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How Much To Replace Roof And Gutters

Cost To Install Gutters

Roof Replacement Costs | How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Roof?
Roof Gutter Cost Non-discounted retail pricing for: K style aluminum gutter. 0.031 inch thick. 21 prefinished finish color options. Quantity includes typical waste overage, material for repair and local delivery. 64 linear feet $343.01
Gutter Installation Labor, Basic Basic labor to install gutters with favorable site conditions. Layout, fabricate and secure rain gutters to roof framing. Achieve proper drainage slope. Seam and seal corners and edges. Includes planning, equipment and material acquisition, area preparation and protection, setup and cleanup. 64 linear feet $343.01
Gutter Installation Job Supplies Cost of related materials and supplies typically required to install gutters including: fasteners, underlayment, drip edges, sealant and basic flashing. 64 linear feet $343.01
Option: Remove GuttersRemove downspouts and mounting hardware – up to 1 per 30 LF of gutter. Remove gutter mounting hardware and gutter sections from single story structure. Remove material from premises. Material cost includes dump fee. 64 linear feet
Costs to load and haul away old materials, installation waste and associated debris. 64 linear feet
Balance of 2 hr minimum labor charge that can be applied to other tasks.
Totals – Cost To Install Gutters
Average Cost per Linear Foot
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Increasing Your Roofs Lifespan

An experienced roofing expert will be able to find any weaknesses, such as any leaks or cracked tiles in your roof and work to fix them before any significant damage occurs. It will alleviate the need for a complete roof replacement in the future, which can be expensive. Clearing overflowing gutters as part of the process will also minimise fire risks.

Pros And Cons Of Replacing Gutters When You Replace Your Roof

When you are in the process of having your roof replaced, one of the questions that always comes up is whether you want to replace your gutters at the same time.

A roofing contractor can remove and replace or repair your gutter system at the same time as they replace your roof. However, there may be good reasons not to have your gutters replaced at this time.

If you take some time to learn about what kind of gutter system you have and the benefits of having it replaced, you will be in a much better position to decide.

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Cost Of Gutters & Downspouts

Gutters, which can run anywhere from $3 to over $40 per linear foot depending on the material, and downspouts, which cost between $5 and $25 or more per piece, are essential in helping preserve the foundations and walls of your home. They carry water away from your home’s foundation and help prevent standing water. Without proper materials, you run the risk of foundation damage, mold/mildew, wood damage, as well as premature masonry crumbling or cracking. Gutters also prevent erosion of your property by directing water into the sidewalk rather than flooding your landscape.

The single largest factor in determining installation costs is the material you choose. Since professional gutter prices usually include the cost of installation, you can develop a good idea of your total costs by speaking to an installation professional. The following are the four major types listed from most expensive to least expensive.

B Fascia Replacement Cost

How to Install and Replace Gutters

In addition to the cost of materials listed above are labor and equipment rates. The labor cost to install fascia runs from $6 to $20 per linear foot but can vary greatly between companies and locations. A typical one-story home with 300 linear feet of soffits will require about 11 to 13 hours of labor running between $800 to $1,400 with an additional $120 to $150 in supply and equipment costs.

These prices usually include the removal and replacement of gutters and old boards and trim. Complex configurations, the height of the eaves, accessibility, and even number of corners and angles will increase costs.

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Roofing Cost Guide How Much Does Roof Replacement Cost

Roof replacements frequently seem as though theyll be fairly straightforward jobs that should be easy to determine the cost of. For many homeowners, however, this isnt the case. The cost of roof replacements can vary tremendously from home to home even on those using the same type of material. Things like roof size, pitch, and how many layers of roofing you may already have in place can all dramatically impact the final cost of your new roof.

Table of Content

Is Replacing Your Roof A Good Investment

Although the upfront cost may seem steep, this is still a great investment.

Your replacement typically lasts around 20-30 years, and it can increase your home’s value by $10,000 – $20,000.

If you’re worried about covering the upfront costs, there are various options that could help ease your financial burden.

As we said earlier, your homeowner’s insurance may cover the cost of a new roof if it was damaged in a storm.

If your insurance won’t cover your costs, but you don’t have the full payment upfront, you may need to look into getting a loan, or some roofing companies will set up a payment plan.

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Cost To Install Flashing On Roof

If leaks are occurring around your chimney or skylights because of age or physical damage, the cost to install flashing on your roof ranges between $200 to $500 for each chimney or skylight. In the case of a roof being replaced, depending on the age and the condition of the original flashing, the roofer will either replace the flashing completely or reuse the original metal.

Average Price Of Replacing Your Roof Vs Repairing

How To Install Gutters On A Standing Seam Metal Roof: Pre-Hung Box Gutter And Eave Trim Installation

“Most homeowners replace their roof because it’s old and unattractive. If you like the look of your existing roof but have a leak or other isolated issue, you’re better off making a spot repair vs. a full replacement.”

