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How Much Would A Metal Roof Cost

Influences On The Overall Cost Of A New Roof :

How Much Does a Metal Roof Cost? (Tear-off, Installation, and Product)

To start, there are a number of influences that will affect metal roofing materials and traditional asphalt shingles equally relative to base material cost. Those items dont really effect the metal roof vs. shingles debate too much, and those are:

  • Geographic Location: For starters, the state youre in may cost more than another state and this is due to things like shipping, state taxes, material costs, fees, and so on. City dwellers pay more for installation as there may be more permits, parking costs, storage and other fees to take into consideration. Labor costs, though, is what dramatically varies place to place installing a roof in San Francisco will have far more labor incurred than in Cedar Rapids or Louisville.
  • Roof Design: The complexity of roof design increases price because it requires more labor and potentially has more waste, too, because of angles and cuts. Roof design even affects things like how easily the contractor gets up on the roof, hoisting the material up, where they can work, how easily they can do their job, and on it goes.
  • Estimating The Cost Of A New Roof

    The cost of a new roof depends on a few factors including how many square feet and the complexity of the roofs design. Homes with high sloping roofs or with roofs that are harder to access may take more labor than, for example, a small single-level home. Our team can help you estimate the square footage of your roof and give you an idea of any additional labor that may be involved if your roof replacement is more complex.

    The material you choose for your new roof will significantly affect the cost. Greater Purpose Construction LLC specializes in three different types of roofs: shingles, TPO, and metal.

    Metal Roofing Cost By Gauge

    Metal roofing cost by gauge ranges anywhere between $1.75 to $9 per square foot. A gauge of metal roofing is a measurement of its thickness. The smaller the number, the thicker the shingle or panel of metal will be. For example, a 26 gauge is thicker than a 29 gauge. Thicker metal costs more than thinner ones. The chart below highlights the cost of metal roofing based on different gauges.

    $15 – $30

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    How Much Does A Standing Seam Metal Roof Cost

    • National average cost: $29,000
    • Typical price range: $18,000 $41,000
    • Extreme low end: $8,500
    • Extreme high end: $100,000

    While most homeowners in the U.S. will spend about $18,000 to $41,000 for a new standing seam metal roof, your final bill could look a lot different. Many variables of your project can raise or lower your costs. How large is your roof? Will this be a whole new roof for a new construction home, or will the roofers need to remove old shingles? What is the cost of labor in your area?

    Depending on your project specifics, you could end up with a total cost closer to the low end of $8,500. Projects in this price range include small homes of 1,000 square feet or less, cheaper metals such as steel, and higher-gauge steel .

    High-end projects can cost as much as $100,000. You can expect a high cost like this if your home is 4,000 square feet or larger. Premium materials such as thick copper and zinc can also drive your costs into this range.

    When budgeting for your standing seam metal roof installation, the biggest factor will be the size of your roof. Roof size determines how many metal panels and how many hours of labor the project will take.

    Dont know the size of your roof? Theres an easy way to estimate it using the square footage of your home:

    1.5 x square footage of home = roof size

    This formula wont give the exact size of your roof, but it will give you a ballpark figure you can use to estimate your budget.


    How Long Does Roof Seal Last

    How Much Does Metal Roofing Cost?

    Longevity. A roof sealants longevity will vary among manufacturers and the sealants material, but most will last between 10 and 20 years. Sealant tapes will usually last this long without any special application process, but the longevity of liquid sealants depends on the thickness of the applied coating.

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    What Factors Affect The Cost Of A Re

    The geographic region, eave height, and complexity of the roof are all variables that impact the cost of roof replacement. But beyond that, product selection, aesthetics, and installation costs are also dominant factors.

    Product Type: The broad type of product selected and the family of products within that category significantly impact the cost of any roofing project. So while the first tier decision might be metal or shingles, the second tier decisions include the thickness of the product and style/type of product.

    For example, there are two predominant types of metal roofing: concealed fastener and exposed fastener panels. The product and installation costs vary significantly between the two styles. So while exposed fastener panels on straight gable roofs with low eave heights might be priced comparative to asphalt shingles, a concealed fastener system on a two-story house with a complex roof plan might be much more costly.

    Aesthetics: Another critical factor in pricing considerations is aesthetics. Metal roofs come in a wide range of finishes and styles. You can even choose a metal roof that looks like slate, shake, or tile and, as Todd Miller points out in this article, those styles can be a great way to enhance a home immediately through increased beauty as well as the high end value implication of an upscale home.

    Average New Metal Roof Costs In Us:

    Low End

    Note: Costs listed above are based on contractors’ prices in our Local Roofers Directory, and 701,649 roofing projects estimated by Installation prices vary by state .$4.5-6 per square foot $7.2 – 7.5 per square foot$9+ per square foot$8-14 per square foot.

