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Can You Replace Roof Without Replacing Gutters

Should I Replace My Roof Or Gutters First

How to Install a Rain Gutter | Ask This Old House

Roofs and gutters gutters and roofs. It just makes sense that the two go together. But which should you install first, and do you even have to replace your gutters if youre replacing your roof? Lets dig into these questions and other essential gutter considerations.

Installing gutters and installing a new roof are two different jobs. If youre getting both done, which we estimate happens 35% to 50% of the time, we replace the roof first and then install the gutters.

When you install a roof, to protect the house from falling shingles and any ladders stacked up against the house, tarps are nailed to the roof deck, which is the area right above the gutters. This allows your roofing contractor to easily slide shingles off the roof without hitting anything, like siding, windows, or screens. With ladders normally pressing up against gutters, theres also no reason to risk any damage to a new gutter system.

When To Replace The Roof And Gutters At The Same Time

Some homeowners hire a roofing company to install new roofing and gutters so they wont have to schedule the two jobs separately. This way, they will only have to deal with the inconvenience once. Some contractors may also offer the services as a package deal. Replacing the gutters and roof at the same time can cost less since youll only need to pay certain fees once.

Apart from cost efficiency, this approach lets you address problems with your gutter system. Old gutters are more prone to leaks. If you see signs of water damage, dents and sagging, it means its time to replace your gutters. Overflowing is also another indication you need gutter replacement.

Gutter replacement is also ideal if the gutter system suffered extensive damage from a storm. Strong winds can also pull the gutters, causing them to become loose. Roofers can assess the damage sustained by your gutters during the storm. And if the gutter issues arent obvious, they can adequately explain why you need to replace your gutters. If you have doubts about the contractors assessment of your gutters, you can consult another roof repair company for a second opinion.

What Happens To Your Gutters During Roof Replacement

Rather than removing your gutters, most roofing contractors will take precautions to protect them during the roof replacement process. This involves avoiding causing damage to the gutters, covering them up, and not leaning ladders against them.

Once the roof replacement is complete, your contractor will clean out your gutters. This should happen regardless of whether youre replacing them or not. Once the roofers are done, the gutter crew will arrive to replace your gutters .

Therefore, if youve decided not to replace your gutters during roof replacement, they usually wont be removed during the process. However, some roofing contractors may prefer to remove them, so it depends on who you hire for your roof replacement.

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The Notable Exceptions: Tile Roofs & All Types Of Metals Roofs

Does your home have a tile or metal roof? If so, youre one of the exceptions to the rule. With these roofs, replacing your gutters should be done along with roof replacement to protect the integrity of your roof. Why is this? When installing gutters, you must lift the roofing to remove the old gutter and install the new. Unfortunately, tile doesnt bend and bending metal will leave a mark and/or damage the metal panel.

Additionally, trying to remove old gutters without removing the tile roof or metal roof will result in damage to the felt underneath. Damaged felt leads to leaking at the edge of your roof, which might lead to rot at the sublayer.

Do you have a cedar, composite or asphalt roof? If so, these are easier to lift, making gutter replacement without roof replacement possible.

Why Gutter Health Is Important

Solid Gutter Covers (White) in 2020

Spending money on a gutters project can be stressful, but it will help you save in the long run! One of the leading causes for foundation damage is poor drainage. If you are currently functioning without gutters or have leaking gutters, rain water can pool up around the outside of your house and slowly erode the ground around your exterior walls. This erosion will work its way into your basement, crawl spaces, and even below your foundation. Signs that you have water drainage issues can come in a number of forms, such as, cracked foundations, damp rooms, mold, and visible interior water damage. Once you reach warning signs like these, the repair costs can be very large.

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Should Replacing Your Roof And Gutter Repairs Go Hand In Hand

| Roof Maintenance, Roof Repair, Roofing

Homeownership rate in the United States was at 64.4% in the second quarter of 2018. Thats a steady increase from the 63.6% rate back in January 2017.

This increase in home sales came with a higher demand for roof installation. But new homeowners arent the only ones who sought and are seeking new roofs. Those hit by the weather disasters of 2018 also demanded roofing-related services.

If youre in the same situation, youre likely wondering if replacing your roof also means getting a new gutter system.

After all, a new roof for homes within the Bay Area can already cost an average of $9,409. Add new gutters or repairs to that, and your costs can go up hundreds, if not thousands of dollars more.

This depends on several factors, which well discuss in more detail below. So, keep reading before you shell out more cash than necessary!

