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Where To Buy Roofing Material

Whats The Lifespan Of 3 Tab Shingles

Where To Buy Building Material And Lumber – Lowe’s? Home Depot? ABC Supply Co.? Beacon Roofing?

Despite what roofing manufacturers like to tell homeowners, the service life of 3 tab shingles is HIGHLY variable, depending on the quality of insulation and other roofing materials used, quality of the installation and the local environmental conditions. These shingles may last as little as 8 years or as long as 20+ years. On average, you can expect a budget asphalt roof to last 10-14 years.

Keep in mind that the majority of asphalt shingles of the 3 tab variety are not rated to withstand wind speeds of over 60 mph. If you happen to install them on a roof located in an area with stronger winds, you run a very high risk of shingles being blown off and early roof replacement.

Another factor that greatly degrades the service life of low budget shingles is regular exposure to moisture, ice damming, and severe temperature fluctuations. They also dont perform as well under extreme heat and constant exposure to UV rays from the sun.

Did you know? architectural shingles tend to come with minimal warranties of 30 years? Thats for low-cost options. And they can last longer against winds more than twice as strong as those that blow 3-tab shingles off the roof.

Intelligent & Fair Metal Roofing Pricing

Dont know where to start or what to budget? Not ready to call us yet? Check out our free online pricing tool to get a rough idea of what your project will take, with no obligation.

When youre ready to go, well take you the rest of the way with a detailed quote based specifically on your roof. Well factor in all the angles and features that make your roof distinct.

With our detailed quote, youll get our essential Roofing Analysis, a comprehensive report uniquely from Metal Roofing Source. Completed with our proprietary software, you can expect to

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  • Have a road map. With our clearly-marked bundles all mapped out for installation, youll understand, step by step, what goes where and how!
  • Get the right price. The report essentially includes a master inventory. Everything you need from trim and screws through to panels and underlayment gets listed along with the quantity required. Plus, theyll have accurate prices, so you know exactly what every part of the job costs.

Once you have this, you have full control over your materials and labor costs. You can avoid the contractor markup on material, and still know that you have EVERYTHING you need to complete your roofing project! YOU DECIDE if you want to go DIY, or hire a local crew to do the install for you. Learn more about our Detailed Metal Roofing Cost Analysis here.

Materials Included With Your Roof Replacement

Your roof is more than just the shingles you see from the street. It’s a combination of different roofing materials and components that come together to form a complete roof system.

But what are these materials and why are they important to your roof? To help you understand what makes up a roof, we’re going to break it down for you.

Bill Ragan Roofing has helped educate homeowners in the Nashville area about every aspect of the roofing industry since 1990. Now, we’re going to do the same for you.

Every part of your roof has a crucial job to keep you and your family protected from the elements. There are things that wont necessarily need to be replaced like your decking and flashing.

But when you get a new roof, pretty much all your roofing components and accessories are replaced.

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How Do I Know When I Need A New Roof

Its important to conduct regular visual inspections of a roof to look for signs of damage. Natural disasters like tornadoes, earthquakes or fires are obvious indicators of roof damage, but more common signs may be ceiling stains or drips, signs of wear like cracked or missing shingles, rust spots, moss or lichen growth, discoloration or peeling paint under eaves.

Asphalt shingles are made up of granules that tend to disintegrate over time. Granules found in a houses gutters may be a sign that the shingles are breaking down and need to be replaced.

If a ceiling has a leak spot, homeowners can determine the source of the leak if the home has an unfinished attic or pitched roof thats accessible. Remedies for simple leaks include filling a crack with caulk, replacing a few shingles or installing flashing to redirect water away from the home. Its often easier to to find the source of a leak and determine the next steps, especially when leaks occur in a home without an unfinished attic or above-ceiling crawl space.

Even without obvious signs of damage, if a roof is more than 20 years old or out of warranty, then it may be time for the roof to be replaced by a professional roofer. Proactively replacing a roof will help prevent major damage to the roof structure and other parts of the house later on.

What Are The Cheapest Roof Shingles

China Supplier Corrugated Insulated Aluminum Roof Panels ...

The reality is that architectural roof shingles are gaining traction and a larger market share each year. Yet not everyone is keen on opting for them because of the high initial cost. The cheapest alternative to architectural shingles are 3 tab asphalt shingles.

Three tab shingles are an asphalt based material that has 3 These shingles are made of 3 distinct tabs, each 12 inches wide. This construction lends itself to a distinctly flat appearance.

3-tab shingles have limited 20,25,and 30 year manufacturer warranties. Realistically mostly asphalt shingles products last anywhere from 10-16 years, depending on your local climate and quality of installation.

