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How Much Does Perma Roof Cost

Shingled Mobile Home Roof Overs

How Much Does a Metal Roof Cost? 2022 Price Per Square Foot Installed

A real shingle roof for mobile homes is absolutely possible for most models. They can have a higher pitch or gables too. Shingle roof overs are also installed right over your existing roof, as long as you have not already had a roof over previously.

The subject of whether its a good idea to add a second layer of shingles is much debated in the roofing industry. Be sure to get an experts opinion on your home before you make a decision. There seems to be a split in opinion on layering the new shingles over the old. Some roofing experts say you can do on manufactured homes that have 2×4 studs 12-16 OC and roof trusses that are 16 OC or less. Others roofing experts have told me they wont do it on any manufactured home.

If youre set on a shingle roof you come in a few different options and styles for roof overs, as well as several different colors and textures.

The main benefit of a shingle roof is the appearance. Shingles can dramatically improve the curb appeal of your property. Installing shingles is typically more costly than a TPO or metal roof but can improve the value a little more so you may recoup the costs.

Its not unusual to see asphalt shingles on a mobile home, particularly on homes with pitched roofs. Because asphalt is frequently used on site-built homes, many people are drawn to their appearance. Asphalt has a class A fire-rating and its available in a wide array of styles and colors.

Why Roof Replacement Cost Varies

Every roofing job is different, so you will have to get quotes from roof replacement specialists to know how much your new roof will cost.

The cheapest roof to replace is a skillion roof, which is fairly straightforward and easy to repair. Other roofs may cost much more. The first thing to know is what type of roof you have:

  • A gable roof looks like an inverted âVâ
  • A hip roof has âhipsâ at the ends of gables
  • A dormer roof has extra roofing for windows
  • A mansard roof looks similar to a barn roof
  • A gambrel roof is divided into four parts and has a large overhang

These are just some types of roofs, as others can be even more complex. The type of roof you have will be one factor determining the cost to replace a roof, but not the only one.

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What Are The Differences Between The Grades Of Colorbond And How To They Affect Colorbond Roofing Prices

Regular corrugated steel is fine for building a shed or a detached garage. It lacks the aesthetic appeal of Colorbond, but as long as it is galvanized steel, there is no risk of its becoming a rusty eyesore.

Powder-coated Colorbond is an appropriate choice for most houses. Powder-coated Colorbond starts as raw steel. Then it is dipped in a vat of molten zinc to form a protective layer to fight rust and corrosion. Next is it sprayed with powder that bakes color onto the galvanized steel for colors that wont fade for a decade or more.

Double-sided Colorbond has color baked onto the steel on both sides. It is the steel of choice when you are going to see both sides of the panel, from the curb looking onto your roof, and from your living space under a pergola or on your deck or patio. The second layer of durable color costs a little more.

Colorbond Ultra is the roofing material of choice for seaside homes. Even galvanized steel eventually wears out when it is constantly exposed to salt spray, but a third layer of protective coatings adds decades of life to roofs even in seaside settings.

Prices of Colorbond are subject to change. Its always a good idea to get a current quote from a roofing professional such as ELR Plumbing.

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Metal Roof Cost Per Sqft Metal Roof Vs Shingles Cost

Metal roofs are becoming increasingly popular with many savvy homeowners and its not hard to see why compared to the more traditional approaches like asphalt shingles and cedar shingles and shakes, metal offers many important advantages including a significantly longer lifespan, low maintenance, excellent durability, and superior energy efficiency.

Average Cost For A Mobile Home Roof Over


Roof overs are usually more affordable compared to the cost of installing a completely new roof. Of course, the total cost can vary based on many factors such as your location, the roofing material, and whether or not additional insulation is installed.

  • For a single-wide, costs usually range from $1,000 to $3,500.
    • For a double-wide, costs are generally between $1,500 and $4,500.

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    Asbestos Roof Removal Cost

    fibers were added to many materials used in and around the home for many years. When undisturbed, these materials are perfectly safe, but they can be hazardous to your health when they begin to crack, crumble, or break down. If you suspect that you have asbestos material, you must call in a specialist to remove it before you can have new roofing installed. The average cost of asbestos roofing removal is between $50 and $120 per square foot.

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    Average Price Of Replacing Your Roof Vs Repairing

    The national average cost to repair a roof ranges from $200 to $3,000, with most people paying between $225 and $1,150 depending on the extent of the damage, and the type of roofing materials on the roof that needs repairing. If there is either extensive damage or your roof is about 20 years old, and it needs replacing, the average price to replace your roof is around $7,211.

    Roof Repair Cost


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    Alternatives To Raising Your Roof

    Raising a roof is a complex, expensive home improvement project, but it might not be your only option for higher ceilings. Here are some other roofing projects that are quicker and more affordable.

