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How To Seal A Roof On A Mobile Home

What Are The Factors That Go Into Choosing A Type Of Roof Coating

How To Apply Kool Seal Roof Coating on a Mobile Home

The current condition of your roof is the main factor in deciding what roof coating material should be use. Other factors such as climate, sun exposure, heat exposure, and general location of the roof are important as well. A roofing contractor will also inspect where water ponds the most on your roof and how your roof slopes in order to make a decision. Different coatings offer different perks, such as durability, sun reflection, waterproofing, etc. If you dont live in an extremely hot climate, you probably wont need a highly reflective roof coating to keep your business or home cool.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Saganaw Property Management

We have been using your products now for 9 years for many of our built up roofs and a few Mods. You guys know that we appreciate the lengths you go to for us. All of us here know the product works otherwise we would not still be buying from you. It is easy to install and have not needed to go back to a project so far for any major issues. There is another reason we continue to do business with you guys, Lou and Kellie in particular and that is due to your appreciation of the roofing business. You guys go the extra distance when we are under deadlines or bidding projects and you guys get it. I cant say that about any other coatings company. Just keep it up!

G SorrellLufkin,TXDiboll Lumber Operations

Everyone was SUPER helpful and knew the product, properties and application methods well. I applied to product on the trailer in about a 2-hour period one evening. It was tricky with the application, from a novice who had not done this before, on the flat surface as well as rounding the corners and down on the sides about 6 inches. It went GREAT! Needless to say, I am super proud of the product and the finished job.

More Tips To Maintain A Flat Roof On A Mobile Home

  • Always keep an eye out for the obvious signs of damage, like water stains in ceilings and walls, or worse, dripping water.
  • Be aware of the age of your roof and think prevention rather than remediation when roof shingles or other materials near the end of their viable lifespan .
  • Be aware of ice back-up under roofing materials or ice dams, etc. This can be both a cause of damage and a sign that something in the roof system is not performing adequately. Mobile home roof health and safety also rely heavily on good roof maintenance.
  • Any damaged portions of roofing should be repaired right away. This will prevent the spread of damage and secondary property damage or loss.
  • Hire the right person for the job if you do hire out inspections and repairs. For example, hire a company that is insured and bonded and has many years of experience maintaining and repairing flat roofs. Get references and actually call them.

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The Best Roof For Your Mobile Home

At the end of the day, how you repair or replace your roof should be suited to your budget, while also taking into consideration the shape and build of your current roof and any existing damage. Consider your long-term needs out of your roof, and what you value most. For many mobile home owners, durability is key, particularly in areas with harsher weather, which makes a metal or TPO roof the ideal option. For other areas, a shingle roof is the way to go if youre looking for reliability and cost-effectiveness. If youre looking to repair or replace your roof to increase your mobile homes resale value, check out these other tips for improving your home. You can also read more on how to best go about the roof over or roof replacement process to ensure that your new roof is the best your manufactured or mobile home deserves.

Flat Roof Coatings And Sealings

Consider Peel and Seal for your roof repair needs!

Many issues can be prevented and the life of your roof extended by having the roof sealed regularly. How often this needs to be done will depend on the condition and location of your home. A good-quality coating can save money on your cooling costs and prolong the life of your home so spend the extra money to get a high-quality product.

The main trick to any successful coating, sealant, or patch is proper preparation. Its very important that you follow your products guidelines and instructions.

A coating is not meant to repair a leak. Yes, adding coating may work to stop a leak, for a short time. However, you are left with a bigger mess after the leak restarts because you wont be able to pinpoint the location of the leak to properly patch it.

I repeat, a coating is not meant to repair a leak but a sealant is. Dont confuse the two. If you have a leak you ust seal or patch it before you coat it. Coatings are used to extend the life of the roof and protect it.

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Common Causes Of Mobile Home Roof Leaks

Mobile homes have been built with three different roof shapes: flat, bowstring, and pitched. The flat and bowstring were retired in 1982 and the pitched roof has been used since. There are still many homes in use today that were built before 1982, just like mine.

Both flat and shingled mobile home roofs face the same nemesis.

Florida Mobile Home Roofs: The Benefits Of Silicone Sealant

Mobile homes, manufactured homes, and trailers all have one thing in common: they are all susceptible to damage from the elements. Mobile home roofs are constantly exposed to the sun, wind, and rain, which can cause them to leak. Silicone sealant is a durable and flexible waterproof barrier that can help protect your roof from leaks. It is also resistant to thermal expansion, so it can withstand the movement of your mobile home or trailer. Today we are going to talk about why you should consider coating your home.

