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How To Do Roll Roofing

Adverse Effects Of Rolled Roofing

Roll roofing installation, Flat roof installation step by step ,must watch!

Rolled roofs are available in very few colors, and the standard one is black. This will be a significant disadvantage if you want a color that matches your structure because it is almost impossible to paint the roof.

The roof has a very short lifespan that you cannot compare to shingles. That is because it cannot freely expand and contract with weather changes, unlike the shingles. Therefore, when exposed to any changes, the roof can easily tear.

The less variety of the roofing material and a few choices of colors makes rolled roofing less attractive. For that reason, some homeowners associations have rules that discourage people from using rolled roofing as a roofing material.

This roof is less durable because it can stay for only five to eight years, compared to shingles that can last for over 20 years. One of the reasons that contribute to this is the inability to contract and expand with weather changes.

House structures with rolled roofs have a low resale value. The roofing material is less durable and can tear when struck or exposed to a lot of pressure, so homebuyers do not like it. The roof is considered a temporary one.

Installing The Rolled Roofing

  • 1 Using a measuring tape, measure 35 inches up from the bottom of the roof and make a mark with chalk. The measurement of 35 inches is the default measurement used by most roofing professionals. Use a ruler or meter stick to draw the chalk line across the roof.XResearch source
  • Avoid using eaves as guides as they are not necessarily placed at the same height across the roof.
  • 2Apply roofing cement to the roof. Use a trowel to scoop up the roofing cement. Spread the roofing cement along the edges of your roof so itâs about 1â8â1â4 inch thick. You can get roofing cement at the local hardware or building supplies store.XResearch source
  • Apply the cement in stages. Do the bottom part of the roof before you start working on that section, apply it to the middle before you start working there, and so on. Use the chalk lines as the borders of each section.
  • Always wear gloves when working with roofing cement.
  • Read the instructions on the side of the roofing cement container before you begin.
  • 3Cut the rolled roofing to the right size using a razor knife. The rolled roofing should reach the chalk line when you lay it down and should stretch from 1 side of the roof to the other. You’ll need to use plenty of pressure with the razor knife to cut the rolled roofing material.XResearch source
  • The first layer should cover the roof as far as the chalk line.
  • Be careful when working with a hammer and nails on a roof. Make sure you have a stable grip on the roof.
  • Mark Your Working Area With The Chalk

    Keep that measuring tape handy because youll need it when you begin the installation process. Keep in mind that rolled roofing is typically installed horizontally.

    Grab your measuring tape and chalk line, measure 35 inches up from the bottom edge of the roof, and mark it with the chalk line. Use a meter stick to ensure your line is straight and even across the roof. You dont want crooked roofing!

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    How Long Does Roll Roofing Last

    The longevity of the roofing material is essential when choosing the type of roofing to install.

    Frequently asked questions

    What do I use to seal rolled roofs?

    Seal the rolled roof with cement. Most importantly, before filling, apply materials to the layers and trim the edges. The seal glues the nail to the top and the adhesive on the nails surface.

    Can I install roll roofing over shingles?

    Both shingles and roll roofing are of the same asphalt material. Roll roofing is easier to install on the roof. Depending on the number of existing seals, its advisable to remove the covering.

    Should I underlay roll roofing?

    Installing underlay is not a matter of necessity but rather a matter of preference, so it entirely depends on the homeowners budget. Roll roof underlay is not expensive, and it offers a layer of protection. Nail down the underlay properly, then rolled making sure its flat and smooth.

    What Is The Point Of Roofing Felt

    Roll Roofing â? The Quick Roofing Material

    Answer: Roofing felt is a layer of tar paper installed beneath the shingles to provide a backup waterproof membrane in case of leakage. Felt, otherwise known as underpayment, is required when asphalt shingles are installed as a first layer of roofing or when they are applied over wood shingles or a built-up roof.

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    Lay Down Roofing Cement

    Next, youll apply roofing cement as you go. Always wear gloves when working with roofing cement. Spread roofing cement along the edges of your working area so that its about 1814 inch thick.

    Apply the cement to the entire horizontal section before attaching the first layer of roll roofing. Stay below the edge of the chalk line you made.

    How To Install Rolled Roofing On A Flat Roof

    Although rolled roofing is a cheap and easy-to-apply roofing material, failure to follow the required steps will lead to consequences like leakages and fast wear and tears. First, measure your flat roof to know what size of material you need to buy.

    Measure the length and width, and ensure your roof does not have extra parts that will need a smaller material. After getting the correct measurements, purchase the roofing material in your local hardware or order from an online shop.

    The next step is to prepare the roof for installation. Ensure you clean it by removing all the dirt and debris from the ceiling. Use a brush and leaf blower to ensure the cleanliness is thorough. Ensure you wear protective clothing to not fall from the roof.

