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How Are Shingles Attached To A Roof

Use Proper Nailing Technique

How To Install Shingles #2 Getting Started

At a minimum, asphalt shingles can be attached with just four nails for each shingle, but if installing in an area prone to high winds, six nails should be used for each shingle. Asphalt shingles have a nailing linea line of sealant material intended to bond with the next row of shingles. Your nails should be placed just below this line, not inside it or above it. To reduce the wind lift forces acting over the shingles, do not nail them too high or too low. Never nail through the sealant strip of the shingle as it might affect the water flow over the roof.

Make sure nails are driven straight, not angled so that the sharp edges of the nail heads can cut into the asphalt shingles. Make sure that all fasteners penetrate at least 3 4 inch into the wood deck or completely through the sheathing.

What The Finished Product Looks Like:

Aluminum Shingles:

Quick Overview of Benefits:

There are many benefits to installing a metal roof.

Contrary to a popular, but a somewhat misinformed belief, metal roofs have approximately the same noise level when it rains as most other types of roofs. They are very reliable and long-lasting and can sustain extreme weather for many decades.

Did you know? Some insurance companies will offer reduced home insurance rates to homeowners who would like to insure a home protected by a metal roof.

Many modern styles of metal roofing are rated to withstand winds of hurricane strength, while many also carry Class A Fire retardancy ratings.

Safety Considerations:

Your personal safety should be your main priority. The ladder should be placed in such a way that it will not to slip away or move under your weight, even if you tried.

Therefore, it should be properly secured at the base, as well as at the roof access point. You should also be familiar with and use a proper fall arrest system that is properly anchored to your roof studs.

If you hire professionals to install your new metal roof, then make sure that they are properly trained and have some solid experience installing the type of system you have chosen, as well as licensed and properly insured to do so.

Bottom Line:

Whether you choose to go the do-it-yourself route or decide to hire a pro, installing a new metal roof can be a sound and worthwhile investment in your home.

What Items Can You Attach To A Shingle Roof

November 13, 2019 by Robert Harris

You must be careful when attaching items to your roof. The manufacturers of the accessories may not understand the risk of nailing them to the roof. We recommend asking help from professionals or roofing contractors when placing something on your roof.

Heres a list of items that could be attached to your roof.

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Take Appropriate Safety Measures

As with any job that involves working at height, you should always take the necessary steps to ensure you are safe. In this case, that means a stable ladder or platform and a second pair of hands. When working on ladders, you should never lean far enough that you have to stretch, instead re-position the ladder and ensure it is secure before continuing.

Carefully Remove Old Roofing Materials

Above Deck Rigid Foam Insulation for Existing Roofs

Once the surface is clean, its time to remove the old shingles. Start from the peak of the roof and, with a garden fork or shingle removing tool, pry the shingles up. They should come off in sheets with a bit of elbow grease.

Carry those sheets of shingles to the edge of the roof and drop them in a trash bin or designated pile. Keep going until each slope of the roof is clear.

Tip: It normally takes about three batches of asphalt shingles to cover 100 sq. ft. of a roof.

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Roof Replacements Are Expensive

Though its possible to learn how to install roof shingles on your own, its always best to leave it to an experienced professional. Roofing contractors know how to install different materials the right way, the very first time.

If you can, hire an experienced contractor and let them handle your roof replacement needs.

That said, did you know that there may be ways to extend the life of your current roof? Roof Maxxs all-natural treatment rejuvenates your worn-out asphalt shingles, adding up to five years of life to otherwise outdated materialsat a fraction of the cost of a roof replacement.

Contact us to learn more or to find a local contractor who can help you protect your roof with ease.

Install The Drip Edge

Metal drip edge isnt usually required , but it gives roof edges a nice finished look, prevents shingles from curling over the edge, and keeps water from running directly down your fascia boards.

Before you install the underlayment, fasten the drip edge that covers the fascia on the eaves. The whole length of the fascia is probably not perfectly straight, so dont snap a line just hold the drip edge snug against the fascia and fasten it through the top into the decking with roofing nails. Nail it every couple of feet.

Install the drip edge on the gable ends of the roof after you finish installing your underlayment. Start at the bottom side of the gable, and overlap the sections of drip edge a few inches as you work your way up the roof . Use a tin snips to cut the drip edge to size.

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How Much Does A Shingle Roof Weigh

A square of three-tab asphalt shingles normally weighs 230-250 pounds, whereas architectural asphalt shingles often weigh 400-430 pounds per square. On average, a square of slate shingles weighs 800-1,000 pounds.

It is a traditional roofing material made of overlapping, small, round tiles. Shingle roofs are covered in a layer of asphalt or roofing felt and are very lightweight, making them a popular choice for roofs that need to be lightweight and durable.

