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How To Install Steel Roofing On A Shed

How Far Apart Do You Put Screws In Metal Roofing

Metal Roof Installation for a Shed

The general rule of thumb is to place the screws one and a half feet to two feet apart. You dont want them any farther apart than that. There are usually four screws per line of screws. In addition, screw placement varies with the type of roofing chosen.

There are two schools of thought as to placing the screws on the high parts of corrugated metal roofing or the low parts. Installing screws in the peaks means that the screws are less exposed to water and debris, but the connection may not be as secure. There is the risk of overtightening the screws and causing small dents in the roofing.

Using the valleys for the screws may keep smaller debris from sliding off the roof. In addition, the screws will be subjected to water flowing off the roof, allowing more possibility of leaks if any screws were not installed correctly. While there is less chance of distorting the metal when tightening the screws, some sources urge placing the screws on the hills.

Rows of screws are generally placed every third corrugation. Your roofing manufacturer has installation instructions that will provide information as to how to fasten the screws according to the material.

Disadvantages Of Metal Roofs

Like most other things, there are a few disadvantages of choosing metal roofs. Otherwise, they would be found everywhere! The disadvantages include:

  • Metal roofs can be much more expensive than shingles. Even with their durability, which helps increase value and balance over the expense over time, many homeowners simply cant afford to install metal.
  • They provide excellent protection against the elements, but in many cases, rain and hail sound very noisy under a metal roof. A layer of soundproof insulation can help, but it adds to the cost even more.

Is It Essential To Install An Underlayment To Metal Roof

No, underlayment is not required for a sheds metal roof. A correctly constructed metal roof on a shed does not require a second waterproof covering. However, underlayment is required to prevent condensation damage if you plan to heat your shed.

Unless you improperly build your metal roof, neglecting to apply underlayment isnt a terrible decision for shed owners. If you dont address the issue as soon as possible, your roof sheathing will rust, deteriorate, and fail structurally.

You can also use tar paper. Tar paper is resistant to the elements and will soak up moisture, eventually allowing it to evaporate. The disadvantage of tar paper is that it will become oversaturated and ruin the wood beneath it if there is a persistent leak.

A waterproof self-adhering membrane is an ideal underlayment for a shed metal roof. You may relax after putting it into practice. This membrane is strong, waterproof, acts as an air barrier, and endures both highly hot and extremely cold climates like two roofs stacked on top of one other.

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Metal Roof On A Shed: Pros And Cons Of Metal Roofing

A tin roof has a much higher return on investment than an asphalt shingle roof for a variety of reasons. Lets take a look at some of the advantages of having a metal roof.


  • Corrugated roofing lasts longer, plain and simple. The average lifespan is 50 years. Asphalt shingles have an average lifespan of 15 to 25 years and it is usually less than that.
  • While subjective, the look of metal roofing is extremely attractive as it comes in a wider variety of styles and colors than asphalt shingles.
  • At the end of the life of your metal roof, you can recycle it. It is more eco-friendly than asphalt shingles.
  • Tin roofing is lightweight, making installation easy and lessening the load on your roof.
  • Resale value on your home is higher with a metal roof due to durability. On average, homeowners are getting around a 70% return on their metal roof when selling their home.
  • Metal roofs are nearly maintenance-free
  • Some tin roofing systems feature hidden fasteners, for a cleaner look and improved durability.
  • You can install a metal roof over your existing shingle roof.


How Much Should A Metal Roof Overhang On A Shed

Roof Thimble Detail &  Minera Roof Trusses Provide Bespoke Trusses And ...

Metal roofing without a gutter system usually overhangs the eave sides up to three inches. The rake ends of the roof should not have an overhang to prevent wind damage. If you plan to install gutters, the overhang would only be an inch or so, enough so that water flows into the gutters. The overhang is usually planned for when installing rafters or roof trusses, so its not something that you would have to figure out when actually installing the roofing.

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How Do You Attach A Metal Roof To A Shingle Roof

Usually, roofing felt is attached over the shingles. This makes for a good, straight surface for your metal. Start putting the panels on, making sure to keep the edges straight. The screws may be attached either on the flat surfaces of the roofing or the raised ridges. Whichever you choose, keep it uniform throughout and keep your screws in a straight line. Be very careful not to scratch your metal. Attaching the ridge vent is the last step.

Is Underlayment Necessary For A Metal Roof

No, underlayment for a metal roof on a shed is not necessary. A properly installed metal roof does not need a second waterproof layer on a shed. If you intend to heat your shed, however, then you will need underlayment to protect against condensation damage.

Neglecting to use underlayment isnt a bad choice for shed owners unless you dont install your metal roof properly. In that case, your roof sheathing will rot, decay, and eventually have structural failure if you dont rectify the problem in a timely manner.

