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How Much Is A Flat Roof

Diy Flat Roof Replacement Vs Hire A Pro

How to install an EPDM Flat Rubber Roof, ClassicBond

You should only attempt a DIY flat roof replacement if you have the time, tools and experience to get the job done right. Otherwise, leave it to the professionals since they can open up your roof without causing damage. They are also skilled in laying down the roofing materials so that they wont leak in the near future.

Just make sure to find a licensed, bonded and insured roofing contractor with a great track record of success. Get quotes from at least three flat roof contactors near you to weigh your options. Youll want to speak with their references and check out pictures of their past projects before selecting the best one.

Tradesmen Costs For A Flat Roof Replacement

It is always advised to have a tradesperson help you with your job. A flat roof replacement must be done correctly for it to last and be fitted properly.

Here we will go through the labour costs for a flat roof replacement, so you know how much you will be paying towards installation costs.

As previously stated, the cost of installing a new flat roof is split between the materials and labour.

As a result, if you’re employing professionals to do the job, you’ll need to find a reputable roofer with relevant experience. Typically, they will charge between £25 – £50 per hour.

Most contractors will include their fees in the total cost of the flat roof replacement. So, pay attention to the quote to make sure you’re not being overcharged. In general, labour fees for a flat roof replacement should range from £200 – £500.

However, the job’s cost and timeliness may differ depending on the conditions. For example, the type of material used may have an impact on the amount of time it takes to complete the job since certain materials are easier to deal with than others.

Accessibility is also critical. If the workers don’t have a simple route to get to the roof, the job will take longer. As a result, a scaffold may be required. This not only assures the worker’s safety but also saves time.

The cost will be determined by the type of job and the tradesmen’s experience.

Can I Replace A Flat Roof Myself

DIY roof repairs or replacements are tricky. Although they look easy enough on the surface, there are usually several unseen complexities lurking underneath. The easy answer to the question of replacing a flat roof by yourself is yes.

That said, there is a real case to be made for getting a professional to have a look at the roof especially as they are trained to notice the little issues in the roof that you might typically identify.

Typically, the first indication of a damaged roof is if there are leaks, but it is possible that this isnt caused by damage, but rather blocked drainage or guttering.

If you insist on going the DIY route, ensure you have the right tools. This includes a shovel, crowbar, nail gun, hammer, heat gun, and so on. Also, we advise only to go down the DIY route if the repairs are small as this saves more money than engaging a professional.

As noted earlier, small repairs are usually problematic as they can cause further damage, and it is best to replace the roof if there are any problems.

While repairing the roof yourself is possible and much cheaper, a poor job could lead to structural issues which will only come back to haunt you in the future. More so, it could even become a safety hazard if left unchecked.

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What About A Rooftop Terrace

Putting in a rooftop terrace is also an interesting option, especially if you already put in a green roof! Rooftop terraces are popular in more urban settings, where open land is limited or nonexistent. You can put in a patio set, a pergola, little passageways through your crops, etc. The possibilities are practically endless! Just be sure you hire highly qualified contractors to ensure everything is properly installed and fixed into the structure. Of course, youll need to make sure theres a drainage system in place!

Flat Roof Replacement Cost Factors

Spanish Tile Roofing
  • Materials Modern flat roofing materials can either be bitumen, PVC, BUR, EPDM or rubber roof, or fiberglass Each type of material has a different cost and longevity. PVC flat roofing is the most expensive and usually has a lifetime warranty.
  • Size of the Roof The larger the roof that must be replaced, the higher the expenses.
  • Type of Flat Roof The flat roof can either be single-ply or built-up bituminous. It is more expensive to replace the latter type of roofing.
  • Contractor Experienced roofing contractors may charge more because of their expertise in the field.
  • Warranties There are two kinds of warranties involved in this type of project, workmanship warranty and limited material warranty. A factor in pricing the services is If both are offered and for how long will.

What Else You Need to Know

Before you go any further in the project, assess with your roofing contractor, if what is needed is a repair or a replacement. Though this you will know if your contractor has your best interest in mind or theirs.

A flat roof that has been properly designed and effectively maintained will last a long time. If what is needed is repairs, then you just have to pay for flat roof repair, which is not as considerable as the replacement cost.


A renowned home improvement expert with almost 20 years of experience in building and repairing beautiful homes in the USA. He’s a civil engineer by profession.

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How Do You Maintain A Flat Roof

Pitched roofs, if not self-maintaining, are close to it. The roofs tilt and gravity take care of many issues. By contrast, flat roofs need frequent maintenance. The more maintenance, the longer the roof can be expected to last.

Walk the flat roof several times a year to make sure that the drains are clear and that water is draining away. Sweep or blow leaves away. Look for low spots that collect water.

