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How To Quote A Roofing Job

What Metal Roofing Quote/bid Should I Take


A roof is an all or nothing proposition you cant just tear off half of it and then not finish the project, which is why its important to choose the right bid from the right contractor the first time.

So which bid should you take?

First and foremost, it has to fit your budget and what you feel comfortable spending on a metal roof. If you try to overextend your budget too much, you could put yourself in a bad financial situation that affects other areas of your life.

Second, make sure the bid/quote contains the correct style for your roofing requirements. Its imperative to check the manufacturers minimum slope requirements before installation. For example, standing seam metal roofing is not one size fits all. If you have a low-slope application , it is important that the contractor plans to use a mechanical system that is double locked. If you have a steep-slope application , snap-lock systems with a clip would be acceptable.

Third and most importantly, you should choose the bid you feel most comfortable with. If youve received bids from experienced contractors who are trustworthy and their quotes/bids contain the attributes described in this article, its likely a good choice. Additionally, once you do choose the bid that you feel best about, make sure to keep an open dialogue with your contact at the contracting company throughout the project to ensure the bid price is followed as closely as possible.

If Rotten Decking Needs To Be Replaced

Because its not possible to see your roofs decking until the old one is torn off, there should be a line item that specifies how much its going to cost per sheet to replace if rotten decking is found. Some contractors automatically include replacing decking in their estimates.

When this happens you pay for the decking materials whether your contractor uses them or not. Ask your contractor how theyll handle rotten decking when they go over your proposal with you.

Pro Tip: Get A Second Opinion

Similar to medical care or automotive work, when youre looking for the right contractor to install your new roof, make sure that you get multiple estimates from a range of different companies.

While one might offer a lower price, that doesnt necessarily mean theyll be the right contractor for you. On the other end, a higher cost doesnt always entail a higher quality of work.

At the end of the day, roofing companies are not all created equal. Set up conversations with at least two or three different contractors in order to determine the most suitable fit for you and your home.

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Hiring A Roofer Checklist

Once you’ve decided which roofing contractor best meets your needs, you need to discuss and agree with them:

  • what will happen in the event of unforeseen extra charges
  • whether or not there will be any penalties if the work is finished later than anticipated
  • what would happen in the event of prolonged adverse weather
  • what hours the trader will work during the week, or at weekends if necessary
  • what materials will be used, who will supply these, and if they come with a guarantee or not
  • whether or not outsourced labour will be used
  • how rubbish will be disposed of and whether that is included in the overall cost
  • whether or not scaffolding will be needed and if it is included in the overall cost
  • what will happen in the event of any work not meeting a satisfactory standard.

It’s always a good idea to set this down in a written contract – it doesn’t need to be complicated, just record what you agree and both sign it. Then you have a record of how you expect the work to proceed, which should protect both you and the trader.

This should be standard on all larger jobs, but is recommended even for smaller repairs. Most reputable builders will issue a contract as standard before starting work in any case.

Before your roofer starts work, you should ask to see evidence of appropriate insurance, including public liability and working at heights. If your job involves a new roof, or a major refurbishment of an existing roof, you should ask for a guarantee.

# 5 Construction Proposal

estimate disclaimer

Template Source: Microsoft Office Templates

There are two reasons why you might love this simple construction proposal template.

The first reason is that its ridiculously easy to edit. If you have any experience with Microsoft Excel, then everything is point and click easy.

The other reason is that you can customize the template to match whatever demands you have.

If you want to promote your phone number? Its a piece of cake. Want to add your logo? Just takes seconds.

If you want a fast and easy template that you can quickly launch and deploy, then look no further.

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Putting Together A Bid

When it comes to how to bid a roofing job, you must know how to adequately quote a roofing job. The quote should be informed by the information from all the previous six steps. Once youve determined the job estimate, you want to present the information to your clients in a clear, professional, and easily-understandable way.

Most often, this includes a pricing breakdown, the cost of each service, terms and conditions, and any additional notes you feel are essential to include.

All bids should include the breakdown of materials, costs, and services contact information for both the contractor and the client your businesss logo and name expiration date for the quote, and whether or not a deposit will be required.

While its helpful to work off of a roofing estimate template, you want to personalize this bid as much as possible , so be sure to include client-specific notes.

Check The Quote For Important Information

A quote from a local residential roofing contractor should contain the following pieces of information:

  • The scope of the roofing project

  • List of materials and accessories, including a breakdown of the cost of each item

  • Start and end dates

  • Labor costs, including the workers hourly rate

  • Miscellaneous costs

  • Information regarding project changes, delays due to weather, and unexpected repairs.

