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What Does It Cost To Shingle A Roof

Can I Convert My Flat Roof To A Pitched Roof

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For all their aesthetic benefits, flat roofs can come with some serious downsides, too. Flat roof surfaces are more prone to leaks, water damage, and problems with mold. Not to mention, youll need to replace your flat roof more frequently and maintain it with waterproof coatings and seals. All that moisture exposure tends to wear down roofing materials, meaning a new roofand a $5,000 or more price tag.

These are just some of the reasons that homeowners start longing for a pitched roofand wondering if theyre stuck with their flat roofs forever. Luckily, nothing is written in stone in construction. Homeowners who want to convert to angled roofs have plenty of options. The price and scope of the project depends both on how complicated you want your new roof to be, as well as the construction of your existing roof and ceiling joists. If youre thinking about converting to a pitched roof, heres what youll need to know before you begin.

Get In Touch With Local Contractors

For a definitive estimate on the cost to install your asphalt shingle roof from top contractors in your area, simply enter your home zip code in the space provided below. It’s a 100% FREE, no-obligation estimate offer.

Comparing estimates is a great way to get a feel for pricing trends in your area, so enter your details now to reach out to a contractor in your area for some FREE assistance.

Cost To Remove Old Roofing Materials

Before your roofer can install new shingles, he needs to remove the old roof. Removal and tear off fees can be expensive.

It costs as much as $55 per square to take down one layer of old shingles, and $84 per square to tear off two layers. So if you need to remove 2,000 sq.ft. of old materials you will be spending $1,000 1,680, depending on the number of layers.

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Does Insurance Pay For A New Roof

There are a few factors that will decide whether or not insurance will pay for your replacement.

The biggest factor is if your roof was damaged due to severe weather.

If you have missing shingles or hail damage due to a recent storm, there’s a good chance your insurance company will cover your costs.

But if your entire roof wasn’t damaged, they are unlikely to cover replacement costs and just pay for repairs.

This is when it becomes important to contact the top roofing contractor in your area.

They’ll walk you through the process and communicate with the insurance company about what needs to be done.

You should always have a knowledgeable roofer on your side as you deal with your insurance company.

Insurance companies will always want to pay out as little as possible to cover the repairs or replacement, but your roofing contractor will ensure that your insurance company pays what’s necessary to complete the repairs.

You also need to have your roof inspected immediately after the storm.

If you wait too long, your insurance company may say that the damage was caused by other factors like neglect or age, and they won’t cover the cost of the replacement or repair.

If your damage isn’t due to a storm or a similar event, like a tree falling on it, it’s unlikely that insurance will cover it.

Pricing Guide: How Much Do Roofing Shingles Cost

The Best Shingle Types For Homes In The Pacific Northwest ...

Many homeowners are excited to choose a new shingle style for their home, but they often wonder if their style choices are too rich for their wallet. The most popular roofing shingles are asphalt three-tab shingles, which cost an average of $159 per square but range from $128 $190 per square on average.

On the low end, you may pay as little as $96 per square on average for roofing shingles or, on the higher end, as much as $208 per square on average.

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Average Price Of Replacing Your Roof Vs Repairing

The national average cost to repair a roof ranges from $200 to $3,000, with most people paying between $225 and $1,150 depending on the extent of the damage, and the type of roofing materials on the roof that needs repairing. If there is either extensive damage or your roof is about 20 years old, and it needs replacing, the average price to replace your roof is around $7,211.

Roof Repair Cost


Asphalt Shingle Roof Pricing And Installation Cost Checklist

  • Get at least 3-5 estimates before hiring a Asphalt Shingle Roof contractor estimates are typically free, unless its a service call for a repair.
  • Expect the Asphalt Shingle Roof prices to fluctuate between various companies each and every company have different operation expenses and over-head.
  • Try to get prices in late Fall, early winter you should expect aggressive pricing discounts by waiting for a contractors down season.
  • Try to budget and additional 7-15% more on top of what our calculator gives out I.e difficult configurations, patterns, hips, valleys, dormers, curbs, ventilation, etc. The additional complexity of your roof will add to the Aluminum Shingle Roof costs.
  • Visit every supply house that sell your particular brand of Asphalt Shingle Roof and try to negotiate a better price with each supplier I save on average 20%.
  • Remember, there are multiple styled homes in the U.S from: Contemporary, colonial, cape-cod style, ranch, bungalow, victorian, etc. So keep that in mind and try to budget a little more, before starting your Asphalt Shingle Roof project.

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Roof Removal Costs By Material

The average cost or roof removal ranges from $100 to $175 per square, depending on the type of roofing and the extent of the damage.

Slate or Tile Shingles

Removing slate or tile shingles costs $125 to $150 per square. The basic premise of stripping slate or tile is the same as for asphalt. However, the weight of slate and tile builds up much faster, so the pros have to remove them in smaller quantities. Also, some people re-use old tiles and slate in other projects, so it’s not wise to break any that are in good shape. This extends labor time and adds to the total budget youll need. Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of tile roofing.