Broken limbs that may glance off of a pitched roof will hit the flat roof dead-on with full impact, so check carefully for damage after a big windstorm.

Pitched Roofs Vs Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are on average less expensive than pitched ones. The latter is more difficult to clean. Its also harder to spot damage, especially towards the top, for pitched roofs. These realities often sway homeowners towards flat roofs. However, if youre already heading in that direction, keep in mind that while the initial installation may be cheaper, a flat roof will often require more maintenance and could end up costing you more in the long run, mainly because of drainage issues. Flat roofs dont drain as well, which can lead to quicker clogging and leaking, meaning that youll have to spend more time and money inspecting and taking care of it.

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How Do You Waterproof A Flat Roof

Flat roofs can be waterproofed with EPDM, elastomeric coatings or modified bitumen.

  • EPDM: EPDM is a super-tough rubber that resists UV rays and many other extreme weather conditions. EPDM in the form of single-ply sheeting is bonded to the flat roof or, in liquid form, is rolled or brushed out.
  • Elastomeric coatings: Liquid elastomeric coatings other than EPDM can also be rolled or painted onto the flat roof to waterproof it.
  • Modified bitumen: Asphalt-based modified bitumen has long been used for waterproofing flat roofs since it is so inexpensive. Typically torched down, or applied with an open flame from a propane torch, modified bitumen also comes in a cold form that can be applied without a torch.

Removing The Old Roof

Flat Roof estimate and how we price a new flat roof.

Once the inspection is done, work can commence. The first thing any contractor would do is remove the old roof before a new one is installed. This varies from material to material as the tools needed might differ.

For instance, removing a felt roof will require a small spade while a rubber one will need a utility knife. The contractor will use the knife to cut the rubber roof to pieces and dispose of them.

The complexity of each material also means that this could increase the cost of the project as a lead roof usually requires a diamond-tipped grinder. In the case of a quick repair job, the only bit that needs to be removed is the damaged section. This is significantly cheaper and easier and requires a lot less energy.

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Roof Tile Replacement Cost

Roof tile replacement costs between $1,400 and $1,600 per square on average for concrete tile, Spanish tile, and clay tile. Tile roofing tends to weight a lot and will cost $1,000 more if your entire roof framing needs an upgrade to support the extra weight.

Clay Tile Roof Cost

Clay roof tiles are right up there with entry-level copper in regards to price, which averages around $1,500 per square. The average cost to install a new clay tile roof costs between $15,000 and $45,000 depending on your roof size.

Concrete Roof Tile Prices

Like clay tiles, concrete tiles also carry a $1,500 per square price, with the average installation costing $22,500 to $30,000. Depending on the current structural integrity of the roof framing, it is possible some repair or strengthening work will need to be done on the rafters to support the extra weight of these heavier products.

Spanish Tile Roof Cost

Spanish roof tiles generally have a little more design to them than entry-level clay or concrete, and you can expect to pay in the region of $1,500 to $1,600 per square for the install, and around $1,000 first if your entire roof framing needs work to support the added weight.

Removing A Flat Roof Cost

Removing a flat roof is usually done when it is about to be repaired, or a new one installed and is therefore usually added to the flat roof repair cost. That said, there are situations where removing the roof might be part of another project like converting the roof.

In this case, a professional will likely charge between £80 to £100 per m2. Once the removal is complete, disposal is the next problem, and while most companies will add it to the initial bill, some contractors will bill between £100 to £150 to get rid of the waste for you.

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How Do Flat Roofs Drain

Its no secret that flat roofs are more resistant to severe weather conditions compared to other roofing systems. But when it rains or snows, where does it go once it all falls? Flat roofs are not able to use their slope or the power of gravity to remove water as efficiently compared to a shingled roof. They need a specifically designed drainage system to get the job done. Lets take a look at the two most commonly used flat roof drainage systems:

  • Interior Drain An interior flat roof drainage system is commonly found on larger commercial flat roofing systems, but can be used for your residence as well. With the slight slope of a flat roof, water will flow similar to how sump pumps and drain tiles are designed. The water will flow into the drain into an internal series of pipes which are located beneath the roof. Then the water is carried out and pumped out and away from the foundation of your home or commercial building.
  • Scuppers This flat roofing drainage design is simply just large square gaps located in the curbs or walls along the buildings roofline. Scuppers allow water to flow throughout the sides of the building. It is common to install downspouts directly below the opening to catch and divert the water away from the foundation of the building.

Take Care Of Your Roof

How much does it cost to Repair a Flat Roof â The Riverenza

Now you know a bit more about flat roof replacement costs. You also know how important it is to hire an expert installer. With an expert installation, your flat roof will provide you with years of excellent service.

Homeowners have a lot to consider when it comes to properties. Check out our home design section for more great ideas.