Sound Complicated Find A Qualified Quality Roofer Near You To Help

How to Install Roof Shingles | Ask This Old House

Its pretty clear that installing a roof by yourself is incredibly complicated and difficult. Its always best to let a professional contractor handle the work so you stay safe and stress-free. If you read through all that and thought, hmm, maybe I should let a professional handle my new roof, youre in luck!

Take a look at the Roofing Insights Directorii. On this roofing directory, youll find only the most qualified, highest-quality roofing service providers in your area. We heavily vet every roofer on the directory, so you know that youre choosing from the best of the best.

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Get Started With Your Starter Shingles

Starting at the bottom of the roof, map out a guideline with chalk. Keep chalking additional guidelines based on the width of the shingle through at least four rows across your roof. Using your chalk and tape measure, mark about 1 foot up on the roof for the first set of shingles.

Every 5 inches, make a new mark until you get to the top of the roof. Repeat this on both sides of the roof. Use the chalk line to snap a straight line vertically every 6 inches.

Place a glue strip along the rake edge and drip edge, and then attach your starter shingle, nailing it into place.

Basic Planning And Preparation For A Re

Plan the entire job in advance, always plan for 10% roofing materials waste in your calculations, and NEVER take any shortcuts to get the job done. The most important part of this project is SAFETY!!!

1. Whenever possible, have at least one person helping you! Just one body can make a huge difference in more efficient use of time, and wear and tear on your body. Its also an element of safety, the importance of which cannot be overstated!

2. Before beginning, you need to be able to tell the type of a roof your house has. You need to know how to tell the difference between a hip vs. a gable roof. You also need to know if there are any dormers, or some other intersects and valleys on the roof.

3. Note how many vents and stacks are on your roof, and most importantly, you need to estimate your roof pitch. Well cover the most common roof types in the next section

Now, you have a few decisions to make decide on the type of shingle you want to install, pick a roofing shingle color, and decide whether you are going to tear off your old roof, or choose to re-roof over the existing shingles, instead.

New Shingle Roof

See costs in your areaEnter Your Zip Code

How to pick the right type and Color of Roofing Shingles

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Lay Out The Starter Shingles

  • 5.1 – Start in the lower left corner and work towards the valley. Read the manufacturer’s instructions specific to the type of shingle.
  • 5.2 – Snap a horizontal chalk line 5-10″ from the lower edge of the roof. Adjust the measurement according to the type of shingle.
  • 5.3 – Snap a vertical chalk line every 6 and horizontal lines at regular intervals to ensure the rows of shingles will be straight.
  • 5.4 – Use a starter strip or cut the tabs off the shingles to be used.
  • 5.5 – Cut 3-5″ from the left side of the shingle to stagger joins.
  • 5.6 – Install the starter shingle with the adhesive strip on the edge of the roof. Overlap the fascia boards by approximately 3/8″.
  • 5.7 – Align with the chalk line. If necessary, move and snap another line according to the width of the starter strip
  • 5.8 – Secure the starter strip with 4 nails equally spaced. Do not nail closer than 6″ from the fascia board, 1″ from the lateral edges, and ½” above each notch. Do not nail into the self-adhesive strip. Nails must be perfectly straight and flush with the surface of the shingles.
  • 5.9 – Install starter rows the entire length of the eaves.
  • 5.10 – When you come to a valley, place the starter strip on top of the flashing and cut along the chalk line.
  • 5.11 – Nail 2″ from the chalk line.
  • 5.12 – Make a 2″ bevel cut in the upper corner of the strip and coat the valley side with asphalt sealant.

Pro Tips For Installing Asphalt Roofing Shingles

Make Over Your Roof with Our Guide to Installing 3

Asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing material used for residential construction in North America. Roofing and reroofing with asphalt shingles are normally done by specialty roofing contractors, but a homeowner with good skills and who is committed to working safely above the ground can tackle this job. In addition to learning basic roofing skills, you should follow these tips offered by manufacturers and industry pros.

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Can You Roof A House Yourself

Make no bones about itroofing is hard work. Theres no hiding from the elements. You cant be afraid of heights and you need to be pretty fit. Before committing to this how to roof a house project, try this: Get out a ladder and climb up onto your roof. If you cant walk around on it comfortably, hire a pro. If you passed this first test, go to the lumberyard or home center and throw a bundle of shingles onto your shoulder. Imagine yourself carrying that load up a laddermany, many times.

If youre still feeling positive about this how to roof a house at this point, why not give it a shot? You can skip a lot of heavy lifting by having your roofing supplier hoist the shingles onto the roof. Be sure you spread the load evenly across the length of the roofs peak. However, dont have the shingles delivered to the roof if you still have two layers of old shingles to tear offit could be too much weight for your trusses.

After youve obtained a permit and safely stripped the roof clean, nail drip edge flashing flush along the eave.

Cover the rest of the roof with No. 15 asphalt-saturated felt underlayment . Each layer overlaps the lower one by at least 2 in. Follow this step by nailing drip edge along rakes , on top of the underlayment. As you did with the flashing, always lap upper pieces over lower pieces. The felt keeps the roof deck dry before shingles go on, protects against wind-driven rain as shingles fail and increases fire resistance.