Dan DiClerico, HomeAdvisor Smart Home Strategist and Home Expert.

A new roof costs $8,500 on average, versus an average of $550 for repairs. Just because you have a leak doesn’t mean you need to right away. Here are some cases where you dont need a full replacement.

Consider replacing your roof when:

Certain products cost more to repair than others. Slate roof repairs cost$700 to $2,500, for example. This is versus asphalt repair costs of $300 to $1,000.

For more information, see this material-based look at when to repair or replace roofing.

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Ready To Hire A Local Roofing Contractor To Take Care Of Your Gutter And Roof Replacement

You just learned that your gutters dont get removed during your roof replacement. Even if youre getting new gutters with your roof replacement, your old ones dont need to be removed until its time to replace them.

No matter if you need new gutters, a new roof, or even both, its crucial to hire a great local roofing contractor. But how do you find one? That all boils down to asking the right questions.

The team at Bill Ragan Roofing has been replacing roofs and gutters for the residents of Nashville since 1990. No matter what your roof needs, were confident that we can take care of you. If youre in the Nashville area, dont hesitate to contact us for our high-quality gutter and roofing services.

Putting Down Less Ice And Water Shield

6 feet of ice and water shield is necessary for manufacturer protection against the elements. We live in an area that sees a lot of snowfall, ice build up and rainfall during the year coming from Noreasters, blizzards and just plain ole summer thunderstorms. Ice and water shielding protects your roof against ice build up and moisture damage at the most vulnerable points, it is underneath the shingles, usually around the perimeter of the roof.

However, ice and water shield is usually more expensive than simple underlayments , because its reinforced to better withstand all the run off that hits the edges of the roof. So, what we commonly see is one of two things: a contractor might not put down any ice and water shield at all, or cut the standard 6 feet down to 3 feet.

Thats a cut corner that will reduce your price on the estimate, but its going to cost you big. Not taking this preparation measure can void insurance coverage, warranty coverage AND cause the roof to fail prematurely. The manufacturer makes the 6 foot requirement standard because thats how its designed to protect your home.

6 Feet is the Manufacturer Recommendation on Ice & Water Shield

Always check the contractors insurance coverage first.

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C How Do You Maintain Your Fascia Board And Soffits

Regular professional inspections and proper maintenance can save thousands in home repairs. Some helpful tips to prevent damage and keep maintenance costs to a minimum:

  • Paint wooden fascia regularly. Sealed wood repels moisture. Its key to keeping rot from destroying them.

  • Inspect and clean your gutters every year. Clogged gutters can lead to water getting behind the fascia and weighing down gutter supports. The average cost to clean gutters runs most homeowners about $150.

  • Install or upgrade drip edges. For less than $1 a linear foot, you can direct water from your roof into your gutters. This helps keep water out as much as possible.

  • Upgrade soffit venting. Soffits also help keep your attic adequately vented, keeping humidity low to inhibit mold growth. Upgrading venting may be necessary for older homes.

Hire a Fascia & Soffit Installation Pro

Is It Worth Getting My Gutters Replaced

Gutters and Gutter Repair

Gutters dont always get given a lot of thought from homeowners. However, they are vital to ensure the correct drainage of rainwater from your roof. Gutters have a limited lifespan meaning at some point they will need to be replaced. As its not possible to install your gutters without the right knowledge, tools, and equipment, professional gutter installation is highly advisable.

Find the best professional for the job on Bark today.

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Gutter Installation Cost Calculator

In looking at three of the most common gutter material solutions, and the one at the highest end of the spectrumcopper, you will have some idea of the costs for your gutter installation project. In the following example, we use a simple, single-story, 1,500 square foot, rectangular house with four corners and 160 linear feet of gutters.

Gutter Item

Garage Roof Replacement Cost

Garage roof replacement costs $1,000 to $2,500 on average, depending on the size, pitch, and materials. Installing a new roof on a 280 square foot 1-car garage costs $1,000 to $2,000, and a 400 square foot 2-car garage runs $1,500 to $3,200, depending if it’s asphalt or metal.

Garage Roof Replacement Cost

The garage sizes used for the table above are:

  • 1 car – 12 by 12
  • 2 car 20 by 20
  • 3 car 36 by 24

The prices you see locally will be more or less depending on where you live, time of year, and the pitch of the roof. These prices would be the same if you were looking for the cost of a new roof for a detached house or workshop of a similar size.

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How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Roof On A 2500 Square Foot House

As an example, let’s figure out how much it could cost to replace a roof on a 2500 square foot house.

Your replacement cost depends primarily on two things: the company that installs it and the material you choose to use.

If you choose asphalt shingles, usually the most cost-effective roofing solution, the roof costs can range from $11,250 to $18,750.