Why Getting New Gutters For Your New Roof Makes Sense

Getting new gutters is usually a good idea when you get a new roof. If the gutters have been taken care of well, it may be possible to replace the roof without taking the gutters off. But when gutters arent taken care of, you have to take them off to fix damage to the roof structure before you can replace the roof.

Its possible that you are not the first person to live in your house. If so, you might not know exactly when your roof or gutters were last replaced. A home inspection can tell you how good or bad your roof and gutters are. A professional can tell you about the small signs that your roof and gutters are too old that you might have missed.

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Reasons Why You Should Remove Gutters

If you are putting a new layer of asphalt over an existing layer, its smart to remove the gutters to ensure that the existing roof and seals dont need replacement or repair at the edges. Critters tend to hide in those spots over the winter when seeking warmth and cause damage. Frost heaves also cause damage and warping to the roofing deck or soffit-fascia area.

If you fail to remove the gutters, you may not notice problems until its too late. Also, when you take off the gutters, your contractors will be able to ensure that the roofs edges are sealed correctly and installed properly.

Now, in the case of a total complete tear off and replacement, gutter system removal is essential and cant be avoided. In addition to ensuring proper roof installation, this allows the homeowner to put in a completely new gutter system, one that will work much better and look newer.

Your roofers in Hanson may have to adjust your gutter system when re-attaching or installing depending on the pitch of the roof and the gutter material.

Taking the gutter system off during replacement also gives your roofers a chance to inspect the state of the gutters, make any repairs or clean them out, and then suggest replacement if the damage is too great. No sense in re-attaching a gutter system that is old, is rusted or buckling, has cracks, or doesnt function properly.

Removal And Reinstallation Of Gutters

How to install replace gutters by yourself. Easy! Home Mender.

Having the gutters removed becomes essential during roof replacement if the gutters are attached to the roof. If the gutter comes in the way of the new roof installation, it will most likely sustain damages, particularly along the edges. The roof can never be 100% sure that the sealing is fully intact as it was before the installation. That is why it is a good idea to have the gutters removed first, have the new roof installed and then reinstall the gutter system.

There are multiple benefits of taking this route, which is getting the gutters removed before the new roof installation.

  • Have a better look at the components of the gutter system
  • Ensure proper seals along the edges of the gutters
  • Eliminate the risk of dents or scratches to the gutters
  • Get the best possible new roof installation

First of all, getting the gutters removed paves the path to an ideal installation of the new roof. This is actually the natural process that roofers should follow remove the gutters and then install the new roof.

Roof replacement is a tedious, time-consuming project. The process involves multiple steps including the installation of the roofing accessories. Once the gutters have been removed, the roofing technician will be able to properly install each accessory that goes into the roof replacement. If the gutters are not removed, the roofer will install the ice and water shield over the gutter. This can create leakage issues later and the new roof can sustain water damage.

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The Age Of Your Roof And Gutters

Youve seen all the signs your roof needs replacement, from massive leaks to missing shingles. Does this mean your gutter is failing you too?

Not always, because its still possible that only your roof is in disrepair. Your gutters may still be in good condition, in which case, its best to leave it alone. You can have a new roof put in place without having to change your gutters at the same time.

That said, it also depends on the age and current state of both structures.

Lets say you have an aging roof, which is one of the top reasons to invest in roof replacement. Depending on the construction materials, roofing systems can last from 20 to 50 years. Asphalt shingled roofs have a 20-year lifespan, while tiled roofs can last twice as long.

Gutter lifespans also average 20 to 40+ years, depending on materials. Those made from galvanized steel can last up to two decades, while aluminum can last up to 40 years or longer.

If your gutters are as old as your aged roof, then its a good idea to replace both. Two separate projects may likely cost you more. But if you only had the gutters replaced a few years ago and its working fine, theres no reason to touch it.

A Roofing Professionals Recommendations

If you already had a professional assess your roof and recommend the roof replacement, did they mention anything about your gutters? If your gutters came up during the conversation, its a good idea to consider a replacement.

Professional roofing contractors know what they are looking for and they can tell when your home is at the point of needing a gutter repair or replacement.

Because gutters play an important role in the drainage and safety of your home, not just your roof, you will want to replace faulty gutters regardless of whether or not you are having a roof replacement. See some additional signs that you may be in need of a gutter replacement.

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Find Out If You Need Roof And Gutter Repairs

Granted, replacing a roof and gutter repairs dont always go hand in hand. But its still a good idea to call in the experts to inspect your gutter. This way, you can have them serviced if they need servicing the same time you get your new roof.

Whats important is to not delay needed roof and gutter repairs or replacements. Connect with us now so we can help you determine whats best for your home.

