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How To Sell Commercial Roofing

Insurance And Licensing For Commercial Roofers

Roofing Sales is a Gold Rush | How to sell a roof | Ben Menchaca/ @Roofing Insights

Before you send out a single bid, it is wise to make sure that your existing business can legally operate as a commercial roofing company and that you have the proper insurance to protect it in the event that something goes wrong. It is imperative to work with a lawyer to ensure your ducks are in a row before you begin.

Focus On Educating Not Booking A Job

While many roofers focus on closing and pitching, ensure that you take time to educate your client about your services or products. Of course, you want to leave with a signed contract, but also you dont want to remove the power of deciding for your client. According to a roofing contractor, over 90% of homeowners said the roofer they hired explained the essence of artistry and plan for achieving that objective.

The client will trust you more if they feel that they are making a well-informed decision regarding your roofing services. Act as an expert and guru-which you are! During your presentation, discuss how the roofing process works, what the property owner can expect, and the benefits of quality materials and artistry.

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The Brief


About us

We are a commercial roofing contractor. We sell to commercial realtors, property managers, and building owners. We need a sell sheet that conveys trust and professionalism to our clients to help ease any hesitations they have about hiring us for their work.

What’s your vision?

Sell sheet with front and back info. We want something that looks professional and modern, but are open to your creative ideas. We need to have bullet points including our services, a testimonial from our customers, and photos of our work. How these are put together on the ad is up to you. Remember, this is commercial only. We are selling B2B, so professionalism is paramount.Would like to include our affiliations. Our website is parsonsroof.comOur logo is attached.

The Brief

Other notes

We would like bullet points with our services including:-Roof Repair -Roof Restoration-Roof Replacement-Preventative Maintenance-Inspections-Infrared Thermology-Specialty Metal and Gutter WorkOther valid information:Fully InsuredPreventative Maintenance ProgramsNRCA MemberE-Verified Employees

Silver package

Every design category has flexible pricing for all budgets. Postcard, flyer or print starts at £159.

File deliverables

Full copyright with production-ready files for digital and/or print.

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A Proven Approach To Setting Qualified Commercial Roofing Appointments

We take a strategic approach and use proven processes to take leads through the prospecting sales funnel and set qualified appointments for your business. We know how to talk to prospects, build relationships, and keep them interested. We send professional communications at the right times to ensure we bring you the high-quality leads that will ultimately help you close more deals.

How To Get People To Your Website

How to Sell More Roofing Jobs Than Your Competitors

I’m sure you know, there are 100+ ways to get traffic and get yourself seen on the internet. To keep it simple and avoid spending thousands of dollars on things that may potentially work… let’s focus on just one predictable source of leads.For this method, that source is Google Adwords.Some of you may have already used Adwords and had a bad experience. Maybe you spent thousands of dollars and didn’t get anything to show for it. That’s very common and you’re not alone. It’s so common in fact, that I even wrote an article just talking about why roofing owners lose money with Adwords. Anyways…

Here are the basics of setting up your Adwords campaign. Select Your Locations

If you’re in San Diego and work within a 50 mile radius, it doesn’t make much sense to show your ads nationwide. This will get very expensive and you’ll get a lot of calls from marketing companies trying to sell you on SEO or advertising. I recommend carefully selecting only the areas you serve and displaying your ads to people in those areas.

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How To Sell A Solar Roof

Homeowners are becoming increasingly interested in the benefits of having solar panels on their roofs. As interest in renewable energy grows, more people are becoming curious about whether a solar roof would be a good choice for them. Traditionally, this isn’t a matter a roofing contractor would get involved in. But the advent of solar roofing is changing that.

A roof integrated solar system makes solar panels part of the overall roofing system, not something that’s bolted on after the fact. By selling both a roof and solar panels to your customers at the same time, you can provide a unique offering that could boost your competitive advantage in a world increasingly interested in solar.

Use References And Referrals

Any roofer knows that word of mouth can make or break their business. While canvassing neighborhoods, you can use references and referrals to accomplish the former, as nothing speaks louder to potential customers. Many people will rely heavily on the experience of others in their roofing contractor vetting process, so take the time during your sales presentation to show them peer reviews and recommendations from happy homeowners. Ask current customers to refer you to anyone they know that needs roofing work done. Utilizing positive feedback, references, and referrals as canvassing tools is a great way to reinforce your credibility, sell your services, and grow your business.

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The Perfect Commercial Roofing Website

This next part may surprise you. It goes against the grain of what 99% of commercial roofing companies are doing with their website. The main concept is… less is more when it comes to a commercial roofing website.You don’t need a fancy website with multiple pages for this to work. In fact… it actually works better if you take all of the “important stuff” and organize it on just 1 page.This is called a landing page. There are no links to other pages and really not that much content. We just need the essentials:

  • Your logo and phone number at the top

  • A good Call-To-Action

  • An explanation of your warranty

  • 4-6 pictures of commercial roofs you’ve done

  • A brief explanation of exactly why someone should pick you over a competitor

A lot of people and companies tend to hide their “best stuff”. Good news! We keep things transparent and make it easy for you take action and succeed.