    • Depending on your homes structure, you may be able to raise low ceilings in certain rooms without raising the entire roof. A tray ceiling, which is raised in the center of the room, gives more vertical height without altering the roof, interior, or exterior walls.
    • A coffered ceiling consists of a grid of beams with raised panels. These ceilings allow contractors to work around existing load-bearing ceiling joists to add the appearance of greater height.
    • You can lift the roof only on a portion of your home, such as the garage.

    Note that changing your roof pitch is not an alternative to raising it. Youll need to alter the roofs structure and cut new studs to alter the roof line, making this project just as expensive as roof-raising.

    Standing Seam Metal Roofing Manufacturers

    How much does it cost to replace your roof

    There are hundreds of standing seam manufacturers in the US. Since the technology is not patented , anyone can make their own products.

    All they need is a $30,000 -100,000 investment in roll-forming equipment. In fact, hundreds if not thousands of contractors have the equipment and do this for their clients.

    Still, the biggest and most reputable companies are: Drexel, Englert, McElroy, MBCI, Fabral, and ATAS.

    Of these, ATAS metal is the most expensive for an unknown reason . Overall, they all offer similar material warranties.

    We recommend any one of these, because the reality is that they all buy their coil from the same 3-4 coil manufacturers in the US.

    Local Roofers directory

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    Metal Vs Asphalt Shingles

    Currently, metal roofing commands approximately 13% share of the sloped roofing market, while asphalt or fiberglass composition shingles account for over 75% of all sloped roofs in the US. In terms of the expected durability, longevity, and performance, residential metal roofs are built to last two to three times longer than mid-range asphalt shingles.

    However, the superior performance of metal vs. asphalt comes at a higher upfront cost. On average, metal roofs will cost two to three times higher than asphalt shingles. For example, a typical mid-range architectural asphalt shingle roof may cost approximately $9,350 for a 1,700 square feet or 17 squares roof replacement job at $550 per square, compared to $21,250 for a standing seam metal roof installed at $1,250 per square.

    The difference is due to the higher cost of metal roofing materials and a far more tedious/technical, and hence costlier installation. More on this in the next section below.

    Metal roofs will generally outperform asphalt roofs in important areas like energy efficiency, hail impact protection, and ice dam prevention. CoolRoof rated metal roofs are more energy-efficient than asphalt shingles including CoolRoof rated asphalt shingles because Kynar 500 finished metal roof products and colors usually have significantly higher SRI ratings from Cool Roof Rating Council than asphalt shingle products.

    Roof Materials Needed For Repair

    Part of the expense of repairing your roof is the professionals time. They know how to do the work, so youre paying for their expertise. But the bulk of the roof repair is for the materials used. Its cheaper to use asphalt shingles compared to tile shingles. Theyre also easier to work with, so they require less of the professionals time.

    There are pros and cons to various roofing materials. Make sure you know whats on your roof if youre making repairs and need to match shingles to patch whats there. If youre replacing the entire roof, you can look into getting a different material that might be more durable than the previous shingles.

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    Roofing Labor Cost Per Square Or Square Foot

    A roofing square is calculated as 100 square feet. When we are looking at this pricing as a whole, we need to look at the cost of labor, the supplies used, the market price for the common types of shingles, and any removal of waste needed.

    According to Homeadvisor, Labor for roofing projects ranges from $150 to $300 per square or $1.50 to $3 per square foot, depending on factors like the product youre installing and the conditions of the structure. Labor and overhead usually make up 60% of the project total.

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    Putting A Standing Seam Metal Roof Over Shingles

    Textured Panel

    While its possible to install a metal roof over asphalt shingles, its best to avoid doing this!

    While in some cases its permissible to have metal shingles over an old asphalt roof, its strongly NOT recommended to do this with standing seam.

    Here are the reasons:

    1. old shingles will telegraph underneath the new panels. If a lot of snow piles up, it is possible for the shingles underneath to make horizontal dents in the metal. All of this will completely destroy your roofs curb appeal.

    2. More importantly, if you install standing seam over asphalt shingles, the expansion and contraction of metal will make it rub against the stone coating in the shingles, causing rust and corrosion from underneath. This will shorten the life of your roof to about 5-10 years, whereas a properly installed metal roofing should last a minimum of 40-50 years.

    3. By leaving the shingles, you are trapping possible wood rot and making ventilation none-existent. This will shorten the lifespan of the substrate and you will have to remove your new roof and scrap it within 10-15 years, just to fix the substrate.

    Thus, it is always advisable to remove old materials.

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    Do It Once Do It Right

    No matter what type of roofing system you install, it needs to be done by professionals with experience. That is especially true of aluminum tile roofing. Mountaintop Metal Roofing has more than 20 years of experience working with metal roofing and only metal roofing.

    A roof may look great at first, but poor installation will lead to big problems down the road. Unfortunately, you may not see these issues until its too late. Leaky roofs usually dont present themselves until after the damage has been done. Mountaintop Metal Roofing offers the highest quality installation and roof underlayment protection with a lifetime warranty to back it up.