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    Benefits Of Metal Roofing

    • Tax Credits Check about receiving a tax credit for work that meets the Energy Star criteria.
    • Less Expensive Homeowners Insurance – Thanks to the structural integrity of a metal roof and how it protects your home, premiums can drop by up to 35% for homeowners.
    • Home Value – Metal roofs will boost the resale value by 1%6%.
    • Return on Your Investment – Could be as high as 86% of the metal roof cost.
    • Longest-Lasting Roofing Option – Metal roofs have an average of 40 years of useful life versus 23 years with asphalt and 20 years with single-ply.
    • Energy Savings – Because of the energy efficiency, metal roofs save between 10 and 30 percent on energy bills from reduced cooling costs.
    • Wind, lightning, and fire resistant Metal roofing will dilute the energy generated by a lightning strike. Also, compared to asphalt, metal roofs qualify for a Class A fire rating under the UL790 standards. Most metal roofs can withstand winds of over 150 miles per hour.
    • Perfectly suited for low-pitched roofs
    • Water runoff Metal roofs do not hinder water runoff or allow water to seep back under the seams on low-pitched roofs as shingles do. The standing seam metal roof is the best installation option for this.
    • Leaks A metal roof leaves no exposed seams or places for water to get in because of the way the layers are staggered.
    • Heavy snow The steel support structure can support people walking around and the weight of snow during the winter months.
  • Eco-friendliness
  • So Todd How Much Does A Metal Roof Cost

    How Much does a Metal Shingle Roof Cost? Cost Factors Included!

    Over the nearly 40 years I have been in the roofing business, the #1 question I have been asked is: How much does a metal roof cost?

    Its always fun for me when I watch contractors or even my co-workers try to answer this question because they start dancing. And, man, do they have some crazy moves when confronted with the price question! Amidst a lot of sputtering, I hear things like:

    Well, it really depends. It depends upon what metal roof you choose, the condition of your current roof, the geometry of your roof, where you live, how the economy is doing, and whether you want sprinkles on top. The real thing to talk about is VALUE and value depends upon how long you intend to stay in your home, what your energy bills are, how severe your weather is, and other things.

    And, the fact is, I have given those answers myself as well! Because, yes, there are many variables that impact the cost of ANY roof, not just a metal roof. Yes, you can look at the upfront cost or the cost per year over time.

    But, heres the conclusion I have come to there is a price tag for everything and the savvy homeowner who is considering a metal roof deserves to know what that price tag is. Despite all the dancing that goes on when this question is asked, it is a question that can be answered and this article will give you that answer.

    Heres a quick story that tells part of the answer, and why this is a question that always makes salespeople squirm.

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    How Different Factors Affect Price:

    Substrate: The pricing on metals used to form the roofing panel are affected by supply and demand for raw materials and associated processing costs. Galvanized Steel and Aluminum are the most common metals used for residential roofing because they provide the best performance for the money. Although exotic metals like copper, zinc and stainless steel perform exceptionally well, they are less common roofing options because the cost is prohibitive for most people.

    Panel Design: The 2 major design options that affect price are overlapping vs interlocking panels. Interlocking panels will cost more than overlapping panels because they have more structural detail, go through a more extensive forming process and take up more room on a truck to ship. Panels designed to interlock on four sides will also tend to have a better quality finish which also adds to the cost.

    Finish: Also referred to as coating, is an important factor to consider as it can drastically change the cosmetic lifespan of a metal roof. Polyester based paints are the cheapest form of coating with the shortest lifespan while PVDF formula coatings are accepted as the industry gold standard due to their exceptional lifespan, adhesion, chalk and fade resistance.

    Underlayment: Often overlooked, the underlayment of a metal roof is a crucial second line of defense against the elements. If the roof is a new build it will require an ice and water shield which costs up to 5 times more than a breathable synthetic membrane .

    Roofing Labor Cost Per Square

    With a few different variables at play, roofing labor is generally between $1.50 and $3.00 per square foot. If your roofing professional is using Per Square in the bid , their prices for labor will reflect this multiplied out by 100 to show between $150 and $300 per square. According to the United States Census, the average roof is 17 squares or about 1,700 square feet.

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    What Are The Different Types Of Metal Roofing

    Featuring clean lines and an traditional style, vertical panels offer a modern twist to the traditional look of metal roofing. Sleek, practical and economical, pre-painted vertical panels are available in a wide range of color options. Residential metal roofing is available in a wide range of materials, coatings and paint options.

    Is Metal Roofing Hot

    Metal Roofing Prices Per Sq. Ft.

