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How To Clean Rv Roof

Wash Once A Month To Avoid Grime And Dirt Build

RV 101® – How to Cleaning & Protecting RV Roof – Dicor

Routine RV fiberglass roof maintenance should include a thorough wash and clean once a month to make sure road salt, bird droppings, tree sap and so on dont damage the roof exterior. Additionally, working with the right RV detailing supplies is recommended for safe RV fiberglass roof maintenance. You dont want to erode the roofs protective coating with harsh chemical formulas. Instead, look out for non-toxic biodegradable solutions with no harsh abrasives. These are specially formulated to easily eliminate general dirt build-up and road film to help maintain the polished appearance of your RV roof.

Useful Tools For Rv Fiberglass Roof Maintenance

Using the right tools make the job quicker and easier when cleaning an RV. When youre washing the roof, here is some cleaning equipment that might come in useful.

  • Telescopic wash brush to clean the roof before applying wax or coatings
  • Laminating brushes for applying resin or topcoats to an RV acrylic roof
  • Pressure washer or hose to quickly and efficiently remove soapy residue. Be careful not to direct high-pressure jets of water at seals.
  • Fiberglass spray gun for even coverage of protective coating
  • Due to the specifics of the material of your fiberglass roof, always be mindful to use soft bristle brushes to clean without scratching. This will avoid causing damage to the roof surface where dirt can collect in the future.

    Top 3 Commercial Rv Roof Cleaners

    Sometimes we need more than homemade cleaners to do the trick. But with all the rubber roof cleaners in the market, how do we know which is the best for our RVs?

    Ive looked around and considered other RVers opinions on this and I made a post dedicated to the top 10 commercial RV roof cleaners here. For convenience, Ive added the top three for you below.

    According to different RVers, Thetford Premium Rubber Roof Cleaner is the best overall cleaner. .

    These comments are almost the same across different reviews.

    What they like about it:

    • Can be used on any RV roof whether its EPDM, TPO, vinyl, aluminum, or fiberglass.
    • It gets rid of the buildups around the roof of your RV.
    • It is biodegradable, petroleum-free, and nontoxic
    • It is affordable.
    • It has an active UV blocker that protects the roof from the adverse effects of the sun.
    • It works both as a cleaner and a degreaser at the same time.
    • Its formula helps prevent oxidation.
    • It leaves the roof squeaky clean.

    What they dont like:

    • The surface of the roof becomes slippery after application, so you need to take extra caution when using it.
    • The results are not instant, you have to wait a few minutes.
    • There are a few comments saying they didnt see much difference from the results in using this formula versus other regular cleaners.

    Camco is a leading manufacturer of RV accessories and supplies. Its Camco Pro-Tec RV Rubber Roof Care System is quite famous among RVers as the cleaner best for its value. .

    What they like about it:

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    How To Easily Clean The Roof Of Your Rv

    RV Cleaning tips and tricks from the Car Detailing Expert

    Has it been some time since you’ve cleaned the roof of your RV, and is it starting to get dirty? Here’s a super simple guide to cleaning the roof of your RV.

    Ah, yes, the inevitable task of cleaning the roof of your RV. Its not a task that RVers typically look forward to. However, there are two things that need to be pointed out. One, its a task every RVer needs to do as the roof is going to be subject to the elements such as snow, ice, rain, and the sun.

    Two, it doesnt have to be a complicated endeavor. If you keep up with the roof of your RV, cleaning it can end up being a process that you dont even sweat. With that in mind, when it comes to choosing the RV roof cleaner you end up going with , it mainly comes down to what RV roof you have.

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    Why Is It Important To Clean An Rv Rubber Roof

    Regular roof cleaning rids dirt and grime while extending its value. Exposure to rain, water, ice, and other outdoor elements deteriorates rubber over time. As the roof weakens, it becomes more susceptible to cracks, rips, and caulking separations. Moisture can eventually enter these crevices and cause expensive repairs.

    Whether its your house, apartment, or camper, water damage occurs just about anywhere. Wetness destroys electrical and mechanical components in your RV, meaning you will have no choice but to replace them. Damp areas also eventually turn into black mold and fungi, which can cause health and respiratory issues.

    Parking in shaded areas increases the risk of mold or mildew formation. Staying under trees also poses an issue, as falling fruit and seeds promote roof moisture. Instead, keep your rig in sunnier areas as much as possible to dry the rubber and keep it clean.

    Furthermore, RV insurance does not cover most water damage. So, properly cleaning your RV roof at least four times a year is cost-effective and prevents these expensive damages. If you live in a highly polluted area, you should clean your RV more often to guarantee clean rubber.