With that said… here’s what the website looks like.

We condensed 5 pages of content down to just 1 page and left out the rest. This makes it easy for visitors to learn about the company and make the decision to either get an estimate or leave the website & move on.Pretty cool, right?

“Ok Max, I know what the website is supposed to look like… but how do I get people to actually go to it?”

Well… let’s talk about that next…

Types Of Business Contracts

How to Sell Retail Commercial Roof Jobs – Worthouse Metal Walk-through #leehaight #skydiamonds

There are a few types of contracts in business that usually covers the usual relationships that most business owners have with other businesses, especially third parties or contractors. And even though in some cases the following contracts may be simple and pretty self-explanatory, if youre unsure about which one to use, you can read on or consult an expert:

  • Independent Contractor Agreement: The federal government have strict requirements for finding out whether a business relationship is employee-employer or with an independent firm. Once you agree to provide a particular service or complete a certain project, you will likely need an independent contractor agreement which outlines the terms and conditions for the work required.
  • Nondisclosure Contract: Non-disclosure agreements provide a business owner legal status in times where a service provider or independent contractor, and in some cases, an employee shares propriety or private and confidential company information.

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Dont Talk About Yourself

Steve never used the phrase If I were you Instead, hed find a real-world example of how a customer in the same situation as the one with whom he is working, accomplished an objective using his product or service. Contractors can take the same approach with property owners. Frequently refer to work youve done in the past and how you have solved a problem or exceeded expectations for an actual customer.

Tip for Contractors

Drawing from real life use cases instead of a Heres how I would do it approach helps build credibility and buyer confidence.

Pretend that everyone you meet has a sign around their neck that says, ‘Make me feel important.’

Mary Kay Ash

Choosing A Commercial Roofing System

There are factors to consider when choosing the type of commercial roofing system youll need for your business. You need to consider the type of facility you are working with as well as its, since different types of businesses require specific planning. Becoming familiar with the types of commercial roofing systems that are available will help in your decision making process.

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How To Start A Roofing Company

If you want to start a roofing business you must realize that running a profitable roofing company is a lot more than knowing how to find a leak or replace a roof. Being a successful roofing business owner involves organization, knowledge, patience, perseverance, people-skills, and a number of other traits. Many business owners fail, not because they werent skilled in their craft, but because they were not skilled in running a business.

The larger you want your roofing company to be, the better you need to be as a business owner, as the responsibility will be greater. It is not wrong to dream big, but if you are a new business owner, it is best to start small and work your way up.

On this page, and throughout The Roofers Helper website, you will find valuable tips and helpful information to get your roofing business off the ground.

There are basically 3 steps to starting a roofing company:

  • Plan your roofing business. This is a major step, and will help guide the direction of your business.
  • Register your roofing business with proper government institutions. You need to make sure your business is operating legally in your area.
  • Promote your roofing business. Advertising is critical to attract new customers.
  • Are You A Contractor

    Roof Repair Before Selling?

    We know how difficult it is to maintain a constant flow of business during slow times. We can set up a program to keep the flow of revenue coming in. No long-term commitments.

    The roofing industry is highly competitive, seasonal and dependent on the weather. Because of this, most of a companys revenue is generated over a few months, rather than consistently throughout the year. Due to the absence of predictable revenue streams, roofing services face a number of unique business challenges, the most troublesome being employee turnover or layoffs from not having enough work in slow seasons.

    The most talented staff members in the industry want to make sure they have consistent work hours and a steady income. To provide them with this, you need to be able to scale your business upward and generate new, consistent revenue channels.

    To be able to compete, most owners and managers are bidding new projects and doing the work themselves. Because theres no time to do anything but bid or complete jobs, along with other tasks associated with running a business, theres no time to build a significant sales pipeline. Without a developed strategy and a successful sales pipeline, businesses are left with unqualified leads and wasted time and money.

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    How To Sell Commercial Roofing 2022

    Any item that is exchanged for money or something is called selling. In other words, tempting a person or company to buy something for money is selling.

    But the question here is if someone does not exchange money in good faith then is it selling? The answer is no.

    Todays content is about commercial roofing sales. Now to know about selling and how to sell commercial roofing, you need to know the answer to the question how to sell commercial roofing.

    Read the content from beginning to end to know the rest of the selling-related questions along with the answer.

    The Leading Commercial Roofing Company In Greater Manchester And Leeds

    When you need roof repairs, refurbishment or installation, you want to make sure that youre getting the best possible job done. Nobody wants to pay over the odds and get a low-quality job on their roof. Thats going to cost you more money in the long run.

    Here at Protech Roofing, weve got over 24 years of experience in the roofing industry. In this time, weve built our reputation as one of the best quality and cost-effective commercial roofing companies in Leeds and Greater Manchester. Take a look at some of our case studies to see some of the commercial roofing projects that weve completed in the past, and more. Were proud of what we do, and we strive to complete the best work possible on every job.

