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How To Install Standing Seam Metal Roof

Standing Seam Roof Durability

How to Install a Standing Seam Metal Roof from Start to Finish

There is no material more capable of protecting a structure from wind, rain, hail, fire, insects, or rot than a standing seam metal roof. One of the great advantages of standing seam roofs in particular, is that the seams, the weakest point in any roof and a potential entry point for moisture, are raised above the level of the roofing panel. Additionally, because the metal panels run unhindered from the top to the bottom of the roof, not only are there no horizontal seams but in total the roof has a far fewer number of seams than other roofing systems.

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How To Install Snaplock Standing Seam Metal Roofing Panels

Once perimeter flashings are installed, its time to begin laying down panels. Today on The Metal Roofing Channel, we continue Adam Mazzellas home roof project by installing SMI 1.5 Snaplock 450 panels. This video covers panel field fabrication, clip spacing, roof transitions, and general best practices.

NOTE: Sheffield recommends 5 screws minimum for z-closures.

Check out Matt Lanes company, Metal Construction Solutions & Installations, here:

Please note the installation details and methods shown in this video are for reference only. Sheffield Metals recommends following their published installation details or for WTW projects following the required details issued and marked approved for that specific project.

Cost Of Snap Lock Vs Mechanical Lock Metal Panels

The difference between snap lock and mechanical lock panels lies in how the individual panels connect to each other

Snap lock panels have fasteners directly attached to them. The panel itself and the fastener are all one piece. Panels simply snap together without any seaming or specialized tools. Snap lock panels are only an option for roofs with a pitch of 3:12 and up.

Cost of snap lock panels: The panels themselves might cost more than mechanical lock panels, but youll spend less on labor costs because snap lock panels are so much easier and quicker to install.

Mechanical lock panels, aka field-locked panels, take more work and expertise to install. Pros have to use a specialized tool to crimp and seal the edges of panels together. There are single-locked and double-locked versions. Both tend to withstand high-speed winds better than snap lock panels.

Cost of mechanical lock panels: Double-locked panels take longer to install, so they will cost you more than single-locked options. For either, expect higher labor costs and lower material costs than with snap lock panels.

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Pros Of Standing Seam Metal Roofs

Most standing seam metal roofs are field-locked systems, which require a special seam locking tool and an experienced metal roofing installer. While the initial cost of materials for a standing seam metal roof installation is higher than asphalt shingle roofing installation or other standard roofing material, the longevity is far superior, lasting two to three times longer than a typical non metal roof. Across the country, homeowners who invest in metal roofing get an average ROI of 85.9%. Metal roofing can also lower your insurance rates because of its fire resistance, especially in states like Texas and California that are vulnerable to wildfires. Standing seam metal roofs can last from 15 to 60 years depending on the which type of metal roofing you decide to install.

  • Standing Seam Metal Life Expectancy: 15 60 years.
  • 85.9% Return on Investment
  • Extensive warranties, often 30-50 years
  • Environmentally friendly

How Many Fasteners Are Needed For Metal Roofing Trim And Panel Sidelap

Standing Seam Metal Roofing Installation Done Right By BBG
  • You will need one lap screw for each lineal feet of trim or flashing

  • Screw count for panel sidelap is determined by dividing the square footage by three and then dividing again by 1.5.

  • Example: 3,000 square feet divided by three = 1,000 then divide that by 1.5 = 667 screws

    You dont need metal to metal screws for the sidelap if using Corrugated. You will only need sidelap screws for R Panel/PBR Panel and Western Rib/7.2 Panel.

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    How Long Will Your Standing Seam Metal Roof Last After It’s Installed

    Now you know the process to install your new standing seam metal roof. Knowing these 6 steps helps you understand what your roofing contractor will do when its time for your new metal roof to be put on.

    As long as your new standing seam metal roof is installed properly, you can sit back and enjoy it for many years to come. But how many years of peace of mind do you get out of your new standing seam metal roof?

    Because the lifespan of your new metal roof is something every homeowner needs to know, we broke it down for you.

    The team at Bill Ragan Roofing has been installing standing seam metal roofs in the Nashville area since 1990. Our workmanship ensures you get the most out of your new metal roof.

    To learn how much life you get out your new metal roof, check out this article on How Long Your Metal Roof Should Last.

    Install Lock Strips At The Rakes And Eaves

    After your old roof is torn off, the starter lock strips are ready to be installed. Lock strips are what hold your standing seam metal panels to your roof edges and keep them from flapping in the wind or strong storms.

    The lock strips will be installed at the eaves and rakes . Your lock strips will be made out of the same color and gauge as your metal panels.

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    Standing Seam Metal Roof Repair & Maintenance Costs

    The cost to repair a metal roof like this runs about $1,250. Homeowners can pay $175 to $4,100 depending on the damage. Roofing professionals typically charge $40 to $60 per hour, but may set a flat price for certain jobs. You might be able to prevent some repair problems by scheduling routine maintenance every 6 to 18 months. This service includes cleaning and inspection of the roof for damage or leaks. Hotter climates tend to need more frequent upkeep.