Inexpensive pricing is not the only point of attraction for 3-tab shingles. They still remain very popular for a number of reasons:

Thinner shingle body and low weight compared to architectural shingles Ease of installation Wide range of colors to choose from

Preferred in at least two markets residential rental properties and people looking to buy or build low value homes the low initial cost of three tab shingles is very attractive.

These shingles are also the go-to choice for DIY savvy home owners who want to do a roof install themselves, instead of hiring a pro. In these cases, three tab shingles are a lot simpler to install correctly, so that the roof does not leak.

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Who Installs A Metal Roof

Residential roofing contractors are the tradespeople who install metal shingle systems, though many who install wood, tile, asphalt, and other more conventional products dont install metal. Because metal roofing requires slightly different techniques, some manufacturers or distributors require that installers of their products be accredited by taking a few factory-taught classes before they can install their products.

Because a new roof is a major investment and something youre likely to live with for a long time, its important to choose your roofing contractor carefully.

This holds true for all types of roofing contractors but is even more important with metal roofing contractors because application of a metal roof is a specialty that requires skills and tools that are quite different than those used for installing more-typical roofing products. Whereas a typical roofing contractor can install wood or asphalt shingles, it takes a specialist to install most types of metal roofing.

For sheet metal roofing systems, choose a contractor who has had at least three years of experience installing metal roofs.

How To Estimate Cost

Manufacturers price roof materials by the square . To estimate the cost, measure roof sections in feet, then multiply the length and width together to get the area in square feet. Sum up the areas, if measuring multiple sections, and add about 10% of the square footage to the total area to account for potential waste during installation. Divide the total by 100 to determine how many material squares are likely needed.

Materials are often sold in bundles, which means its important to look at how many square feet each bundle can cover. Consider buying extra material to have on hand in case of future damage. Within a 20- to 50-year lifespan, manufacturers may stop producing a specific material and having extra bundles on hand will make it much easier to perform spot treatments over time.

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Tips On Hiring The Right Roofer

As we have mentioned the importance of quality installation numerous times, the big question is: how do you find the right roofer?

The single best piece of advice is this: Never go for the cheapest or an unrealistically cheap roofer. The lowest bids are are OFTEN an indication of lack of experience, unhappy prior clients, lack of proper worker compensation and insurance as well as a host of other back end problems that indicate a sub part quality business. What could save you money in the initial investment stage may cost you thousands in roof replacement and repair work a few years down the line.

When contacting local roofers for estimates, its very important to get at least 3 recent references and check their credentials. Every area should have a building department or a state consumer protection agency. You can check at their offices to see if your roofer have their credentials in order, all their licenses, and if theyre insured.

Always consider more skilled roofers than beginners. Skilled roofers work faster and although the hourly labor cost is higher, they wont take too long to finish your project. Besides, a job well done is worth every penny.

Note, that basing your hiring decision solely on online testimonials and ratings is not the best idea.

Get free roofing quotes from our vetted, licensed roofers in your area.

C How Much Does It Cost To Install Metal Roofing Over Shingles

Fallout 4 Where to Find/Buy Materials for Building Guide

It costs $400 to $700 per square to install a low- to mid-range metal roof over asphalt or wood shingles. There are a few things to know before pursuing this project:

  • Most regulations wonât allow more than two layers of roofing.
  • Installation will still require added wood framing and underlayment.
  • The decking may not be in a condition to support the weight

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Get Bids From More Than One Contractor

Installation costs can vary based on the roof style, the amount of labor involved and the roofing materials. Check the manufacturers website to see which contractors they recommend. Homeowner insurance policies may also have a list of certified contractors located in your area. Look for a contractor who has at least a few years of experience and a decent reputation. Get local references and ask for local or state licenses to make sure they are accredited.

When asking for bids, ask for a cost breakdown that includes labor, materials, warranty options, any extras they can bring to the table and a contingency budget in case there are unexpected issues. We recommend soliciting bids from at least three contractors before signing any agreement to conduct work.

Where Do Roofing Materials Come From

Depending on the type of roof you have and what materials you need, your roofing materials may come from a variety of sources. For a simple repair, again depending on the roof type and shingle used, roofers may be able to head to Home Depot or Lowes to pick up replacement shingles. This cuts down on ordering and waiting for shingles to be delivered.

If youre having your roof replaced, chances are youll need to wait for a material delivery. Your roof will order the shingles and other materials you need from shingle manufacturers, distributors and other roofing supply companies in and around your area. This reduces the time you have to wait for your materials to be delivered and loaded. Most roofing companies have worked out partnerships and deals with this companies to help pass on the savings in roofing material costs to you.

