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How To Replace A Roof With Solar Panels

Avoid Extra Costs By Replacing Your Roof Before Installing Solar Panels

How to Install Solar Panels to a Metal Roof

Are you considering switching to solar energy? Many solar installers will actually ask if you have had your roof recently inspected to determine its overall health and quality before starting your project. The reason for this is simple: if your roof has less than five years of useful life left, your solar installer will probably inform you that youre better off replacing your roof before installing solar. Removing your solar panels even temporarily can be costly, so avoiding this cost by replacing your roof in advance could wind up cutting thousands of dollars off of the cost of simply installing your panels now and then replacing your roof later.

Looking to replace your roof in the Phoenix or Tucson area? If you have solar, turn to the roofing pros from Lyons Roofing by calling ! We work with solar installers and offer roofing repairs and replacements designed with your home and your energy system in mind.

Solar Panel Mounting Options

If your roof fails to pass the structural requirements of your municipality or the expense of replacing the roof is just too much to absorb in your budget, it does not necessarily close the door on solar power for your property. When land space is available, you can opt to install a solar racking system on the property to support the solar panels. While this adds additional expense to the cost of the solar equipment, it would be far less expensive when compared to roof replacement or structural repairs to the roofing system.

Many types of solar ground mounts, posts, and even solar tracking systems are available to accommodate a wide range of scenarios. Solar tracking systems are a very efficient means for solar panel mounting as the system is designed to track and follow the sun. This keeps your solar panels in the most effective position to produce solar power throughout the day and increases their efficiency significantly.

Start Saving With Solar

Start With An Inspection

Before you add or replace panels to your roof, you need to have an inspection carried out by a licensed professional. This inspection will let you know specifically what work will need to be done to your roof. Depending on the status, it could be a simple roof repair with solar panels remaining in place or it could be a complete roof replacement.

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Why Pair Your Solar Panel & Roofing Projects

Removing and reinstalling solar panels is expensive. So is finding you have roof leaks under your solar panels that are unreachable without removing the panels. Removing and reinstalling solar panels for roof replacement will cost between $1000 and $6500. Diagnosing and fixing a roof leak can cost anywhere from $150-$2,500.

Prepping your roof for a solar installation? Want to tackle both projects together? Give us a call for a free inspection and estimate!

Inspect The Structure Of Your Roof

How to Install Solar Panels on Your Roof?

While there are many steps to take before starting a solar panel installation project, one of the first considerations is the condition of your roof. Many municipalities require a thorough inspection of the roofs structural components to verify the roofs integrity. This is required to ascertain whether the roof system can support the additional weight of the solar panels and related equipment.

Most building departments require that you hire a licensed roofing contractor or engineer to determine the structural integrity of the roof system. While this may seem like an unnecessary expense, it is actually in place to protect you, your home, and your solar panel investment. A solar panel system installed on a faulty foundationweak or deteriorating roofwill lead to trouble and additional expense down the road.

Begin Your Solar Project Today

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The Process For Removing And Reinstalling Solar Panels

The process is simple. After youve selected a trained professional, they will come to your property to safely de-energize your system. Then they will get to work removing the panels, racking/mounting hardware, and any wiring thats on the roof. This will be stripped down to a point that will keep your property safe as well as make it as easy as possible to reinstall. Ask the team removing the panels to fill any roof penetrations left behind from lag bolts or screws with some type of roofers cement. This will help prevent moisture intrusion before your roofers arrive.

After the roof repair is complete, the solar installers will return as soon as possible to reinstall the racking, wiring, and panels. Your system will then be reenergized after the system is once again in a safe working condition.

Let One Company Help With Your New Roof Plus Solar Panels

Yes, you can hire separate roofing and solar companies and manage things yourself. However, your best bet is to engage the services of one company to handle the new roof with solar panels at the same time.

Some roofing companies have a solar team but lack in-depth solar expertise and a dedicated solar panel installer. Some solar companies may also have a roofing team, but they’re often consultants, not installers. All these can result in poor coordination that leads to a delayed and overly complex installation process for your roof and panels.

When you choose Palmetto to install your custom photovoltaic system, our seamless, end-to-end approach will get you up and running as soon as possible. We work with experts that have the right experience installing a new roof plus solar energy panels for your home. Because we manage the relationship with the roofing team, you get a single point of contact for your professional roofing and solar installation, simplifying the process and making sure the work gets done right the first time.

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Another Option: Extending The Life Of Your Investment

Are you starting to add all of this up? Thats right:

On average, replacing your roof with solar panels can cost $12,771 or more.

If youre experiencing a little sticker shock, thats understandable. But is there any way to lower these costs?

Roof Maxx can extend the life of your roof by 5 years. This time can be used to budget and plan to pay for a new roof, and perhaps life may even take you to a new home during that time. While a new roof can cost around $10,000, a Roof Maxx application costs just 15 to 20 percent of that cost, which means youll only pay around $1,500 if you were expecting to pay $10,000 for a new roof. When combined with the costs of removing and reinstalling your solar panels, this is still much lower than paying for a brand new roof at this time.

