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Is It A Good Idea To Power Wash A Roof

Reasonably Priced & Very Detailed

How to Clean A Roof, Start to Finish

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Roof Pressure Washing: Is It A Good Idea

You might be searching for roof pressure washing companies in Vancouver, WA or roof power washing companies in Portland, OR. Everyone wants to live somewhere that looks nice. Of course, some aspects of maintaining a home arent just about keeping up appearances, but extending the life of your home. Enter roof cleanings, one of the most important maintenance items on any homeowners checklist.

Before you find a roof power washing company near you, pay attention to these tips.

Leaving moss and other debris on your roof will eventually cause a leaky roof, rotting, and deterioration. Homeowners often try to prevent these problems by pressure washing their roof. But did you know this isnt always the best option and can actually damage your roof if not done correctly?

Here at Northwest Roof Maintenance, we want to help you prevent that from happening. Read on to learn 8 things you need to know before pressure washing your roof.

Three: Wash In Sections

Wash the roof in sections, moving from top to bottom in a steady side-to-side sweep. Make your sections the width you can comfortably reach by moving the wand back and forth. Apply detergent to one roof area and then spray it clean. Move on and do the same with the next section.

Make sure youre always standing on a dry roof area because wet shingles are incredibly slippery. Constantly check for accidental damage. Slowly work your way back to the ladder so you can climb down when youre done.

As you can see, pressure washing your roof isnt something to be taken lightly. Not only can it cause horrendous damage if precautions arent followed to the letter, but it can be dangerous. However, there are going to be times that its virtually unavoidable.

If you need to pressure wash your roof and require expert advice on how to choose the best pressure washer, check out our guide!

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Why You Should Never Use A Pressure Washer On Roof Tiles

The most common roof tiles in the United Kingdom are made from concrete and have a sandy/granular finish on the exposed side of the tile. This part of the tile is designed to gradually wear off until the tile needs to be replaced, usually after 80-100 years of normal weathering.

Using a high powered pressure washer may strip the surface of the tile and shorten its life expectancy.

Why You Should Never Pressure Wash Your Roof

Should I Pressure Wash My Roof?

Pressure washing your roof may seem like an efficient way to clean it up in a short amount of time. Using powerful jets of water to blast away any mold, mildew or dirt that dare cling to your roof seems like the right way to approach this job. But is it safe to pressure wash your roof, and could you actually be doing more harm than good? As tempting as it may be to spray away all that dirt, mold, and gunk, be warned pressure washing your roof is not only incredibly dangerous, it can also lead to structural and electrical damage within your home. In this article, well explore several reasons why you should never pressure wash your roof yourself and instead, consider hiring a professional that uses a soft wash technique. This method of cleaning your roof helps kill and remove any algae, moss, mildew, and dirt. It also keeps you safe and minimizes the risk of damage to your home.

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Get Your Home Cleaned With Us

Cleaning the roof is a tedious job, and let’s face it, you can not handle it alone. Additionally, scorching sun rays or rains can just hinder your cleaning marathon.

Further, handling pressure washing or soft washing is no piece of cake instead it can take a toll on your budget.

So, why end up being frustrated when you can always count on the experts?

At North American Exterior Cleaning, we offer the best cleaning services at affordable prices. We are fully insured providers of window cleaning, power washing of driveway, decks, roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, and soft washing solutions for your roofs. Get in touch with us for a free quote and let us handle your cleaning issues.

Tile Roofs Are Generally Okay To Pressure Wash

In general, pressure washing wont hurt your tile roof. In fact, pressure washing may be your only option to get it looking clean again. The one exception is if your tile is old and brittle, as it could damage the roof. You can always ask an experienced tile roof cleaning service in Vancouver, WA or a tile roof repair company in Portland, OR to look at your roof and determine if pressure washing is recommended, and if not, what your options are.

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How Pressure Washing A Roof Leads To Damage

Your roof can sustain damage if the pressure output generated by the pressure washing system is improperly regulated. If an incorrect nozzle size is used, it can modify the output of water, making it harsh. Pressure washing can also damage roof penetrations, such as flashings, vents, and skylights.

High water pressure can damage roof sealants and result in water leaks. Another concerning factor in using pressure washing is water temperature. The water should not be too hot, as it can wreak havoc on your roof.

The angle of the spray and the deflection spray need to be correct as well. If they are not, then your roof can sustain severe damage. Regardless of the way you wash your roof with a high-pressure washing system, you should still not take the risk.