That’s assuming that the cost range is from $4.50, which is about average, to $7.50 per sq. ft. for the top end.

And the prices will go up from there.

For example, here are the costs of other popular materials:

  • Slate shingles: $800 $4,000 per 100 square feet
  • Tile shingles: $500 $4,000 per 100 square feet
  • Metal roofs: $500 $1,800 per 100 square feet

After paying for materials, you have to add in other expenses roofing contractors will charge for like labor costs and the cost of materials needed for the roof installation.

Barn Roof Replacement Cost

How to install replace gutters by yourself. Easy! Home Mender.

The cost of a barn roof replacement ranges from $3,000 to $7,100. Barns use a wide range of materials but are commonly done to match the nearby home. Most barns are pitched between 4/12 and 7/12 to accommodate storage. This makes the barn fairly easy to work on, keeping costs low. Total costs are mostly dependent on the barn size and material type. Larger barns have higher costs.

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Labor Cost To Reroof A House

The roof material and shape are only two parts of the equation when it comes to replacing it. Labor also plays a large role in your total costs.

The costs of your labor vary depending on the material. Tile, slate, and wood shakes are more difficult to install than asphalt shingles. Your labor costs are also impacted by the pitch and shape. Roofs with very steep pitches, curves, or changes in angle are more complex and often require more material and time.

Most professionals charge roughly $75 an hour plus the material costs. A full replacement includes a tear-off. With asphalt shingles, you can do a roof-over, meaning installing one course of shingles over an existing set to save money. The table below includes a very rough cost breakdown for a full 2,000 sq.ft. replacement using architectural shingles on a gable roof.

Project Area
$3 – $4 $6,000 – $8,000

These costs do not include new decking and assume a gable roof with a 4/12 to 8/12 rise. A roof that needs repairs to the decking or has a higher rise costs more.

How Contractors Determine The Price Of A Roof Replacement

After inspecting the roof and speaking with homeowner, a contractor will draw up an estimate for the project. Estimating takes several important factors into consideration including materials, complexity of the job and the amount of time needed to complete the job.

Typical Breakdown of Factors:

Roof Size Roofs with steeper slope have a larger surface area than roofs with less slant.

Roof Slope Steeper sloped roofs are more dangerous and more difficult to work on than flat roofs.

Roof Complexity A roof with more level changes, hips and valleys, and add-ons, such as dormers, will be more expensive than a simple roof.

Existing Layers Its sometimes possible to install over existing shingles, but this lowers the lifespan and can cancel the warranty. Its better to do a complete replacement. The more layers that must be removed will increase the price.

Debris and Waste Removal Asphalt shingles, the most common material used, are considered hazardous waste, and must be disposed of properly.

Materials The type of new material that will be installed, such as asphalt shingles, steel shingles, slate shingles, etc.

Building Materials This covers all other materials needed to replace a roof including boards and plywood for the roof deck, nails, drop cloths, tarps, staples, calk, etc.

Roof Underlayment and Accessories Underlayment and accessories are part of a system that makes the roof complete and watertight.

See what local pros charge

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Diy Roof Replacement Vs Hiring A Roofer

For homeowners looking at replacing their roof instead of hiring a professional, an asphalt roof will cost $3,000 less to $6,000 less . However, while small roof repairs are cheap and relatively easy to carry out by the homeowner, as long as safety precautions are taken, roofing a home is better done by professional roofers. The downsides of completing the work as a DIY project are:

  • In removing the original roof, you may cause issues that will lead to leaks.
  • Once the old roof is off, you could miss structural issues or things that will contribute to more leaks.
  • You might not create a perfect weather seal to protect your home from the rain when installing the new roof.
  • You could introduce issues that translate to increased utility costs from heating or cooling.
  • You could fall from your roof.
  • You could negatively impact the resale value of your home.

Your roof is the single biggest surface barrier between you and the elements. Given the importance of the roof, and the potential for significant problems, we suggest looking for bids from the roofing professionals we have on HomeGuide before making a final decision to do the work yourself.

Get free estimates on HomeGuide from trusted roofing companies:

Hiring Your Gutter Systems Installer

Should I Replace My Roof? Here Are 21 Things to Consider ...

Here on HomeGuide, we have gutter installation professionals with experience in installing seamless and sectional gutters in all material types. To find the right installer for your gutter system, use the list below to help find the right gutter company for your project.

  • Are A/A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau
  • Been in business for at least five years
  • Have great reviews on HomeGuide and Google
  • Are insured and bonded and have good reviews
  • Offer warranties on your gutter installation for labor and parts
  • Can show examples of similar work they have done in the area
  • Include full cleanup in the price

Getting house gutters installed can save your home from a lot of future repairs, and prevention is always cheaper than a cure. While its possible to install gutters as a DIY job, hiring a professional can ensure the job is done right.

Get free estimates on HomeGuide from trusted gutter installation companies:

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