Shingles dry out and lose their flexibility, but Roof Maxxs plant-based bio-oil revives their look and pliability so you dont have to pour tens of thousands of dollars into your roof all at once. Want to learn more? Contact us today!

Make The Most Of Your Roof Replacement Investment By Adding Solar Panels

How to Install Solar Panels on a Metal Roof

Approx. 7% of Americans replace their roofs each year. If youre looking to replace yours in 2021, you might be feeling concerned about shelling out the cost to make this investment.

What if we told you that there was a way to recoup some of those funds to make that pain to your pocketbook less sharp? We all know that adding a new roof will raise the value of your home when its time to sell. However, by adding solar panels at the same time as your roof replacement, youll start to save on your home heating and energy bills as soon as your installation is complete. There arent a lot of additional expenses after your initial setup, so they will pay themselves off over time!

Furthermore, roofing and solar is like the ultimate buy one, get one sale for Southern California contractors like Secure Roofing and Solar. While doing a roof installation, our crew can lay down solar panels at the same time. This means homeowners pay one labor cost for whats essentially two projects.

We all love a bargain, right? However, before you pull out your credit card, lets make sure theres not anything that could get in the way of your solar success.

Are solar panels worth adding to your roof replacement?

In addition, Other elements in your environment can block the suns rays so that your roof isnt able to receive direct sunlight. Consider the impact of neighboring buildings, trees, other houses, and other forms of vegetation.

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Different Ways To Replace Your Roof With Solar Panels

If youre already considering re-roofing might as well looking into solar shingles or building photovoltaics .

Offered by companies like Tesla and Certainteed, solar shingles replace the roofing material, so youre literally replacing your roof with solar panels.

While it may seem like youre getting a free roof with solar panels, this isnt the case since solar singles have a high price tag in comparison to other rooftop solar panels.

Well be discussing different companies that manufacture shingles, along with their general pros and cons.

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Reinstalling Your Solar System

One the necessary repairs or replacements have been made to your roof, Vision Solar will reinstall your solar panels and hardware. Well do so in the most optimal positions on your roof, ensuring not to interfere with the results of the work that was done.

If youre repairing your roof before installing a solar system, keep this in mind. Having solar panels installed on the roof may actually extend its lifespan. Panels are made from durable materials that shield a large portion of most roofs, helping to protect against harsh weather and other types of exposure. Dont hesitate to make needed repairs to your roof before having solar panels installed. That way, you can enjoy your system without having to temporarily remove it only a couple of years down the road.

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What Roof Slope Orientation Is Best For Solar Panels

Another factor that has an impact on solar panel power production is the direction or orientation of the roof slope where the solar panels are installed.

In the Northern Hemisphere , the general guidance is for solar panels to face south because south-facing sides of roofs get the most sunlight during the day.

The Condition Of Your Roof

How To Install A Solar Panel System On Your RV Roof

Does your roof need to be replaced just because youre switching to solar? Well, not really. But if you look at it more logically, its better to assess the condition of your roof before you make any decisions.

Itll save you a whole lot of trouble and money.

As long as there is enough sunlight and space, solar panels can be installed on almost any roof. The average solar panel weighs around 40 lbs.

However, if your roof is too weak or damaged, it may end up slumping under the weight of the panels.

Your roof may seem like just a collection of shingles and tiles, but the structure is way more complicated than that. Your roof is made up of multiple layers that all help insulate and cover your house.

Generally, a typical roof is made of:

  • Roof truss
  • Shingles or tiles
  • Wooden frame

If any of these components are damaged, it will affect the whole structure of your roof. So, how does one know if the roof is damaged?

The signs are all there on your roof, you just need to look for them.

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Solar Panel Installation Timeline

The entire process of installing a roof with solar energy panels for your home includes estimates, design, permitting, installation, grid connections, inspection, and more. Thus, the entire project can take anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks to complete. Surprisingly, the actual process of Installing solar panels on roof typically takes less than two days. Heres a look at the steps involved in a typical solar power installation performed by Palmetto:

  • Initial Estimate: Start by getting a free solar quote from Palmetto to see how much you can save.
  • Site Assessment: After contacting us, we’ll visit your home to check the roof direction, review any shading, and take measurements. Expect this step to take between one to two weeks.
  • Design: Based on the assessment details and your roof complexity, Palmetto will create a more detailed plan of your solar panels and adjust the quote to ensure your solar power system is tailor-made to your home.
  • Permitting: Getting the necessary permits from your city, county, and state governments can be an agonizing experience, but Palmetto will take care of it all for you. It can take 2 to 8 weeks to complete this step as we wait for approval from the necessary governmental officials. Unfortunately, this timeline is outside of our control, but we do what we can to speed up the process.
  • Best Time To Install Solar Panels Is During A New Roof Replacement

    The best time to install solar panels is during a new roof Replacement. Are you getting a new roof? Consider integrating solar panels as part of the overall renovation!