When working with a roofing company, theyll help you pick the best roofing material for your home or building. Theyll work with you to get the right type of shingle, the right type of weather rating, and more. Theyll then work with you to ensure youre getting the best price possible. Since many roof replacements have to live up to insurance standards, you may need to invest in a higher grade shingle and roofing companies will help you figure that out.

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Roofing Materials To Consider For Your House

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Roofing your house rarely rates high on the list of fun and exciting home remodeling projects. But when your home develops a leak, your attitude might take a sharp turn. Suddenly, the prospect of a dry, tightly sealed house begins to look very attractive. A beautiful new roof can also improve the curb appeal of your house.

There are many types of roofing materials to choose from, and a little bit of investigation might lead you to consider a new type of roofing rather than simply replacing the same material you now have. Choosing the right roofing material requires that you weigh appearance, longevity, cost, and structural issues.

Here are 12 roofing materials to consider when it comes time to replace your roof.

Roofing Innovations: Smarter Materials To Consider

Wholesale corrugated fiberglass panels

At this point, you know where to start when considering a roof that can handle Kansas City weather. However, that doesnt mean recent innovations havent made themselves known in the roofing industry. Thats why weve put together some information regarding the latest roofing innovations to consider.

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Get Started Planning Your New Roof Today can help you find a contractor who will help you choose the best roofing shingles for your home. We can help you receive quotes from reputable local contractors easily.

Our platform is passionate about helping homeowners. We do our absolute best to find the right company at the right price for your unique needs. For instance, our local contractors can answer any of your questions, from Whats the best color for roof shingles? to Which roofing material brand offers the best value?

Bookmark and visit every time you need an expert contractor. After answering a few quick questions, you can sit back and relax and have the right contractors come to you.

Americas Metal Roofing Supplier For Over 20 Years

You have our word, well provide prices immediately, and we wont hassle you with follow-up sales calls. Whats more, we also promise:

  • From the moment you call till long after you put down your tools, our customer service team will give you all the support you need.
  • Your roofing system purchase will come with the best easy-to-understand panel layout guide designed to help all levels of do-it-yourself installation.
  • Our coast-to-coast job site delivery means youll get your materials just days after your order right where you need them, and often for free. Ask for shipping details when you get your quote. NOTE: We require a 600 square foot minimum order to ship.
  • When the jobs done, rest easy knowing our materials have some of the best warranties in the business to protect your investment and hard work for decades to come.

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Slate Tile Roofing Shingles

Slate roofing shingles are a stone roofing material that is installed as a shingle. Slate shingles are thin but very heavy when the whole roof is made out of them. Slate has a natural beauty to it that many people appreciate, but the shingles do not really vary in color or looks. Slate roofing shingles cost on average $8 to $14 per square foot or $800 to $1,400 per square to install. Slate tiles are more difficult to install but when done properly they will give you one of the longest-lasting roof options available. Slate shingles come with an expensive price tag, but that does not mean that slate is not a great roof type option if you can afford it. Many people decide slate roofs are worth the cost to install since they will last more than a lifetime from 60 to 150 years.

Customer Service Is The Difference

How to buy building materials cheap. Part 1 of 2

Sick of poor or no customer service at the big box stores? Us too. Have you ever shopped metal roofing materials at the national chains and been forced to speak with a salesperson who doesnt know the products? Tired of asking a simple question about roofing that nobody in the store can answer? Us too.

Metal Roofing Source is designed to be your DIY metal roofing supplier. We know our stuff. We do our best to help our customers find the right roofing and get the right materials shipped to the job site, on time, all at a fair price.

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Asphalt Shingles Cost Per Square Foot

Three tab asphalt shingles cost between $0.56-75 per square foot without the installation. This is the equivalent of $56-75 per roof square .

Comparatively, the cost of architectural shingles is 10-15% more expensive. Here is a more in-depth look at the costs and pros and cons of using 3 Tab vs Architectural Shingles.

Its important to note that roofing material prices, including prices for shingles, vary widely, depending on where you live. For example, GAF shingles at a Home Depot in Alabama cost $0.56 per square foot, where as the exact same shingles at a Home Depot in Massachusetts cost $0.75 per square foot. This is why when you are trying to estimate roofing costs, its important to check your local prices, and not just national averages published online.

Keep in mind that when it comes to roof replacement, the cost of shingles alone only makes up a small fraction of the total cost about 30%. The rest of the money goes toward professional installation, roof tear off and dump fees, permits, roof insulation and other materials necessary to complete the install and make the roof water tight.

The total cost per square foot to install three tab asphalt shingles is $1.75 4.50, largely depending on local roofers fees and complexity of labor. The average is about $2.50-3.75 per square foot. Keeping this in mind, the average cost to install budget asphalt shingles on a 2,000 sq.ft. one storie house $3,500 9,000. Average total cost is $5,000 7,500.


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