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Compare Roofing Contractor Cost: Find Top

The cost to replace a roof can range between $6,000 $10,000 depending on roof size, pitch, and materials used. Roof repairs are generally charged at an hourly rate of $50 $80, plus any parts/supplies that may be needed.

Are you looking to hire a roofing contractor? If so, heres what you need to know about roofing contractor cost and about finding the top-rated roofers near you.

Do you dread seeing rain in the weather forecast? Do you have to rush to place buckets under newly sprouting water leaks? Have you had recent storms which have ripped the shingles from your roof?

It may be time to get your roof replaced but you may be worried about the roofing contractor cost. This can be a very expensive repair. According to Home Advisor , the national average is between $5000 to $10,000 to get a roof replaced.

Fill out the form to compare prices and estimates from local roofing companies.

Factors Affecting A Repair Roof Estimate In Include:

How To Get Commercial Roofing Jobs As A Residential Contractor
  • How many shingles or tiles will have to be taken off?
  • What condition is the decking underneath? Might it need to be replaced? In cases of fire, its almost assured.
  • Is there any damage to the decking that will need repair?
  • Do you need insulation replaced?
  • Is there wet wood framing?
  • Is there damage around chimneys, turbines, vents, skylights, or other structures? Our roof estimate will take a thorough inspection into account.
  • How large is the roof being replaced or the area being repaired?
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    Watch Out For Hidden Costs

    Certain elements, such as disposing of waste and access issues can all bump up the price. Make sure you have checked this before you start so that youre not met with any surprises. You might also be able to solve them, such as by disposing of the waste yourself or speaking to a neighbour about granting safe access.

    The Installation Method They’ll Use To Install Your New Roof

    The installation method, the number of nails, and how many nails used per shingle should be included in an estimate. If your contractor doesnt offer the hand nailing method, you may not have the installation method line item in your estimate.

    If its not on your estimate then its safe to assume your roof is going to be installed using the air nailing method.

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    Cost To Repair A Roof

    Our table below shows how much it costs to get various roofing repairs done – cleaning gutters, replace standard tiles, and replace ridge tiles.

    Replacing entire roof on an average three-bedroom house.

    £4,500 – £7,000

    New flat roof

    New flat roof on a typical single garage . Felt roof without using boards, keeping the initial structure in place.

    £840 – £1,150

    New flat roof

    New flat roof on a typical single garage . Using new boards and modern products such as PVC / rubber EPDM.


    A Solid Commitment To Superior Results

    Construction Services Quotation Templates for EXCEL ...

    Our team of roofing experts is more than qualified to take care of your roof because we have nearly 30 years of experience as well as a commitment to doing our absolute best work for every one of our customers. Were familiar with various types of roofing materials and styles and have been recognized as a GAF Master Elite Certified Contractor. If you simply arent sure of whats going on with your roof, wed be more than happy to come to you to perform an inspection.

    Specific roofing services we offer include:

    We look forward to having the opportunity to show you why so many of our customers trust us with one of their homes largest lines of defense against the elements.

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    How To Differentiate Your Roofing Bid So You Can Win More Jobs

    Dont forget to differentiate your bid from the competition by doing the following:

    • Include photos of the roof and problem areas and a note on how you plan to fix the problem. The idea here is to clearly present the problem and position your business as the one with the solution. Jobber lets you include line item images in your quotes to help you stand out. No more emailed attachments.
    • Mention if there are any warranties on materials
    • Incorporate testimonials that act as social proof and tell the client, Hey, this business is the business for the job.
    • Frame the cost of the roofing job as an investment. Yes, instead of using the word price or cost literally use the word investment.
    • Send the bid via email or text message so that your clients can easily find it. Paper bids are easy to misplace or mix up with other documents.
    • Always, always follow-up after sending the quote. Many quotes are lost simply because the client forgot to got busy.

    You can create your bid using Excel or Word. But these two methods are time-consuming and prone to error. Thats why youre probably better off using quoting software such as Jobber.

    Stop Underbidding And Win More Business

    You could be leaving money on the table every time you hand a client an estimate. According to Roofing Contractor magazine, 90 percent of roofers regularly underbid jobs. This is mainly due to paying more attention to materials than the complexity of the labor involved in a particular project.

    In this post, well show you how to bid a roofing job with an estimate that will both appeal to potential clients and ensure that youre leaving room for profit. Heres what to do.