Installing Metal Roof Over Shingles Pros And Cons

Before proceeding with a metal roof installation over existing asphalt shingles, its important to first consider the pros and cons of this project.


  • Saves the cost of disposing of an old roof. Disposing of asphalt shingles requires the costly expenses of a dumpster rental and disposal fees.
  • Saves the labor or tearing off old shingles. Removing old shingles involves removing hundreds if not thousands of pounds of old material. Thats a lot of work.
  • Preserving the layer of asphalt shingles keeps the roof better insulated, saving energy costs


  • Old asphalt shingles have inconsistencies that can make the roof uneven. This can make it difficult to properly install a metal roof over the top of it.
  • Removing old asphalt shingles allows you to assess the condition of the roof. You wont be able to see rotted or damaged areas under the asphalt shingles without removing them
  • Adding a metal roof over the top of shingles will add additional weight, reducing the live load a roof can handle. While the weight may not be enough to cause problems, its worth considering, especially for roofs that see significant amounts of snowfall.

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Install The Eaves Protection Membrane And Cover The Valleys

  • 2.1 – Install self-adhesive waterproof membrane 36-72″ wide on all fascia boards.
  • 2.2 – Unroll and align the membrane so that it overlaps the metal drip edge by 3/8″.
  • 2.3 – Temporarily attach the roof membrane at a few equidistant locations.
  • 2.4 – Fold back the lower half and peel off the release film.
  • 2.5 – Reposition and press down to ensure good adherence.
  • 2.6 – Remove the temporary installations and fold back the upper half of the membrane.
  • 2.7 – Peel off the release film, reposition and press down to ensure good adherence.
  • 2.8 – Repeat to cover the eaves and fascia.
  • 2.9 – Lap the end joins by 6″ and the lateral joins by 3″.
  • 2.10 – Install roof vents and other roof elements on the decking.
  • 2.11 – Cover valleys with self-adhesive waterproof membrane. Begin at the lower section of the roof. Center a 36″ strip so that half of the strip covers each side. Overlap each section of the membrane by 6-12″.
  • 2.12 – Lay the self-adhesive membrane to extend 4″ up the sides of the chimney and to form a 12″ strip on the roof around the chimney.
  • 2.13 – Cover ridges and crests so that half a strip covers each side.

Attaching An Antenna To A Roof

How to Install Wood Shingles | This Old House

There are a number of people that are cutting the cord and moving to Antenna only or a combination of Antenna and Streaming as a lower cost solution for their home entertainment.

After you decide to install an antenna it is important to do some research and understand a bit about home construction before you plan thoroughly how you are going to do it, so you don’t get yourself into trouble. Even though you can attach an antenna to a roof by getting a roofing professional, there are plenty of other options that you should take into consideration.

One very popular option is placing an antenna in the attic. Since modern antennas have digital signals that can bypass your roof while keeping the same signal quality. Another option is mounting your antenna to your chimney. This is a great idea as long as the antenna is not too heavy.

Once you do the job there is little or no maintenance involved so do it right the first time and you can forget about it except when you are doing normal review of your system for function and safety.

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About Weather Vane Roofing

We provide roofing, siding, insulation, windows, and gutters. Making your house beautiful and efficient is our main goal. We use the latest in technology and products to provide eco-friendly and cost effective solutions for your home and business. With locations in Lansing, Owosso, and Brighton/Howell we are Mid-Michigans roofing experts. Let us transform your house into a home.

How To Attach Something To A Shingle Roof

Whether you may want to attach to your roof a security camera, for the front door or a flower baskets for your garden, it is wise to choose a professional roofer to safely attach these items to your roof.

Besides,we recommend that you look into alternatives before deciding to attach something to your roof, because if you can avoid adding stress to your roof, you should. The sad reality is that you can increase your risk for leaks if you try to attach something to your roof without professional guidance.

In this article we will not only explain why it is a challenge to attach common items to your roof, but weâll also give you some alternatives about where you should hang these items instead. In the end, there is a safe solution for everything you want to hang on your roof.

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One More Pro Tip: Choose The Right Roofing Contractor

Most any roofer can nail a shingle, but there arent many local professionals with the needed specialty tools, training, and expertise for handling metal roofing properly. At Skywalker Roofing we can actually custom-fabricate your standing seam roof right on your property, and no one gives more attention to detail and proper workmanship than our skilled installation team!

Are you looking for high-quality roofing services in the Triad area? We specialize in the installation of metal roofing in less time. Were happy to serve the NC Piedmont Triad, Piedmont Triangle, Charlotte Metro/Lake Norman, and Roanoke, VA areas, and our customers give us an average rating of 4.9 stars across Google, Facebook, BBB, Guild Quality, Shopper Approved, and Angies List!

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