Wood Shake Roofs

Wood shake removal costs $100 to $125 per square. Pros remove wood shakes in a manner almost identical to asphalt except that many crews work horizontally instead of vertically. The first step is always to remove the ridge cap, but instead of working downward to jacks, they roll up the shake and underlayment horizontally from one side of the surface to the other. If you tried this with asphalt, the roll would become too heavy to lift safely or throw into the debris bin.

Metal Roofs

If the structure is in good shape but could use an aesthetic boost, consider having it painted instead. Painting a metal roof costs$1,200 to $3,700.

Cost To Install Flashing On Roof

How to Shingle an Outdoor Storage Shed Roof

If leaks are occurring around your chimney or skylights because of age or physical damage, the cost to install flashing on your roof ranges between $200 to $500 for each chimney or skylight. In the case of a roof being replaced, depending on the age and the condition of the original flashing, the roofer will either replace the flashing completely or reuse the original metal.

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Factors That Will Determine The Price Of Replacing A Roof

  • Size of the roof: The material & labour cost to install a new roof on a small roof vs. a larger roof will differ.
  • Roof slope or pitch: Roofs that are steeper requires more time to install and also more material.
  • Type of application: Low slope vs steep slope systems require different roofing applications.
  • Material choice: Prices vary depending on the roofing material and its quality.
  • Number of layers: If your current roof has multiple layers of roof shingles, this will require additional time to account for the removal of the existing layers.
  • Roof Adornments : These may require extra work if leaks and/or flashing repairs/replacements needs to be addressed.
  • Roof accessibility: Roofs that are difficult to access will require additional equipment and labor.
  • Roofing system components:Components of a good roof system includes the underlayment and decking materials, ventilation and insulation installed and types of fasteners used.
  • Asphalt Shingle Roofing Costs

    Roofing material is that which covers the roof structure and creates the building envelope.

    You will find that the cost to install average asphalt shingle roofing depends upon material and finish grade, surface area, preparation and special requirements, and the labor rate.

    In the following table the Labor Cost figure is what the able and prepared DIY persons should expect to save by performing the corresponding tasks.

    Replace roofing: of a 2,500 sq.ft. home with 2,900 sq.ft. roof area remove asphalt shingles and replace with asphalt shingles include miscellaneous material and waste.

    Item Quantity Line Cost
    1. New roofing: install 2,900 sq.ft. of asphalt shingles, 20-year rating includes one dormer, all ridge and valley metal, boots, flashing, nails, fasteners, felt sheet, and edging. $1.22
    2. Upgrade roofing: additional cost to install 40-year material. $0.85
    3. Removal: remove 2,900 sq.ft. of asphalt shingles and felt sheet, strip to roof sheathing. $0.02
    4. Disposal: transport and non-hazardous dump fees. $45
    5. + Labor Cost $32
    • Roof height is less than 16 feet and so safety rigging is not included.
    • Preparation is limited to an undamaged roof in perfect condition to be replaced.
    • These prices are for service in the immediate service area of the provider.
    • Taxes and permit fees are not included.

    Check out our guide if you need a loan for your home improvement project.

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    When You Might Want To Replace Your Roof

    So, what kinds of damage might require you to replace your roof?

    Most of the time, that decision is up to your insurance. Your insurance will assess the damage and determine whether or not the damage done is worth fixing or if a complete replacement is what you need.

    If you have significant damage from hail, have many leaks, or if high winds have torn up your shingles, your insurance will likely recommend that you replace your roof.

    You also might have to replace your roof because the right amount of time has elapsed. How long does a shingle roof last? Well, most asphalt shingles will last 25 years before they need replacing.

    You can read more here about when you might want to consider replacing your entire roof.

    Diy Roof Replacement Vs Hiring A Roofer

    How Much Does the Tesla Solar Roof Cost?

    For homeowners looking at replacing their roof instead of hiring a professional, an asphalt roof will cost $3,000 less to $6,000 less . However, while small roof repairs are cheap and relatively easy to carry out by the homeowner, as long as safety precautions are taken, roofing a home is better done by professional roofers. The downsides of completing the work as a DIY project are:

    • In removing the original roof, you may cause issues that will lead to leaks.
    • Once the old roof is off, you could miss structural issues or things that will contribute to more leaks.
    • You might not create a perfect weather seal to protect your home from the rain when installing the new roof.
    • You could introduce issues that translate to increased utility costs from heating or cooling.
    • You could fall from your roof.
    • You could negatively impact the resale value of your home.

    Your roof is the single biggest surface barrier between you and the elements. Given the importance of the roof, and the potential for significant problems, we suggest looking for bids from the roofing professionals we have on HomeGuide before making a final decision to do the work yourself.

    Get free estimates on HomeGuide from trusted roofing companies:

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    How Long Does An Asphalt Roof Last

    When considering asphalt shingles, many homeowners want to know how long their roof will last. There is lots of conflicting information out there, including promises of 30 year shingles, 50 year shingles, and Lifetime shingles from roof manufacturers themselves. What do these numbers really mean? If you buy 30 year shingles will your roof last for 30 years?

