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What Are The Different Styles Of Metal Roofing

Stainless Steel Metal Roofing

Standing Seam Metal Roofing 6 Different Styles

Another metal that is popular as a metal roofing solution is stainless steel, a steel alloy made up of at least 10.5% chromium. When people think of stainless steel, they often think of large architectural structures such as elevators, bridges, building columns, handrails, etc. Above all, stainless steel is most notably known for its strength, making it a high-end metal that could be the right material choice for many home and business owners.

Zinc Roofing Pros & Cons

Who remembers the original Humvee? An extremely durable and dependable machine that could take you anywhere you needed to go, yet at a pretty price. This is Zinc in a nutshell.

Zinc is an amazing metal, able to use its patina to heal scratches over time, plus stay strong for over 100 years. The natural properties of Zinc make it a favorite for commercial projects due to its ability to be easily formed and manipulated into amazing shapes. While the chalking of Zinc over time is not considered an appealing aspect of the metal, it can be cleaned and controlled to an extent.

While the Humvee was not exactly a green vehicle, Zinc could be considered one of the greenest metals available for roofing. Zinc has a lower melting point than other roofing metals. This lower melting point means that processing the Zinc for use as a building material requires up to a ¼ of the energy that it takes to process steel or copper. Zinc is also 100% recyclable and available in most local markets, making it an extremely green material, even compared to Copper or Steel.

The main downside to Zinc is the chalking effect from an aesthetic point of view, and the price. Zinc is not cheap. In fact, Zinc often is comparable to Copper. Like Copper, Zinc also requires expert installation to properly make use of its advantages as a building material.

Disadvantages Of Tin Roofing Panels

  • No longer used and its not available

Where To Buy Tin Roofing

While tin was a very popular roofing material in the mid 19th century, it is no longer used today as roofing. It has been replaced by more durable metals such as steel.

When people today seek out tin roofing, it is usually because they enjoy the sounds of heavy rain on a tin roof along with tin’s simple and rustic aesthetic. Both the look and sound of tin can be achieved with either galvanized steel, painted metal or aluminum roofing, which is what people are usually referring to when they discuss tin roofing today.

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Ready To Make The Switch

If youre interested in learning more about which type of metal roof makes the most sense for your budget and home style, contact the pros at Long Roofing. Our metal roofs have earned a Class 4 distinction in impact resistance and a Class A fire rating, making them more durable than wood, slate and asphalt shingle roofs.

Call 866-270-7058 or visit us online today to get a quote, schedule a free, in-home consultation or find answers to any of your roofing questions.

Exposed Fastener Panel Options

4 Different Types of Metal Roofing

The most economical form of metal roofing, exposed fastener roofing, consists of overlapping panels that are fastened directly to the roof deck or framing through the face of the metal. They are called exposed because the fastener head remains visible once installed. However, fastener heads are painted the same color as the roofing panels to help make them less apparent. Most exposed fastener panels are typically 36 wide, meaning that fewer panels will be needed to cover the roof area.


Max-Rib is a low profile panel that is very popular with homeowners across the country due to its aesthetic appeal and price point. This panel profile is also very common in the industry and many manufacturers offer this panel in a wide variety of steel substrates and coatings. Homeowners should make sure the product being installed on their home matches their long-term performance criteria. For residential applications, McElroy strongly recommends a Galvalume steel substrate with Kynar 500® coatings, which offer optimal performance and protection against fade and chalk.

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Metal Roof Panels At Lowes And Home Depot

Both Lowes and Home Depot sell steel roof panels in a couple of types: corrugated and classic rib standing seam roofing. In many cases, they can also set you up with an installer.

Both companies sell two types of panels: corrugated and classic rib standing-seam roofing.

Corrugated panels are meant primarily for utility usage such as shed walls or fencing. They are 2 feet wide by 8 feet or 12 feet long, with 2 ½-inch corrugations. The 8-foot panels cost about $18 and the 12-foot panels run about $27.

Lowes sells two sizes of Classic Rib standing-seam roofing panels that are 3-feet wide by 8 or 12 feet long. At the time this article was written, Lowes had a more limited selection of sizes than Home Depot. Lengths were 2 feet wide and either 8 or 12 feet long. Home Depots panels are also 2 feet wide, but lengths run 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16 feetand longer.

At Lowes the 8-foot panels cost about $29 and the 12-foot panels are about $40 each. At Home Depot, expect to pay about $19 for 8-foot panels and $27 for 12-foot panels.

Colors may be limited to galvanized and white.

The steel is 29 gauge. Ribs are ¾-inch high. Bell-top trapezoidal ribs are on 9-inch centers.

This material is given a 4-layer Galvalume® coating that has a 40- or 45-year warranty. Seven colors are available.

Here are a few popular brands of metal shingle systems:

Specialty Roofing Panel Styles

Specialty metal roofing panels give home and building owners options who want all of the benefits of a metal roof without the traditional metal roof appearance of a standing seam or exposed fastener system.

