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How Often Should You Have Your Roof Inspected

How Much Does It Cost To Inspect A Roof

When Should I Replace My Roof? Roof Inspection DIY

Costs for a roof inspection will vary. Some professionals do roof inspections for free, while others charge. Usually the price of a roof inspection wont exceed more than $200, and the fee might be waived if repairs are made. The cost of roof inspection may also be factored into the cost of a home inspection when buying or selling a home.

Commercial Roof Inspection Costs

Most commercial roof inspections range between $200 and $500, but that price can be $1,000+. That higher price is largely because commercial roofs are typically bigger than their residential counterparts.

As a result, many commercial contractors charge by the square foot instead of by the project. Expect a price between $0.05 and $0.10 per square foot, meaning a small 10,000 square foot warehouse will range between $500 and $1,000.

Commercial projects also come with more regulations, like a check for OSHA guidelines. Thats another reason for the higher price.

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How Much Does A Roof Inspection Cost

There are several methods that can be employed to inspect a roof. A simple visual inspection generally costs between $200 and $300. If a drone, thermal imaging device or other specialized equipment is used, the cost can run up to $500 or $600. As with most types of inspections, location and access availability will determine the final price.

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Can I Do My Own Roof Inspection

For the first half of your roofs expected lifespan, doing your own roof inspections from the ground is generally all youll need. After that, hiring a professional to perform more thorough inspections is highly recommended. They are trained to know what to look for, and can identify possible problem areas before they become major issues.

Keep in mind, if you plan to make a claim, your insurance company will almost always require an official report from a professional inspector or reputable roofing company.

How To Know If My Roofer Did A Good Job

Roof Inspection in Oley, PA

You surely dont want to spend a lot of money just to find out that your roofer didnt do a good job or that your roof is still damaged or unattractive. There are ways to tell if your roofer did a good job, but before hiring a contractor, check the Internet for reviews and testimonials to see what other customers had to say about them. Take some time for research.

To ensure your roofer did a good job, look at the roof and see if its even first. Next, look at the flashes to ensure they are in good condition. Finally, check the contractors job site did they clean up without leaving a trace, or did they make a mess?

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Let Empire Roofing Get The Job Done Right

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What Do Contractors Look For During A Roof Inspection

When you hire a contractor for a roof inspection, they will look for various factors indicating damages. For example, they will check if shingles are missing from the roof. Likewise, they will inspect the roofing material for cracks, chips, or breakage.

Water damage is a prevalent issue in many roofing materials. As contractors examine your home, they watch for moss and mold growth. They will also inspect for gaps at joints and the areas around roof penetrations, such as vents and chimneys.

Other signs of water damage the contactor will look out for are:

  • Shingle granules in the gutters
  • Spongy wood decking
  • Water patches on the ceiling
  • Bulging or sagging roofing material
  • Discoloration or water streaks on the exterior wall
  • Rotting on wooden roofing parts
  • Missing caulking

Extreme weather like heavy rain, snow, and wind storms may destroy your roof. Hire a contractor after such conditions to check your roof for damages. The expert will look for lifted and curled roof sections during this process.

They may also watch out for dents and perforations. Such may result from broken tree branches or objects hurled by the wind.

Galvanized materials such as metal roofs and steel nails may rust after constant exposure to humidity. A contractor will check these surfaces for corrosion during a professional roof inspection. They may then recommend repair or replacements based on the extent of the damage.

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Reducing The Risk Of Injury:

An improperly installed or damaged roof can lead to serious injuries such as falls, head injuries or even death if it collapses under heavy snowfall or during an earthquake. If you don’t have proper training in handling these situations, it’s best to leave this work up to professionals who have the experience needed.

To Prevent Premature Wear:

Performing a Roof Inspection with Russ Ackerman CMI®

Roofing materials tend to wear out over time due to exposure to sunlight and other weather conditions. If you don’t get them restored regularly, they could deteriorate quickly and need repair sooner than usual. This would mean restoring a large part of the roof at once instead of doing it gradually over time as needed.

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Stop Damage From Getting Worse

One of the biggest benefits is youll be able to catch any damage early and stop it from getting worse. Smaller problems are less expensive and easier to repair than large ones. With a roof inspection, you wont have to worry about missing something. A professional roofing contractor, like Rackley Roofing, has both the knowledge and expertise to identify and fix any damage on your roof. Youll be saving yourself and your business from unnecessary headaches and from wasting time and money.