Tar paper or Tyvek wrap can be used, too. Tar paper is weather resistant, absorbs moisture and will let it evaporate over time. The drawback to tar paper is that if you have a constant leak, it will become too saturated and destroy the wood beneath it.

Housewrap, such as Tyvek, is a more durable alternative to tar paper but more expensive. It is waterproof but not a vapor barrier, so youll still get condensation on the underside of your metal roof. However, the wrap will still largely keep the water from getting onto your roof sheathing.

The best underlayment for a shed metal roof is waterproof self-adhering membrane. Once you apply it, you can rest easy. This membrane is like having two roofs on top of each other it is durable, waterproof, serves as an air barrier and holds up well in extremely hot and cold climates.

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Types Of Metal Roofing Available

There are a few types of metal roofing available on the market today. Its come a long way since just large metal panels were being used for pole barns or lean-tos. Metal roofing shingles today can nearly imitate asphalt or slate shingles, but with the benefits of metal.

Also, the type of materials used to manufacture metal roofs vary and are most commonly tin, zinc, steel, aluminum, and copper. There are four main types of metal roofs: metal shingles, through-fastened or corrugated panels, modular panels, and standing-seam panels.

Gambrel Roof Decking Roofing

How To Build A Shed – Part 4 Installing Sheet Metal Roof

What is a gable roof? A gambrel roof is made up of four sides rather than two, which is the case with most roofs. This structure has a sloped roof appearance, but it does not have the slope of the bottom side like it does on the top side.

Gambrel roofs are two-sided symmetrical roofs with two slopes on each side. Dutch Roof was a popular term in the eighteenth century for a gambrel roof in England and North America. The oldest surviving gambrel house in the United States dates back to 1677-78. The classic appearance of Gambrel roofs in colonial America is an allegory for American colonial history. Georgian and Dutch homes with gable roofs were popular in classical American architecture, while houses with shutters were popular in Georgian and Dutch architecture. They are aesthetically pleasing and serve a function that distinguishes a building. Because they are lightweight, gazebo roofs are ideal for outdoor storage and sheds.

Gothic gambrel roofing styles are available in gable gambrel, dormer gambrel, and valley gambrel. Barns and sheds are typically made of the classic style. A 2,000 square foot gambrel roof, with labor and materials included, is estimated to cost between $23,712 and $68,000.

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How Are The Metal Sheets Installed Over Shingles

  • 1Nail or screw the underlayment and battens into the shingles. If the shingles are in decent shape, lay out the underlayment felt flat across the old roof.XResearch source Use a nail gun or nail and hammer to secure the felt to the plywood underneath the shingles.XResearch source Then, nail 2 by 2 in or 1 by 2 in boards in horizontal, parallel rows along the roof.XResearch source
  • If the shingles arent healthy, youll have to remove the shingles first.
  • The batten installation is really the only component of the process that makes it different from a standard metal roof installation.
  • 2Lay out metal panels and secure them to the battens. You may need a crew for this. Haul the metal sheets up to the roof screw them to the battens or subroof to secure them in place. These sheets are typically pretty large and unwieldy, so it may take some time to line the seams of each sheet up to make the room symmetrical.XResearch source
  • If the grooves on the metal panels arent flush when theyre laid side-by-side, youll need to cut them so that the seams match.
  • 3Install closure strips over the gaps and add the flashing. Once the metal sheeting is in place, cover each seam where two sheets meet with rubber or foam closure strips. These will keep water from penetrating your roof. Then, flash the roof by covering the edges of your roof with drip edge, and the apex of the roof with a ridge cap. Secure the flashing by screwing it into the edging and/or battens under the roof.XResearch source
  • Scout And Install Ventilation

    Scout out the spot of the roof where your ventilation pipe will go in. A great place for vents is in the center of the roof. You can cut a hole in the roof using a circular saw and simply install a vent pipe.

    Use silicone sealant to secure the vent over the opening. Once youve done that, climb down from the roof and go inside the shed itself. Screw in the vent cover and make sure everything is well sealed.

    Alternatively, you could install ventilation on the side of the shed by cutting out a rectangle and placing a vent. In that scenario, you will need a saw, sealant, and a vent cover as well.

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    Why Should You Choose Metal Roofing

    Metal roofing is a common choice for sheds because of how long it lasts. Generally, metal roofing can last 50 or more years. Compared to the 20-25 year maximum lifetime of regular asphalt shingles, metal roofing is the choice for the long haul.

    There is also a safety benefit to metal roofing in that it is highly fire resistant. That can only be good news in the context of a shed which often can contain flammable materials and sits in the sun. How much your metal roof will cost is based on the type of metal you choose.