Specialty roofing panels are designed to mimic more traditional roofing materials like ceramic tile, slate, shake, or shingles without sacrificing the metal roofing advantages. These systems come in a wide range of colors and finishes so building owners can enjoy the more traditional shape of a tile or shingle with whatever color selection best suits their home or business. .

Best of all, they have a decades-long life expectancy and are far more resistant to hail and debris damage than conventional shingles and ceramic tile roofing. They also come with PVDF coatings that allow for a like new curb appeal that stands the test of time.

Another specialty roofing panel we offer is the Met-Tile. Lightweight and energy-efficient, Met-Tile looks like ceramic tile roofing but provides all of the benefits of metal. Many people are often surprised when they find out its a metal roof.

McElroy Metal also offers Tilcor Stone Coated Roofing. While it resembles asphalt shingles, Tilcor provides far better performance.

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Cons Of Stainless Steel Roofing

Expensive The cost of stainless steel is in line with the price of zinc and copper, making it a high-end metal roofing choice. Currently, stainless steel roofing can cost anywhere from $400 to $1,200 per roofing square depending on the finish, panel type, and thickness.

Standing Water Roofing made with stainless steel, especially if its in contact with other non-stainless steel metals, requires adequate draining methods in order to remain durable and functional. Too much standing water on stainless steel can act as an electrolyte and cause galvanic corrosion of the metal.

It Keeps Your Property From Damage

Different Types of Coatings on Metal Roofing – Metal Roofing 101 with Todd Miller

Imagine having your car parked by your house and a roof avalanche happens. Such an event will leave dents on your car and your windshield shattered.

Your car could also be buried under the snow .

A snow avalanche can also damage your gutters and eaves, which you will need to replace if you want roof water to continue flowing down effectively.

But this will not happen with a metal roof snow guard installed, as it would have already channeled snow melts away from the roof to the point it does not cause damage to your roof or property.

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Final Thoughts On Metal Roofing Material Types

Galvalume, aluminum, zinc, copper, and stainless steel are all great solutions for metal roofing needs. Knowing the common and unique aspects of a structure, residential or commercial, is the best place to start when choosing the best metal roofing material. Then, determine what factors are important to you, including:

  • Cost
  • Material strength
  • Weight your structure can withstand
  • Sustainability

Cons Of Copper Roofing

Very Expensive Copper is one of the most expensive metal roof materials, as copper is not as abundant in the Earth. It can be anywhere from 4 to 15 times the cost of an asphalt roof but could last 100+ years with the proper installation and care. Currently, copper roofing costs about $500 to $1,000 per roofing square.

Expansion/Contraction In climates with striking differences in temperatures, copper roofing often expands and contracts during heating and cooling just like other metal systems. Care should be taken to ensure that your system will accommodate this thermal movement.

Patina Some people are drawn to the look of the patina that will happen on a copper roof, but there are those who might not want this greenish blue covering on their home or structure. There is currently not an exact science to the color or time frame patina will occur with copper. Also, in some climates the patina will turn a rich green and in other climates it will maintain a dark bronze look for decades.

Run-off Staining Copper roof rain run-off has been known to stain siding, brick, concrete, other metals, wood, etc. Its important for home or business owners to be aware of this factor and make sure the roof is installed in a way that the water can safely run off of it without coming into contact with other stainable materials. If this does happen, there are many different methods to help remove copper run-off staining as well.

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Standing Seam Metal Roof Costs

Standing seam metal roofs have far superior longevity and last two or three times longer than non-metal roofs. They are the most common metal roof design due to its availability all over the U.S. to roofing installers and easy access to metal materials. The design features vertical panels that are joined by interlocking seams as seen below.

Standing seam metal roofs will cost you about $4.00 to $6.50 per square foot. The average cost to install a standing seam metal roof on the average size home can range from $23,000 to $30,000 in total. They come in painted aluminum, galvalume steel, galvanized steel, and copper or zinc metal roof types. They perform extremely well in harsh weather conditions like heavy snow, hail and fire.

Best Types Of Metal Roofing 2021

Metal Roofing Photos

Once prevalent in commercial applications, metal roofing has since won the hearts of many homeowners. As a result, many different styles, materials, colors, and finishes have emerged to cater to varying needs.

Below, we look at the different types of metal roofing available in the market. We hope you will find one that suits your needs and preferences.

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It Guides Snow And Ice Melts Off Your Roof

This is one of the primary functions of a snow guard. And it does this by removing the snow and ice melts in small amounts.

Keep in mind that an excess of snow on your metal roof can cause it to cave in. When this happens, melts will begin to leak into your home, and youll have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on metal roof replacement.

Importance Of Snow Brakes For Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are known to shed snow faster than other roof types, but heavy snowfall can cause a heavy accumulation of snow and ice quicker than normal.

The weight of such an accumulation can cause your metal roof to cave in.

So yes, if you live in a high snowfall area, then a snow guard for a metal roof is good for you.

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Types Of Roof Tiles 2021

Have you settled on a tile roof? We know the dilemma can be overwhelming with so many varying styles and designs on the market. That is why we compiled this comprehensive list on your behalf. By the end of the article, you should be familiar with the different tiles available to make an informed choice.