    The Simple Steps To Cleaning An Rv Roof

    Now that youve established what the roof is made of and have a qualified cleaning product to get the job done, you can assemble the rest of your gear.

    Youll need a ladder, bucket, broom, brush, and hose, so be careful taking this with you to the top of the RV roof to start the cleaning process.

  • Start with your broom and sweep any debris away from the top of the roof. Take this time to inspect the roof and make note of any cracks, marks, seals, caulk, or areas that require attention. If needed, do these repairs first before moving onto the cleaning.
  • Rinse down the sides of your RV and the roof so that all parts are wet. Keep the vehicle in a shady spot while you clean and try to keep the vehicle wet as well.
  • Start at the front of the RV and work in small sections of around 3 x 3 feet, applying the roof cleaner with your brush and brushing in circular motions. Once you finish with one part, rinse it off with clean water before moving on to the next.
  • Make your way across the whole RV roof from front to back, working one area at a time and rinsing. When you get to the end, rinse off the entire RV as well as the sides so that no cleaning product is left behind.
  • Use a cloth or chamois to dry any excess moisture left behind and allow the RV to dry out of direct sunlight.
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    How To Clean A Rubber Roof

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    The most common place you will find rubber roofing is on the top of an RV. The most common material used for these roofs is Ethylene Propylene Diene M-Class rubber which creates some cleaning challenges. Keeping your rubber roof clean and doing it properly is the most cost effective way of preserving it and maintaining your warranty.

    Removing The Rv Roof Vent Screen Indoors


    These RV vent screen removal processes are straightforward to follow:

    The very first step before going up on the RV roof, the first step is to remove the vent screen from the inside. It is very easily removable from the inside. This self-help cleaning guide will explain how to clean RV bathroom vent screen and kitchen vents. Remove all the screws from the inside shaft with the help of a screwdriver and remove the crank handles first. Check how many screws there are, and most importantly, use the right kind of screwdriver so that you dont have to struggle. Most of the time, one screw in the middle on both ends of the vent screen needs to be removed. After that, you have to remove the four corners screw on the plastic molding. You will see the vent screen and molding will come down easily together.

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    Deal With Tough Stains

    If you have any stubborn stains, you can use a diluted bleach solution to remove them.

    Just be sure to rinse the area well afterward and never leave the bleach on the roof for more than a few minutes. Also, be careful about where the bleach will run when you rinse it off.

    You can also use a commercial RV roof cleaner. Be sure to follow the instructions on the product, as some cleaners require you to rinse them off immediately while others need to be left on for a few minutes before rinsing

    Clean The Rv Roof In Sections

    For best results, start at the front of the rig and work your way back. This will make it easier for you to descend the latter without coming into contact with the wet surface.

    We would recommend applying the cleaning solution in segments measuring about 3 by 3 feet. Use the medium-bristled brush to clean the surface in a circular motion. Dont apply too much pressure, or you may damage the rubber. As you work, rinse the brush regularly in a bucket of warm water.

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    Pvc Rv Roof Maintenance Guide

    When youre maintaining an RV roof, youll notice different types of wear and tear depending on the kind of material its made from. With a rubber roof, for example, youll have to be wary of black streaks. But what are PVC RV roofs susceptible to? How do they work, and why do they make good roofs for someone with an RV? Take a look at this PVC RV roof maintenance guide to learn more about this type of roof and how to take care of them properly.

    Rv Rubber Roof Q& a: Clean And Protect Epdm

    Cleaning and Conditioning Your RV Roof

    One of the greatest things to happen to RVs was the introduction of the EPDM rubber roof. Leak-proof and UV-resistant, this long-lasting synthetic rubber compound can stand up to all kinds of weather, wear and tear. Most RV industry experts consider EPDM rubber roofing membrane the most dependable, cost-effective and easy to maintain roofing material there is.

    Properly cleaning, repairing and maintaining any EPDM roof systemwhether on your mobile home or RVrequires a little know-how and the right materials. To help, weve compiled a list of our recommendations to some common questions:

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    Invest In An Rv Fiberglass Roof Cover

    Regular RV fiberglass roof maintenance is a great way to sustain the appearance and life of your vehicle. Indoor storage is the best way to keep your RV roof in the best shape and protect it from the elements. This is especially useful over the colder months until it is time de-winterize an RV for summer travel. However, it is not always possible or practical to find indoor space for a large RV. Hiring storage space can be expensive too. A more affordable solution is an RV fiberglass roof cover. Go for a high-quality waterproof cover made from breathable fabric to aid air circulation and prevent mold.