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    Estimates And Quotes Are Different From One Another

    We often use both terms interchangeably, but they do have distinct differences. A roofing estimate is what a contractor believes a project will roughly cost. The actual project cost could be either more or less than the provided estimate. Meanwhile, a roofing quote, also known as a bid, is a detailed document outlining everything about the project. Once signed, it becomes a contract.

    How To Estimate A Roofing Job

    quoting roof cleaning jobs – www.washrite.co.nz

    by Adam Bronke | Sep 10, 2020 | Roofing, Tools |

    It can be stressful when you have to discuss roofing projects with contractors. As roofs last for years or decades without any repairs, most homeowners are not aware of the exact cost of the job and certain important roofing terminology. In this guide, we have shared how to calculate the roofing materials and shingles for your project. This basic guide will assist you to begin budgeting for the project and also makes it simple to evaluate the estimates of the contractor.

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    How Is Labor Factored Into Your Roof Estimate

    Every line item in your estimate has labor factored into it. For example, the shingles price on your proposal will be the cost of the material and the labor it takes to install them.

    Every contractors labor costs are going to be different, but the materials are going to cost the same in a given area.

    Create A Winning Roofing Bid With Jobber

    Jobber not only saves you time and minimizes human error but it also lets you:

    • Build professional bids in no time
    • Manage all your roofing quotes centrally
    • Upsell services with optional add-ons and packages
    • Invite clients to approve bids online in one click
    • Easily accept deposits, so youre never out of pocket

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    What Many People See On An Estimate For A Roof Replacement Or Repair

    Often, contractors submit bids with very little detail. Sometimes youll only see the total cost without the price of materials or labor on your estimate for a roof replacement.

    While proposals can differ quite a bit between contractors, your estimate for a roof replacement or repair should tell you everything you need to know. If youre not clear on what figures made up the estimate you received, you can ask the contractor to provide more detail. However, if the contractor isnt willing to do so or if he or she provides numbers that dont make sense to you, its time to get a different estimate for a roof replacement choose someone who understands your concerns and who will give you the details you need to make an informed decision.

    Our Roof Estimate In North Florida Gives You Details Not Only On The Cost But Also The Many Benefits

    Job estimate templates Job estimate templates in Word and ...
    • Asphalt shingle is often the most affordable material. The estimated useful life of a standard asphalt shingle roof has been rising due to new manufacturing improvements. Where once you might only get 15 years out of a roof, now 25 years is average.
    • The resale value of your home or property will increase with a new roof. Realtors call it a selling point.
    • Manufacturer warranties generally cover defective materials and roofing systems not all manufacturer warranties are the same. Youll get a full explanation during your roof estimate.

    Energy savings can pay you back for the cost of the roof. Next-generation reflective roofing causes 90% of the suns radiant energy to bounce off and away from the surface of your roof. That means heat is not passing through to your interior. It dramatically reduces the demand for cooling in your home. Federal energy experts say it is possible to cut cooling expenses in half by having a professional roofing company install an energy-efficient roof.

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    Customer Service And Communication

    Property owners businesses that provide exceptional customer service. Staying in close touch with customers through the presentation and sales process, the installation process and clean-up process lets them know you care. Strong customer relationship management contributes directly to positive reviews, recommendations and referrals. Satisfied past customers are key to bidding your worth.

    NOTE: Special thanks to Andy Near of Empire Contractors of Shelby, Michigan for his time and advice on how to earn the rightful amount of profit on roofing projects and how to avoid getting into bidding battles.

    iRoofings mobile app for do-it-yourself roof measurements, detailed roof estimates, roof simulations, and more was built to support many of the value propositions outlined in this blog. We know that members, like Empire Contractors, are among the best in North America and we always value your input.

    Please comment below this article to share your thoughts.

    Things You Need To Know About Roofing Estimates And Quotes

    Reviewing several roofing quotes and estimates is an integral step you need to take when tackling a roofing project. Doing so not only helps you examine your budget carefully but also allows contractors to be competitive with the prices they offer. Dior Construction, your local provider of residential roofing services, explains what you need to know about these items.

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    Get Your Free Roofing Estimate Template

    Another common mistake is to give unclear or unprofessional bids. If your client doesnt understand exactly what youre charging for or what value youre bringing, they might haggle you down to a lower price or worse, go with a competitor.

    If youre unsure about your roofing business pricing strategies, chances are that youre in the 90% that has underbid a roofing job.

    The good news? You can learn how to price and bid roofing jobs and be among the 10% that know how to price for profit.

    Heres how.


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