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    How To Install A Roll Roof

    Friday September 11, 2020

    Want an affordable roof option? It would then help if you considered getting roll roofing the roofing material is an easy one to install and doesnt require advanced carpentry know-how. You should consider roll roofing materials whose material is made to composition sands but not as durable for a more practical solution. Also, you should be sure about the warranty and install roofing materials using the double-coverage method to last even longer.

    Usually, roll roofing is installed over primer painted sheathing, and applying it to roof felt or primer will give better protection against condensation and leaking. Also, you can use the exposed-nail method for a sloped roof, and for a flat roof, you can use the double coverage.

    Having someone work with you, you can spend half a day installing the roll roofing and flashing with only little complications. Since roll roofing is the least difficult of roofing materials to install, you can prepare the roof for re-roofing by tearing off the old shingles.

    Roll Roofing Manufacturer’s Installation Instructions & Product Specifications

    How to install Roll insulation on flat roofs.

    Illustration: SBS type roll roofing or BUR rolls from MTechnology cited below.

    • BP Slate Surface Roll Roofing and BP Mineral Surface roll roofing and related products are described in BP’s ASPHALT SHINGLE APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS , Building Products of Canada, Co., 9510, St. Patrick Street, LaSalle , Canada H8R 1R9 and BP Canada 3703-101 Avenue N.E., Edmonton , Canada T5J 2K8, retrieved 2019/05/01 original source:

    Suggested citation for this web page

    ROLL ROOFING, ASPHALT & SBS INSTALLATION at – online encyclopedia of building & environmental inspection, testing, diagnosis, repair, & problem prevention advice.

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    Asphalt shingles are going to usually cost you between $8 and $10 per square foot, quite a premium when comparing that to rolled roofing, however, do keep in mind that they have a far superior life span and can take way more wear and tear, especially in harsh weather environments.

    Considerations To Using Rolled Roofing

    One of the biggest considerations in using rolled roofing on your flat roof, besides the material you choose, is the seams. Unless you are covering a small building with a roll wide enough to roll on in one sheet, you will likely have seams between the rows. These seams are a potential weak point for the roof, because they have to be covered and sealed with another material. This may be a type of latex tape, sealant, or tar adhesive. Some materials including rubber, EPDM, and TPO roofing are all subject to expansion and contraction, which means they shrink and grow in heat and cold. The more seams you have, the more areas you have on the roof where the rolls could be pulling away from one another and causing potential leaks.

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    Attach The First & Second Sheets

    To begin roofing, you should position the first course accurately so that it overhangs the drip edges and move it out to a calculated distance. Push the nails every 3 inches at one end of the rake, pull it taut, and push the nails further along the eave edge.

    For a good installation, the nail should only be 1 inch from the edges, and for more protection, you could add a 3-foot wide strip on the 18-inches. When placing the second sheet, it should overlap the first by 4 inches, or you could use a different type of roll roofing to cover the area. Use a chalk line to indicate the top of the next sheet then, you can roll it along the line and push nails for the first sheet.

    How Much Does It Cost And How Does It Compare To Traditional Shingles

    How to install roll roofing with your own hands

    Rolled roofing is quite a substantial amount cheaper than asphalt shingles that may make you just want to jump at it and resort to choosing it over the shingles. I do encourage you to read the next section however and consider the lifespan as well.

    Rolled roofing will set you back in most markets between $1.5 and $4 per square foot. It is sold is almost always sold in 100 square foot rolls meaning you are often going to have to buy an entire roll or two to yourself. However, if you are to use a contractor they will often only charge you for the square feet that they use for your roof and the excess they will use for another project.

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    Advantages Of Using Rolled Roofing

    Rolled roofing is the cheapest roofing material, and its installation cost is almost free. Owners of the sheds and shops who want to install the roof prefer to DIY. The nails are also cheap, and the top can last for some time before it expires.

    The roof is easy to install because it comes as one rolled material. When installing, you place the entire roll on the top and unfold it. Unlike other roofing materials such as shingles, you have to lay them down one by one and nail them on the roof.

    Rolled roofing is lightweight and easy to transport. When packing, the manufacturer seals the rolls tightly to prevent unrolling during movement. So, you can carry an entire roll up the roof if you are doing it yourself, unlike roofing shingles which need a crane.

    You can re-roof your current shingles with a rolled roof. This saves on the labor cost of removing the shingles first and also time. Laying a rolled roof on the shingles also gives more protection. Ensure you clean the top first to avoid destroying the new roof.

    What Is Rolled Roofing

    Rolled roofing is a mineral-surfaced roofing material that comes in rolls. It is thinner, less durable, and cheaper than asphalt shingles.

    Is rolled roofing too good to be true? While rolled roofing is cheap and easy to install, its resale value is perilously low when it is used to roof occupied structures. Rolled roofing is best installed on unoccupied structures, such as sheds, shops, garages, and other outbuildings. Before you dash down to the home improvement store and pick up a few rolls, you should be aware of the significant disadvantages that come along with the advantages of this product.