    Metal & Aluminum Coating

    Metal roofs are for flat, low slope and pitched roofs. You can apply almost any type of coating to a metal roof. For a pitched metal roof, expect to spend between $1.50 to $3 per square foot on labor. Depending on the pitch of the roof, the coats are applied in thinner layers. It may need more than two coats and increase application time.

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    Aluminum Shingles Pros And Cons

    If you are in the market for a new roof for your home, you may become overwhelmed at the many available options. These options include asphalt, wood, rubber, copper, aluminum, and more. This abundance of choices may have you struggling to figure out which is the best for you. But there is one material that has quickly become the number one choice for a lot of people: aluminum. This may be true, but is an aluminum roof right for you? Here are some pros and cons of aluminum shingles to help you decide.


    #1: Durable: fire, wind, snow/ice, and pest proof

    One of the key features of aluminum shingles is how durable they are. Made of strong aluminum, they can resist fire, wind, snow, and pests. Luckily, aluminum doesnt rust so they will not be affected by excess moisture. Even though these shingles may seem weak, they will last for many years before you must even consider replacing them.

    #2: Good for the environment

    Another amazing feature of aluminum shingles is that they are very environmentally friendly. Aluminum Lock Roofings Aluma-Lock shingles are made from 90% recycled aluminum. These materials have found another purpose after being recycled and can create a high-quality roof for your home for years and even decades.

    #3: Lightweight and easy to install

    #4: Cooling and warming properties

    #5: Stylish


    #1: Price

    #2: Loss of shine

    #3: Pressure sensitive

    #4: Noise

    Your new roof

    Aluminum Shingle Roof Pricing And Installation Cost Checklist

    How Much Does A New Roof Cost?
    • Get at least 3-5 estimates before hiring a Aluminum Shingle Roof contractor estimates are typically free, unless its a service call for a repair.
    • Expect the Aluminum Shingle Roof prices to fluctuate between various companies each and every company have different operation expenses and over-head.
    • Try to get prices in late Fall, early winter you should expect aggressive pricing discounts by waiting for a contractors down season.
    • Try to budget and additional 7-15% more on top of what our calculator gives out I.e difficult configurations, patterns, hips, valleys, dormers, curbs, ventilation, etc. The additional complexity of your roof will add to the Aluminum Shingle Roof costs.
    • Visit every supply house that sell your particular brand of Aluminum Roof and try to negotiate a better price with each supplier I save on average 20%.
    • Remember, there are multiple styled homes in the U.S from: Contemporary, colonial, cape-cod style, ranch, bungalow, victorian, etc. So keep that in mind and try to budget a little more, before starting your Aluminum Shingle Roof project.

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    How To Hire A Colorbond Roof Specialist

    To preserve your warranty, you should make sure your roofer is a Colorbond expert. They should be able to show you other buildings that they have roofed. Also, they should have building licenses and insurance. As you talk with prospective specialists, make sure to ask them for certifications for their company and their crew.

    Thermoplastic Polyolefin Roof Overs

    When it comes to roofing a flat roof or low slope roof for a residential home such as manufactured, modular or mobile home, we highly recommend a TPO membrane roof over. Why? Because TPO roof overs are affordable, durable, energy efficient and last longer than any other flat roof material we’ve seen on the market. We only use the highest quality thermoplastic polyolefin insulated membrane materials which allows us to offer a limited lifetime warranty. Not only will our roof over products stand the test of time, but you’ll also notice huge savings in your energy bill.

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    How Long Does A Roof Last

    A roof with basic asphalt shingles lasts 1020 years.

    Metal roofs last longer, with standing seam panels usually lasting 30 years. High-quality architectural or premium shingles can last up to 35 years when properly maintained. Premium metals such as copper and zinc are pricey but have a lifespan of 50 years or more. Concrete tiles can last 4075 years, and clay or slate tiles can last over 50 years.

    Questionable Practices At The Estimate Stage

    Textured Panel

    These kinds of add-ons, after the repair job has begun, are unfortunately commonplace. To be sure of getting the job, some contractors employ the devious practice of submitting an incomplete estimateand therefore quoting a lower price than their competitors. The customer is then hit with a string of extras.

    How much should you actually pay to service or completely replace roof sheathing material? Plywood isnât too expensive. Usually, the prices depend on the manufacturerâs factory rates. Most distributors add their transport and distribution figures that raise the cost effectively.

    Some other issues can raise the price of roof sheathing material repair or replacement. Rotten decking will require additional labor to completely tear off the roof material and plywood and replace it with fresh plywood. Inadequate decking is the plywood thickness isnât enough and may not be enough to carry the asphalt shingle or dense metal material such as standing seam metalâs weight. Modernize has a great estimate on figures youâll need to spend on replacing roof decking.

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