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What Kind Of Mobile Home Roof Coatings Can You Apply

If you want to choose the best roof coating for your mobile home, take a look at each option first. Consider the pros and cons before making any final decision, as this new coating should last a long time and require a decent investment. Here are some of the most common roof coating options now:

  • Aluminum Coating
  • Aluminum roof coating is among the cheaper options for any mobile home. This coating includes aluminum fibers, asphalt, and petroleum. It may result in a metal roof, but it is excellent for warmer climates. The surface is reflective, which keeps the mobile home cool on the inside.

    This kind of roof coating is also long-lasting and convenient. It can secure your mobile homes roof in about 24 hours.

  • Silicone Coating
  • You may also use a roof coating that contains silicone. If you want to fill cracks in your roof cement, silicone is an effective adhesive and coating solution for this purpose. It will also even out any dents and other irregularities.

    Silicone lasts a lot longer than many other materials for roof coating, so be sure to consider it seriously. Options like the Kool Seal rubberized silicone roof coating will also prevent water from pooling on your manufactured home.

  • Acrylic Coating
  • An acrylic roof coating is great for hot climates, providing extra protection from the sun. It is also good for helping a mobile homes roof contract or expand according to the weather.

  • Self-Adhesive Coating
  • Rubber Seal Liquid Rubber

    Mobile Home how to stop metal roof leaks with STA-KOOL elastomeric coatings

      Rubber Seal Liquid Rubber is one of the cheaper yet surprisingly effective alternatives you will find out there. It uses liquid rubber, which means you can trust it to be equally flexible on drying and fully waterproof. This makes it applicable as a protective coating and for sealing cracks or leaks on your roof. It also has insulating and ceramic properties which will keep your roof airtight and free from the suns heat penetration.

      Having an EPA Energy Star Rating, you are assured that the product is UV resistant and resistant to ageing, meaning the sealant will support you in the long haul. It contains very low levels of VOC and excellent elongation properties. With this sealant, the process of application is a breeze this might have something to do with its outstanding spread rate of 60 square feet per gallon at 20 imperial mils.

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    What Kind Of Materials Make Good Thermal Insulators

    • Optical fiber. Glass wool insulation. Fiberglass is the most commonly used insulation today.
    • Mineral wool. Mineral wool. Actually, mineral wool belongs to different types of insulation.
    • Cellulose. Cellulose insulation.

    Insulated mobile home skirtingHow do I insulate under my mobile home? Install the moisture barrier on the floor under the motorhome before starting the insulation. A suitable barrier may be a 6 mil polyethylene plastic sheet. The moisture barrier prevents the penetration of soil moisture into the insulation and it is also more convenient to crawl on it than on bare ground.Is mobile home skirting necessary?RV baseboards are absolutely essential. Skirting boa

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    What Are Mobile Home Roof Coatings Made Of

    • The aluminum siding is durable and inexpensive, protecting your home for about 24 hours after application.
    • Other types of coatings are silicones. This is a good adhesive that can be used to fill cracks or dents in the ceiling.
    • Acrylic coatings are also possible. They are good in warm places and offer extra protection.

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    What Are The Different Types Of Roof Sealants

    There are five types of roof sealants in two main categories: acrylic, polyurethane, silicone, rubber and sealing tape.

    Caulking typesWhat are the different types of caulk? Latex seal. Latex stamps are becoming increasingly popular for their durability, they last up to 20 years and are paintable, making them ideal for indoor use.Waterproofing acrylic. As with latex waterproofing, acrylic waterproofing is easy to work with because it can be painted and cleaned with water.Acrylic or silicone latex.Special stamps for kitchen and bathroom.What is the best kind of

    What Is Your Purpose Of Sealing What Benefits Do I Get From Sealants

    DIY Mobile Home Roof Repair

    Sealants tend to pose many different qualities that will overall improve the quality and lifeline of your roof. Some of them include

    • Structural protection for your roof

    This is the most common reason why people purchase sealants. They not only help seal up any cracks already on your roof, but they also help prevent the occurrence of new ones. That said, a sealant will help maintain a stronger structure for your roof, save it from the adverse effects of the elements and ultimately, save you money from all those costly roof repairs that would otherwise come about.

    • Temperature regulation retain that smile through the seasons

    The roof sealant acts by forming a protective barrier around your roof. With its UV regulation and sunlight reflection properties, this would mean cooler overall internal temperatures in the summer and warmer winters. With this, you can save those extra costs on your power consuming Air conditioning.