When Your Roof Is Damaged

Recently we wrote about checking your roof for damage after a storm and a regular home roof inspection can prevent most damage to the home, but sometimes storms can severely harm the roof as well. This damage is often visible through leaks in the ceiling, usually noticed in the form of water stains. Other signs include tiles and shingles missing or damaged, or even granules of the shingles in the gutters and drainage system. Any kind of daylight showing in the attic or crawl space is another indication of damage and should be immediately addressed. Dry rot, as well as mold and mildew thanks to water seepage, can also pose a major threat to the integrity of the home. Keep an eye out for dark spots or streaks, or for sagging in the roof itself. If you notice any of these things, the roof needs to be professionally inspected immediately to prevent further damage to the home.

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How Often Should I Schedule An Inspection

The basic rule of thumb about roof inspections is that you should get it done twice per year. A spring inspection and a fall inspection make the most sense for most homeowners.

A spring inspection lets you catch any problems caused by winter weather. You can get a roof repair estimate and schedule a roof repair service. A fall inspection lets you catch any problems cause by summer storms.

You might wonder, How much is a roof inspection? Youll typically a little over $200 for a standard roof inspection, although prices can vary around $100 up or down.

Looking To Get Your Roof Inspected

Roof Inspection in Justin &  Fort Worth, TX

Now that weve gone over seven elements your contractor will examine during your roof inspection, we hope you feel encouraged to start getting your roof inspected on a regular basis.

While the issues we listed in this article are best left to the experts, there are several roof maintenance tasks homeowners can and should complete seasonally and after major weather events. Read this article to learn how you can develop your own roof maintenance routine.

If youre in Raleigh and need a free roof inspection, dont hesitate to fill out the form below. Well look for signs of wear and damage that could impact the safety and performance of your roof. If we spot any areas of concern, well explain our findings and help walk you through the next steps for repairs. Whatever you need, well be happy to help.

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Roof Inspection: How Often Do You Need It

The National Roofing Contractors Association , a US non-profit association representing all segments of the roofing sector, recommends that you check your roof at least two times a yearduring spring and fall when the weather is milder and safe for inspectionto spot any issues.

These seasons not only make roof inspection easier but also allow you to ensure that your roof is prepared for the upcoming potential seasonal weather hazards and temperature changes.

Diy Or Hire A Professional

The next thing you need to consider when inspecting your roof is whether you should hire a professional or if you should just do it yourself. After all, inspecting your roof shouldnt be that difficultshould it? The inspection process is more intensive than you may think. It involves more than simply checking for major tears and gaps. In fact, a full-scale checklist should be completed each spring and fall. You should be checking for any number of items, looking at seals around every element and essentially making sure that your roof is 100% perfect and ready to face any problems that may lie ahead. Many companies offer a roof inspection service so make sure you work with a firm that has the know-how and background to complete a full-scale evaluation, and that they will cooperate with you to complete any needed service.

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Benefits Of Roofing Inspections

Roofing inspections allow you to catch small problems before they become big. They also allow you to save money in the long run. Some people think that they arent necessary unless something extreme happens, but thats not true. Prevention is always better than waiting for the worst-case scenario.

Its much safer to have the inspection performed by a trained Chandler roofing contractor rather than the homeowner. In addition, professional roofers know what to look for and have a trained eye that can always spot things you cant see. It is a wise option for you, your roof, and your wallet.

How Long Does A Well

The Importance of Roof Inspections – How to Inspect Your Roof – IKO

A well-maintained flat roof can last for several decades. The exact lifespan depends on the material of the roof.

A flat roof made of modified bitumen can last for up to two decades. The same is the case with thermoplastic polyolefin and polyurethane foam, acrylic, or silicon coated roofs. The flat roof materials that last the longest are polyvinyl chloride and ethylene propylene diene monomer , which have a lifespan of about three decades.

However, this is only the case when your roofs are well maintained and inspected regularly. Therefore, make sure you hire a reliable roofing company to get your roofs inspected and maintained throughout the year because prevention is better than a roof replacement.