    If you live in a state where its hot much of the year, you may be concerned about whether or not you can have a metal roof. The truth is, yes, metal roofing does get hot, but that doesnt mean it cant be installed in a hot climate. Metal roofing can be coated with colors meant to deflect some of the suns rays , which can help keep your home cool, even in hot weather.

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    Other Costs For A Metal Roof

    The quality of the paint finish can also play a very large role in determining the final cost of your metal roof . There are different types of paint finishes as well as different types of paint colors.

    So dont think that youll be stuck with a boring metallic color your roof can be just about any color that you can imagine! Different types of paint include acrylic, Kynar 500 and Hylar 5000.

    If you go to a regular home improvement store like Home Depot or Lowes, they will be able to tell you the specific differences for these types of paint. They can also advise you on the best finishes for corrugated metal, or any corrugated trim or flashing.

    Energy Efficiency And Eco

    As homeowners become more aware of the wider environmental effects of heating and cooling their homes, many begin to prioritize efficiency as both a means of saving money and protecting the environment. Metal is a highly reusable material, with many metal roofs being made of about 30%60% recycled metal. Their high durability also means they dont need to be replaced as often, whereas torn and damaged asphalt shingles end up in the landfill.

    Additionally, since most metal roofs are reflective, they direct the heat of the sun away from the building they cover, blocking heat and lowering cooling costs. Even non-reflective metal can be treated with special paint that blocks UV rays. Experts typically estimate that youll save about 20%30% off the cost of cooling your home in the summer with a metal roof.

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    Greater Longevity And Durability

    Perhaps the number one reason homeowners look into metal roofing materials is for their longevity. Any homeowner who has had to replace shingle after asphalt shingle knows that traditional roofs have a lifespan of between 15 and 30 years. Metal roofs, on the other hand, tend to last between 30 and 50 years.

    Additionally, while metal roofs can become dented, it typically takes quite a bit of pressure to do this. By contrast, it takes much less force to tear or damage asphalt shingles.

    Should You Invest In A Metal Roof

    How Much Does Corrugated Metal Roofing Cost? Materials Installation Factors That Increase Price

    A metal roof can be a great choice due to its durability, appearance, and resale value. Using a metal roof cost calculator can help you determine what is the best choice regarding the cost of metal roofing versus shingles, the right style for your property, your budget, and your design preferences as well as a potential price on metal roofing that works for your bank account and style.

    The metal roof vs shingles cost can be a complex decision, but your roofing company or roofing contractor can help you sort out the price of a metal roof as well as the different types of metal roofing and help you make the right choice for your property .

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    Calculating Patio Roof Costs

    The average cost to install a new patio roof ranges from $1,037 to $2,445 depending on the size and materials used. A small living room patio with asphalt roofing installed will cost $605 while a large outdoor dining patio with a metal roof costs $3,712. Of the four most common patio styles, the two that are generally considered large enough to warrant a roof include:

    • Living room patio – Average size is 16 by 18 288 sq. ft
    • Outdoor dining patio – Average size is 12 by 14 168 sq. ft

    Patio Roof Costs

    • Class A 21 to 45 feet long
    • Class B 16 to 25 feet long
    • Class C 20 to 35 feet long

    Maintenance And Repair Costs

    One of the most attractive features of a metal roof is that it requires practically zero maintenance. If you have a corrugated metal roof, you may need to re-tighten the screws about every 10 years. All other types of metal roofs are truly maintenance free. For most homeowners this is a breath of fresh air, as no one wants to spend their free time taking care of their roof.

    When it comes to repairs, its important to note that in most cases a metal roof will not require repairs, because its designed to be a water shedding system. This means that its impervious to damage from leaks and ice dams, and therefore should not need to be fixed.

    However, there are cases when faulty installation can compromise the integrity of a metal roof, and you will start to get problems like leaks, etc. Fixing a metal roof is expensive pros charge at least $500 to fix a metal roof. However, depending on the type of system and complexity of the problem, the total price can be a lot higher. For example, if you need to take apart standing seam panels, repairs can cost thousands, because its such a hard job.

    Ultimately, you should invest into high quality installation to avoid any costly problems and repairs down the line.

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    Metal Roofing Prices In Canada By Product Type

    Now that we have covered the kinds of factors that will affect metal roofing prices, lets look at what to expect in terms of pricing for each type or class of metal roofing product. Note: Metal roofing price estimates are based on price of material per square foot of roof space plus installation cost, referred to as installed price. In big box home improvement stores it is important to note list prices are for panels of roofing material only. The following price ranges reflect the factors listed above but do not include stripping and disposal. The prices by product will give you an idea of what you can expect to get or be giving up based on your budget. Included are re-roofing cycles so you can see how many roof replacements you might need to do over 50 years.

    Economy Metal Roofing: example of a batten mounted steel roof with exposed fasteners.


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