    What Makes Standing Seam Metal Roofing So Unique

    How to Install Standing Seam Metal Roofing

    Sun, Apr 12, 2020 @ 12:31 PM|Perry

    As metal roofing goes, standing seam is in a category of its own. But what are the benefits of a standing seam metal roof, and why should you invest more to have one installed on your home or business?

    Here are our top Five reasons a standing seam metal roof is worth every penny of your investment in your home or business:

    1. No Exposed Screws or Nails

    Standing seam metal roofing doesn’t rely on exposed screws or nails to attached to a home or building but rather uses a clip that fits over the top of the male leg of the standing seam metal. The clip gets screwed down to the roof, holding the metal roofing panel in place. Then the next standing seam roof panel is placed in order that the female leg sits over top of the male leg and the clip so that the clip is now underneath the metal roofing. No exposed screws or nails is a major reason that standing seam metal roofing last so long and not have the metal roofing directly screwed down to the roof is our second reason that it preforms so well, the metal roofing is allowed to expand and contract.

    Did you know that on regular screw down metal it requires approximately 70 screws per Sq. to attach the metal to the structure? On an average 2,000 sq ft home this is more that than 2,300 screws or holes poked in your new metal roof!

    2. Standing Seam Applications Designed for Expansion – Contraction

    3. Interlocking Pieces and Parts

    4. Elevated Ribs Keep Seams Dry

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    Advantages Of Standing Seam Metal Roofs

    Longevity, when compared to traditional roofing materials, is the biggest advantage of a metal roof. Standing seam metal roofs last 50 years or more which results in much longer warranties on the metal roofing panels. Standing seam metal roofs can handle the toughest extremes in weather and are less likely to create ice dams. This means they are especially helpful in climates that receive a lot of snow. Standing seam metal roofs are also incredibly energy efficient making them a smart choice for the environmentally savvy. They are excellent at reflecting and dissipating the sunâs rays. They also come in a wide array of materials and colors to match the aesthetic of your home. In addition, they offer a sleek, consistent, and modern look to your home.

    Standing Seam Metal Roof: Pros Cons And Cost

    A standing seam metal roof is one of the most durable types of metal roofing available, lasting up to 50 years. Unlike traditional metal roof panels which are usually screwed down with exposed fasteners, the fastening on standing seam metal roofs are concealed, which eliminates any possibility of leakage. In addition to its durability, sustainability, and energy efficiency, standing seam systems can also be installed over an existing roof. Lets explore the pros and cons and the cost of installing a standing seam metal roof and learn whats best for your home.

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    + How To Do Standing Seam Metal Roof Images

    Its also described as having raised seams, or vertical legs, that rise above the level of the panels flat area. Permanently rust free, thick aluminum panels snap together with no exposed screw heads to back out or leak over time. Standing metal seam roofs get their name from the raised interlocking joining system that links one panel to the next. Standing seam metal roofing is defined as a concealed fastener metal panel system that features vertical legs and a broad, flat area between the two legs. Standing metal seam roofs certainly offer a lot for any property, and here at jay carter roofing & sheet metal, we have vast experience with standing seam metal roof installation. Many standing seam roofs can withstand winds up to 140 mph and can last 50 or more years.

    A standing seam metal roof provides energy reduction benefits without sacrificing style. Among the most common types of standing seam metal roof installation used in residential roofing is snap lock. Continuous panels run from the ridge of the roof down to the eaves. Below are steps on how to repair it. Between the panels are seams connected by fasteners which. As for structural standing seam roofing, no materials are laid down.

    How To Prepare And Install The Last Standing Seam Panel

    Standing seam roof installation

    Once youve reached the final panel, you prepare and install the panel using these steps:

  • Measure the distance needed for your final panel and add a 1 ½ for a fold.
  • For this last panel, you will be measuring from the female leg to the male leg.
  • Cut the male leg and prepare it to fit into the gable receiver trim.
  • Slide the final panel into the receiver trim and snap it into the adjacent panel.
  • Fasten with a single pancake screw on the ridge side to secure it from slipping.
  • Additional screws will be installed once the ridge cap is in place.
  • After all the panels are installed trim the tabs at the eave end.
  • Looking for more metal roofing installation videos? Go to our YouTube Channel and subscribe as we post new installation videos weekly.

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    How To Bend And Notch Standing Seam Metal Roofing

    Prior to installing, panels should be notched and folded 1. This allows it to hook onto the joggle cleat or bullnose eave trim. To complete this part you should:

  • Flip the panel upside down for easier cutting.
  • On the male side, cut a 1 notch along the seam.
  • From this notch, cut a 45 degree line across the side.PRO TIP: To cut faster, mark your metal cutting snips 1 from the tip to give you a guide without having to measure each time.
  • On the female side, make a straight cut down the outer hem 1 from the panel edge.
  • Pull your tab downwards.
  • Cut a 1 notch along the seam.
  • Fold tab inwards 90 degrees.
  • Cut the excess tab so its flush with the high seam of the panel.NOTE: Further trimming will take place after installation.
  • Using a drip edge folding tool, bend the panel at the 1 notch you’ve created.
  • Use a hand seamer to flatten the fold.
  • Why Is Standing Seam Metal Roof So Expensive

    Standing seam metal roof is the foremost choice for metal roofing, even though it is the most expensive. In comparison to corrugated metal panel roofing, standing seam metal roof can be as much a thirty percent more. When we consider the durability, energy-efficiency, longevity, and style, it is an unbeatable value.