Recent Posts

There Are Cracks In The Gutters Or Noticeable Stress Along The Seams

Easy Gutter Fixes You Can DIY

No matter what type of gutters your home is equipped with, the most vulnerable area of the system occurs at the seams. You can confidently know its time to replace gutters when visible separation occurs at the seam of two gutters and leaks become a regular occurrence.

To avoid this type of damage going forward, it may be worth your while to consider the benefits of seamless gutters. This style of gutter is far less prone to separation and acts as one singular track for rainwater to flow through.

Cracked drainage systems are perhaps the most obvious sign that its time to replace gutters. Far beyond a small hole, a cracked gutter can no longer carry water efficiently and will likely be more expensive to repair than to replace.

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The Common Roof Leak Associated With Gutters

A valley is when two roof slopes meet in a V shape that allows water to flow down a roof freely. When a valley stops in the middle of a roof, it will have a gutter that runs into it so the water can continue flowing down.

When that gutter in the valley gets filled with leaves and other debris, one of the most common roof leaks happens. While the overflowing gutter is the water source of the leak, its more about the fascia .

When theres improperly installed flashing or no flashing at all applied to the fascia board, a leak will happen. This leak wont happen under normal circumstances. It might be under extreme rain, but itll send water through the path of least resistance.

Once that water gets underneath the soffit , behind the gutter, it can go anywhere it wants, causing all kinds of damage.

This is just one roof leak we see and repair often. To learn more about the other roof leaks we see regularly, read this article on the 6 most common roof leaks.

Gutters: How Are They Installed

Firstly, gutters are only installed on parts of the roof that will trickle down water, which is the ends of the sloped portions of your roofs. Water doesnt just go out of its way, and it consistently behaves in a way that it will always end up following this path.

Gutters are often directly attached to the fascia board. A fascia board can be found at the roofs end and attached to the roofs rake .

Not all fascia boards are directly connected to the rake, and its in these instances, theres more leeway to allow gutters to remain while a roof is being replaced.

Aside from the fascia board, your gutter will also be connected to the insulative sheet/barrier underneath your roofs shingles. This part of the gutter is called gutter flashing and is there to make sure that all the water goes to your gutter by providing sealant between your roof and your gutter.

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Can You Install New Gutters Without Replacing Your Roof

You can absolutely install new rain gutters even if your roof doesn’t need to be replaced.

But, if you need replacement gutters and your roof is close to the end of its lifespan, you might want to hold off on your new gutters until you need a new roof.

Unless you have faulty gutters that could be destroyed during a heavy rain or storm, it might make more financial sense to wait to do both simultaneously.

Replacing a roof is much more expensive than replacing gutters, so it usually makes financial sense to prioritize your roof over your gutters.

Just remember that both your roof and gutters serve essential roles in protecting your home from potential problems, so never let either fall into disrepair.

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Roof Replacement And Gutters

How to Install Gutters

Gutters are often replaced when new roofs are installed. But if your gutters are new or strong, you will not need them replaced during a roof replacement.

When replacing your roof, the contractor should not actually remove the gutters. Your roofing contractor should be careful to protect your gutters during the replacement process.

If the gutters are in great condition, they can be reattached onto your new roof.

Workers will cover up the scaffolding with tarps, wont lean ladders on them, and do everything possible not to damage it. Gutters are but one thing your roofer should safeguard while they work on your property.

After that, they will clean your gutters even if they are not going to be replaced. However, if you want them replaced, then there will be another process to gutter replacement.

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Is Gutter Replacement Necessary For Roof Replacement

No, as a gutter replacement is not included in roof replacement, it is also unnecessary. While it is common for homeowners to replace roofs and gutters simultaneously, you dont have to spend money when it isnt required.

If the gutters are working fine, you can simply get the roof replaced without doing anything about the gutters. Minor repairs in the gutters can also save you from replacing them entirely.

However, your roofer must ensure complete protection of the gutters for roof replacement so as not to allow any debris in it and cause it to choke.

Roofers must also ensure proper gutters flow before they leave your site and announce the job as complete.

Mold And Mildew On Your Exterior Walls

Patches of green, brown, or black on your exterior walls can signal a faulty gutter system. Again, an overflowing gutter can send water down to your homes exterior surfaces. When this happens, molds and mildew can start to form on your exterior walls.

This wont only affect your homes curb value and appeal. These microorganisms can also eat away at your walls. Mold exposure can also be a health concern, especially in those with allergies or asthma.

So, before molds and mildew can cause even bigger problems, get your gutters repaired. Its possible the damage affects only a part or a section of the system. In this case, prompt repairs can prevent the entire gutter from collapsing.

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