What Are The Different Metal Roof Styles

Types Of Metal Roofing Panels. Standing Seam, Corrugated, R Panel: Which Style Is Right For You?

Metal roofing offers a ton of advantages. In warm, sunny climates, they offer superior insulation and they wont break down from UV exposure. They are much more environmentally friendly as well. Metal roofs can be made from up to 95% recycled materials, and when it comes time to replace them, the entire roof is recyclable.

Better yet, its much easier to install a solar panel system on them. In a traditional shingle roof, youll need to drill holes to install a solar power system. Metal roofs allow a solar installer to attach solar panels without the need to drill into your roof. They are also ideal for rainwater collection systemswater wont collect as much debris and microorganisms will be present at much lower concentrations.

Metal roofing can be installed over shingles since its so lightweight, as long as its in good enough shape. You should always consult with a roofer before installing metal roofing over existing shingles. They can help you decide if its safe to do spot repairs or if you need to do a total tear-off.

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Clay And Concrete Tile Roofing

Clay and concrete tile roofs are often chosen for their look and durability. They can withstand extreme weather conditions, are suitable for homes in dry climates and can last up to 50 years.

  • Clay and concrete tiling add texture and curb appeal to any home. This roofing works best with Mediterranean and Spanish-style buildings.
  • Concrete and clay tile roofing materials are heavier and may require more framing support. It is recommended that these type of tiles are installed by a professional.

Different Types Of Metal Roofs


R-Panel metal roofs are the low-maintenance metal roofing option. Their easy installation cuts own on labor, time, and disposal costs, so costs for the entire project are kept low. These roofs are also available in many different colors that look very nice on a roof. These roofing systems are very popular for both residential and commercial roofing systems. Their ease of installation has helped to make them a very popular flat metal roofing option. As with all metal roofing systems, these systems are prone to rusting and should be frequently painted or coated to combat this problem.


This is the classic metal roof, common on many older barns and shacks the original metal roof. Corrugated metal panels are now often galvanized and used on restaurants and retail establishments to create a classic feel. Corrugated metal roofs integrate well with fiberglass skylight panels because they typically have similar patterns and structural designs. Corrugated metal roofs have been around for a long time and they have stood the test of time.

Architectural Standing Seam

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How Much Does Metal Shingle Roofing Cost

Metal shingle roofing runs between $3- $5 per square foot for materials. When you include installation its about the same price as standing seam. Metal shingles will cost $8 – $12 per square foot including materials and installation.

The price range shown is for shingles made of steel or aluminum. Shingles can also be made of copper or zinc although those shingles are much rarer and more expensive.

Which Metal Roof Is Right For Your Residential Home

Metal Roofing Photo Gallery

There are two types of metal roof systems to choose from: standing seam and screw down panel. Remember, both metal roof systems have their place in the roofing industry, but a standing seam metal roof is the best choice for residential purposes.

The main reason for this comes down to the expansion capabilities of the two types of metal roofs.

For example, a standing seam metal roof systems panels are locked together at the seams or seamed mechanically. Under each rib is a clip that fastens the panels together and allows them to glide back and forth freely as the metal goes through thermal expansion.

On the other hand, a screw-down panel metal roof system is installed by screws that are screwed straight through the panel. This leaves no room for expansion and contraction.

Because theres no room to expand and contract, the screws will eventually wallow out the holes in the metal panels, and youll periodically have to pay to replace the screws with the next size up.

Can you install a screw down metal roof over your home? Yes. However, its going to be expensive to maintain, and will be more prone to roof leaks.

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Multiple Styles To Choose From

There are literally dozens of different looks and feels that can be achieved with metal roofing from the traditional standing seam look to the old-world tile look or the beauty of shakes, to the more agricultural corrugated look. The variety of attractive metal roof styles is one of the great advantages of the industry. No matter what the style or look of your home, there is almost certainly a metal roof system out there that will complement it perfectly!

Aluminum Roofing Pros & Cons

If copper is the Range Rover of roofing, then Aluminum Roofing Materials are easily considered to be the Dune Buggy of roofing. Stay with us here. Take a Volkswagen Beetle, pull off the doors, the roof, and all unneeded features. Seal off the essentials to prevent salt spray, add a roll cage, and upgrade the suspension. Throw some nice sand tires on the thing and take it for a cruise along the beach you now have the vehicle that best describes the strength and corrosive durability of an Aluminum roof.

Aluminum metal roofs are often highly recommended for use in coastal climates. This is mainly due to aluminums resistance to salt corrosion compared to other types of metal roofing materials. While the common perception of an aluminum roof is that it’s not effected by corrosion, the reality is that its actually a highly active metal and almost instantly reacts to atmospheric conditions.

This rapid reaction is actually what protects it so well. The outer layer of aluminum roofing material reacts with the oxygen in the environment, creating a layer of aluminum oxide, which effectively seals the inner layers of the metal from any future corrosion. This process is similar to an A606 Weathering Steel process, but in a much faster time frame and with longer lasting protection. Aluminum roofs are often used with a painted coating as its natural patina over time is not typically thought of as aesthetically appealing.

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