.
    • Flat roof: You can expect a flat roof replacement to take 2 3 days.
    • Concrete Tile: Usually 8 9 business days.
    • Steel sheets: Anywhere from 3 4 days.
    • Asphalt shingles: The most common roof material only tasks 1 2 days to replace.
    • Natural Slate: Around 6 7 days for a full replacement.

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