    • Reducing wear and tear on your roof

    Your roof is arguably the first line of defense against attacks by the elements. It takes a lot of beating over time, which eventually results in wear and tear. With a rubber sealant providing that extra layer of protection, the wear and tear will be reduced to a bare minimum, resulting in far longer roof shelf life.

  • Roof Coatings 101
  • Which Roof Coating Performs Best?
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    S For Diy Mobile Home Roof Coating Installation

    Here are the precautions and steps to take before applying any kind of roof coating to your mobile home:

    • Check the weather forecasts and dont start the application if it looks like rain
    • Give yourself enough time to allow for drying time as well
    • Inspect the roof and clear away any blockages or dirt
    • Remove the old coating using sandpaper, if required
    • Conduct any minor repair, such as tightening screws, etc.
    • Dilute bleach and use it to clear up mildew or other unwanted growths
    • Apply metal primer over the whole surface using a brush and leave it to dry
    • Prepare the coating mixture and begin painting the roof seams before moving on to the main area

    Apply The Metal Primer

    When you finish with the repairs and inspections of your roof, its time to prepare your roof for coating. Before you place the coating, you need to protect your metal surface with a metal primer. Since we promised a detailed guide, we shall explain this process as well.

    • Use a water-based metal primer. You can ask at your local hardware store for the best or the most cost effective water-based metal primer. In order to apply it, you will need a brush, roller or a spray gun. Depending on what you have you can use either of these three tools.
    • Check the users manual in order to see if you need to prepare the primer in any way before use. Most of these primers are ready to use as they come, but just for your own benefit, check before use.
    • Use your brush or other recommended tool and carefully apply the primer all over the surface. Try to keep and even thickness of the primer throughout the entire surface of your roof. After you have finished applying the first layer of primer, wait a few minutes for it to dry off. After it dries off, wait one hour and apply another layer of metal primer and repeat the process until you have applied three layers of metal primer.
    • Wait a few hours or read the manufacturers guide in order to decide when you can start with coating process.

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    Top 10 Best Elastomeric Roof Coating For Mobile Home In

    When it comes to buying Best Elastomeric Roof Coating For Mobile Home, you can easily get carried away with the limitless options and each claiming to be the perfect suit for your requirements. So, we have researched deeply to bring this all-out review to help you in the purchasing process.You will love our in-depth product review that focuses on performance, longevity, real user opinions, pros and cons, and most importantly, its value for money.Lastly, we have included a useful buying guide to know what factors you should look for when buying the product you need.


    Consider Roof Overs For Flat Roofs

    Mobile Home Trailer (Roof Coating) Kool seal

    A roof over is one way to repair a damaged roof on older flat-roofed mobile homes. A roof over involves applying a new layer of roofing over the existing layer on a flat or bowed roof. Roof overs are done as an alternative to ripping up and replacing the entire roof.

    Prepping for a roof over usually calls for sanding the old roof surface and fixing any issues you come across. The old roof should also be sealed before the new roof is applied to the home. The job will require the services of a professional if you opt for a PVC or rubber membrane roof over. You can DIY it, however, if you choose to install your roof over as a corrugated metal roof.

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    What Color Of The Sealant Should I Choose

    Sealants come in different colors. The most common are clear and white. You can choose as per whichever suits your preference and blends well with your particular roof situation. Also noteworthy is that bright colors tend to reflect more sunlight, which is a good thing because they help prevent degradation from the suns heat. However, much as white sealants are bright in nature, they are prone to getting dirt more often.

    Mobile Home Maintenance And Repair Products From Star Mobile

    Staying on top of your mobile home roof maintenance and repair is an important part of the upkeep of your home. Be sure to assess all jobs and pass the more difficult or potentially dangerous ones on to trained and certified professionals.

    Also, ensure that you use good quality material when doing jobs on your mobile home roof. These will add to the longevity of your roof and your entire home. Star Mobile offers products to help you keep up on mobile home maintenance whether you are working on the roof or another part of your home. Our products help you take on all kinds of tasks so small problems dont become bigger ones

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    What Do You Need To Know About Roof Sealing Membrane

    A membrane roof is a roof system that creates a continuous waterproof covering to protect the interior of a building. Membrane roofs are mainly used as flat roof systems because they are waterproof, which is important if the water does not drain right away.

    Adding a room to a houseHow much does it cost to add a room to a house? On average, adding to a room or home costs between $86 and $208 per square foot, with most homeowners spending between $22,500 and $74,000. Adding a 20×20 family room costs an average of $48,000 and adding a 12×12 room costs about $17,300. How to build a room addition?Determine the budget and scope.Reliable financing.Choose a general contractor.Work with an architect (if


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