    The standing seam metal roof metal type is usually G-90 Galvanized Steel. It is also available in aluminum, copper, Galvalume G-90 Steel, and Zinc, each are factory coated. Steel coating quality and thickness or gauge can affect the pricing.

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    Sidelap Installation On Corrugated Panels

    Some corrugated panels have panel sidelap. R-Panels are 36 and provide a full 36 of coverage. You pay for what you get. However, a panel such as corrugated will incur a loss of square footage. corrugated panels need to be overlapped two corrugations for roofing. If you use this same panel for siding, it will need be overlapped only one corrugation.

    To watch a corrugated roofing installation including overlap, watch this video:

    Check out our corrugated roofing panel installation guides:

    Whats The Difference Between Each Type Of Standing Seam Panel

    How to Install Snaplock Standing Seam Metal Roofing Panels on a House

    Each Standing Seam panel is installed and secured to the roofs substrate differently. Their names each reflect the different ways they come together.

    Mechanical Lock panels are mechanically fastened to one another, meaning a special tool called a seamer is needed to lock them together. These panels use a clipped system that fastens them to the substrate. Then, you use an electric or hand seamer to press them together mechanically, which bends each panel over one another and creates a lip. Mechanical Lock panels require a more advanced installation.

    Mechanical Lock

    Tru Snap metal panels have two identical female legs and snap together. With Tru Snap, the male leg is clipped, and that clip is fastened directly to the decking. These panels require more parts and pieces, making installation a bit more difficult. However, Tru Snap can be run with longer panels due to the clipped system it uses, which allows the panels to move more freely through expansion and contraction.

    Tru Snap

    Nail Strip metal panels also have two identical female legs. The big difference is that with Nail Strip panels, the male leg has a perforated nail flange used to fasten the panel directly to the decking. Nail Strip is a bit easier and more straightforward when it comes to installation, however it is limited by how long you can run the panels since theyre screwed directly to the decking.

    Nail Strip

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    The Cost Of A Standing Seam Metal Roof Plus Pros & Cons 2021

    Standing seam is the premier choice in residential metal roofing. It is also the most expensive around two or three times the cost of corrugated metal panels and asphalt shingles, and about 10% to 20% more than metal shingles like interlocking steel and aluminum tiles and shakes.

    Standing seam offers unbeatable value that is hard for any other roofing material to match. Lets explore this in further detail:

    Disadvantages Of Standing Seam Metal Roofs

    The higher cost is the biggest drawback to standing seam metal roofs. They can be significantly more expensive than more traditional roofing materials, especially when factoring in a labor-intensive installation process. This also makes them much harder to replace or repair if the need arises. However, flat roofing structures do not allow them since these do not promote water to adequately drain. Standing water on metal roofing can lead to premature aging, color changes, and failure of the system. In addition, it is much harder to find contractors who have experience with standing seam metal roofing. When looking for a roofing specialist to do these jobs make sure they have experience with installing them.

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    Panel Layout: Standing Seam Metal Roofing Installation

    Standing Seam | roof

    When youre getting ready to install a standing seam roof, youll need to prepare your installation by preparing how youll lay out your metal panels. Western States Metal Roofing has the expertise to help with this. Weve created step by step written instructions and pictures that illustrate each step on panel layout.

    Follow along by watching our step by step panel layout video:

    This article is intended to support the video. Follow the instructions within the video and refer back to this article if you need a written copy of the instruction.

    In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know to plan the layout for your standing seam panels including:

    • Planning your panel layout
    • Preparing your roof for panel installation

    How To Install A Standing Seam Metal Roof

    installing metal.ridge cap on standing seam barn roof ...
    Gordon Bock
    Publish Date:

    The success of the standing seam roof rests on the height and integrity of the seam. It typically projects 1 or more above the surface and is therefore higher than any running water.

    Among the most common roofs on old houses, standing seam metal roofs have been used with almost every architectural style since the basic materials became widely available in the mid-19th century. An ingenious system of metal sheets crimped together in seams that jut an inch or more above the surface, standing seam roofs are attractive and highly durable as the primary roof and one of the few options for low-pitched, secondary roofs over porches and bay windows.

    They are also relatively easy to install, especially on houses with a minimum of ridges and valleys, requiring only a few specialized hand tools and the average mechanical skills of an old-house restorer. If you are smitten by the appeal of metal roofs, here are the basics to get you started on your own.

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