    Unfortunately, these are all marketing scams, and not even the best asphalt shingles will last 30+ years, or a Lifetime

    A properly installed, high quality asphalt roof can last 18-22 years plus at best, if you regularly do maintenance and live in a mild climate. However, most asphalt shingles last about 14-16 years, before needing total replacement.

    The reality is there is no way to predict how long your roof will last because a few factors impact shingle longevity:

    1. Severe temperature fluctuations will greatly shorten the life of your shingles. Going from hot to cold temps every season speeds up the aging process in the shingle material and it breaks down faster. This is why in the Northern States like MA, NY, asphalt roofs are often replaced every 10-12 years.

    2. Exposure to high heat. Living in areas with very hot temperatures year round also ages the shingles much faster than the average expected service life. High heat can easily reduce the service life of your roof by at least 30%

    Dos And Donts Of Roof Replacement

    Naturally, your new roof should protect the inside and outside of the structure. So, if it leaks, you made the wrong choice. Needless to say, your roof should protect your home too. From draining properly to keep your family safe during extreme weather, there are many reasons why you should invest in a reliable roof.

    Another perk of replacing your roof is that it will be much more efficient than before. This means that with proper ventilation and installation, your home will save energy. As a result, your heating and cooling bills will be dramatically lowered.

    Plus, replacing your old roof helps your HVAC system last much longer. So, make sure that your roof prevents ice dams during colder months. Also, keep your eye out for possible energy efficiency tax credits as well.

    If you play your cards right, you might just end up increasing your home value when you resell your house. Obviously, its original value will increase with the brand-new roof on top of it.

    Lets move onto a few mistakes that you should avoid when it is time to replace your roof. For example, try to stay away from roofs that are:

    • Unreliable
    • Have high energy costs
    • Potentially dangerous

    It goes without saying the unreliable roofs are vulnerable to leaks earlier in their lifespan. Besides this, it can peel off in high winds. They also cant stand up to pressure from snow either.

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    The Amount Of Maintenance A Metal Roof Needs Versus A Shingle Roof

    Roof maintenance is the periodical checking of all the vulnerable areas on a roof that could be susceptible to having a problem. Depending on the type of roof, whether it be residential or commercial, it will be annual, biannual, or quarterly maintenance.

    Every roof needs some form of maintenance, but some roof types require more than others. With that in mind, a standing seam metal roof will need less maintenance than an asphalt shingle roof.

    An asphalt shingle roof needs to be maintained and inspected at least once a year. This includes checking your pipe boots, clearing debris from valleys, or even just cleaning your gutters to ensure a leak doesnt show up.

    On the other hand, a standing seam metal roof requires virtually no maintenance. However, that doesnt mean it shouldnt be inspected periodically to keep it running smoothly.

    Both a standing seam metal roof and an asphalt shingle roof need maintenance to catch future problems and ensure your roofs life is maximized.

    How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Roof On A Mobile Home

    Proposed legislation would alter roof replacement costs

    Mobile Home Roof Replacement CostsMobile homecostsreplacearehomesareare

    . Likewise, can you replace a roof on a mobile home?

    A roof over is attractive to mobile home owners because you can do it yourself and it will cost much less. However, if you do go the roof over the route, you must first inspect and repair any damage to your existing roof. If you have asphalt shingles, the better option for you might be just to replace the roof.

    Subsequently, question is, how long does a mobile home roof last? between 30 to 55 years

    Also asked, how much should a roof repair cost?

    Most home owners spend between $300 and $1,100 for a roof repair, or an average of $650 per repair call. Typically, a job is to repair leaks. Seal the leak, replace shingles, seal the shingles. If there is a small area and few shingles being repaired, it will likely be on the low end, or as little as $150.

    What type of roof is on a mobile home?

    Mobile homes manufactured after 1976 generally have more pitched, or peaked, roofs. They are often covered with traditional asphalt shingles or metal roofing panels, much like traditional frame-built homes.

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    Shingles Vs Tin Roof Cost

    Comparing shingles vs. tin roof, many differences can be noted. A metal roof is more eco-friendly as its materials can be recycled. In addition, a metal roof reflects heat better, so it keeps your house cooler. Special coatings may be applied that reflect heat as well.

    One of the best things about asphalt shingles is that they are easy to apply, and the job is done quickly, sometimes within a day or two. Asphalt shingle roofs are less expensive at $4 per square ft. while a metal roof runs around $10 per square ft.

    Metal roofs are longer-lasting, sometimes as long as 40 to 70 years. They are vulnerable to denting when hit by hail or tree branches. A shingle roof will typically last 15 to 20 years.

    While a metal roof is more expensive, consumers may find that they save money on utility bills. Also, they may receive a discount on home insurance and may receive a tax credit when the roof is installed.


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