Power Washing Wrecks Roofs

Roof Cleaning: ‘Wet and Forget’ versus Hydrogen Peroxide (1 of 2)

Roof cleaning by power washing has destroyed a lot of roofs. The way they damage roofs while cleaning them is deceptive, because from the ground, the roof may look beautiful. Moss free, certainly. Lots of debris and growths are removed. Along with that, important ingredients of the roofing material are taken away too! Ouch! Do you want to invest in something that makes your roof look good but speeds its destruction? Then choose power washing. The high pressure removes the important uv protection, the granulation from asphalt roofs. This pressurized water system cleans away marginal wood cells on a cedar roof, and exposes all the flaws, leaving behind a trail that must be repaired properly, or your roof is doomed. The high pressure water removes important and valuable resin from cedar roofs too. The resin is the cedar shake preservative. On concrete roofs, it encourages chipping of the surface. Power washers have heavy hoses that are dragged around your roof. They do their own wear and tear, as do the boots of the workers as they grind over every square foot of your roof. Beware, also, water, at high force, being pushed in the wrong direction through corners and edges of protrusions, where the roof is the most vulnerable.

Beware claims these groups make, of super long life guaranteed, well worth the thousands of dollars they charge. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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Alternative Ways To Clean A Roof

The main reason to not use your pressure washer to clean your roof isnt that the water jets will damage your shingles. Its just that there are better, more effective methods.

If your roof is covered in leaves, moss and dirt, try a leaf blower to sweep the roof clean. Got moldy roof stains? Just use a garden spray nozzle and some nontoxic chemicals to remove those ugly black streaks. That should get your shingles looking as good as they were on the day they were nailed into place.

Most of the time, though, a dingy-looking roof isnt a sign it needs to be cleaned its a sign it needs to be replaced. Repairing a few shingles is a simple enough process that any DIYer with a head for heights can tackle. Tearing off a roof entirely and then reshingling the whole thing is a much more complicated process best left to the pros.

Hire Only Professionals For Power Washing Cedar Shakes

In rare cases, power washing cedar shakes may be necessary. In these cases, it’s safest to hire a professional with cedar roofing experience to do the power washing. Professionals understand cedar roofing and will know to keep the water stream focused at an angle down the roof, which lessens the impact on each shingle. A good cedar roofing company will also have guarantees and warranties that provide further protection.

Keep in mind that not all roofing companies are familiar with cedar. Find a company that works with cedar shingles on a regular basis before hiring out cleaning work.

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Your Ladder Should Be The Proper Size For The Job

A ladder you use around the house that can reach the top of your roof if fully extended is likely not safe for power washing. The ladder needs to be able to completely reach the roof with plenty of extra roof.

Never stand on the top of the ladder, and never pass the area marked Not Safe To Stand. Your safety is more important than getting the job done quickly. The steps to your ladder should be padded and slip-proof. Ladder steps come with grooves built in that prevent slipping. This feature is especially important when working with water.

Why Pressure Washing A Roof Is Not A Good Idea

Augusta Pressure Washer

A customer asked us, if it would be a good idea to pressure wash a roof prior to treating it with Benz Bio Cleanze.That’s a reasonable question.You could jet wash a roof and then treat with Bio Cleanze.But why would you?High pressure jet/power washing decreases the lifespan of a surface by removing the protective surface layer. It’s like exposing the surface to several years weathering in only a few minutes. Experiment on an area of reasonably fresh concrete and you will observe this for yourself. Jet/pressure washing a roof would substantially increase the time a job takes, forcing you to increase the price to your customer and therefore inevitably losing some contracts because the price is too high.

Btw: The photo above is of Ben soft washing an artificial slate roof the correct way, treating it with Benz Bio Cleanze.Q: “What would be the issues with using a jet washer with no chemicals added, aimed from a safe distance and using the blade nozzle down slope on interlocking concrete tiles to remove general soiling and vegetation, followed by an application of biocide to get under the tiles and kill off any remaining vegetation?”We replied:

  • The soggy mess of moss, etc, that jet washing creates can splatter surrounding surfaces and neigbouring properties, and will need to be cleared up and removed from the gutters.
  • Whereas, when treating a roof simply, easily and quickly with Bio Cleanze:

    Ben, Leo, Fiona, Stevie & Anthony

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    Pressure Washing Roof Cost

    When it comes to pressure washing your roof, there are a few things you need to take into account. The first is the cost of the equipment. You can either buy or rent this, and the price will depend on how big your roof is. If you have a large roof, you may want to consider hiring a professional to do the job for you. The second thing you need to think about is the cost of the chemicals. These will be needed in order to remove all of the dirt and grime from your roof. Finally, you need to factor in the cost of your time. Pressure washing your roof can be a time consuming task, so make sure you factor that into your budget as well.