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How Long Does A Flat Roof Last

The visual above displays the most common signs you would notice when your roof starts to get really old. These include:

Thinning and blistering Slice marks Grease and dirt built-up that can no longer be removed

PVC is considered to be the longest lasting. Because of heat-welded seams, it remains flexible throughout its lifetime and can also withstand thermal movement.

A PVC roof can last well over 30 years. Manufactures offer a 25 year warranty for commercial installations and some offer LIFETIME warranty for residential .

EPDM roofing lasts only about 10-15 years. Even though manufacturers offer warranties that are up to 40 years for commercial roofing , its important to be aware that these warranties do not cover failing seams or ponding water. Both of these are the primary causes of failure for a rubber membrane.

Longevity of TPO roofing varies greatly due to issues with membranes formulation. Currently, they range from 7-20 years. Manufacturer warranty is up to 20 years for commercial TPO installs and none for residential.

Keep in mind that warranties offered on different types of single ply membranes vary greatly depending on thickness, size, method of installation, and environmental conditions. Thus, you should carefully read and compare warranties for different materials you are considering.

Tar & Gravel as well as Modified Bitumen roofs last about 10-20 years, but are very costly to remove at the end of their service lives.

Flat Roof Drip Edge Repair Cost

Repairing flat roof drip edges ranges from $150 to $400. Drip edges are L-shaped metal pieces positioned at the edge of the roof. They can also be known as drip edge flashing and are used to divert water off the roof, away from any fascias, preventing it from pooling under the roofing materials. Metal drip edges are strong, but they become dented or damaged in storms or because of falling debris. So, they may occasionally require patching or cleaning.

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Flat Roofs: A Handy Guide

Bypublished 26 May 20

Flat roof structures offer numerous advantages, from design and material options through to cost. But is it the right option for your project?

Flat roofs are exceedingly popular with those looking to create a cool, modern home. Flat roof options help to free up internal space and are often cheaper that pitched roof options as they require fewer materials to cover the same roof span. There is also the scope to incorporate a green roof onto the flat structure.

Flat Roof Or Pitched Roof

DIY Flat Roof Repair – Easy Paint on Fix

A common question you get during your home inspections is whether flat roof cost vs pitched roof Cost is less desirable than sloped roofs. You love this question because it gets at the logic that can be employed to see how a given house design will predict required maintenance. You must also think about flat roof cost vs pitched roof cost, Snap Construction professionals are here to provide you a free estimate so you can rest assured.

When it comes to looking at houses and deciding which house is right for you, it is critical to think about the functional design of a house. In the realm of house design, there is arguably no more influential element than the roofline. The roofline defines the look of a house more than any other attribute and the shape of the roofline will determine how the roof protects the house from rain, wind, sun, and snow.

People find it hard to decide whether a pitched roof or flat roof is the better choice for home and buildings. Every home and building has its own unique qualities that would require one of the two styles. Below, you will find the list of advantages of both types of roof that will help you come up with a wise decision when it is your time to purchase one for your property.

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Flat Roof Extension Cost

The price you will pay for a roof extension varies depending on the size. Flat roof pricing ranges from $1,000 to $20,000. A roof extension can be done for various reasons, such as adding a kitchen, bedroom, office, or updating your home. The advantages of building a roof extension outweigh the cons. Building this type of roof is an affordable way of extending your living space and increasing your home’s curb appeal. There arent many disadvantages to extending your roof other than your ceilings are lower than a pitched roof extension.

How Do You Know When Your Flat Roof Needs Replacing

Most of the factors to decide whether or not you should replace a flat roof may seem obvious, and in truth they are. Either way we want to ensure that you understand if you need to find an estimated flat roof repair cost or flat roof replacement cost.

Before we dive into it, these points have been created from our own flat roofers experiences over the last 25 years.

Some of our previous customers had left their roof alone even though they knew about a small leak or damages. Please do not do this. Through leaving your flat roof leaking for a prolonged period of time not only weakens the wooden timbers through rot, but can lead to a much higher replacement cost in the future.

1) Flat Roof Leaking

Common Verdict = flat roof replacement

I know that might not be what you want to hear but most of the time we have tended to a job with a significant flat roof leaking problem we have had to replace it. Typically we would have to remove the material from the surface to inspect the roof timbers and for other internal water damage.

We strongly recommend getting a qualified roofer to inspect the structure of the building to ensure its sound enough to install the replacement. For example, check if the roof timbers are not rotting away or significant damp/mould.

2) Water Pools & Flooding

Common Verdict = flat roof repair / replacement

3) Unwanted Vegetation Growth

Common Verdict = flat roof repair

4) Cracking, Stretching & Blistering

Common Verdict = flat roof replacement

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