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    Technical Reviewers & References

    How To Install Roll Roofing For Maximum Life

    How to Install Roll Roofing

    Nonetheless roll roofing installations will have a longer life if installed according to the product manufacturer’s instructions, nailed at proper intervals, and with seams properly sealed.

    It’s also important to install roll roofing over a smooth sound roof deck.

    If the roof decking sags, ponding on the roof surface after rain may reduce its life.

    Overlapping strips of asphalt roll roofing are installed over the roof surfaces with overlapped edge joints sealed, usually with a heated asphalt compound, or cold-applied using a similar sealant that functions at lower temperatures.

    Sketch courtesy of Carson Dunlop Associates.

    Probably in part because asphalt roll roofing is typically used on low slope and nearly flat roofs, it can have an anticipated wear life of less than ten years, often five years.

    The life of roll roofing may be extended by coatings.

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    Mineral Surface Roll Roofing

    Roll roofing is an oil-based, mineral surfaced asphalt product available in 100-square-foot, 75-pound rolls. Although this product is similar to asphalt shingles, it is much cheaper, less durable and considerably thinner. Rarely, roll roofing is used on residential homes more often, it is used for shacks, garages, workshops, gazebos and smaller buildings.

    MSR is often used on low-sloped roofs. For instance, if your roof pitch has a 1:12 pitch, it means it declines up to an inch vertically for every 12 inches horizontally. This would make it a good candidate for MSR as long as the contractor uses the concealed nail fastening method. Otherwise, the safest minimum pitch for MSR 2:12.

    How To Install Roll Roofing On Low Slope Roofs

    Related Articles

    A typical roof has three layers — a felt layer and two layers of overlapping shingles. Roll roofing is different. It has just one layer, so it goes on fast and can be installed by a homeowner with basic DIY experience and tools. It is mainly used for garages and sheds that have a low-slope roof. Roll roofing comes in a variety of colors to match existing roofing on the property. Depending on the brand, its either nailed down or attached with peel-and-stick adhesive backing. You can install roll roofing on your own, but it goes more smoothly with a helper, so grab a friend and get started.

  • Attach drip edge along the edge of the roof with roofing cement. Extend the front edge of the drip edge so it runs off the roof and into the guttering. If you dont place the drip edge properly, water may run back under the roll roofing.

  • Clean the roof with a broom to remove any debris. Check the sheathing for any nails or screws that may be loose. All nails and screws should be set slightly below the surface of the sheathing. Use a hammer or screwdriver, as appropriate, to secure the fasteners.

  • Add a second piece of full-width roll roofing over the first. Nail it in place with roofing nails spaced 6 inches apart and placed 1 inch from the edge.

  • Measure and mark 35 inches from the bottom edge of the roof sheathing in several spots. Snap a chalk line along the marks.

  • Things You Will Need

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    Rolled Roofing Things To Know

    If you have a flat roof on your home or building, chances are youve heard about rolled roofing as a method of putting a new roof on your home. The words rolled roofing are pretty ambiguous, however, referring to not one, but several different types of roofs that are available to you.

    Residential & Commercial Roofing, Siding, Gutters, Windows and Doors.

    How Do You Install Tarco Roll Roofing

    How to Install Roll Roofing


  • Unroll the Fiberglass Mineral Surfaced roll and allow it to relax in direct sunlight.
  • Cut the roll into manageable lengths, typically 12 to 18 feet, before installation.
  • Install a full width roll in a horizontal manner such that the edges are flush with eaves and rakes.
  • . In this regard, do you nail down roll roofing?

    Nail the roofing in place with short roofing nails spaced 6 inches apart and 1 inch in from the outer edges of the roll roofing. Add a second piece of full-width roll roofing over the first. Nail it in place with roofing nails spaced 6 inches apart and placed 1 inch from the edge.

    Secondly, how much does roll roofing cost? Roll Roofing Average CostsRolled roofing materials cost $30 to $100 per square . To cover a 1,000 square foot roof , the total material cost might be $300 to $1,000.

    Just so, does roll roofing need underlayment?

    While it is not necessary to install an underlay with roll roofing, it is inexpensive and adds a layer of protection that makes it worthwhile. Roll out the underlay and tack it down, making sure that it is flat and smooth, not buckled or wrinkled anywhere.

    How do you nail roll roofing?

    How to Nail Down Roll Roofing

  • Make sure that the roof is completely clean.
  • Cover the valley of the roof.
  • Nail down the 18-inch roll roofing sheet that it is covering the valley.
  • Trim any roofing that extends beyond the edge of the roof.
  • Place a sheet of 36-inch roll roofing directly over the 18 inch roofing that is covering the valley.
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