    For at least two decades, a new roof with solar panels can power your house, reducing future repair and maintenance costs, and protecting your new roof from the elements.

    Here, you will know the benefits of installing solar panels while replacing your roof at the same time. Solar panels and a new roof are the perfect combination!

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    Solar Panel Repair Cost

    The cost to repair solar panel issues can go from $20 to $3,000, depending on the problem. Some of the cheapest repairs are broken glass or loose wiring. Conversely, a broken inverter and damaged tiling are among the most expensive. If a solar panel company sees these types of problems or more with your panels, they need to fix them before reinstalling the panels. When repair issues are extensive, they may encourage you to upgrade the system entirely. This is especially possible if you have a system that is 25 to 30 years old. If possible, it is best to work with the company that installed your panels when making repairs. They will be most knowledgeable about the equipment and the repairs needed.

    What Can Impact The Cause Of Your Roof Replacement

    how to install solar panels on your roof

    Theres no real clear answer on what exactly can impact the cost of removing your solar panels for roof replacement. Certainly, the size of your roof will affect the cause of actually replacing your roof. So will:

    • Roof pitch or slope
    • The kind of roof being removed and the number of layers
    • The material of your new roof
    • Roofing system components like underlayment and decking
    • Ease of access to the roof
    • Your roof warranty
    • Details like lumber, sealant, and counter-flashing

    Roof replacement aside, why is there such a variance in the total cost of removing and reinstalling your solar panels? Several factors can affect the removal costs, including:

    • The pitch of your roof
    • The size of your solar panels and the number of panels in your solar array
    • The physical location of your panels as they relate to your home

    Additionally, if your roof replacement is going to take some time, your panels will need to be securely stored to avoid any damage from falling roofing materials or other hazards. Solar panels dont weigh much, but they need to be handled carefully and stored safely. If there is no safe place to do this at your home, your solar panels will need to be shipped and stored at an off-site location, which can cost around $250.

    Also, if you want to pay to have your solar panels professionally cleaned while they have been removed from your roof, this can cost anywhere between $300 to $430.

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    Your Roof Isnt Compatible With Solar Panels

    In virtually all cases, you will need to drill into the rafters and seal it properly during installation. While solar panels can be installed on virtually any residential roof, some shingle materials arent as compatible with solar panels and may require additional consideration during this phase.

    If you dont have the ideal roof for solar panels, poor installation tactics are more likely to make it leak. Roofs made from wood shingles, clay, slate, and terracotta tiles are particularly vulnerable to leaks and damage during installation. We advise replacing the areas of the roof where solar will be installed with composite shingles in this case, since it will be hidden under the array anyway.

    If youre experiencing leaking with one of these roofs, youll want to contact your solar installer. Their warranty will hopefully cover the damage and help you resolve the problem quickly.

    Cost To Remove And Reinstall Solar Panels

    Occasionally, solar panels need to be removed for reasons other than roof replacement, such as relocating to a new home or repairing them. The cost to remove solar energy panels costs $2,000 to $3,000 but increases to $4,000 to $8,000 or more if you plan to reinstall them to a new home. If repairs need to be made, these are not included in the price of removal and reinstallation. When considering whether to transfer panels to your new home, it may be a good idea to leave the panels behind and transfer them to the new homeowner. The costs to transfer a solar system to your new home will cost about the same as installing a new system in your new home.

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    Solar Panel Removal Tips

    Here are some considerations to keep in mind when it comes to the removal and reinstallation of your solar panels:

    1. Most of the original hardware such as the mounting hardware and flashings may be damaged easily upon their removal.

    2. Permits may need to be requested from your citys building and safety department.

    3. Most solar companies will require at least 6 more panels to be added to your setup.

    4. The solar panel companys quote will solely cover the removal and reinstallation of the solar panels. The rest of the costs that may come with the actual roofing material will not be covered by them.

    5. Make it a point to contact your original solar panel installation company. If that doesnt seem to be possible, make sure that you contact a similar company. This is a job for professionals so it would be safest if you dont attempt to DIY it.

    This needs to be done properly and needs to be under warranty coverage or you will end up incurring costs that could easily rack up to the thousands of dollars.

    Will A Solar Company Pay For A New Roof

    See these solar panels at

    Most of the solar companies in the country dont come with roofing services. It goes without saying that they will not offer it nor pay for it.

    However, solar reinstallation and re-roofing usually go hand in hand so ask them for roofer referrals and theyre bound to give you some really good ones that you can contact in your area.

    Do Solar Panels Void Roof Warranty?

    How Long Do Solar Panels Last On Your Roof?


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