    Type of Metal
    Zinc $5.50-$12

    Generally, shed roofs wont measure more than 80 to 100 sq. ft. Corrugated metal roofing, for example, would only cost you between $136 and $200 for an 80 sq. ft. roof. That alone is why so many builders opt for metal roofing. More expensive metals, like copper, can cost you between $960 and $1,920 for an 80 sq. ft. roof. Inexpensive metals like corrugated metal, steel, tin, and aluminum are quite effective and easy to install.

    What Is Metal Roofing

    Made a easy: Metal shed roof replacement Diy

    Metal roofing is a type of roofing where the material is typically made from sheets of metal. A couple examples include:

    • Aluminum, which comes in many different forms and shades Metallic Grey / Light Brown
    • Galvanized Steel Silver/Gray/White
    • Zinc Metallic Grey / Light Brown

    When buying metal roofing, look for options that are at least 30-40% recycled material content. This will contribute to energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

    You should also seek high reflectivity rating , and a product that is pre-coated with a factory applied protective finish.

    This will increase the warranty period and provide better protection against elements such as UV rays, rain, snow, ice and blistering heat.

    The longer your warranty period for metal roofing, the less youll have to worry about future maintenance costs.

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  • |#1

    Chuck,In general, an “old shed” doesn’t need insulation unless you plan to install a heater or an air conditioner in the shed.

    Above your roof sheathing, you need a layer of roofing underlayment — that’s a code requirement. Then you need to install your steel roofing, with or without purlins, depending on your preference and the requirements of the roofing manufacturer.

  • |#2

    Thank you Martin for your answer. I have a 16’wx28’l shed and have made the an electronic workshop in the back 10′. I have built a wall and a ceiling over this space and will heat/cool as necessary. The shed with shingles was hotter or colder than the outside temperature. That is why i was concerned about insulation.

  • GBA Editor|#3

    Chuck,If you want to install rigid foam insulation above your roof sheathing, you’ll find advice in this article: “How to Install Rigid Foam On Top of Roof Sheathing.”

    When you buy rigid foam, it isn’t necessary to choose rigid foam with foil facing. But if you do choose rigid foam with foil facing, and the foil facing is on just one side of the foam, then the foil facing should face up, not down .

    Unless the foil faces an air space, it won’t do any good. If it faces the roofing underlayment or roof sheathing, it won’t help.

  • Can I Install Metal Roofing Over Shingles

    It is certainly possible to install metal roofing over shingles. You should check with your building authority, as some localities specify how many layers of roofing are allowed on a building. Since you are roofing a shed, the restrictions may be less than those for a house, but they should be checked before you start.

    In addition, your choice of roofing panels comes into play. Some forms have to be installed over battens, some should not, and others can go either way. Shingles will act as a good underlayment, providing insulation and good moisture and sound barrier. One caution is that the shingles need to be in relatively good condition, which means no missing shingles, and shingles that are not deteriorating to the point that pieces are cracking and breaking off.

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    Drive Screws Just Right

    • Fastening the panels just right is the key to a watertight roof. Here is what you should know:
    • At the eave, place screws on both sides of every rib and lined up to go through the foam closure strip.
    • Each row should be spaced no more than 24 inches with one screw at each rib on the overlapping side.
    • Start at the bottom, fastening across the panel in rows, working toward the ridge.
    • Drive screws to seat flat on the roof a crooked screw wont seal.
    • Dont over-tighten or under-tighten. Tighten just enough to compress the rubber gasket to the edge of the screw head, not past it.
    • Clean up any metal shavings or burrs right away. They will rust.

    Family Handyman

    What Is The Advantage Of A Metal Roof Over Shingles

    Installing A Metal Roof On The Shed | Part 1

    There are a couple of advantages when it comes to installing metal over shingles. The first is that it helps you save the labor costs of removing the shingles and prevents them from being thrown into landfills. The second is that the shingles provide an extra layer over your home, which helps insulate it further. Metal roofs over shingles also present a number of problems. Contact your local roofing company to learn more.

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    Install Edging And Underlayment

    Install the underlayment as per the instructions by the manufacturer. If you are installing edging, which is essentially flashing that works with your metal roof panels, then you should first install the eave edging.

    When installing your eave edging, youll fit it to the underside of your eave and onto the face it should cover the entire face of your eave. Screw the eave edging to the underside of the eave, through the lip of the flashing. Then nail the faces with stainless steel finishing nails of the same color as your flashing.

    Then install your underlayment so that it covers the eave edging edge. Install the rake edging over the underlayment. It attaches in the same way as your eave edging, except that you use roofing screws to face screw the rake flashing. Ensure the eave end of the rake edging goes over the eave edging.

    Note that some rake edging may go over the installed metal panels, not under. In that case, install the metal panels first and the rake edging afterwards. It depends entirely on the manufacturer of your metal roofing panel.


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