    All of the services we provide are kept up to date with all the latest developments in industry standards and regulations. Were also always working to use the newest technology available to us, making sure that you receive the highest quality product and service available.

    As our reputation has grown, weve accumulated a number of accreditations from leading bodies in the roofing industry, such as CHAS and NFRC. Were proud of this, and see it as proof of our hard work over the years. Were also approved contractors for Sarnafil and PDT, and in 2017, we were awarded the best refurbishment award by the SPRA .

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    Experts In All Aspects Of Roofing

    Are you looking to install a new flat roof? Do you want to replace missing tiles? We are a one-stop shop for all your roofing needs. We pride ourselves on providing top-quality roof installations and a prompt and efficient roof repair and maintenance service to homeowners and commercial customers throughout Berkshire.

    For your peace of mind, we provide a 24-hour call-out service.

    I had a job done on my house by previous roofing contractors that unfortunately didnt do a good job and left me in a bit of a situation thankfully I rang CRS ROOFING and they were very helpful, the owner was very amazing at getting back to me with a quote and what need to be rectified very fast. I was very happy with the work they carried out and would highly recommend to all friends and family.

    Alan C

    Richard H

    CRS Roofing carried out the works in the time given. They were professional, clean, great communicators. Great job done. Highly recommend.

    Gemma S

    The Basics On Asphalt Roofing Systems

    How You Can Sell More Roofs Even If You Suck at Selling

    Along with a select number of other well-known manufacturers, IKO Industries offers a full line of asphalt based commercial roofing systems. A long-dependable choice for low slope roofing, asphalt falls into three basic categories: Built Up Roofing, Modified Bitumen and Hybrid Systems . From SBS to APP and BUR, IKOs asphalt applied membrane systems include base sheets, cap sheets and self-adhered membranes.

    Built Up Roofing SystemsPopular in North America for more than 100 years, Built Up Roofing Systems are composed of alternating layers of bitumen and fabrics called roofing felts. The felts are reinforced with either glass-fiber mats or organic mats and when joined with the bitumen form a durable roofing membrane. The number of plies on a roof implies the number of layers, i.e. four plies denotes a four-layer flat roof membrane system.

    BUR systems are redundant, meaning if one layer breaks down, multiple remaining layers provide immediate protection. These systems also offer great tolerance for building stress and resistance to thermal shock, high puncture resistance and outstanding membrane strength and toughness for proven long-term durability.

    With standard application procedures, IKO BUR Systems offer robust protection for todays buildings and are available in traditional four-ply. Product options include the following:

    Base Sheets Saturated or coated felts placed as the first ply in some low-slope roof systems.

    Mod Bit Systems Options:

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    Strive To Create Genuine Dialogue

    If a total stranger approaches you and asks to hold your wallet or iPhone, your instinct is to hold back. Steve knew that that kind of reluctance can be quelled in a few minutes of honest two-way conversation. Its not a trick. Its simply a process of earning trust.

    Back when Steve was working in telecom sales, he once met with a visiting Executive VP of Sales. The two hit it off well and chatted about things, both personal and business-related. The executive had come to inquire as to how Steve had managed to attain record annual sales for the regional office. Halfway into their conversation Steve complimented the mans watch saying, Thats a nice watch, may I see it? The expensive gold timepiece was handed over without much hesitation. Steve got up and walked away with it. After showing his sales team what he now possessed, and collecting his winnings , Steve returned to the now irritated executive. Why did you do that? he asked Steve. Well sir, you asked me how my division managed to increase sales. Thats how. Steve had merely tried to demonstrate how establishing a good rapport can facilitate a desired action and it worked! In a similar manner, each member of his sales team had done the same with their customers throughout that record-setting year.

    Tip for Contractors

    Where Should You Learn Flat Roofing Skills

    There are two main kinds of organizations that can help you get yourself and your team trained for the job. From using a propane torch for heat-welding to insulation needs, there is a lot to learn. Skujins recommends you work with roofing manufacturers and your local roofing organizations to get the education you need and find resources to help.

    First, Skujins argues that choosing manufacturers and earning their certifications or completing their courses is essential. Not only can manufacturers tell you how to install their product best, completing their certification processes can allow you to offer better warranties. Many roofing jobs will specify the limited warranty they want, and offering top-notch limited warranties is important to compete with other commercial roofing companies.

    It can also be highly beneficial to investigate membership with your local roofing organization. Skujins local association is the Roofing Contractors Association of British Columbia . He says that the organization has been invaluable in growing his business. Most commercial roofers in a given area will know each other through these organizations.

    Also, you can try to hire local roofers who already have commercial roofing experience. Roofing labor pools tend to be small in much of North America, and experience is therefore costly. In fact, according to Forbes, 90% of commercial roofing companies face increasing labor costs. However, having an experienced roofer may help you considerably.

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