    If you can follow these tips for effective RV fiberglass roof maintenance it will make all the difference to both the look and the lifespan of your vehicle. Keeping your RV in good condition will cut back on costly repairs and enhance its value. Using the appropriate cleaners and tools will ensure you achieve the best results.

    Above all, carry out roof maintenance safely. If you are in any way unsure about climbing onto the roof of your RV or what techniques and products to use, schedule an appointment with DetailXPerts. You can have your RV fiberglass rooftop evaluated and have the entire RV professionally detailed to restore its original good looks.

    If you love tips and updates on auto detailing, take a moment to connect with . We also share special deals on and discounts on detailing packages and highlight exciting business opportunities for you to explore.


    To Pressure Wash Or Not Pressure Wash

    All RV owners are faced with continuing maintenance once an RV is purchased. A clean RV looks great. More importantly, a clean RV has a longer functional life and a higher resale value. There are many ways to clean your RV, but whether you are a DIYer or hire out, the question of pressure washing is bound to arise.

    Before we continue, those of us at RVROOF.COM have one important caveat: always follow your manufacturers recommended instructions when cleaning your RV. No matter what the experts say, what the internet gurus recommend, or what your RV owning neighbor swears by, you MUST ALWAYS follow your manufacturers instructions to maintain your warranty. Nothing is worse than being denied a damage claim because you decided to use the witchs brew your neighbor swears by instead of the cleaner recommended by your manufacturer!

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    Super Simple Tips To Clean Your Rv Roof And Make It Shine

    This post may contain affiliate links and ads. Read our disclosure policy here.

    After a long summer of travel, or a winter parked in the yard, your RV roof might look a little worse for the wear. Whether its been pelted with debris while youre driving, targeted by angry birds at a campsite, or withstood snow, sleet and hail in your driveway, its time to clean your RV roof and make it shine again!

    The Material Of The Roof Of Your Rv Is Very Critical

    RV Detailing Tips: How to clean the roof on your RV

    There are a number of different roof materials that RVs can have, and three of the most popular are aluminum, fiberglass, and rubber-coated. Those are the three that were going to break down in this post.

    Speaking for rubber roofs specifically, you also need to check whether your roof is made of either Thermal Polyolefin or Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer . Again, this comes down to the importance of knowing what RV roof cleaner will be safe to use.

    For example, as opposed to TPO roofs, EPDM roofs have less oil resistance and solvent. So, more abrasive cleaners or even petroleum distillates should not be used to clean EPDM roofs. Basically, its important to clean your RV roof with a cleaner thats not going to possibly damage it in any way.

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    Gather Your Equipment And Cleaning Products

    Start by making a list of all the materials that you need and gathering them on top of your RV. This will prevent you from having to go back and forth from the roof during the process. Place everything at the end corner of the roof.

    Next, grab a water hose and plug it into an outside faucet. Make sure that the RV is parked close enough to the hose to where you can rinse off the entire roof.

    Also, be sure that you wear shoes that have adequate traction, as you don’t want to create a slipping hazard when you wet the roof and apply the cleaner.

    Apply Regular Wax Treatment To Protect Against Uv Damage

    An important part of RV fiberglass roof maintenance includes applying a specialized wax treatment that is designed for this type of roof material. This will enrich the high-gloss look of your roof while also protecting it against UV damage. The wax coats the roof in a UV-resistant film. Ideally, this should be done every couple of months or at least once or twice a year. However, if you dont have time to do the job, schedule an appointment for an RV wash and wax service. Note, a high-quality wax treatment should also help remove light oxidation. For heavy oxidation, see below.

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    What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Tpo Roof

    On average, you can expect a TPO roof to last anywhere from 15 to 20 years. If you store your RV indoors, the roof can last a bit longer than this, as it won’t be exposed to the outdoor elements and wildlife.

    You can also improve your roof’s longevity by keeping it maintained and monitoring it for damage such as cracks, peeling, or other signs of deterioration.

    How To Condition Your Roof

    How To Clean the Roof of your RV

    Wait for your roof to dry after washing it. Then wait for the sun to start setting or move your RV into a shady location. Spray the conditioner onto your RV roof and use a rag or sponge to apply the conditioner evenly.

    This is another excellent way to keep your roof in tip-top shape.

    Pro Tip: If your RV roof needs some maintenance, try out these 5 Simple RV Roof Repair Hacks.

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