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Keep Your Commercial Roof Safe And Secure

Rackley Roofing is your trusted roofing contractor in Tennessee. If youre interested in having regular inspections or maintenance done on your commercial roof, the Rackley RoofCheck program is for you. Our expert teams are committed to keeping your commercial roof protecting you and your business. Contact us today to schedule your roof inspection!

One To Two Times A Year

Ideally, keep up with regular maintenance with one or two inspections each year. Space them out with one appointment in the spring and a followup visit in the fall. Any extreme heat or cold during the summer and winter impacts the roof in different ways. The appointments during the calmer times of year allow the professionals to see any damage and repair it before worsening conditions arise. You can get away with one inspection each year, but damages may accumulate between annual appointments. Fixing the roof with minor service calls saves the family a lot money over the course of the roofs lifetime.

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Homeowner Tips For Taking Care Of Your Roof

When considering the care of your roof, the smart thing to do is to establish routine roof inspections at least twice a year. That way, any damage from leaks, weather, or other factors can be identified before the problem worsens. In Florida, the fall and spring seasons are the most popular times to perform inspections as the weather is milder. Because its so easy to miss a critical problem, having a roofing expert perform an inspection ensures that your roof gets the attention it needs.

How Can We Help You

5 Signs Your Roof Needs To Be Inspected

If youre looking for a professional roofer in Birmingham, AL, Cardinal Roof is the company to call. We take pride in our work, which means providing you with the highest quality roofing repair services.

Our team of roofing contractors is equipped with the right tools and the proper expertise to get a roof back to working order. Well even make sure its done on time so you can get your roof back to its proper use!

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Lower Your Heating/cooling Bills

Is your roof under-insulated? You wont know until you have it inspected.

Roofs are one of the main sources of heat loss in a home. When you stand in your attic, do you feel a chill in the air? Its probably due to a lack of insulation.

With a well-maintained, vented roof, you can reduce heat loss and lower your heating/cooling bills. Your inspector might find that more insulation is needed to properly seal your roof. By improving your roof, you can reduce the cost of heating and cooling your home. It also helps preserve the lifespan of your HVAC system the unit wont need to work as hard to maintain a consistent temperature.

When Should I Have My Roof Inspected

No roof inspection guide would be complete unless it includes the best time to have your roof inspected. Commonly, roof inspections are done for the following reasons.

  • After a storm: Your insurance company will likely require a roof inspection if a storm damage claim is made. Often, the insurance company will send out their own inspector to confirm the validity of a claim.
  • Periodic inspection: Different roofing materials have different lifespans. Keeping a constant eye on your roof is important. But, after half of your roofs expected lifespan has passed you should have your roof professionally inspected every three to four years. Consider doing this even more often if you live in a harsh climate, and less often in milder areas. A good rule of thumb is to schedule roof inspections well before colder months arrive to ensure enough time is available should urgent repairs need to be made.
  • Roof appraisal: If you are buying a home, its never a bad idea to know what youre getting into regarding the condition of your new roof. Sellers can add a selling point to their property if they have the roof inspected and approved.

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What Is A Roof Inspection Report

A roof inspection report is the document a roofer or home inspector provides that outlines their findings. Typically, the report will provide general information about the roofs condition, such as the roofs age, its slope, height, and type. The report will also include some form of documentation that lists damages or areas of concern. This section may include written information or even diagrams. Some roofers also include an estimate for replacement, even if replacement isnt part of the work involved.

What Is Checked During A Roof Inspection

When Should I Replace My Roof? (From a Roofing Contractor)

If youve hired a roofing company that is experienced at inspecting roofs, the technician should look for several things during their inspection of your roof, including your shingles, pipe boots, flashing, and gutters.

The inspector will look for missing or damaged shingles, shingles that are losing granules, exposed nails, and any algae stains or mold growth. They will also check around your roofs penetrations, specifically your pipe boots, which cover the area around the pipes coming through your roof, and flashing, which defends your roof from leaks where it meets a wall. At these places, theyll look for cracks in the boot or flashing, and see if any of it needs to be replaced.

Another important part of your roof that will need to be checked, is your gutter system. The inspector will look to see if your gutters have sustained any damage or clogs, and ensure they are working properly. Gutters are a hugely important part of your roof, as their job is to channel water off your roof, and out to areas where it wont do your home any harm.

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