    First Of All What Is An Asphalt Roof Tile

    The most commonly used roofing material throughout the US is called asphalt shingles , aka, composition tiles. In some parts of the country clay or concrete tiles, wood shingle or metal roofs will be more common, each of which have their own pros and cons.

    In simple terms, asphalt shingles have a base layer and a top, outermost layer. The top layer is exposed to the elements and is coated with granules of slate, schist, quartz, ceramic granules, brick, or stone. New shingles feel like really rough sandpaper.

    The purpose of the outer layer is to prevent UV deterioration of the roof, protect the asphalt core, and to add color to the tile. That granules in the rough outer layer are there for a reason and it’s important that they stay right there… and for as long as possible.

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    Get A Free Roof Inspection Today

    Roofs are one of the most critical parts of a home.

    You should know that using a power washer to clean your roof is not a good idea because the high-powered water will cause damage and force the shingles off.

    If you want to make sure your roof lasts as long as possible, call us for a free inspection! Well give you an honest assessment of what needs to be done so you can start making repairs or replacements right away.

    Call us today at for more information about our services! Or you can fill out the form below to schedule your free roof inspection!

    How Does Cleaning With A Pressure Washer Work

    Professional Pressure Washing: Soft Wash Process With A Pressure Washer

    So, can you clean a roof with a pressure washer? Yes, you can, and how does it work? A biodegradable pressure washer-safe detergent of good quality is poured into the roof area that needs cleaning. This detergent is to help loosen the dirt . The pressure wash is then used to wash and rinse off the loosened debris.

    The tricky part about this cleaning method is figuring out when to use low and high pressure. An important tip is that shingles can not handle too much pressure because the protective granules on the shingles can be stripped off or the shingles completely removed by heavy pressure.

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    How Can I Clean My Shingles

    Now that we know that the power washer is not the best tool to help with cleaning off your roof, you may wonder how you can get that roof looking nice and as good as new. For a roof that has discoloration and streaks along with moss or algae growth, you can still clean off the roof without the power washer. A good corrosive cleaner, such as lie, a water pump, and a garden hose will do the job. You can also use a specialized shingle cleaning tool if you suspect you will need to do the work often. Use the right safety equipment to help with this.

    To clean off any moss or algae that is growing on the roof, you will need to work with a corrosive cleaner. This helps to kill off any of the growth that makes its way to the roof. You will still not need to use a power washer to get this done. Your garden hose will be strong enough, though you can use a special tool to help with this if the water pressure in your home is not that great.

    For most of the work that you will want to do for cleaning the roof, a regular garden hose is going to be plenty to get it done. It is effective enough, with a pressure that is high enough, that you will be able to kill off anything that is growing on there without causing damage to the shingles and other parts of the roof.

    Pressure Washing A Roof

    Roofs get more than just rainwater on them. Depending on where you live, you may find moss and lichen growing on your shingles. Roofs with moss and lichen growth need to be cleaned. Neglecting to remove the growth will only damage your roof further. However, there are some risks to consider.

    You need to be careful to only step in dry areas of your roof, as wet algae is very slippery.

    You don’t want to fall from your roof. Once you climb off of your ladder, and onto the roof, walk to the opposite corner to start, then work your way back to the ladder.

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    Is Roof Cleaning Necessary

    Roof tile manufacturers Marley say that excessive moss can affect the flow of water down a roof and hampers drainage and moisture retention can lead to damage and leaks. They recommend removing excessive amounts of organic growth, moss and lichens to avoid the possibility of water entering the loft space. One of the recommended methods of moss removal is scraping .

    Why Power Wash Your Metal Roof

    Our Services

    Not only does regular power washing keep your roof looking its best, but it also ensures your roof will last as long as possible. If you want the paint and enamel coating to remain free of irritants that might otherwise compromise the roofs integrity, regular cleaning is absolutely essential.

    The metal panels that comprise your roof are coated in enamel in order to protect them from the elements. Everything from mildew to acid rain can erode this coating on the way to the metal itself. Once the enamel is gone, the metal paneling will begin to degrade. How quickly the metal degrades depends on the thickness of the paneling and the material that comprises it.

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